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Summer Of Sin Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's August 20, 2005 concert in Camden, NJ

Updated Sat, Aug 20, 2005 - 10:48pm ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Camden, NJ (near Philly) concert at Tweeter Center at the Waterfront. Tori set list included Mother, Ruby Through The Looking Glass, General Joy, Mr. Zebra, Ribbons Undone and the covers Tiny Dancer (Elton John) and Over The Rainbow (The Wizard Of Oz) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Summer Of Sin Tour Forum. Thanks for sharing your reviews with The Dent. Please feel free to review Tori's supporting acts as well!

More Details

Tori performed in Camden, NJ (near Philadelphia) on Saturday, August 20, 2005 at Tweeter Center at the Waterfront. Tori's supporting acts were The Ditty Bops and The Like and the show began at 7:30PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Goodbye Pisces
Ruby Through The Looking Glass

Tiny Dancer (Elton John cover)
Over The Rainbow (The Wizard Of Oz cover)

General Joy
Mr. Zebra
Bells For Her
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Cloud On My Tongue
Your Cloud

2nd Encore

Liquid Diamonds
Ribbons Undone


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Summer Of Sin Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

Tori performed a solid show tonight. She must have been really tired, because she had to get up early in order to appear on the Today show and she had other interviews as well. She even cancelled the meet and greet today because of her really busy schedule. Despite all this, she really hit it out of the park tonight. Her piano playing was outstanding, her voice sounded good, and there were no technical problems.

Tori did mention that she loved being there and that the Philly fairies were better to her than the Holmdel fairies, referring to her technical issues the evening before.

Tori had a message for Madonna tonight, dedicating Over The Rainbow to a lioness who has "recently taken a fall".

General Joy, which has been rare of this tour, was an incredible version, Matt's favorite that he has heard. She was really belting out this song during the chorus.

Tori only made one change to her written set list. She was supposed to perform Doughnut Song as the second song of the first encore, but performed Your Cloud instead.

From Shannon:

The show was really good tonight. Tori was wearing a pink and white dress and, I believe, matching pink heels. I loved the shoe, I could never walk in them but Tori looked magnificent. Her voice sounded wonderful and she seemed to be in a good mood throughout the show.I wasimpressed at how well she did considering the heat (it was a warm humid night) but she always says she likes that type of weather.She didn't talk much. She mentioned how she loved playing there and mentionedthe Philly and Jersey fairies and how thePhilly ones were much nicer or something to that effect and that nothing had broken yet-this was in reference to the technical difficulties from the night before. During the piano bar segment she mentioned that we had sent in good requests. Someone in the audience yelled one out and Tori smiled and said that was for another day-not sure what the request was though. Overall, the setlist seemed to have a mellow feel to it-not that I'm complaining, it was excellent. One of the highlights had to be Ribbons Undone-the emotion in that song was unbelievable, I almost cried. My only complaint was that I didn't have better seats but I've been spoiled during the last two tours. Hopefully she'll be back again soon.

From Richard Handal:

The body of LaToyia Figueroa who was five months pregnant and missing since July 18 was found early Saturday morning just west of Philly in Chester, Penn. This was a huge local story, and I think it's clear that it was on Tori's mind during much of Saturday's concert. After the Original Sinsuality opener she played a long apparent improv intro on the organ for Crucify which prominently featured the line "life is fragile." And there were many clouds, one rainbow, and much melancholy throughout this concert.


Posted 7/28/2005 10:28 PM Updated 7/28/2005 11:49 PM
Disappearance draws media's gaze
By Mark Memmott, USA TODAY

Eleven days after a young, pregnant woman who is black and Hispanic disappeared in Philadelphia, the national media are giving her the type of attention they previously devoted to white women.
[ . . . ]

Internet bloggers appear to have played a role in pushing Figueroa's case into the spotlight. Starting last Friday, Philadelphia-area writers of Internet weblogs, or blogs, organized an e-mail campaign and coordinated their blogging efforts.

Their message to the TV networks: Give Figueroa's story the same sort of attention networks have given to Natalee Holloway, a white teen from Alabama who disappeared May 31 in Aruba, and Laci Peterson, the white, pregnant Californian who was murdered by her husband in 2002.

