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Summer Of Sin Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's September 3, 2005 concert in Houston, TX

Updated Sun, Sep 04, 2005 - 12:13am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Houston, TX concert at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts - Sarofim Hall. Tori set list included Caught A Lite Sneeze, Father Lucifer, Taxi Ride, Blood Roses, Happy Phantom, Winding Road (Bonnie Somerville cover done during the second encore) and the covers House of the Rising Sun (The Animals) and Daniel (Elton John) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Summer Of Sin Tour Forum. Thanks for sharing your reviews with The Dent. Please feel free to review Tori's supporting acts as well!

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Tori performed in Houston, TX on Saturday, September 3, 2005 at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts - Sarofim Hall. Tori's supporting acts were The Ditty Bops and The Like and the show began at 7:30PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Beauty Queen
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Mother Revolution
Father Lucifer
Taxi Ride

House of the Rising Sun (The Animals cover)
Daniel (Elton John cover)

Blood Roses
Martha's Foolish Ginger
Happy Phantom
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Putting The Damage On

2nd Encore

Winding Road (Bonnie Somerville cover)
Baker Baker


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Summer Of Sin Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

Tori altered her pre-show written set list a lot during this concert. Tori planned to perform Black-Dove (January) before Happy Phantom, but did not do so. The first encore was supposed to be Mother and Sleeps With Butterflies, and the second encore was supposed to be Cloud On My Tongue and then Putting The Damage On.

Tori was also suppose to perform the cover Winding Road as the second song of her piano bar segment. But when the time came for her to perform it, she did an improv about NOT knowing the song and then played Daniel instead. Then later in the show, she finally did Winding Road as the first song of the second encore! (Perhaps when Tori left the stage before the encores she quickly listened to a recording of the song to refresh her memory of how it goes!) Winding Road, a song very applicable to the current situation with hurricane Katrina, appears on the 'Garden State' Soundtrack from 2004.

Tori performed a long, sad and beautiful improv before Taxi Ride about Kevyn Aucoin. She said something about how the song was about her friend who used to make up the faces of big stars, many of which were not there for Kevyn in his final days.

When Tori first said hello to the crowd after her second song, she said she was privileged to play in the place where people opened their hearts to the comrads from New Orleans. The entire show tonight seemed to have Katrina as a subtext, and there were a lot of Pele songs peformed.

The indoor venue tonight was beautiful and had great acoustics. Tori sounded great here and performed a solid, enjoyable show.

From Michael W. Holliday, Jr.:

I brought my mom and dad. My mom and me both cried a lot during taxi ride and beekeeper. This show was surreal and emotional. Thank you Tori. I'm glad I'm a guy and didn't have any runny mascara. The set list was perfect, and I feel so lucky because we got to hear winter AND caught a lite sneeze AND blood roses AND horses....all of the songs were perfectly performed.

I had seats on the back of the orchestra, but because the section curved around, my seats were surprisingly close to the front. The people all rushed the stage in the end, which was annoying and pointless, but I luckily could still sit and see perfectly.

From Lisa071573:

Just wanted to send in my quick little review of Houston! Just to clarify, Tori did NOT leave the stage during the piano bar - she did a little improv about not knowing the song she was supposed to play and that she would try to do it during the encore and try to get the make up girl to sing it to her... But the make up girl was tone deaf and that's a bitch and now she needed to think of something else to sing :) it was all very cute which fit with the rest of the show. Tori was in an extremely playful mood tonight and did a lot of smiling :) The improv about Kevin was so sweet and Taxi Ride was amazing. The show was a little short owing to the cut of Black Dove but Tori took the stage 10 minutes late and it also could have been her desire to get back stage to learn her song and rearrange her encores. It was a lovely show and was a nice complement to last night's show.

From thoughtiknewyouwell:

The Meet and Greet - We arrived at the M&G at approximately 2:30, and there were only about 40 people there. The venue security guards were sociable, even offering to take pictures for people before Tori came outside. Since the crowd was so small, the guards informed us that we would all get to meet Tori. At around 4:45, Tori came out. She looked beautiful - wearing a flowy camouflage skirt and green blouse with a white tie-top over it. All smiles and pleasantries, she met nearly everyone there, and she signed autographs for anyone who asked. This was my first M&G, so I was so happy to have my picture made with her and have her sign a photo for me. Her bodyguard was in matching camo (which was really cute). We were one of many groups there from New Orleans, and we all requested that Tori play "House of the Rising Sun," to which she replied solemnly, "Thank you for asking for that one." (As you can see from the set list, she granted our request...and I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.)

