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Summer Of Sin Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's August 10, 2005 concert in West Palm Beach, FL

Updated Wed, Aug 10, 2005 - 11:01pm ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the West Palm Beach, FL concert at the Sound Advice Amphitheatre. Tori set list included Sleeps With Butterflies, Baker Baker, Pandora's Aquarium, Seaside and the covers Common People (Pulp) and Thank You (Led Zeppelin) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Summer Of Sin Tour Forum. Thanks for sharing your reviews with The Dent. Please feel free to review Tori's supporting acts as well!

More Details

Tori performed in West Palm Beach, FL on Wednesday, August 10, 2005 at the Sound Advice Amphitheatre. Tori's supporting acts were The Ditty Bops and The Like and the show began at 7:30PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Little Earthquakes
Blood Roses
Liquid Diamonds
Amber Waves
Jamaica Inn
Cool On Your Island

Common People (Pulp cover)
Thank You (Led Zeppelin cover)

Marys Of The Sea
Pandora's Aquarium
Spring Haze
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Baker Baker
Sleeps With Butterflies

2nd Encore

Tear In Your Hand


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Summer Of Sin Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

Tori once again sounded brilliant tonight. Tori told the audience that she got a lot of great requests for her piano bar segment from Florida, and that she decided to do Common People, a song she says she has NEVER performed before, not even in the shower!

From Glenn Mueller:

With my current work schedule, I haven't been able to travel to any shows. However, I never miss one of Tori's South Florida appearances. Since I attended the concert tonight, I thought I would send in my review.

I have never been so mesmerized by any performer, so I really didn't think it was possible for Tori to get any better. However, like the finest of wines, Tori only seems to improve with age. I have never seen her looking more radiant, and she still has the voice of an angel. Yet, even the angels have not received as many blessings or graces on the piano. Tori doesn't simply play the piano -- she takes the instrument to new heights.

After immortalizing the Sound Advice Amphitheater with her commercial DVD, Tori made a triumphant return to the venue. Since she keeps a beach house in Martin County, Tori should know that rain is always a strong possibility down here during this time of year. On this day, Florida really was "sunny" though. However, it was extremely hot!

Tori told the crowd hiw much she loved the heat. She said that our demons don't stay with us in this weather, because we sweat them out. Then Tori thanked all of her fans, but especially the devotees who were also at her last concert in Atlanta. She said the fans that travel with her are "truly loved."

When it came time to play the covers, Tori told us the South Florida requests were pretty good. "And believe me," Tori said, "I would tell you if you sucked. Because, that wouldn't mean I didn't like you. It would just mean you have crap taste in music. But, you are pretty good."

Before she played "Common People," Tori told the audience: "I have never done this one before. Not even in the shower. So, I am probably going to bite it pretty hard, but I'm going to try." (Incidentally, she did NOT bite it pretty hard. She rocked! As with most Tori covers, I think she even improved on the original.)

What else can I say? Every single time I listen to her music or see Tori play, I am transported to what Joseph Campbell referred to as "the eternal presence of the moment."

"And so let us pray that if we are falling from grace, dear God let us also fall with grace, to grace. If we are falling toward pain and weakness, let us also fall toward sweetness and strength. If we are falling toward death, let us also fall toward life." Phillip Simmons

I rarely ever feel so alive as after seeing Tori play. Thank you, Tori for setting my soul on fire yet again!

From pammers:

i was at tori's WPB. i was also there at the DVD concert and was looking forward to this experience...just tori and the pianos. i had heard that this was a magical thing, and it was indeed magic.

ok, first off...i think they were called 'the lake'? i liked the first opening band. most of their songs had a similar sound, but i think they could become very good. the drummer rocked...a trio of 3 females. it's always good to see female drummers.

the ditty bops. i usually like weird, odd stuff. i tried to embrace them, but i'm sorry to their fans...they just annoyed me. i just got the feeling they were trying so hard to be unique that they fell into so many chiches that it became crap. if you love them, more power to you- maybe someday i'll like them to.o...someday.

LOVED tori. i was enthralled every time she touched the music organ. my goodness, it was heaven. you don't hear many people playing the organ, much less going on tour with one. it would have been perfect for 'bells for her'. and now i can't help wonder what 'space dog' would sound on the organ too.

i forget the name of the dude (not mark) in the soundstage. tall fellow with glasses in a black shirt? before the concert, i asked for a set list. (background story: ok...i've been jealous of all of y'all that have got a set list in the past. the other 2 shows i've been to, no deal. no set list for me. got to meet mark...he tried to find me one once, but alas no go.)

ok, so i asked the tall fellow for a set list. he said that they didn't have one yet. they had no clue what tori was playing that night yet and was waiting for it themselves. now, i've only been to 3 concerts, but i found that odd. he said to rush back after the concert, and he'd save one for me. AFTER the concert...after both encores...i went to the soundstage. no tall fellow. just mark and a different dude. mark's handing out set lists like they're candy. a LOT of people got set lists...very different than the other previous concerts i attended. what did i get? i'm so happy!!! the other dude gave me the set list that the soundstage used! it contains all the little extra handwritten notes. now i know it soundssilly, but it took me 12 years to see tori in concert and now i have my ownextra specialset list. it will prolly take me another 12 years to be able to get to a me, i'm also jealous of all of you! if she ever comes back to south florida...somebody pleasebeg her for 'icicle'.

ok so end of my little personal excitment that means nothing really except to me (and my mom). lol.

