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Summer Of Sin Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's August 21, 2005 concert in Boston, MA

Updated Sun, Aug 21, 2005 - 11:46pm ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Boston, MA concert at the Bank of America Pavilion. Tori set list included Martha's Foolish Ginger, Pancake, Garlands, Dream On (Aerosmith cover NOT played during the piano bar but during the encores!, Pretty Good Year and the covers Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Bonnie Tyler) and Angie (Rolling Stones) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Summer Of Sin Tour Forum. Thanks for sharing your reviews with The Dent. Please feel free to review Tori's supporting acts as well!

More Details

Tori performed in Boston, MA on Sunday, August 21, 2005 at the Bank of America Pavilion. Tori's supporting acts were The Ditty Bops and The Like and the show began at 7:30PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Amber Waves
Martha's Foolish Ginger
Cool On Your Island

Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Bonnie Tyler cover)
Angie (Rolling Stones cover)

Barons Of Suburbia
Tear In Your Hand
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Dream On (Aerosmith cover)
Pretty Good Year

2nd Encore

Playboy Mommy
1000 Oceans


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Summer Of Sin Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

Matt was extremely excited about this show when he phoned his review in to me. He said it was an amazing, amazing show, and almost definitely his favorite from the Summer Of SIn tour. Tori sounded fantastic, and the show had many debuts. Matt was emphatic that this show needs to be officially released by Tori as one of the bootlegs from the current tour.

Tori told the crowd that she was glad to be there spending her last day of being 41 years old. (Tori's 42nd birthday is on August 22, 2005!) She said that the majority of the show tonight would be all requests, and to not take it personally if she does not get to your request.

Pancake was a debut tonight. Tori played the majority of it on the Hammond Organ.

Tori's cover of Total Eclipse Of The Heart was one of the best covers Tori has ever performed. This song was suggested to her by someone a few shows ago, and she pulled off a brilliant cover of it!

The Rolling Stones were actually in Boston that evening on their tour, and so Tori performed Angie in honor of that.

Tori ended Barons Of Suburbia really belting out the lyrics. She was the most ferocious on this song that Matt has ever seen.

Tori performed a very different version of The Beekeeper tonight. She kept repeating one phrase over and over at the end (I think it was something like, "I know you want my queen") and she mentioned the patriarchy in the song. Her performance of this was *very* different.

The first song of the first encore was Dream On by Aerosmith, and Tori talked about how the lead singer from that band protected her daughter during a blackout that took place around Detroit back in 2002.

Garlands was another brilliant debut, and was quite long.

Tori varied some from her written pre-show set list. She was supposed to play Spark after Tear In Your Hand, but Tori skipped it and went straight to The Beekeeper. This was likely done because an 11:00PM curfew and the fact that some of her other songs were so long, including Garlands and her version of Tear In Your Hand. Also, Tori's second encore was supposed to be Virginia, Way Down and Hey Jupiter, but decided to do Playboy Mommy and 1000 Oceans instead.

Again, this was an amazing show, and caps off a week of great performances. This show definitely should be released as an official bootleg, and hopefully others will encourage Tori's management to do just that! This show will be one of the best of the current tour.

From Khaleem:

This show was really special. After the second song, "Caught a Lite Sneeze," Tori said she's glad to be with us on her last day being 41. She said the entire show would consist of requests, and that she said don't take it personally if she doesn't play your request, because she hadn't gotten than many since April (which is when she was last in Boston). Her left hand (I think it was the left) was covered in marker ink--I didn't attend the meet and greet, but my guess is she must have been quite busy writing down those requests. When she got to Piano Bar, she said that in some cities she plays requests from other cities, because she does everything but tell those cities "you suck" (referring to the bad cover song requests they send in). She said she promised a guy a few shows ago that she would do this one if he came to another show, and she didn't, but that she knows that the bootlegs get around and people get to hear their requests anyway. Immediately I knew she was referring to the guy who had requested "Total Eclipse of the Heart" last week. And she launched into it--A thrilling version! She followed with "Angie," which was apt considering that the Rolling Stones launched their current world tour at Fenway this very night. At the first encore, she said that this guy from a band from Boston took care of her little girl during the blackout in Detroit--this band was playing with "a band called Kiss" at the time (she added with a laugh that Kiss didn't take care of her little girl). She played a soulful "Dream On."

