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Summer Of Sin Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's August 11, 2005 concert in Tampa, FL

Updated Thu, Aug 11, 2005 - 10:39pm ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Tampa, FL concert at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center (Carol Morsani Hall). Tori set list included Suede, Siren, Here. In My Head, Carbon, Not The Red Baron and the covers Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash) and I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Summer Of Sin Tour Forum. Thanks for sharing your reviews with The Dent. Please feel free to review Tori's supporting acts as well!

More Details

Tori performed in Tampa, FL on Thursday, August 11, 2005 at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center (Carol Morsani Hall). Tori's supporting acts were The Ditty Bops and The Like and the show began at 7:30PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Yes, Anastasia
Mother Revolution
Bells For Her

Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)
I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen cover)

Here. In My Head
Goodbye Pisces
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Silent All These Years

2nd Encore

Not The Red Baron
Hey Jupiter


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Summer Of Sin Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

Tori's voice continues to sound amazing, especially on the song Siren. It is stronger than ever and the wonderful acoustics of the venue helped.

Tori did deviate slightly from her written set list, which is the first time she has done that on the Summer Of Sin tour. She was suppose to perform Space Dog instead of Not The Red Baron during the second encore.

Tori told the audience that she loved being there and that she was sad to be leaving Florida. She said she is a lizard who loves the heat. Tori also have a shoutout to those fans who came from far away to see her.

From Rachel:

I never emailed The Dent before to give a setlist review because it has been almost ten years since I saw Tori live on the Dew Drop Inn tour. I was really happy to reconnect with her because I have been feeling like I have been losing touch, but this show helped me embrace her again which is nice.

Her voice was in excellent form and she seemed very mellow and relaxed. She said she was leaving Florida with a heavy heart because it is where the whole tour started and it is home to her. She also mentioned that when people ask her why she lives in Florida she answers because she is a "lizard lady" and she said that with a huge smile. She also said she was happy to be sharing the, "yummy yummy yummy heat" with us.

Her cover of Johnny and June Carter Cash's song "Ring of Fire" was absolutely beautiful and a lovely testament. She said it would bethe first and last time she ever did it so we got a wonderful treat tonight.

All in all it was a wonderful concert. The Ditty Bops were charming and a nice warm up act. Tori gave us a wonderful show. I think Tampa really loves her :)

From Erin Jordan:

My friend and I went to the concert in Tampa. It was her first Tori concert and we both had a wonderful time. On the drive home she could not stop telling me how wonderful it was to see Tori live and how she can't wait until the next time.

Tori was beautiful tonight, as always, and her voice was amazing. This concert was for me a wonderful mix of old and new favorites. Right before she sang "Ring of Fire" she mentioned that this was the first time playing it, and probably the last....but I hope it isn't...her performance was wonderful. It gave the song new life!

The other songs that really stood out for me were "Bells For Her" and "Carbon". Even though I've heard these songs live in the past, tonight they were awesome. The sound was wonderful...I didn't hear the crackling or feedback like the previous concert in April. Her voice was incredible...there aren't words to describe it...ok maybe someone else can think of something. J I also have to add that hearing "Here in My Head" and "Merman" after such a long time made the experience one I will never forget.

Tori didn't talk much, but did say that it is with a heavy heart that they leave Florida, and I think tonight she proved to us how much she loves us Floridians!

From Deborah:

Here goes my review and I hope I don't cry while I am writing this. (I am listening to disc 2 right now that has Silent onwards. I will have the mp3's posted tomorrow and so far it sounds amazing.

I arrived in Tampa around noon from WPB - got to the hotel and quickly got ready because for some reason I had this werid feeling all day that I should go to the meet and greet. Plus Januaryboy saud that WPB didn't have many and I also felt brave enough to talk to Tori about my life. When I was on the plane I was trying to figure out what I would I say and I started to cry on the Southwest plane.

Got to the meet and greet (PS I have video - many 15 mins of it with alot of footage of people talking to tori - I will share it all) It was soooooo hot outside that for a girl from Ontario it was just beating down on me and people around me were having an amazing Tori talk and I was so out to lunch from the heat plus I wanted to be brave to talk to Tori.

She came out around 4pm I think - I was so nervous for some reason and I didn't want to forget what I wanted to say.

I got her to sign my Little Earthquakes mini dsic which I have been listening to alot. Then it was my tuen to talk to her - I said I had a request Hey Jupiter - the reason - my husband passed away over a year ago and it was his favourite track and he was the reason why I am following her. She gave me a huge hug and I couldn't stop crying and even when I left the area I was a mess. Sad fact that the last time I heard Hey Jupiter was with him in Montreal in 2002 - he held my hand - whispered to me that he liked that song alot - I remember telling him it was Hey Jupiter from Boys for Pele era - my fav album. I remember him kissing me, holding my hand tight and I remember looking over at him singing to it.