[ . . . ]

Posted on Sun, Aug. 21, 2005
Ex-boyfriend Arrested in Figueroa's Death Suspect caught trying to move the body

By Christine Schiavo and Marc Schogol
Inquirer Staff Writers

Stephen Poaches, the ex-boyfriend who told police and a radio audience that he knew nothing of La'Toyia Figueroa's disappearance, was arrested while trying to move the pregnant woman's decomposing body in Chester yesterday, police said.

"We all suspected it was him," said Figueroa's cousin Arkie Padilla, 54, of Northeast Philadelphia. "He wouldn't participate in the search. He didn't care about the baby. Then he was calling the radio to try and defend himself." [ . . . ]

The concert began at 8:54 and ended at 10:55. Encores lasted half an hour, as they did for the two concerts I saw this spring. In case no one's mentioned this yet, for this summer tour there's a giant children's book illustration-style drawing of a green snake wrapped around the trunk of an apple tree bearing an apple in its tail which has one bite missing, and nine other apples in the branches of the tree, all of which are shaped a great deal like hearts. The snake seems to be wearing spectacles on its nose. This painted backdrop is maybe five or six meters high and is on Tori's left. The hexagonal screen from the spring tour is now stage right rather than stage left, and there's a logo design for the piano bar segment rather than the plain text seen in April.

From SDSnyds:

tori's performance blew the roof off the place.  her voice, piano, and songs were all perfect.  i prefer the set list she had this evening rather than the one she played in philly on april 11th.  like any tori fan, i love all of her music, but there were a few songs at tonight's show that just made it all the while.  her version of cloud on your tongue was probably one of my favorites.  hearing her perform somewhere over the rainbow was an experience.  i brought along one of my friends that had never seen tori live, and she loved tori's version of somewhere over the rainbow more so than the original.  when she broke into liquid diamonds i just about lost it.  it's one of my favorite songs and she rarely plays it.  all in all the concert just put me in a state of shock, then again anything affiliated with tori amos usually does.

From Nuj:

Personally, last night show was the most memorable night for me. I've always enjoyed all ofher shows, but last night was something else. She actually played the song I requestedquite awhile ago. It was one of my daughter's favorite cover songs. When she was alive, she always told me how much she loved the way Tori sang "Over the rainbow", and that no one could sing/play it like Tori. The sad thing is that I couldn't quiteunderstand of what shewas sayingright before the song. I thought she was saying somethingfor my daughter, but I really couldn't tell. Nonetheless, I was so deeply touched by that, not just touching my heart but deep in my soul.The pain inside of me didn't seem so harsh last night. All I wanted to do was to scream, to run to the stage and give her a huge hug, and to thank her. But all I did was holding back the tears which I knew that if I had started, I probably won't be able to stop it. Instead Iwas just absorbing everything and appreciating the moments. All I can say is that what she has done was so wonderful and I will never forget it! I just wish I could thank her in person...

From Lorraine Eakin:

At the end of the Holmdel show I predicted that her problems with the sound and her frustrated attitude would not sour future shows - and I think I was right. Camden's show was spectacular - beautiful and moving with a few surprises. Her attitude seemed totally different as well - she was more relaxed (although she had to have been tired by that point) and really took her time with each song, playing with energy and force, giving each song the space it deserved. To me, the sign of a stellar show.

Crucify belongs on the Hammond and the Bosey, I'm convinced - as much as I loved the band version in '02-'03, the organ is perfectly suited to the song, and moving back to the Bosey for the choruses brings tears to my eyes, it's so perfect. I only wish she would sing the "crawled my way back" outro from the last tour. Icicle was a wonderful version, one of the best I've heard. Goodbye Pisces was a surprise so early in the show, and although I don't think it's as strong as some of her similar songs, it was welcome in this set. The highlight of the show for me, though, was definitely the one-two punch of Mother followed by Ruby - two of my favorite songs, perfectly complimenting one another in theme and tone. Mother is my *favorite* song, and she played the crap out of it - it amazes me how a song she wrote so long ago at such a different era of her life can still ring with such emotion. Ruby was beautiful and unexpected - a dignified and confident performance.

