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Summer Of Sin Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's August 14, 2005 concert in Portsmouth, VA

Updated Mon, Aug 15, 2005 - 1:22am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Portsmouth (near Norfolk), VA concert at nTelos Pavilion Harbor Center. Tori set list included Virginia, Spark, Taxi Ride, Mother, Upside Down, Doughnut Song and the covers YMCA (Village People) and Desperado (Eagles) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Summer Of Sin Tour Forum. Thanks for sharing your reviews with The Dent. Please feel free to review Tori's supporting acts as well!

More Details

Tori performed in Portsmouth (near Norfolk), VA on Sunday, August 14, 2005 at nTelos Pavilion Harbor Center. Tori's supporting acts were The Ditty Bops and The Like and the show began at 7:00PM.

Set List

Special thanks to John for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Space Dog
Beauty Queen
Martha's Foolish Ginger
Taxi Ride

YMCA (Village People cover)
Desperado (Eagles cover)

Upside Down
The Power Of Orange Knickers
Spring Haze
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Liquid Diamonds
Doughnut Song

2nd Encore

Silent All These Years


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Summer Of Sin Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From John:

The last song was supposed to be Hey Jupiter, but Tori performed Silent All These Years instead. The entire crowd really got into Tori's cover of YMCA, doing that famous dance during the performance. At one point before the Piano Bar segment of the show, Tori said something like, "Ludicrous, that's the word Katie Holmes does. I know one word she does not say... gay." (I could be wrong about that, so please correct me if needed!)

From L. Gibson:

Portsmouth: A Mixed Bag

My Bias: I loved Scarlett's Walk "Lotta Pianos" tour last time, so my expectations were high. This concert had many great moments but I'm looking forward to seeing Tori pull out all the stops again.

Opening song: "Original Sinsuality".

Piano Bar Requests: "YMCA" and "Desperado". Crowd particpation in YMCA was energetic. Her comments were right on the money about Tom Cruise, very funny.

My favorite songs performed tonight: "Mother" - an extended version with more dramatic than usual whispers and pronounciation. And "the Beekeeper" , the organ sounded more like a funeral dirge and it was hauntingly good.

Last Encore: "Silent All these Years"...

Tori Performance: Most of the songs were in the same mood... mellow. She has an awesome voice. I would like to have heard even more of the new album, like "Hoochie Woman" thrown in, for example.

Is this new? Surprised she sat still on piano bench most of the time, very few of the characteristic writhing, half standing up thingy. Tired, maybe?

Tori Outfit: Flowing mint pastel green dress...beautiful.

Staging: Disappointing. A series of computer generated images- mostly generic swiggles or spinning circles with an occassional flame or ocean foam scene-projected on what reminded me of suspended trampoline. Not sure if it was a venue problem, but large video screens on either side of the stage were not used. Wish I had known that in advance, I would have brought the binoculars.

From lita:

the portsmouth show was pretty good. i had a great time. i'm surprised that tori didn't perform much new material but i thought the set list was fit for the feeling of the night. YMCA was a fun surprise, as well as the comments she made about katie holmes. i also enjoyed her story about hand-me-down jeans. the venue could have been nicer, my eyes were blinded several times by the lights shining in my face.

From Jamie Smith:

I'm going to preface this by saying: just because you don't entirely enjoy your first Tori concert doesn't mean the next one won't be one of the best times of your life. I saw her for the first time in DC in April--and was sorely disappointed. I had nosebleed seats, thought the performance was [for the most part] pretty requisite, and hated the setlist. But I had hope.

Today, my roomate and I showed up at the M&G around noon, and were numbered 11 and 12, and waited around in the blistering sun [97 degrees, plus the humidity of good ol' Virginny] for the next 3.5 hours. Finally, we were told to follow the venue man to the barricade, and [fortunately] the number system mostly worked, so I was right against the barricade to meet Tori.