Of note is that she changed lyrics to some of the songs, and even added some, esp. on "Amber Waves", "Cool on your Island", and "Beekeeper." I'm sure others will have the details.

Very special night. The crowd was very well-behaved. I also want to say that I enjoyed the Like--Try to get there in time to see them.

From Vincent:

I was priviledged enough to get to speak with Tori during the meet and greet previous to the show and she seemed in good spirits. I noticed she had taken many many requests so I kind of half joked that I didn't dare request something or else be rude. She smiled and I mentioned how I had requested Total Eclipse of the Heart for Boston almost two months ago. She smiled and was like "oh, that was you?" and I told her that I had read that she had been asked during a show and mentioned she would play it in Jersey, but I was glad to see she didn't end up doing it. I mentioned I knew it was a lot to ask and I would understand if she didn't, but it would be amazing if she could play it. She smiled and wrote it down on her pad with the other requests and said she would see what see could do about. Later when the show started she came onstage (looking gorgeous in a blue gown and aquamarine earrings) and mentioned how the show was a request show as most of the set was requests she had received, the most since April. She launched into the set, with a particularly blazing version of Pancake, with such intensity I would have sworn she was performing Professional Widow at one point. Funny enough the guy right before me at the meet and greet requested that, heh. Anyways, finally the piano bar rolls around and she mentions that both songs were requests made specifically for Boston. She went on to explain that sometimes she plays songs requested for one city in another, if that city had particularly bad requests and they "suck." I knew just what she was referring to, saying she would do Total Eclipse of the Heart in Jersey despite seeing the request was from Boston. She went on to say that tonight, although, both requests were from this city and that hopefully both people, whoever they were, were there. I felt like she was speaking right to me and was instantly awed and speechless as she honored my request and played Total Eclipse of the Heart. I know people think she did it for the guy in Jersey, but if thats true or not, I don't know, but I honestly feel like she was speaking right to me at that moment. It was absolutely amazing. The rest of the show remains a highlight as well, especially the debut of Garlands and the sizzling added verse of the Beekeeper referring to the President as "my queen." All in all it was an amazing show.

From Gwen:

This was my 21st show and the best i have ever seen... not only her performance but to me.. because I had the opportunity to sit in the 4th row with my 20 and 5 year old daughters, both avid Tori fans. Both of my daughters got to hear their favorites, Caught a Light Sneeze and Tear in Your Hand... amazing renditions of both songs, Tori's voice was just so strong, emotional and amazing... My five year old loved how she changed the " dangling" part and kind of added another syllable to the word.

Highlights for me were the two debuts for the tour.. Pancake and Garlands... and then 1000 Oceans which I could listen to every single time.. it always makes me cry.

Tori's version of Winter ( and I have seen Winter many times ) was by far the most beautiful .... and literally took my breath away.

The covers during the Piano Bar were perfect.. Total Eclipse of the Heart ( it seemed like that song was made for her and Angie... particularly since the Rolling Stones were also playing in Boston tonight ,and Tori always does a great rendition of Angie.

An aside .. at 8pm before Tori came on there was a little contest where certain fans stood in front of a small crowd and sang their favorite Tori song and the crowd voted as to who did the best job... A girl who had come all the way from Brazil won two front row seats for herself and her friend. I was so happy for her. The contest was definitely fun.. both men and women tried out.

Well for me nothing can top this night on so many levels, not only being about the best show i have seen, in my own home town with two of my favorite people in the world, my two daughters who i have given the gift of Tori to, and have seen the smiles on their faces and the tears in their eyes when she plays something that moves them.

