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Summer Of Sin Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's August 17, 2005 concert in Wantagh, NY

Updated Wed, Aug 17, 2005 - 10:45pm ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Wantagh, NY concert at Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theater. Tori set list included Little Earthquakes, Pretty Good Year, Jackie's Strength, Carbon, Never Seen Blue and the covers With A Little Help From My Friends (Beatles) and Imagine (John Lennon) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Summer Of Sin Tour Forum. Thanks for sharing your reviews with The Dent. Please feel free to review Tori's supporting acts as well!

More Details

Tori performed in Wantagh, NY on Wednesday, August 17, 2005 at Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theater. Tori's supporting acts were The Ditty Bops and The Like and the show began at 7:30PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Little Earthquakes
Amber Waves
Pretty Good Year
Jamaica Inn
Cool On Your Island

With A Little Help From My Friends (Beatles cover)
Imagine (John Lennon cover)

Barons Of Suburbia
Jackie's Strength
Liquid Diamonds
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Cloud On My Tongue
Silent All These Years

2nd Encore

Never Seen Blue
Hey Jupiter


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Summer Of Sin Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

The show tonight (which was during a near-full moon) was beautiful and took place in a really nice venue. Tori sounded really great as well. She started very strongly with her performance of Little Earthquakes.

After that song she talked about Tash in New York telling Tori today that she wished she did not have to go and be the piano player lady today. Then I think something was said about Beauty and the Beast, and Tori said, "who do you think pays for those tickets?"

She also did an improv both before and at the end of Liquid Diamonds. At the beginning she sang something about losing a friend and at the end of Diamonds sang lyrics like, "He taught me so many things..."

During the Piano Bar part of the show, someone shouted out that Tori should play Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart'. Tori then remarked, "That's a really good idea. How did that go?" She then sang a few lines of the song, and said something like, "Are you going to New Jersey? I think I'm going to play it then." It should be interesting to see if she does that!

From Nicole:

Even though a lot of the songs tonight were not ones that are "key" Tori songs for me, I have to say that vocally this was one of the most beautiful Tori concerts I have ever been to. The venue was gorgeous- we were incredibly lucky with the weather. Tori was very intense tonight but extremely playful when she talked to us (only twice!). She looked like a Greek goddess in her toga like dress and I was glad they had two monitors so I could watch her expressions as she sang. Our seats got upgraded because it was very very empty. I was really surprised by this although Jones Beach IS very out of the way. I am guessing Jersey will be crowded.

Little Earthquakes was gorgeous- I never heard it live so that was a treat. Her improv before "Amber Waves" was all about Tash and how Tori is worried about her growing up too fast...this made me think she was going to do "Ribbons Undone"- but alas not so. I loved how the organ got incorporated into both old and new songs alike.

Cool on Your Island was brilliant...I can't describe how she did it- it was just so perfect.

I was digging the Beatles/Lennon piano bar and found it very fitting that she went to Barons of Suburbia right after that. I love that song on the album and the live arrangement was even better (I almost thought it was Carbon when she began it and was glad that song came later).

The improv before Liquid Diamonds was about having a friend and then losing that friend and Tori said something like "maybe that's alright." Hey Jupiter moved me to tears.

I only have one major complaint- why must people sing along so loudly? There was a girl singing to every song (and most loudly on the Choirgirl songs) and it really bothered me. Concert- mouth words or sing softly. Home- belt it out with your CD. Also- i know it's an OUTDOOR venue, but must people chain smoke? I can't wait for Friday's show!!

PS- The Ditty Bops were fab! I loved their bluegrass sound and "Obsessive Crush" was such a fun little number!

From Will:

The Jones Beach concert was excellent. Tori's voice sounded very strong indeed. This is my second Tori concert I've ever been too, the first one was at Hammerstein Ballroom this past April, and after this one I seriously want to start going to every single performance but due to money contraints I can't. I have been a fan of Tori since around 1994, I've always dreamed about going to see her in concert and then all of a sudden, I saw her twice this year. So far she has surprised me on both occasions. I'm loving the Piano Bar segment and tonight's covers were genius. That had to be the most gorgeous rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine" I have ever heard. Someone screamed out that they wanted to hear Tori sing "Total Eclipse of the Heart", Tori replied that if whoever shouted it out goes to the concert tomorrow in New Jersey, she will perform it there. She sang one line from the song that went like "turn around bright eyes" calling it her "rip" of the song. I have waited so long to hear "Little Earthquakes" live since I first saw her in April and my wish fiinally came true tonight as did a few others. "Cloud on My Tongue" was perfection tonight. I never get tired of this song, I heard it 4 months ago and it still sounds so good, there's never a dull moment there. I was in Orchestra Section B, Row J seats 5 & 6 and the view was great, I have never been so close to any stage before until tonight. What I really don't understand though is the whole "rushing the stage" after "The Beekeeper". Ok granted I had very good seats, 9 rows away from the stage, but if you're going to rush the stage must you block everyone else's view, I don't understand it and it's kind of disrespectful for people who have also paid to see her and not have to watch the damn tv screens at the venue so you can see the last 4 songs. I thought about rushing the stage myself but it's way too crowded and people are just plain rude. It's like they think Tori knows them personally and she only wants to see them up there, I'm like get a grip. I was very happy with the song selection she chose too, it felt like it had a water theme throughout a bit, "Liquid Diamonds", "Amber Waves", "Cool on Your Island". The only disappointment was having to sit through "the Beekeeper" once again. I love the studio version but something is missing when she performs it live. I told my friend to time it this time around because we wanted to see how long Tori extended the song and she started her timer on her watch at 10:13pm and Tori stopped performing it at 10:23pm. Is it really necessary to sing the same song over and over everynight for 10 minutes when you can pull out some other hidden treasures (hint hint... "flying dutchman" or "black swan"). I was kind of hoping she wouldn't repeat any of the songs she did 4 months ago besides the show's staple songs and "Cloud on My Tongue" , but she did with "Jamaica Inn", I've never been a fan of this song, studio version or live version, it's just not all there. It doesn't strike any chords with me. All in all I have to say I liked this show more than the April one, I do hope she tours with the band sometime next year. I will definately have to see that.

From Alison Bourke:

What a beautiful night to see a beautiful artist perform. Right on the water, with the moon glowing and Tori on stage looking so angelic! (my friend summed it up by saying she is like an angel singing to us!) Tori looked and sounded amazing tonite. I have to say I was surprised to see how many seats were vacant.

The set list was great... Of course I would love to tailor it to my personal favorites but as always I will embrace whatever she delivers to us.

I haven't heard Little Earthquakes in ages and the performance revived all the feelings I've had for that song and took it to another level. Loved the story about Tash and the improv that preceded it.

Pretty Good Year was good to hear as always but in comparison to other live versions I've been a part of... just doesn't compare.

Marianne was awesome and the way Tori merged it with Jamaica Inn was INCREDIBLE. I believe she was playing this on the organ.

Cool On Your Island... LOVED IT... completely. Always a treat.

I was surprised that the covers were both by the same artist (well you know what I mean) For some reason I expected her to pop out a Billy Joel song but was secretly hoping for George Michael Father Figure. In any case they both sounded wonderful... especially IMAGINE. Just when I thought Imagine was over, Tori belted it out again... only stronger and louder! As Matt has stated it would be interesting to see if she covers Bonnie Tylers Total Eclipse of the Heart @ the Jersey show.

Barons of Suburbia is one of my favs on the new album. SHE HAS RISEN... just gets me!

Jackie's Strength... I've never heard live and it sounded awesome.

Liquid Diamonds was riveting... to me the best I have ever heard before, truly captivating.

The Beekeeper was probably the most intense song of the evening. I felt like my heart was being punctured as each word was sung... "Send This Message To Michael"! It was truly haunting... looking @ Tori and then looking to the sky with the moon all aglow. I wish I had that particular performance on camera. The encores were wonderful. Tori, ever so friendly with her smiles, waves and kisses. Honestly, I could hear Silent All These Years forever although I would substitute it for the other popular Caught a Lite Sneeze once in awhile.

Hey Jupiter was the best I've ever heard tonite. Tori played with the lyrics and timing a bit and it worked. The perfect song to end a great night... what a voice!

I want to applaud the front orchestra section for standing during the encores...I feel we all should have been.

The only thing that was missing for me was Northern Lad... I've been wishing and hoping for that song for so long now and it always seems to escape each show I attend. Hopefully next time.

Hope everyone enjoyed the show : ) Thanks Tori!