For some reason I felt his presence so much - after the Ditty Bops - minutes before coming on - on the PA system I was trying to concentrate on the song and for anyone who likes trance it was 3 Drives - Greece 2000. That vinyl was the first vinyl that Shawn ever bought online when we got Gemini turntables. I felt like he was there and he was watching out for me. Then she came on I felt like she looked at me and knew I was there. Yes Anastasia came on - I cried and cried - also I have a cat name Anastasia that was his pride and joy. He loved Anastasia with all his heart and she was daddies girl. Ana loved him so much and loved to be rubbed by him so much. He is the reason for Ana being a mush cat and when he passed away I swear a bit of him is inside of Anastasia.

Then I heard Not the Red Baron - I looked up and whispered to Shawn - Hey Jupiter I hope - then I heard the cords and it was Hey Jupiter. I got a chill all over my body and I felt like Shawn was there holding my hand. I cried so much and I thought I saw her looking at me. As I type this I can't stop crying - my eyes are wet and I can feel Shawn.

Then after the show - meeting so many people and once again Januaryboy - John - thank you so much - you made me so happy and please email because I would to meet you again. Also I finally met Joyia - you are such a sweet girl and I am so happy I finally got to meet you - you have helped me so much in the years and I thank you. I know I am missing lots of names but I am so emotional right now that my head is so foggy but happy.

From ReapTheSorrows:

what an incredible night! I won a seat upgrade to the front row so, to the powers that be...another huge thank you! (my original seats sucked)

Anywho, the opening bands...The Likes and the Ditty Bops were good. Not incredible but, better then some of the other opening bands I have seen. Both very different but, good.

So, Tori came out in this yellow paint suit with this chiffon dress over it which made her look etheral and very soft. No band which surprised me because I was sure Matt and Jon would have played but, complaints. With or without the guys, she is incredible.

I won't bother typing the set list since it's already posted. After she sang Leather and Suede (which was simple and sexy as usual) she thanks everyone for coming out in"this yummy yummy heat" and said that she was asked why she lives in Florida and she said it was because "i'm a lady lizard" and she was leaving Florida with a heavy heart because it was home. And she thanks the fans who had been with her sense the begining. It was very sweet and warm.

Her voice sounded beautiful, very top notch and her mood seemed, happy and sincere. During the piano bar set, she said "two gentlemen came out to tonight" and before she sang "Ring of fire" which she needed sheet music for, she said it would be a first and last attempt. And also, she said that the girls who asked her to play it were suppose to be there and if they weren't "they sucked". Very funny. Ring of Fire was incredibly awesome for a first go.Man! the girl has talent. Then she said it was "irrestable you know" and then went into "I'm on fire" which in my opinion was hot! Very sexy!

The rest of the songs sounded really good. Especially "The Bee Keeper". Very just home hitting and duriong her performance she looked directly at me a few times and I felt the tears coming. She just has a way of getting into your soul.

Merman was simply beautiful. Not the Red Baron was a surprize. I had never heard it live, very cool.

Over all, this is the best show I've seen! And to the people sitting behind me and the two girls next to me and my friend (who wasn't a fan but, is coming around after the show...says Tori is very talented and beautiful). You guy and girls, we're so sweet and frinedly and wonderful to meet!

Again! Awesome show!

From Judi G:

People have been jumping on the Siren bandwagon this tour and after tonight's show they can add me to it also. She hit the high notes perfectly and completely commanded your attention. Yes Anastasia wasn't belted out the way I would have liked, but this subdued version was lovely. I was impressed with Mother Revolution, which I have to admit I am not a huge fan of. Here in My Head was another much welcomed treat of the night, alongside Merman, which I NEVER would have predicted.

At the West Palm Beach meet & greet I asked for Pretty Good year and she wrote it down with a note saying "WPB or Tampa." Unfortunately, it wasn't played. I'd like to think that Not the Red Baron took it's place, since I didn't fail to mention my name to her in hopes that she'd recognize the connection to Baron. It probably has nothing to do with her playing the song tonight in lieu of Pretty Good Year but I'd still like to pretend it did.

A few of these songs are repeats from the Orlando show in April I attended (Leather, Bells for her, Parasol, Not the Red Baron) but her voice was better in this version of Leather and Bells had an improv unlike Orlando (which sounded identical to the studio version.)

Overall still a pleasant show. The crowd behaved MUCH more than they did in WPB. Hey Jupiter was requested at this meet & greet. I was told it wasn't the Dakota version, but she did have the improv in the middle. Dakota version or not, I find it to be fitting, as my first Tori show was at this very venue in 2002 and she ended it with the same song. (circles and circles and circles again...)