Thank you Tori for your precious gift to my family.. and a happy happy birthday tomorrow; hoping your day with Tash is a wonderful as mine was today with my children.

From Eileen Christiansen:

Tori’s concert in Boston last night was a very special one.  I don’t know if it was because of the great Tori weather (steamy and hot) or if it was because (as she said) it was her last day of being 41, but she was really on.  She described the show as the “all requests” show, because the Boston crowd had made so many requests.  She asked us not to take it personally if she didn’t play a particular request because we had made the most requests since April.  The set list was varied, and she sang with great intensity.  I particularly liked her pairing of “Winter”, “Pancake”, and “Cool On Your Island” near the beginning of the show, and she paid homage to our rock and roll city with covers of the Rolling Stone’s “Angie”, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler, and “Dream On” by Aerosmith.  The amusing thing was that the Rolling Stones were playing across the city that night at our beloved Fenway Park.  “Dream On” sat really well in her voice, and she told us a story about Aerosmith taking good care of Tash when the power went out in Detroit a few years ago.  Very sweet.  She also noted with a wry smile that they were touring with “Kiss” who did not take care of her little girl.  Tori finished the show with a tender version of “Playboy Mommy” and with a nice arrangement of “1,000 Oceans” with a stately bit of church organ in the accompaniment at the end.  All in all, it was an extraordinary show.

From Sarah:

got back from the show last night late, so i'm just writing my post now! this show really was amazing. it was my 8th tori concert, and i have to say i think it is one of my most favorites. the only downfall was that people were getting up and moving a lot during the show, which really took away from that mesmerizing feeling that i usually get! i went to the meet and greet, and got to meet tori. i've tried to do this many times before, and its never happened! so i was very excited. and so was tori, when i told her that she said, "wow, i'm really glad we did this then!" she was getting a lot of requests. at first she was handing her request booklet back and forth to smitty, but by the time she got to the end of the line, she was keeping it with her. it was covered with requests! as for the show:

Original Sinsuality: beautiful tonight.

Caught a lite sneeze: this is absolutely the best i've ever heard this played, and i've heard it done quite a few times. she was really really into it. she sucked me right in with this one

Amber: we were excited to here this. the "they say you've got a healing machine" part was especially beautiful

Martha's foolish ginger: the highlight of this for me was that it was exactly when the moon was coming up. and she sang the line "we talked until the moon came up" right as you were able to see the entire moon from my seat. it was quite beautiful.

Winter: also the most beautiful i've ever heard. this made me cry. this song has special meaning for me, but it has never made me cry. this time, it was so moving, it was like i was finally able to release the sadness. absolutely gorgeous.

Pancake. was excited to hear this. very very well done. angry. i liked it!

Cool on your island. if you heard two girls shriek when this started, it was my friend and me! i was so excited to hear this. it was absolutely gorgeous.

Total Eclipse of the heart. Gorgeous. this was so well done. i was extremely impressed. and tori seemed very sad while playing it. i thought she was going to cry at one point. but it was absolutely beautiful. at this point she said that she was going to do some covers that the people that requested them were really going to be at the show tonight. but she said it didn't matter anyway since everyone was bootlegging her covers. she didn't sound to happy about that. i agree, she should bootleg this concert.

Angie: i knew she would do this since the stones were at fenway. beautiful. also very sad

Barons: very ferocious at the end. almost like waitress used to be. i loved it

garlands. again, very excited to hear this, i think it was a debut? it was beautiful. i had a feeling she might do it here since she said she started writing it here. nicely done.

tear in your hand. this is my favorite tori song of all time. i was so excited to hear it. she did a beautiful job and sung my favorite part twice! from "maybe i aint' used to" till the whole "haze all clouded up my mind" part.