From Heathermele:

This is maybe my 23rd or 24th Tori show in the past15 years. I was ready for the somber tone from the other postings and having recently experienced the death of a close family member I felt that every song choice, even the ones that seemed like they had nothing to do with death and mourning were salves to the wound of losing her brother. She seemed like she had tears in her eyes on more than a few songs. She seemed sad, but at peace with his death. "The Beekeeper" has not been one of my favorite songs, but she played it on the organ, and whoa...powerhouse, right in the heart. She was very mellow, but charming as always. The weather, the water, the full moon, and her goddess-like appearance all made for a truly magical and for me personally, healing experience. It was great to hear "Never Seen Blue," haven't heard her perform that live in years.

Liquid Diamonds was stunning and absolutely beautiful. Her voice has not sounded this amazing in years. Killer show.

Heather later added this to her review

I know I have already reviewed this show, but as I am reading the reviews subsequent to mine I am kind of disappointed by the lack of thought put into these reviews and the critical tone. Firstand foremost, as a Tori fan since 1992, I have always resented seeing her with the band, she started out as the girl with the piano and in the long time Tori fans' hearts, this is how we prefer to see her: she is the only artist I can think of whom I prefer to see alone, in fact I always wish that she had no opening acts and just did 3-4 hours of Tori, Tori, Tori. We all have our song preferences, songs we're sick of hearing and I am sure that Tori has some of the girls she's put in the back seat and will put them in the front seat when she feels like it.

The thing that I noticed most about the posts is that I think that most of the other Toriphiles did not recognize that the show was largely a low-key, melancholic and mellow because she is mourning the death of her brother whom she loved so much with the best way she knows how: to get it out on stage with her beloved fans there to support her. She mentioned his name in a few of the songs and she did crack a smile or two, but every single song, if you listened intently, had some connection to her brother. Even songs that you would not normally connect to the death of a dear brother had an overtone that you could just viscerally "feel" in your soul that she was singing to him. She spent a lot of the night looking up at the sky as she sang and fighting back tears. I think a lot of the fans who wrote crappy reviews don't understand that each and every show is an "experience" and if you don't enjoy it, there's a part of Tori that you're not "getting." Hey, do I love all the songs she played? No. Did she play the songs I really wanted to hear? Not really. But she opened up a portal for me to songs that I never really "got" like the Beekeeper, because I theemotion and the mood she projected was one of sorrow and acceptance--on-stage therapy. So for the guy who wishes she would stop playing it every night, maybe ToriNEEDS to play it every night for her own healing; and as fans we should support her in that. I agree with the poster who said the audience was lackluster. What a bummer, the seats were all half-empty and the crowd was not as interactive as I am used to, but Tori still gave it to us, heart and soul and I just wish her healing and love, losing a loved one truly devastates a person and the fact that she comes out and performs for us every night after such a tragedy is a beautiful thing and we should give her all of our good energy and start giving back to her what she's given to us for so long. I'm just having thoughts....

From Brian H.:

I know you probably wont print this, because it is not a glowing review, but I have to say that while I did enjoy last nights concert, it was not my favorite Tori show ever. I am a rabid fan and have seen her in concert many times, but something was a little 'off' last night. I cant really put my finger on it but both my friend and I (he is also a huge fan) had the same experience. One thing that I was VERY pissy about was that I thought the "Summer of Sin" tour was supposed to include the band. I saw Tori a few months ago on the "Original Sinsuality" tour at Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC, my first time seeing her without the band, and I loved it. Last nights show was basically like sitting through the same show again (hmm, maybe that is why I didnt really enjoy it). Do you know why the band isnt on this tour?

Side note: I was sitting down front, next to the guy that asked her to play "Total Eclipse", her reaction to him was pretty damn funny.

Now, having said all of that, I just want to end by stating that Tori is still the best in my book, and I feel like I should ask here forgivness for talking bad about her concert!

From Jason Perl:

For years, I've tried to see Tori but for some reason - never was around or available to do it. Well, it was certainly worth the wait. Let me first say that "Scarlett's Walk" is my favorite Tori album. Melodic. Progressive. She re-invented herself to create a seamless, lush record that touches all of your senses. That was the tour I would have loved to see set-wise, but I certainly can't complain in what seemed to be a very "pop" set list by Tori standards - with a few exceptions.