She came out, and--as cliche as this is--my heart could NOT stop pounding. Sidenote: she is so tiny in person! You could just fit her in your pocket! She got around to talking/signing/photographing with everyone there--I was so surprised. She was in a strange mood, though; things seemed kind of perfunctory. I mean, I suppose a lot of people just handed her what they wanted signed and let her move on, because by the time she got to me, she just grabbed for my Beekeeper songbook. But instead, I held out my hand, and we had some small talk, before I had her sign on the page for the 'Garlands' sheet music, which I informed her was a subliminal message. She told me that Garlands is "coming"--which could mean anything, considering she told someone on the first US leg that Precious Things was "circling." So after that, I told her that I'd love to hear Liquid Diamonds, which she wrote down on her hand [Black Swan, Merman, and Upside Down were also requested at the M&G], and took my photo and let her move on. It was amazing--the woman has such a presence. I feel fanatical saying so, but I couldn't believe that this was the person who had created such inspiring music...

As for show [highlights]:

BQ/Horses: BQ is amazing on this tour--I love all the piano she's added to it; very, very intense. I loved seeing this, as it's my favorite Pele track. Horses was intense, as well, with some fun drooling moments. The "army" imagery was very fitting in the military-set-venue. Also, she told a story about her friend, "Connie," who is a member of the quote-unquote "lesbian Brady Bunch" and how she made Tori try on really tight jeans to be cool, because Tori only had hand-me-downs, and felt humiliated throughout school because of it. Very cute.

Virginia: Probably the single best performance of the night. She belted out at all the right moments, was quiet in all the other right was just amazing. We all, of course, knew it was coming.

Spark: I've heard mp3s; I hated the organ on all of the other versions, but I must admit that tonight, it was just stellar. The organ was superb, and she did the "how many fates" bridge twice--she's been skipping the second one, previously.

YMCA: I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole performance. She had a lot of fun with it, too.

Spring Haze: I just love this tour's version--so haunting and beautiful. Again, with the "single engine cessna," it fits with the military feel.

Liquid Diamonds: I don't know if I'm being naive, but I really am going to pretend she played this tonight for me, because I requested it. This tour's version [with the improv] is so eerie, and unbelievable. Her voice sounded fantastic, and it was my personal favorite part of the night. It really sealed the deal for making this the most amazing of days. My faith in Tori is fully restored.

As for a few sidenotes: her voice is really back in shape--she's got things completely down at this point in the tour. The opening acts aren't as bad as everyone makes themout to be. The Like are good--it's just that they look like they're 12, and all the songs are very similar. The Ditty Bops have a lot of talent; unfortunately, their music style/genre just isn't my cup of tea, and probably is the same for most Tori fans. I was also shocked at the politeness of the audience tonight; from whatI had heard of the big venues, everyone is rude, and drunk, and horrid, but [at least where I was sitting], it was fine and dandy. Overall, an amazing show. Everyone else really missed out. The only thing I would have changed was the second encore: she soundchecked CALS, and promised Pandora at the M&G. That would have been one of the best encores ever...but you can't have it all, and Tori definitely fulfilled all hopes I had for a concert.

From Amber:

so Saturday night my friends and I left for va from pittsburgh. about a half an hour on the turnpike I realized I forgot my tickets! ahhh! haha so we had to turn around and get them. we didn't arrive until 6 in the morning. we then checked into a hotel for only about 5 hours. then it was off to eat and then to the m&g. at lunch my friend was saying(sarcastically) how "maybe tori will cover 50 cent,or ludacris,or something ridiculous like the village people". this was even before the m&g!!!!!!! haha.

so we got to the m&g around 1:30 or 2:00. we were #'s 26-30, I believe. I was surprised that finally when they were getting ready to let us go behind the barricades, the nice man actually called #'s!!!! of course any other time when I was like #7 or 9 that never worked. but this time it did. finally around 3:45, tori came out. she looked sooooo adorable!!!! at first she was just talking, then finally started signing. when it was my turn I gave her fresh lip gloss (from my work), and gave her a picture of us from phili 05. then I dropped the letter I started writing and the nice man next to me picked it up and said is this for tori. I told her I actually wasn't finished writing it, but I would give it to her in Camden next next week. she asked my how I was doing and I told her "wonderful!" or "great!" haha something like then I thanked her and had a picture. then I moved back for others to have turn. it lasted until about ohhh maybe 4:05,4:10 then someone played the piano and she said, "she's calling me". I was soooooo surprised how everyone at the m&g was sooooo respectful, and everyone got a turn!!!! it was awesome.