The Piano Bar was a little lackluster. Who are all these fools requesting covers she did before this tour, and will probably do after this tour as well? Bo-ring. Mad props to the crazy people who requested stuff live Living on a Prayer, Magic Man, Don't Look Back in Anger, and Common People - now those were some interesting covers, that she'll probably never do again!

Anyway, another major highlight of this show was coupling of General Joy and Mr. Zebra. General Joy is inexplicably my favorite from Beekeeper, and it's so rare for her to do it, I never expected it tonight. But, again, she played the CRAP out of it, and it was awesome. The movements between instruments were flawless, and she sang so powerfully - way to go, Tori. And to follow up this angry, dark political song with Mr. Zebra was great fun - a fluffy song with a dark underbelly that's over way too soon.

I sort of glided through the rest of the show - it was lovely, but not particularly noteworthy, save Liquid Diamonds, which is fabulous. This song can't be ruined - it rocks with or without the band. I love the new intro to it, as well (new or improvised lines are always welcome in my book).

I would like to mention, as well, that not only was this a polished and commanding performance, but the setlist threaded pretty much all the major Tori-topics together - from religion to love lost to motherhood to politics to death. Like the best of the Scarlet shows, this was a thematic journey. All in all a show she can be proud of.

From Mike:

Wow, I don't really know where to start. Tori sounded amazing last night. From our front row upgraded seats you could see her drooling like no other. It was so funny/cute in the weirdest way ever. Some of the highlights for me were definitely Crucify, Ruby, Mr.Zebra, Bells and Your Cloud. During most of Your Cloud, Tori was looking at me and my boyfriend, and I think it may have been due to her seeing me crying my eyes out during Somewhere Over The Rainbow and holding onto his hand so tightly. My boyfriend is begining to think that she played Your Cloud for us now that he saw the original set list haha. All in all, last night was amazing, even though she skipped the M&G.

From Happyphantom21:

I couldn't begin to describehow amazing Tori was at last night's show. Tori looked like a goddess in her pink and white Grecian style dress. The set list was unbelievable. Every time she started a new song, I was jumping with joy in my seat. Each song was played with a great deal of emotion, and she tended to draweach out longer. Her voice was in peak condition. She was also making the cutest faces throughout the show, especially during "Goodbye Pisces." So many of my favorite songs were played,andit was the first time I got to hear many of them live. I even cried during several songs, especially "The Beekeeper" and "Your Cloud."Every so often I closed my eyes, feeling the music, and I felt as if I was sitting right on the piano bench next to Tori. The piano bar portion was also fantastic. "Tiny Dancer" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" are two of my all-time favorite songs, so it was a tremendous treat to hear Tori singing them in person.I couldn't feel luckier. This was the perfect way to celebrate the end of my summer. I can't wait until she is back in the area again!!!!!!

From Erina (FalsettoDelirium) and Jared:

The day in Camden began with the scheduled meet and greet. Jared and I were within the first 15 people there, and we met lots of new Toriphile-friends from Pittsburgh that made us feel right at home. They were all excited it was our first show, so we got plenty of good advice about do's and don't's. Unfortunately, Smitty came out around 3:30 with the news that Tori was exhausted because of the Today Show taping that she had done earlier, and soundcheck time was coming up. She had begun her day at 3:30 a.m. Needless to say, Jared and I wished her plenty of good rest through Smitty for the show that night. Later, between the doors opening and the gathering, we ran into Smitty and chatted for a bit. He has mentioned that he hoped Tori would get some rest, because she was just that tired.

Tori came onstage a few minutes early, wearing this lovely pink-and-white faerie princess-style dress, and she looked GORGEOUS! I began to tear up as early as Original Sinsuality, but forced myself to try and hold off until encore. Her improv before Crucify was heartwrenching, she kept singing "life is fragile, life is so fragile." Goodbye Pieces was very cute, Icicle was very chill and very well done, as was Mother. Since both Jared and I are beginning college in two days, Mother really struck home. Little did I know more of her songs would do just that. Crazy was beautiful on the Hammond.

My favorite cover in the Piano Bar Segment was Over the Rainbow, because her voice seemed to soar over it.