The Opening Acts - The Ditty Bops were delightfully entertaining and talented. From their stage props to their stage jokes, they absolutely captured the audience.26 minutes ofragtime-bluegrass-country-plucking-with-a-touch-of-smart-a**flew quickly by, and when they left the stage, I think we were all sad to see them go. Mark these words...this is not the last you will hear of The Ditty Bops.

Tori- Let me start by simply saying that "Tori was on in Houston."She was already standing on the smoky, blue-lit stage when the curtain came up, and the audience took to their feet at the sight of her. She wore a pink and white flowing dress with high heels. Her hair was tied in a knot to make a ponytail, and she looked radiant on thestage. While several of her songs were drawn out from their recorded versions, her voice was spectacular tonight. She enchantingly held out the notes in a way that only Tori can, and the audience loved the dramatics of it all.

It seemed that Tori's thoughts were with New Orleans all night, however, she managed to keep most of the show upbeat, playful, and positive. During the piano bar segment of the show, she began with a story about"something her mother used to tell her" and went on to sing some lyrics that I didn't recognize about how "she will survive." The "she" quite obviously referred to New Orleans, because Toritransitioneddirectly into "House of theRising Sun" which brought cheers, "thank yous" from the balcony, and many many tears. For a moment, there was some comic relief when Toricouldn't remember how to sing the next song, but the mood quickly shifted back to somber for "Daniel."

The second half of the show was dramatic and haunting...things picked up and got playful only for a second when Tori pulled out an old favorite, "Happy Phantom." However, she took us right back into the brooding and sensual moodwhen she closedwith a particularlyomenous and lengthy"The Beekeeper."

The encores were both divine, and you would never know that Tori was struggling with "Winding Road." She played it asif it were her own. "Baker, Baker" was a beautiful and appropriatefinale. And after it was all over, the resounding echoes of her praise filled the auditorium, its exits, and many a car-ride home.

From Stefanie Loya Ward:

The Houston show last night was very special. Tori looked gorgeous in a peach/pink flowing dress, her hair tied in a loose, long ponytail with a red coral and shiny bead necklace. The venue was beautiful and she seemed to be in a very playful and happy mood. She told us that it was an honor to play for us who had opened our hearts to our "comrads" in New Orleans. The audience was vocal but respectful and she played a request with Mother Revolution early in the show. I was so moved by Beauty Queen/Horses, which are two of my favorites that I couldn't stop crying. I held it together for the rest of the show though!

I had the most spectacular seats, orchestra pit on the right, that I could see Tori in great detail. She simply was radiant and I felt, being so close, that she was playing a private show for me...I will never forget this show. I was pleased that she played so many Boys for Pele songs because they are so emotional. She sang every song slower than the recorded versions, even Happy Phantom (which was still upbeat and playful). Blood Roses was very powerful on the organ, as was Father Lucifer.

The Piano Bar segment was special with Tori playing House of the Rising Sun...very poignant. The improved song that she sang because she couldn't remember how Winding Road went was priceless and hilarious! She was obviously a little embarrased and she said something like she "fully expected to fall on her face with this", but she really turned it into a fun moment when she said "Fuck it, maybe I'll try it again during the ecore" ...if the "tonedeaf makeup girl" could tell her how it goes! She said that we didn't "pay for this", but on the contrary, I think that was worth the price and more!

Baker Baker was an unexpected but nice way to end the show. I first discovered Tori with Under the Pink, so it has special significance for me. It was a great version, I just wish I knew the reason she chose it to end with...she always has her reasons. Her set lists are narratives composed for each particular city, so I know that the Hurricane Katrina aftermath played a huge part in that, but I really wish I could hear her reasons for choosing every song.

Tori gave us Houstonians a wonderful love story last night and I really felt her appreciation for our city. She was very generous and gracious and I hope she felt our love for her as well. I'm sure she did! I hope she never stops recording and touring.

From christie parker:

WOW!!!! What else can you say about a performance from Tori. The night was just pure magic. She performed very well and I was surprised at how many songs were from Boys for Pele. She forgot the words to Winding Road and did a little song about her makeup girl but later came back and did the song beatifully. I think that she really did an outstanding job. I was a little sad when it was so short, she could have played a little longer. I could of listend to her all night!! Can't wait til she comes back!!

From K. A. Laity:

Read the review on her online blog.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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