Couldn't ask for a better opening with killer renditions of Earthquakes, Amber Waves and Pretty Good Year. She stuck to her more melodic songs in the first set but some tunes later on like "The Beekeeper" tended to neander. You could feel her intensity in "Barons of Suburbia." But the highlight of the night was "Jackie's Strength". This is why I like music. Incredible rendition of this beautiful, irresistible tune. As for Tori's piano bar, I couldn't believe all the different covers she's done over the years. I would have loved her to pull out a Rickie Lee Jones tune, but the Beatles "With A Little Help From My Friends" and Lennon's "Imagine" were great. Has Tori ever done a QUEEN song? I think she could do Freddie pretty well.

First encore rocked with "Cloud On My Tongue" and "Silent All Those Years". I don't love the "Boys for Pele" album, but it was good to hear "Hey Jupiter." Overall, Tori's voice and stage presence are undeniable. I'm curious to see her with a band. She has a catalog of songs comparable to any major singer-songwriter. While I appreciate that she changes her set nightly - Tori has more than enough strong material to play - and should weed out the occasional clunker. I am going to try to get to Jersey to see if she actually does pull off that Bonnie Tyler tune!

From Alvin:

I attended Tori's performance at Jones Beach Ampitheater last night and even though it wasn't the greatest Tori show I had been to (this was my 5th - I still think the "Plugged" Tour was by far the best), Tori's voice was incredible. I have never heard her sing so beautifully.

There were a few things that bothered me, however...

First off, the venue wasn't even half sold out! This just proves my theory that Long Islanders have absolutely no taste (My apologies to my L.I. friends out there...but you know it's true!). I had purchased 20 dollar seats through Ticketmaster and expected to be in the nosebleeds, but upon arrival, I was upgraded to a very much closer seat in the orchestra!!...however, the section was completely empty, while many others were not upgraded...I don't know how I got so lucky while others had to sit in the mezzanine while there were hundreds of empty orchestra seats! That wasn't cool for the real Tori fans...and for Tori either!

Secondly, I wasn't too crazy about the set list. She did perform some very unexpected songs that I was very happy to hear ie. "Little Earthquakes", "Pretty Good Year", "Silent All These Years" and "Hey Jupiter"...but I was extremely disappointed that some of the newer material was not played ie. "Sleeps With Butterflies", "A Sorta Fairytale", "Taxi Ride", "Strange Little Girls", "Enjoy The Silence", "Playboy Mommy", "Spark" and all the other Tori treasures that we've all come to love.

And my last complaint would have to be the crowd...I just felt that the audience wasn't really into it, and I think Tori felt it too...although as always, she gave a stunning and heartfelt performance. I think audiences who haven't previously seen Tori in concert expect to hear a greatest hits show, but instead get a medley of treats from all of her albums, most of which they don't know.

But it was, as always, a pleasure to see Tori again, and next time she tours, I'll be right there singing along as always! Keep rockin' Tori!

From Debbie H.:

Last night's show was my first time seeing Tori live in a LONG time. I have to say (as someone else did) that she sounded so beautiful vocally. Really clear. I interpreted her dress as an odd wedding dress and I loved her thick, beaded necklace. The background "original sin" scene -- a tree, a bitten apple, a serpant -- was really cool.

My seats were pretty good, second section of Orchestra, 4th row. I tried to balance watching her and watching the screens because I wanted to really see her but the close-ups were so lovely to see (drool & all!). While watching her, I was reminded of why I used to listen to her non-stop and why I was one of those "Tori Girls" of the early 90's. You all know who we were -- the girls on campus with the dyed red hair, wearing a Pink tee one day & a Pele tee the next, making "mixes" consisting of only Tori songs, driving our friends wacko until all our friends were as obsessed as we, spending time between classes reading RDT. I remember when I first heard Tori, she was the best person I'd ever heard. She spoke to me more than any other artist ever had. Then, I started to listen to her more & more, & I eventually loosened my grip, grew older, expanded my musical life. There was a time when I never would have thought this was possible, but I actually haven't really listened to her latest albums too much.

The show was pretty quiet in the sense that the audience didn't scream too much & she didn't talk too much, but it was very intense and emotional. I loved the churchy feel of the organ. And, I loved how she sang "Cool on Your Island" with so much conviction. She sings everything with so much conviction.