Leather and Mr. Zebra totally made my evening. There needed to be a little comic relief, and those put huge smiles across our faces.

General Joy, although it is not my favorite Tori song, was EXTREMELY kickass live. She really let that girl play her, to the point of rocking her body as she straddled the piano bench between the organ and the Bose.

Bells For Her was haunting, and the reverb during the chorus seemed to just emanate through the place.

Earlier in the show, during a break, a few us wished Tori a happy birthday, and she rolled her eyes, saying "Oh. My. God. Let me be 41 for another day, please!"

The Beekeeper was chilling. It made me think of the people/creatures I've lost in the past, and knowing that they "did awake" the next day "somehwere."

We rushed the stage with a bunch of fellow Toriphiles, and we watched Tori from ten to fifteen feet away. She was so cute! And the most touching thing happened during Your Cloud. At the end of the first verse, she saw me blow a kiss to her, and locked eyes with me, and got this big smile across her face. The tears I were holding back then rushed al over my hands and my new Sweet the Sting shirt, and she locked eyes with me again, took her right hand off the piano, and made a motion from her forehead to her chin, like she was teling me "don't cry." During Ribbons Undone, she looked at me again and smiled. All encore selections were stunning, and this was an evening I will remember for the rest of my life as my first (and unfortunately my only I'll be able to make on this tour) and certainly not my last, Tori Amos concert. Thank you Tori, for everything.

From Heathermele:

Camden is cursed for me...I always have problems getting there, getting lost, missing entire shows, etc. This time the exit to the Tweeter center was closed off by the highway patrol and we had to turn around and find our way there, so we were 30 minutes late and the will call box had closed so we had to run around to find our tickets.

Once we got in she was in the middle of playing Crazy, so we missed the first six songs...but I saw most of them at Jones Beach so I wasn't too upset. It was great to hear Crazy, I think this is the first time I have ever seen her perform it and it was a beautiful version; she was very connected with the audience at this show, more so than Jones Beach. She looked at the audience a lot and was in much higher spirits overall. I heard from a friend who works at Barneys that she was there shopping on her day off in between shows so maybe the retail therapy did her good. I was sad that my request for the Tori Piano Bar wasn't played, especially since I have heard Over the Rainbow so many times, but it was a beautiful version and the fact that she played it for her "fellow lioness," Madonnawas especially sweet. She was back to her saucy self with Leather. Great to hear General Joy live; she really put a lot of heart into it.


Mr. Zebra-she was so playful and cute

Horses-she took one of the girls from Pele and brought me to tears

Bells for Her-Lovely, lovely version, again, her voice is at its best this tour

Your Cloud-What a gorgeous version; so beautiful and filled with love

Ribbons Undone-Heartwrenching; I don't have children, but the pure emotion of the "mother" energy was pouring out of her. The song has so many elements to it: joy, sadness, wonder, amazement at this beautiful being she loves so much. It was the most touching song of the evening for me.

Only complaints: The crowd was much more enthusiastic than Jones Beach which was awesome, but there were a LOT of obnoxious drunken girls in my row who thought I came to hear them SCREAM all the words to the songs they knew (which were of course the "hits" and not the more obscure songs). I literally could not hear Tori over these girls. They also insisted on standing and shouting "whooooooooo" throughout the entire show, obscuring the view for the people in the rows behind them and the "whoooing" was at inappropriate moments during songs when Tori was singing and the crowd was silent. Finally, I just moved into one of the other empty seats in my row to get away from them, they were extremely disrespectful; I appreciate enthusiasm and excitement from the crowd at a Tori show, but when it's just her and the piano, there really is a time and moment to express your gratitude. I sing along, as well, out of habit, but quietly--there's no need to scream the lyrics (most of them wrong, as well) over Tori, especially when sitting so close to the stage (we were in Orchestra row F).

Beyond that lovely show.

One more thing--at Jones Beach the merchandise was waaaay more money than it was at Camden. The tote bag was $40 bucks at Jones Beach and $25 at Camden. So for future reference, any Jones Beach shows that may be in the future, check out the Tori store online for pricing before buying merch at the merch stands there. That's really uncool; I'm glad I bought my stuff in Camden!

Posted by: Mikewhy

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