From Xplotiva:

The concert at the TBPAC was absolutely amazing! I have seen Tori many times since the Dew Drop Inn tour and this is definitely my favorite live performance so far!! Every song was perfectly played. Her comments were cute and funny as always. Since most of the reviews have already gone into detail about the songs, I won't make you read the same thing over and over again.

However, I am going to talk about the fact that Not the Red Baron came out tonight. When I sent in my information for the ticket upgrade, I wrote about how I just lost a brother a year ago. He was a pilot and died when his FA-18 Hornet exploded. I think she played Not the Red Baron because of my story, but we all know this may be a coincidence...This is part of what I wrote to the ticket upgrade people, in case you're interested...

Last year, I lost a brother. In fact, it was a year ago July 26th. He was an FA-18 fighter pilot. His name was Frankie and he was 32 years young. The song 'Not the Red Baron' came to my mind as soon as I heard of his death. Actually, I can't hear the song now without crying. The strange thing about my story is that I never knew this brother existed. I grew up with only one sibling, a brother named Chris. My mother called me on a Thursday to tell me that my father had a baby boy before he met my mom and he basically abandoned the baby boy named Frankie. Frankie had died the Saturday before I found out about him.

I am 25, the brother I grew up with is 29, and Frankie was 32 when he died. What made me more emotional after hearing this news is learning that my entire life Frankie had lived just a few streets away from my family. I could've walked to his house in about 3 minutes. His close age to my other brother, Chris, meant that they had attended the same high school and were even on the golf team together. They even dated the same girl once.

So, to make this even more emotional and painful for me, I also learned that my whole family knew about Frankie, even my brother Chris. What I will never understand is why no one told me. A year later, I am still having a difficult time with this. Frankie's plane went down about 60 miles south of the Azores in the middle of the ocean. Wreckage was found, but no body was discovered. Even though he and I would've probably been very different people with very different views on the current status of everything (given his position in the military), I feel I have been deprived of knowing my oldest brother. The brother I never knew I had until after his death. "Not anyone I really know, just another pilot down."

Kinda makes me wonder if it was this that made Tori play Not the Red Baron.

From Natasha:

While it was a great show, Atlanta was still stronger in my opinion. She didn't talk as much as the past two days. The Meet & Greet started late and she looked irritated when she came out, but quickly warmed to the crowd. I requested "Lonesome when you go" by Bob Dylan for Piano Bar as this was her last FL show. She wrote it down on an envelope. I then requested Yes, Anastasia. She rolled her eyes and said "Yeah right". But she played it tonight after all. She also played Here. In My head which I requested yesterday in W. Palm Beach. She had asked me if I was going to the Tampa show because she had another request for it, so that's where she played it. Piano Bar was strong but hard to match yesterday's Common People.

Siren: I thought it was flat and redundant as she just played it brilliantly in Atlanta
Suede: I love this song but this came short of being stellar
SATY: I admit I am getting tired of this one live, but tonight it was achingly beautiful
Merman: Rendered me speechless-so beautiful
Goodbye Pisces: She was really into this tonight and it was really good.
Hey Jupiter (Dakota Version) words can't say how emotional this was tonight.

From Kristy:

If you read my review of the West Palm Beach show you will remember that I complained about how bad the audience was. Well, thank God this time the audience was on absolute perfect behavior. It was literally the polar opposite of the night before. I didn't see one person get up the whole night. So that fact alone definitely made for a more satisfying show tonight.

Again, Tori put on one incredible show! I swear she constantly amazes me with the amount of energy she has. And she really does put her all into each and every show. She'll never lose her edge, and tonight was further proof of that. Highlights for me were Leather (it makes lots of appearances, but it's so classic), Mother Revolution, Yes Anastasia, Siren, Ring of Fire, I'm on Fire, Here in My Head, Goodbye Pisces, Carbon, Merman, Silent All These Years, and Hey Jupiter (it's always a fabulous closing song).

Tori was in a great mood tonight. She thanked everyone for coming out to the show and told everyone that she loves the "yummy, yummy, yummyheat" here in Florida and that she's a lizard lady when she's here. She also said that they were leaving Florida with a "heavy heart" because it's her home. Ring of Fire was sexy and she told the audience right before she sang it that she hadn't done it before, and she probably never would do it again. I'm on Fire was also very, very sexy tonight. I just wanted to lick the piano during that one. Tori was really into it.

Here in My Head was totally amazing! I've never heard that one live before tonight, and it totally lived up to my expectations.What am I saying? All the songs were just so fantastic tonight. Again, the audience was such a huge improvement from the night before. I guess theater settings are truly the best for Tori.

I'm just always amazed at how she can continue the pace of the tour night after night and continuously sound incredible. Her voice is in top form, and she always has so much energy.It's so nice to know thatevery time I go to a Tori concert I always leave completely satisfied and fulfilled. I never have gone home disappointed, which is why I always look forward togoing to see as many of her shows as I can. Thank youso much for awonderful evening Tori!