ok, now the show. I think this was maybe my tied for second favorite show. I had second row center seats, so could reallly feel everything. I was in awe during "spark" and "upside down". then the piano bar started. and she said how she was only playing one request, b/c the rest sucked (and then she made a sound with her tongue and gave the thumbs down) hahahaha. it was soooo cute. then she started playing the first cover. I asked my friend what it was right away, and she said YMCA!!!! omg!!!!!! my friend earlier said that kidding around! hahahahah. soo we could not stop laughing!!!!! it was sooooooooooo crazy! hhahahaha.

then the encores came. I ran up to the stage (after the beekeeper, not during)and was right in front of tori. unfortunatley this very rude security guard made us all stand back from the stage like a half a foot or so, but then stood right in front of me (to the side a little). but he kept rolling his eyes, and fidgeting around. it was soooo annoying. so liquid diamonds started with a very powerful improv, I was balling my eyes out, and tori kept looking at me. so then she also ended liquid diamonds with a improv about "tears going through the ocean" or something about tears. but it think it was b/c I was crying so hard. (or I could just be crazy, hahaha). then tori ran off the stage with smitty, and came back out. then smitty came down and kicked the security guards out! it was soooooo awesome! and of course I kept crying during "merman" and "SATY".

sooooooi think this was definitely one of my fav shows. I can't wait until next weekend!

From Kristy B.:

Hi... I'm Kristy B. (a.k.a Samurai) I live near the Portsmouth venue and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to hear Tori play Desperado. I requested it.

I thought it was beautifully done and I was crying my eyes out the whole time...okay.. except when I screamed "THANK YOU TORI!!!"... :-)

This song has really struck a chord with me as of late b/c of a family member and his drug addiction. Every word of that song came alive for me last night. I am so humbled that she picked my song.

The rest of the show was incredible as well. I really hope this show makes it to the bootleg series.

I also attended the M&G. I have to agree with Amber on this one. EVERYONE was so respectful and nice to each other. How refreshing. Every person that got a moment with Tori would move and let people behind them have their turn. Thanks to everyone for making it so great!

And Tori, if you EVER read this... Thank you with all my heart for playing Desperado...THANK YOU! *wipes away a tear*

From Josh:

I loved this show. I was upgraded to front row center. I was right in front of her.

It was me who screamed I love you after Space Dog.

I went to the M&G and it was great. Everyone there got a chance to talk to Tori.

When it was my turn to talk to her, she looked at me and called me "Blue Eyes".
She is so sweet.

We are so lucky for this great show.

Highlight for me were. Virginia, Space Dog, Silent All These Years, Upside Down, Marthas Foolish Ginger and Taxi Ride.

Read a review of this show from the Suffolk News-Herald.

From Susan Gregg:

I was lucky enough to go to the meet and greet and the show in Portsmouth, VA and let me just say that it was Incredible!! Definitely my second favorite show of all time (Erie, PA from Scarlet's Walk being my first for personal reasons...)

I was actually with Amber (who's already written in) so I won't go into much detail. The YMCA cover was SO funny I almost fell out of my chair. I had a great time singing and dancing along with her and she seemed to be really enjoying herself. Upside Down was a real treat, as was Spark and Taxi Ride. The improv before Liquid Diamonds was so gorgeous, I started to cry. That song has an entirely different meaning to me now.

I also wanted to share my Meet and Greet pictures with everyone.. I got a few good ones of random people with her so I figured they'd probably enjoy seeing them. I can't wait to see her again in Camden this weekend! The photo album is here:

From Niamh:

What a wonderful day my friends and I arrived at the venue a little early to try to do the M&G. Not too many folks were there, we lined up about 3:30pm, Tori came out about 4pm. They lined us up against those bike rack/cattle herd things...they took 4 and had them all lined up with the last one kinda at a 45 degree angle to the other three. Tori came out in a great mood, laughing and talking to everyone. Makingher way down she signing and takes pictures with everyone. Long story short, got to meet her, had her sign my Winter single and asked if Upside Down was possible, which she looked excited and wrote it down on her hand and said it wasvery possible!I was very excited when she did play her at the show!