Beekeeper: very different. she kept saying "you are my queen.. mr. president you are my queen... the patriots or patriarchy?? you are my queen. it was beautiful.. except everyone seemed to be leaving at that point which was very distracting.

encore: dream on by aerosmith. she said steven tyler protected her baby during the black out in detroit. and that she thought he was from here, so she'd play the song. it was beautiful. also very sad though.

pretty good year. i was so excited to hear this. again another favorite, and i have always wanted to hear it live. it was beautiful! lot of sad tori smiles, like in the RAINN video recording of it.

Playboy mommy: beautiful, on the rhodes

1000 oceans. mostly on the organ, but on the piano a bit too. it was absolutely beautiful

very great show. was only sad when i saw the original set list that she didn't play way down/ jupiter. that would have been amazing! but still all in all a pretty nice day! i would also love to see this as the bootleg of this tour. maybe the dent can let us know how we can get tori's people to suggest this to her!

From Stacy:

Just wanted to say that last night’s performance was amazing!  I was fortunate enough to have been to the Wallingford, Holmdel and Boston show – and all shows were fantastic – and we were upgraded to front row for Wallingford which was unbelievable!!!!  But the Boston show (for me) was the best of the three – every show was great – but last night…Tori just seemed so…enthralled (I guess that’s the word I’m searching for) with the music and her instruments.  She had so much energy and her stories were great – I loved hearing Total Eclipse of the Heart and was thrilled to hear Angie!  She is just so fantastic!  But now, unfortunately, my “Tori Trek” is over for this tour, and I don’t know that I’ll have the opportunity again to go to multiple shows – but I am very happy to have been able to do it at least once!  Thank you Tori!!!!!

From Anthony Green:

By far the best Tori concert I've been too. I have to second Sarah's comment about Caught a Lite Sneeze - absolutely astounding the way she played the ostinato an octave higher, and added layers throughout. I was also completely blown away with her performance of Pancake, as it is my favorite song from Scarlett, and it was the first time I've heard it performed live. Also, Barons' ending, wailing voice, pounding organ AND piano - breathtaking, emotion-driven, speechless. It was the reason why I bought the $15 "She is Risen" necklace! I wanted the concert to "last forever" in the "Bjork-never-sees-the-endings-of-musicals" sort of way, so I biked off during 1000 Oceans, while singing to it. The music faded away perfectly, while the happiness tears were in my eyes, and a huge smile on my face. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TORI! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST!

From Bonnie Smith:

Wow, what more can I say. This is my fourth time seeing Tori and I think this is my favorite on so far. She is so amazingly talented. She totally blew me away with her power and emotion. I went to the meet and greet and asked her to play Winter for my friend who had come with me. I just recently introduced my friend to Tori's music and her favorite song is Winter so I was thrilled that she played it and I have to say it was the most beautiful version I've heard yet. I also loved Total Eclipse of the Heart and Garlands. Every song was so powerful. I could watch her play forever. I have always loved the piano but she makes me love it even more. Thank you Tori for such an amazing show and Happy Birthday.

From Steph:

Just wanted to add something in addition to the great posts for a little clarification. The concert was fantastic last night; Pretty Good Year was a great treat and Tear in your Hand even better when extended. So in the Beekeeper she sang the regular line "i know you want my you want my Queen." and then she added "Mr. President you want my Queen. The Patriarchy you want my Queen." I giggled because I thought it was very cute and clever.

From Stacey Veilleux:

I just wanted to take a minute to say that the Boston show was absolutely fantastic!!! My husband and I both agree that it was one of our favorite shows and we have been to 11 or so. We got to go to the meet and greet and Tori was so gracious, as she always is. I think the highlights for me were Cool on Your Island, Winter, 1000 Oceans, Winter, and Barons of Suburbia. I want to echo the other comments that Barons was amazing, especially at the end. A little of the angry Tori came out during that part. I haven't seen her get angry in her music in awhile.

Oceans was absolutely beautiful. I have always liked this song but, hearing it here gave me a whole new love for it. She sung it beautifully.

I, too hope that this show is (officially) bootlegged!!