Last night, I felt very inspired at how open she is as an artist, how wide open and how focused and openly emotional. Even when singing "With a Little Help...," every word meant something deep; she was present with every moment. That openness and spirituality is her gift (apart from being a musical genius and a poet). I felt, as I watched her, that every time we go on stage (for those of you who go on stage), we should aspire to be that present out there, to give people the gift of being so real. That's art.

And, I send her salve.

From Thomas:

Here is my review of the August 17th Jones Beach show for The Dent. I haven't read any other reviews yet, so forgive me if I repeat some things.

Overall impressions: We were in the fifth row, so we had a good view. We were off to the left, so we were looking at Tori kind of over her shoulder. When she played the Rhodes and the organ, she was looking right at us. She wore this white/pink fairy dress with dark blue high heels that were sequined or sparkly or something. She was wearing an elaborate necklace that took up most of the bottom of her neck and top of her chest. It looked to be silver, marcasite, and garnet, but who knows, really? I can't believe she's 42; she is almost unwrinkled.

The show was very good, but rather mellow. It seemed to be a quiet show, sort of introspective without being overly melancholy. Tori played very well and her voice is just about the best I've ever heard it.

Unfortunately, too many people will just not shut the f--- up. To make matters worse, one of the people who would not shut up was one of the security guys. He was flirting with two loud, annoying girls. I was actively wishing them laryngitis. The woman behind me took a cell phone call, and when I told her to shush, she said "Oh shush yourself, d---!" Um, as if I was the rude one! My friend, Paula, told her she was about to lose some teeth. She was mostly quiet after that. Anybody reading this, please, please, please, be considerate of those around you. You really can make others suffer with what is probably harmless chatter to you.

The songs:

Original Sinsuality: very nicely played with deep bass notes. It was played more slowly than earlier in the tour.

Little Earthquakes: the base here really reverberated. Tori did a really good job with the vocals, but it seemed a tad long. It's not one of my favorites.

Tori said hello and talked about Tash wanting her to get a job at Safeway so they can go see Beauty and the Beast together. Tori points out that she wouldn't be able to afford the tickets then.

Improv about a little girl growing up and the mom hoping she'll be around to see her grow into a woman and I think fall in love. It was really beautiful and very touching

Amber Waves: I liked this, but I think I would've preferred it all on the piano instead of switching to the organ. She holds out the "paper cuts" part for a long time.

Pretty Good Year: This was awesome and the first time I heard it. Gorgeous. She did the "pretty, she is/pretty she can be" part after the "Amer-amer-amer-i-ca" part. This was the first episode drooling; it came during the heavy part and splattered on the piano.

Marianne: beautiful long piano part at the beginning. This was just flawless and wonderful and made me warm inside.

Jamaica Inn: starts out on the organ very slow. A very nice treat.

Cool on Your Island: Tori moves over to the Rhodes. I got choked up during this one. Tori played it perfectly and sang so sweetly. She looked really happy playing it.

The piano bar sign came on. Someone yelled out for "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Tori said that's a good one but that they are "kinda f---ed" because she's playing other songs.Shesaidshe'd play it in NJ! I'm excited, because I'd love to hear her play this and I'll be at that show.

With a Little Help From My Friends: Very bouncy and energetic. She screwed up in the middle (I didn't hear it, but Tori did) and played a little ditty about being lame and now we'll get it right and she went back into the song and nailed it. So fun!

Imagine: It must be Beatle night. This was beautiful and very heartfelt. Several lines (especially "the world will live as one") elicited applause.

Barons of Suburbia: Tori plays organ and piano simultaneously a lot on this song; the beginning sounded like "Icicle." The ending vocals were just incredible.

Jackie's Strength: nice, but a pretty standard version.

Liquid Diamonds: This one starts with a long and interesting improv about losing self, liquid coming down, and some other things. The lights during the "underwater thing" part were all green and blue.

Carbon: Oh, this was just perfect. Slower than the album version, but so beautiful.

The Beekeeper: Tori held out the vocals on several parts of this like she was possessed. She turns the bass way up at the and the whole arena shook. Much more powerful than in Philly last April. ---- Cloud on My Tongue: perfectly played with a long "circles" part. The screen showed various scenes of clouds and waterfalls and rain.