From Pandochild:

this was my first and only show of the summer of sin tour and I liked both fla shows from the other leg better. Tori was in fine form last night it was just the setlist I was hoping for different songs from the beekeeper and other albums. however I never heard Yes, Anastasia before which was nice. I'm on Fire was so nice to hear again and Ring of Fire was also performed very well. Mother Revolution was another one I liked. and of course Not the red baron. all in all it was a great night. see ya in 2 years Tori!

From Lady Luci:

Tonite's show was so amazing. It blew last night's show out of the water. There were songs she played that simply put me in a trance, especially Bells For Her. This would have been the highlight of the entire performance if it weren't for a few inconsiderate morons in the row behind. They were singing along to it, which really sucks, being that's one of my favorite songs. You know I, aswell as other Tori fans, pay good hard-earned money to hear Tori sing, and no one else. What I can't understand is why would people not take into consideration that there are people around them who came to hear her, and no one else?! If you want to sing, sing all you want, just NOT AT A TORI CONCERT. Even when I rushed to the stage, I had to tap someone on the shoulder a few people down because they were still singing! Honestly, anyone caught singing during her concerts that isn't Tori deserves to be smacked in the face. (is this too angry to post on The Dent?) Aside from that, I did enjoy my time in Tampa, even though Bennigans is on my black list (crunchy, cold rice pilaf?) Thanks to my now good friend Chris for taking my best friend in the whole world and I to the venue, for I wouldn't have been able to attend this amazing performance without him. One more thing, I find it kind of interesting that Tori's the only one that still looks incredibly sexy with globs of saliva pouring down her chin. Heh heh.

From Brian aka EYELUVTORI:

So as everyone else has said the entire show at TBPAC was simply AMAZING. An incredible setlist. The show was a little complex too because at some points she seemed playful and other points the show had a very dark vibe in my opinion. I would love to go into detail and describe each and every detail I can remember but one song dominated the night for me. Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash was MY REQUEST!!!!!!!!! I never expected for it to be played and nearly went into cardiac arrest when she went into it! And to whoever said the "She" that requested it... im a he LoL. And yeaI was all thinking "IM HERE IM HERE!!!" when she wastalking about how the person who requested it promised to be there LoL.In any case she totally delivered on the song, kicked ass. The entire show was a very drippy watery powerful show. Can't wait til the next go around to see all of you wonderful people again!!

From Stephen:

And we're three for three. Last night's show in Tampa was yet another strong one, though slightly more subdued than the previous two nights. The tour seems to be running like clockwork, with the opening acts and Tori being on time every night thus far, with the exception of Atlanta's rain delay. Tori seemed a little tired last night, and her voice was a little rough in spots, generally in her middle register, but her high notes were clear and strong. I think everyone else has already mentioned many of the details, so I'll add a few of my own notes.

"Suede" was haunting and beautiful, performed entirely on organ. She is not doing the "Oh little sister" bit on this tour, but it was still more than welcome to hear, and very cute after "Leather," especially given that I'd joked about her doing a "Leather" / "Suede" encore. "Anastasia" was good, but she left out the "We'll seeeeeeEEEEEEEE" high notes toward the end and skipped straight to the ending lines. There was an slight improv before "Mother Revolution,"playing on the "Lucky me" line. "Siren," the only non-staple repeat in three shows, showed that she could still hit the high notes, though. She went over to the Rhodes for "Bells" and went to sing the first line getting out about half of the "And," took a breath, and instead started on an improv before going back into the song. The covers were fun, after doing "Ring of Fire," she played a few notes of "I'm on Fire" and said something to the effect that she just couldn't resist. I'd like to take this moment to thank the person that requested "Here. In My Head"; an excellent surprise. The encores were really enjoyable as well. As previously stated, the setlist indicated "Space Dog" as the first song in the second encore, but she did "Baron" instead, a nice Pele encore for us.

The only thing that annoyed me was that people started lining up in the aisles even before the "passing you by" bit during "The Beekeeper." They were down to the front of the stage before she had even hit the sustained bass bit on the organ at the end. Look guys, Tori allows you to run up to the stage during the encores. I've done it myself, and it's all well and good. But WAIT UNTIL THE SONG IS OVER. It is extremely rude and disrespectful to Tori as a performer for people to be standing around and running toward the stage while she's in the middle of a song, especially when she (through her management) has specifically requested that audiences wait until the song is over to rush. It is also inconsiderate to those sitting in the row for people to push by from the centre of it in order to get over to the aisle while they are watching the show. I know that many people do not enjoy the song live, but that is no cause for such rudeness. Even Tori seemed annoyed by it, and waved over the pit audience as she came out for and left from the encores.

I'm sorry if this rant is out of place, but I feel that it needed to be reiterated. Otherwise, as I said, it was another great show.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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