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Details about Tori's book signing at BookPeople in Austin, TX on September 2, 2005

Updated Sun, Sep 04, 2005 - 11:19pm ET

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Tori signed copies of her book Piece By Piece at Noon on Friday, September 2, 2005 at BookPeople in Austin, Texas. (She also performed that night in Austin as part of her Summer Of Sin tour.) I have a report from someone who was at the signing!

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From Neil Killey:

I arrived at Book People at 10am and was 111th in line. They promised 120 people would get their book signed (she was only signing her Piece by Piece book) and I saw the 9 people who were behind me in line meet her, so they did get through the promised 120 (but no more).

I have never met Tori in person before, but had been told that she's one of the most accessible celebrities you can meet. That turned out to be very true.

She stood and met everyone face to face, not from behind a table like most celebrities do. Two hours standing in heels is pretty amazing (the women in line around me were very impressed with this feet - pun intended). She spend time with everyone, talking to them or listening to their comments and questions. To my question as to whether she might produce any more instrumental piano pieces in the future, so said that she's looking forward to getting back to composing, and musicals (not necessarily piano pieces) is an idea she likes and may explore further. She thanked me for the question and the idea. Then she hugged me - she hugged everyone. That was really cool.

Along with the wonderful people in line at the book signing, the fact that I won front row seats at the signing, then the concert itself, September 1st was definately the best day of the year so far. :)

Posted by: Mikewhy

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