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Summer Of Sin Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's August 26, 2005 concert in Montreal, Quebec

Updated Fri, Aug 26, 2005 - 11:07pm ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Montreal, Quebec, Canada concert at the Bell Centre. Tori set list included God, Alamo, Siren, Marys Of The Sea and the covers Do It Again (Steely Dan) and Live To Tell (Madonna) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Summer Of Sin Tour Forum. Thanks for sharing your reviews with The Dent. Please feel free to review Tori's supporting acts as well!

More Details

Tori performed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on Friday, August 26, 2005 at the Bell Centre. Tori's supporting acts were The Ditty Bops and The Like and the show began at 7:30PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Amber Waves
Yes, Anastasia
Mother Revolution

Do It Again (Steely Dan cover)
Live To Tell (Madonna cover)

Marys Of The sea
Goodbye Pisces
Past The Mission
The Beekeeper

1st Encore


2nd Encore

1000 Oceans


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Summer Of Sin Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

Tonight's show was brilliant and contained several debuts! Tori was supposed to play Little Earthquakes instead of Leather according to her written set list.

Tori played God for the first time on this tour, and it was really amazing. She played it on the Rhodes, and they had this really weird effect where you would hear reverb when she struck the bass notes, which was really cool. Tori did the spoken word part of the song, speaking it into the microphone, which was also great. She mentioned that God was a request from the Montreal folks. Tori also debuted Alamo and Do It Again for this tour.

Tori was really playing the piano agressively tonight. She told the crowd Good Evening in French and referred to the people in Montreal as "the passionate ones".

Tori sounded really great tonight, and was really hitting the high notes.

From Melissa:


Highlites for me were

SIREN (her voice was crystal clear)

YES ANASTASIA (that poor piano got it's rear kicked!)

GOD (played on the rhodes...she did a little improv about "is that what you said boys?" after she spoke the "give not thy strength unto women" part)

DO IT AGAIN!! she started off playing the little intro to "in the springtime of his voodoo" with the little "sh's" then rolled into do it again! it was fantastic, she said the montreal requests were great!

LIVE TO TELL also sounded really good

ALAMO on the rhodes was soooooooo beautiful...i can't think of any words to describe it...but she did a little improv about "i can feel your desert" or something like that where she mentioned "up north here, montreal" or was gorgeous...

MERMAN not a fave of mine, but she played a little bit of "frere jacques" (a french lullabye) and really accentuated the "he's a merman, doesn't need your voice to cross his *lands of ice*" part

1000 OCEANS was nice on the B3 and bosey...she also repeated the "over sillbury hill" part more often than usual...

all in all, great show!! tori looked beautiful!

From Nicolas Racicot:

This was my first Tori show. Tori was really beautiful in her light green dress. I was really impressed by the show and a bit deceived. First, I was really happy to hear Sirenwhich is absolutely the song that I wanted to hear tonight. In addition, Amber Waves really gave me chills... it was something with the lighting especially in the "healing machine" part. Though, I was a bit deceived by the fact that she didn't played Crucify which is my favorite Tori song and something special for me and my sister but that was okay since she played Siren.

From Phil:

Well, this is my 3rd show since april and it was definetly the best of the three...

Tori was much more energetic than the other times, and reminded me of choirgirl tori at sometimes. She had that fierce energy that is very rare these days with her.

The first part (before the covers)was the most powerful.

Bits and Pieces:

- Siren was "oh my f**king god" amazing and her vocals were so strong (especially on the "in love, vanilla" part,I shivered !)

- Amber Waves's rendition was amazing. The useof theorgan was very well though of. This song is starting to become a live myth. Good, I always loved it !

- Mother revolution was the best Beekeeper song I've heard throughout the tour. The piano, organ and her voice are so in harmony you could almost cry

- 'God' !!! well, no words to describe it. She used a weird effect on the keyboard that worked perfectly with the song. I believe it was a premiere on this tour. I was so surprised to hear it !

- Marys of the seas, one of the best on thealbum was amazing but a bit too long at some points (she streched the "you must go" part for too long).

- She played a rather different version of the beekeeper from what I'd heard before. She did some new stuff, like a new intro, a new thing with the "head south" that reminded me of what she used to do in the little earthquakes period (a king of squeek in her voice). But overall, this song is still giving me shivers but is starting to get on my nerve in concerts hehe

- Alamo, I had never heard it before and I loved it ! I don't even know where to find it.I thought I had all b-sides ;)

- 1000 oceans was a perfect ending. The only thing that I think spoiled it was the cut when she switched from piano to organ

I got the feeling during the taping that this was being recorded for a bootleg. I don't know why, but this choice of songs hinted at that. dunno....

Overall, amazing concert, amazing crowd. Too bad she didn't talk too much.

I think this will be my last beekeeper concert. Can't wait till the band's back.

From Gwen:

I was lucky enough to be on vacation with my family in Northern Vermont so I was able to see Tori in Montreal, only 2 hours away. This was my 8th and last show for the tour and it was a spectacular one.

Tori didnt speak much during the show but had lots of eye contact with the audience and kept a rapport going, through eye and body movements during and in between each song. It felt as though she was really comfortable and connecting with the crowd. Tori did say that she was always happy to perform up north and that she though that the requests for the covers from the people of this city " did not suck" and that they were actually very good requests... and they definitely were as she did a wonderful rendition of Steely Dan's " Do it Again" and Madonna's "Live to Tell".

Highlights for me for this particular show were one of the best "Yes Anastasia's" I have seen as she hit the high notes beautifully and with energy and force. "Siren" was a song I was hoping tohear andwas wondering what it would sound like live, if I did get to see it and it was just amazing, very different than the version from the Great Expectations Cd, much fuller and of course more beautiful in person.

"Marys of the Sea" was also done with alot of emotion and Tori's voice sounded paricularly gorgeous on this song.

Just before Alamo Tori did a short improv about Montreal which then led into the song which I think was a debut for the tour.

Before Merman Tori sang a bit of Frere Jaques (sp) which was cute as almost everyone at the show spoke French, which then led into one of my absolute favorites.

This was the first show this tour that I went with only my husband. Ive gone with friends, my 20 year old and my 5 year old daughters in various combinations, but being alone with my husband at my final show really made it for me tonight. When i asked him what his favorite part of the show was he said " you".. I said why me?.. and he said because i love seeing you so happy". Though not as die hard a fan as I am, he did totally enjoy tonight and our whole experience of going to Canada to see Tori with me.

Its sad to say goodbye to the tour but I cant be more grateful for the emotions I have felt, the beautiful songs I have heard, and the utter amazement at the talent that one woman can project.

I will be continuing to listen with awe until Tori's return to my side of the world on her next tour!

From Sabrina:

It's been a week since the concert, and I have procrastinated writing... This was my second Tori Concert, Scarlet's Walk being my first. I have yet to decide if I was dissapointed or not because it wasn't at all what I was expecting. I knew that there would be no band, that didn't bother me. But, something about the show really wasn't sitting right with me.

I was all hyped up and everything before we got there... I even got one of the limited signed programs and was bouncing arournd like an idiot! But when the concert began, my whole mood seemed to sadden. Playing mainly older songs, with a very melancholic twist to even the happy ones really set the mood for methat was so different from the feelings I had during Scarlet's Walk.

Tori didn't talk that much at all. She ran off stage so fast at the end of the showthat it was likeshe were about to miss a plane or something... I really felt like she was having a bad day and just didn't want to perform that night... I have heard this from a few people now actually.

However, all in all, itWAS a wonderful show and a new experience (seeing her solo for the first time) and I look forward to hearing her and hopefully seeing her perform again soon.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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