Silent All These Years: Tori fiddles a lot with the tempo on this song and the "years go by" part has several small lyrical differences than the album. --- Never Seen Blue:totally unexpected treat.The lights alternated between blue and red at the appropriate parts.

Hey Jupiter:played completely on the organ. Tori's vocals were angelic.

A very good show, although it doesn't make my top show list. This was 10th show, so I feel like it was some kind of milestone. Can't wait for Holmdel!

From Jana:

Hello. I have been a incredibly dedicated Tori Amos fan for over 12 years, been to several of her concerts, purchase all of her music, etc. etc. and I am truly sorry to say that I was incredibly disappointed in last night's concert .The concert frustrated me greatly because I love her not only for her ability to play the piano so well but for the fact that she is known for integrating a band into her music which normally brings her alive on stage and adds to an amazing show because the music is so driving and passionate.

I have never seen her play alone like that for an entire show. Normally--her band opens up with this crazy mix of music to keep you in suspense as to what you are about to hear and then she walks out onto the stage and dances around seductively to the music and when she finally sits at the piano seat you feel so overwhelmed by her energy as she so cleverly turns the bands "noise" into an actual song and you can't help but stand up in your seat and yell out because of all the energy she has created in you! Additionally, she would (mid way through) send the band away for a break and you would be left alone with just her and the piano for an intimate performance moment. You wouldn't mind that the band was gone because it was a special unexplainable moment/energy that you feel as she plays the piano alone--it comes as an almost welcome "relief" to calm you down a little from the intensity you feel when she plays with her band.

But last night--to my great disappointment--she did not offer this type of performance to the audience. Yes, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect night--with the full moon shining on the water, the unmistakably comfortable temperature and the initial energy/excitement you feel when your absolute all-time favorite recording artist walks out on stage and starts into a song that you love; but after four or five songs that are played with lack of her usual sexual energy, no stage antics and no additional instruments to add to that amazing electronic-mysterious pleasure--I became frustrated, very frustrated.

Last night my boyfriend (who has never seen a Tori concert before) accompanied me. I wanted noting more than for him to experience the exact picture I just painted for you several paragraphs earlier so that he could finally understand why it is that I have loved her music for so many years and why I have always raved about how she has influenced my own personal performance style as a musician/singer. Instead, he experienced a boring, melancholy performance by someone who I am almost too frustrated to listen to today when her music comes through my iPod.

Now, unfortunately, she will always be remembered in his mind as some hum-drum performer singing on stage instead of an amazing performer who, although doesn't present the genre of music he is normally used to listening to, still managed to keep his attention and impress him if by nothing more than through sheer performance style and captivating music.

I hate to say this, but I fear the Tori Amos I have loved for years is slowly becoming an enigma and I am not sure how to love her again.

From jason:

i always read the reviews here and check the setlists. since i've seen so many people comment on "total eclipse of the heart" i wanted to drop a note. i was the guy that shouted it out only, well, i didn't shout out "total eclipse of the heart." in fact, i yelled out "condition of the heart" (a fantastic song by prince). tori misunderstood me and thought i asked for the bonnie tyler song. no biggie. i'd still love to see if she does it in jersey. i just thought you guys would get a laugh out of the confusion.

From magnet:

She opened with Little Earthquakes--a surprising and lovely choice, her voice sounded amazing, MUCH better than when i heard her in Hartford in April. I actually kind of wondered if she took some steroids to get the vocal chords in perfect shape for a bootleg taping? Anyway it was amazing. Went between her upper and lower registers with perfect ease.

My English Professor interpretation of the themes of the night: water/ support of friends/ losing friends

(The Jones Beach ampitheater is AMAZING--the stage is surrounded by water, there is the huge bay behind it, little boats bobbing right next to it, two huge video monitors of Tori against the background of all those liquid diamonds. . . . the mother of a friend I was with used to be a rockettes-style dancer on that stage and back then there was a moat of bay water between the stage and the audience--the stage was an actual island back in the day)

(The improv about Tash was so cute, such funny tones and sweetness and dry amusement from Mummy: Tori said that Tash was blowing them all off and was hanging out in a hotel in New York, and before Tori left Tash said, "Mummy, if you worked at Safeway instead of playing the piano you could come with us tonight to Beauty and the Beast." And Tori smiled and said, "But who do you think would pay. . . for those. . . .tickets?"