From Teddy:

i can honestly say that this was this most intense tori concert that i have ever been too...i would say that i've probably seen her about 10-15 times and never felt the way i did sunday night/monday morning... this feeling started even before the show started...i don't know...i was just really excited to hear tori on the tour again after seeing here in april... ok so i'll start from the beginning...that was when the scrim that came up when the lights were raised...i had a chuckle because the people sitting behind me were like "look it's a snake"...the serpent staring down at tori fit in perfectly with sense of passion that i'm sure flourished at all her shows during this leg of the tour... highlights for me...

caught a lite sneeze was absolutely stunning...i have not heard it live in years and was very excited to hear it played again...i even turned my head towards my roomate and said "that was the first nine inch nails reference of the evening" as i requested numerous times that tori perform hurt during her piano bar...alas, my request did not appear as tori said this was going to be an all request show...

martha's foolish ginger was wonderful...but to follow that up with winter almost took my breathe away...this has been one of my fave tori songs for years and it definitely took my breathe away...could not help but bring tears to my eyes as i looked at my roomate and friends in tears over this songs beauty...i even had to call my boyfriend who is out in wisconsin so that he could share in the experience as well...

the piano bar was pure tori at it's best and i was so excited when she did total eclipse of the heart...and then of course on to the second half of the show...oh my freakin' god is all i have to say...

barons of suburbia was so intense and tori really got me going with the growling she exuded at the end of the song...and then i completely went into some sort of meditative trance...i remember realizing that at some point during the beekeeper i had probably been sitting there with my mouth open in awe for about 20 minutes...absolutely amazing...

and then to hear playboy mommy during the second encore...i have been hoping for years to hear tori do this song live and my wishes were answered sunday night...and then to realize that it wasn't even on the actual set list...priceless!!! another wonderful tori experience came to a close, i again was ever so thankful to have been introduced to tori years ago by my dear friend katy...

From Ellen (St. Theresa):

This was my only show this year, unfortunately, but it really couldn't have been much better. I brought my 11 year-old daughter for the first time, and Rob, of course. The meet and greet was wonderful, except for the heat. People were nice and Tori seemed to get to everyone. She seemed relaxed, happy and in good spirits. For the first time, I had a few moments with her. Hugged for the first time. And I'm even more thrilled about the hug my daughter got. I mean, that was already a great day, but then off to the box office to get the upgrade tickets we won from her email promotion. First row.

We listened to sound check while having dinner outside - perfect! - where she did CALS, Anastasia, a little Martha's Foolish Ginger, WEDNESDAY, Garlands...and I could be forgetting something.

Tori was confident and relaxed in her performance and just ON. The Aerosmith cover was so heartfelt and strong and greatly appreciated by the Boston audience. :)

Before "Dream On," she said that a nice man had helped out during the blackout in Detroit. She said he looked out for her little girl, monitoring her bus and that his band was supposed to be playing that night, with another band called Kiss. THAT band (Kiss), she said, did not look out for her little girl. Anyway, so that was a shout out to Steven Tyler and a nice surprise!

I didn't request anything. I told her to do anything she wanted, and it would be great. And she seemed touched. And now I understand that "Spark" and "Virginia" got bumped, and either one would have made a really good replacement for the "1000 Oceans" closer, but hey, I DID say do anything you want. ;)

Overall, it seems like Tori's really relishing interaction with her fans. It shows both during the M&Gs and during the performances. And for the first time, I was in a position to receive some of her glances during the show, and it just makes you feel like a good friend is giving you a wonderful gift, and I think she's totally motivated by that.

From Bruce Davison:

I have been going to Tori shows since 96 and I have to say this is one of the best shows I have seen. She really gave to the fan this night in so many ways. This show really needs to be put out as a boot I hope she will do it.

The show blows away the show in Wallingford ct by far but they are all good in there own way. Pretty Good Year was a very good treat and so was Pancake, Martha's. Love The Lip Gloss Boostbefore Barons. Can't wait to see her again.

Thanks again T for doing Garlands Twice and Tear In Your Hand for me :)

Posted by: Mikewhy

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