So show time! we had 5th got to see facial expressions and drool...haha.

The Like and The Ditty Bops were both cool!

Tori Time...I'll do it song by song

Original Sinsuality: good...minor drool lol

Space Dog: HOT! MAJOUR drool!! oh and hahaha...she didn't say "dirtydishyfish" she goes "fishyfishyfish!" and gets a goofy look and grins thru the next few lyrics, it was super funny!

BQ/Horses: so moving I cried...she was INTO it! Crosseyed Tori really came out in this and HOLY MOLY! the drool was coming in BUCKETS it was almost non-stop by the end of Horses!

Virginia: b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l aaaand expected again....crazy drool thru this one...crazy...her mic was so soaked in it even as she stopped and Martha's started it was dripping off of it! Absolutely gorgous.

Martha's Foolish Ginger: what can I say.....pretty :)

Spark: Hammonds!! she mostly played this on the Hammonds! 'twas pretty! LOL

Taxi Ride: so emotional...soooo emotional...this is one of my all time fav's off of SW and I was so moved during it.

Piano Bar....talks about the fact that she is only going to be playing 1 of the requested songs, that she had picked a MUCH better one but that she liked the other choice and that she had chosen a song that she had never sung, never played, never done in her life and that it was Ludicris! and goes oooh my gawd I said a word Katie Holmes would say! Ludicris! well...I'm going to say another word Katie Holmes would never say.,......GAY!!! speaking of, the next song!

YMCA: one fucking word....HILARIOUS...could NOT stop laughing! And most of the audience was doing the hand motion things! To my joy she actually did a beautiful cover...twas loverly...and she was grinning and having a blast which is always a plus to watch her face during moments like these.

Desperado: my friend requested this and yay! I'm so happy she got it! it was beautiful cover

Mother: peerrtty as always.

Upside Down:I had heard she soundchecked this before the show so I was so excitedduring the concert, waiting to see if she'd bring this out and boy did she! I cried, this song means so much to me.

The Power of Orange Knickers:Great performance of this live!

Spring Haze: I hadn't heard this solo and was stoked to!

The Beekeeper: she was a loverly version then the Chicago one :)

Liquid Diamonds: I love the improv to this song! Absolutely gorgeous, it knocks me over everytime I hear it and to hear it live was a real treat!

Doughnut Song: she did this awesome/pissed off rant said its over its over its over and she went on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and ooooon it was pretty cool...she looked pissed though!

Merman: also expected seen as we are right on water,but very pretty as usual. One of my favs.

Silent All These Years: was actually supposed to be Jupiter according to the set list my friend Ahmad got....I'll take SATY very cool, its been sorta my mantra here lately so I really enjoyed it.

Beautiful set list, I felt privileged to have been a partof the audience tonight. I wish every one who gets to see her on this tour a wonderful time! I'm still on cloud 9 and don't see myself coming off anytime soon. Haha.

From Neal:

I expected a lot, it was in Portsmouth and it was HOT. Yes, it can be HOT and HUMID in Virginia but it really was nasty while she was here. We drove 2 1/2 hours to the show.The heat & humidityhad to have a tremendous affect on how she performed the shownot to metionthe roadies. She is as "striking" as I expected her to be from watching her "Welcome to Sunny Florida Video" and downloading various video internet content. Not being as animated as some of the other earlier reviews indicated is quite understandable. She has been touring a bit prior to Portsmouth being in Raleigh I understand the night beforeand all over the World before this. I don't know if my wife really wanted to be there but she was a trooper and accompanied me, I probably would have come without her if given that option. For many followers they have many expectations and memorable experiences. A woman in front of me in the left orchestra section, very close to the stage I might add, but centerofstage could have beenbetter, said she had been to 20+ shows waiting to hear a certain song, she was in tears and on the phone whe she heard hers. I went to my first show and heard a song that had stirred me since I downloaded a bootleg of it from MTV or something like that in the very early days. She performed the Doughnut Song, nice start/finish for me, guess I was lucky. I hope to see her again but she'll have to come to VA again when it's cooler and maybe INDOORS!

Posted by: Mikewhy

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