Magnet's thematic analysis:
FRIENDS theme:
--Opening chat--she said hi to us and really emphasized that she was glad to be among friends --soooooo much energy for the cover of "with a little help from my friends" --later improv about losing a friend, but maybe that's alright --ended on hey jupiter: boots leave a mess =water plus both could use a friend to run to: perfectly unites our 2 themes. Grade for structure of essay: A+

WATER theme:
once she played jamaica inn I got the whole water thing and it was fun to hear Cool On Your Island and I was 99percent sure we'd be hearing liquid diamonds and there ya go, irresistible.

And she could NOT resist playing Barons of Suburbia out there on Long Island. That's where they ALL ARE in august, those barons. . . .also it's this whole new level of suburbia out there, it's Expert Suburbia.

my bossy little suggestions:

1. no more silent all these years. ugh. no offense, but so boring. there is SO much more she could do. I'd rather hear cornflake girl if she's going to go that route.

2. throw in an extra cover somewhere to surprise us--there is so much more energy in the covers than in the overplayed standards. Tori thrives on the extra drama and challenge that previously a band and now that the covers give her--more of this!! I can't even express how much the energy lifted and how AMAZING she was doing "Help from my Friends"--it was major.

3. Stop playing the beekeeper every night and just switch to Mother Revolution instead. Tori called it (and hence should own up to this particular moment of her brilliance in seeing how it all will play out): it's the mothers of the dead who are going to end this war and that is exactly what is happening in Texas at the moment. Jackie's Strength last night was so resonant with this theme--this woman remaining strong as her loved one is demolished senselessly. Maybe Tori doesn't want to rub it in that she made the prediction so astutely w/ Mother Revolution and that's why she didn't play it, even though the night of this show was the night of nationwide vigils? But how powerful would it be to end on Mother Revolution before the encores EVERY night? Turn away from her own personal story and open it up--the grief that we all share and the responsibility we have as citizens and families to the soldiers? Besides, the Beekeeper every night is starting to feel a little forced.

(Actually now that I think about it, those two covers really, really could have been about Camp Casey down there in Texas--supported by her friends and imagining an end to the death in Iraq).


I have been a Tori fan for many years, and I think this show was the 11th or so time I have seen her live. At first, I loved seeing Tori perform a la cart, just her and her piano. But over the last few tours or so I have come to enjoy seeing her play with the band, they seem to add so much energy to the songs and to Tori's performance. So, to see her return to a solo performance was interesting, but I have to say I missed the backup. But, this did seem to put a heavy emphasis on the power of her voice, she sounded absolutely angelic, and the emotional quality of her performance was amazing. However, I feel she lacked the wild sort of sexual presence and the energy that makes her shows so invigorating. I don't mean to say that it was boring, but it was very slow and mellow. But, I guess that every Tori show is a different experience and should be appreciated for what it is and understood by what is offered. The line up was sort of surprising, although I can't explain why, but she left me craving for more ( I am still not sure if that is a good or bad thing). The organ ( and this is the first show where I have seen it incorporated to such an extent) shook me right down to the core. Hearing the songs that were just on the organ made for something so different, it was like songs that I were so familiar with were suddenly completely new. It was wonderful, but I think I prefer the piano instead. Maybe I'm just not an organ person. but it was nice to see something so innovative. Especially when she plays the organ and piano simultaneously, I have seen her do this before, but with the new songs (off the beekeeper), it's so complex (for lack of a better adverb) that is actually perplexing to see and hear. Anyway, I cant say anything bad about the show, eventhough it left me with conflicted feelings, because I know that anything that left me with a bad taste in my mouth is only because I have not yet fully absorbed and processed it yet and I'm sure I will be able to appreciate it more once I can understand the premise for what I think was a somewhat unsual, or perhaps dry, performance for Tori. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI!!!!!!!

From Denise:

On the way into the concert I said with excitement "I hope she played Little Earthquakes!" I was so excited when she did! She didn't play any of my requests, which I think I may have requested too many and annoyed her, or just requested bad requests like "Bennie and the Jets." But I loved the show and would love is she continued playing solo with the piano. I laughed outloud to her little improv about little girl learns to talk, learns to talk back.

My impression of the show was that she was tapping into her female wisdom, but I can't explain that. Like she has the non and the slut fighting inside her, but this show the old spirit was doing the talking. The show was enlighting.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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