Toricame out, and from where i was sitting...she looked glorious. like one of the furies come to life.

my highlights:

earthquakes. it was all i could do to not cry during this song. while i love 'precious things', it seems to have gotten a bit stale. there was nothing stale about earthquakes. it was full of the passion one might expect from it.

blood roses. someone on the web posted a story about trying to hear this song played live (you know whom you are, molly i think). BR is toher what 'icicle' is to me. once i realized that she was playing this, i got chills. it seemed as if she was pissed off about something. her voice just seemed to lift right out of her body. it was incredible. had she stopped the concert right then, i would have been happy. there was anger in her voice that had been missing in the DVD concert. i don't know who pissed her off, but she's not happy with you...that much is certain.

liquid diamonds. oh my goodness. i just was like eating every favorite food at once. i focused on tori onstage, and it was like having an angel right there in front of me. i will never think of this song again without remembering her performance tonight.

(side note: after the concert, i heard someone say that they felt as if they were floating above stage during this concert. i quite agree.)

cool on your island: this has moved now into my top 5 favorite tori songs. it seemed as if tori was pouring out her heart- i could feel her love, her pain, her disappointments, her yearnings... at the end, she said: love you mark.

tori's piano bar: yea! south florida people do not suck at music selections. we suck at everything else (i can say that, i've been here since 1983). she mademe like a led zepplin song, something i thought could not be done. lol.

the songs leading up to and thru the beekeeper: it was bliss. she was so powerful that i was able to drone out the rude people around me intent on having conversations. i've never been able to do that before, but her voice was a magnet.

baker baker: i never expected to hear this song live. it sums up the entire relationship with my first true love. it was hard to listen to at first, but then brought back some really good memories. i want to thank tori for playing that if she or her people arelurking. it was a song that helped to heal my heart. andonce again, i had to say my own little goodbyequietly to a man that changed my life.

sleeps with butterflies: did she add the mention to her brother at the end? i don't think she did, but i'm not sure.

tear in your hand: this is the second time i've heard this live...i thought it was softer, more of a goodbye to the past. the first time i heard it, there seem to be some lingering bitterness...but now, it was almost sweet. did anyone else think that? maybe it was just me (baker baker had some aftershocks. lol)

did anyone else think that she played a lot of 'you broke my heart asshole' songs? i couldn't help but think that someone just pissed her off that she cares about a lot. i never would have put this set list together in my head. it was such an intense concert that i just can't help but wonder. "angry tori" made an appearence tonight and she was quite a powerful storm.

i loved every second of tori's performance. it was a highlight of my life, it was that good...for me at least. it really was like watching nature's fury- both healing and destructive at the same time. i've got 'tear...' still in my head.

HOWEVER, i do have something to say to the CROWD. are y'all listening? good.

thank God that tori was so intense tonight that i was able to focus on her and drown out all the other nonsense in the crowd. except twice-i made those people leave. while you didn't ruin the concert for me (for once), it still pissed me off.

to the people in the audience at every tori concert: shut the fuck up.

that's right, i'm talking to YOU. do not scream during not talk on your cell phone during seaside. do not giggle during pandora. do not gossip during 'i can't see new york'. ok, so that was from the DVD, but i'm still pissed off about that. who the hell talks during the NY song. what's wrong with you. seriously. liquid diamonds is NOT a dance song. put your booty down. do not block my view during the beekeeper. i paid money to SEE and LISTEN to TORI ONLY. i don't care about your work, your friends, your family fights...or anything else you have to say when tori is playing.

From Kyle Ashby:

My boyfriend and I got to the Amphitheatre around three o 'clock just in time to meet with Tori and share a moment with her. She was wearing a long blue and green strappy top over jeans. This was about the smallest meet and greet I'd ever been to, with only fifteen people there. When Tori finally came around to me, I got to give her a birthday present I'd been holding onto for awhile. It was from 1999 and titled "Project Icicles". It was a wooden box full of emails,letters, and photos. My friend found it after the hurricane and passed it on to me. She seemed to really appreciate finally getting it, taking the time to examine what was actually in the box, asking questions and the like. The crowd seemed to really like the story of the box, too. She continued saying hi to everyone, finally leaving around 3:30. The crowd was informed, or rather, the people that hung around, were told the soundcheck would be at 4:15. It was a bit later than that and the soundcheck was long. Tori played the majority of Little Earthquakes, Liquid Diamonds, Amber Waves, Blood Roses, Marys of the Sea, Pandora's Aquarium, Seaside, Baker Baker, and Cool on your Island. Obviously she stopped throughout the songs, making adjustments and talking to the techs. I got relatively close to the stage area, as the security guards were very agreeable and friendly when you engaged in nice conversation with them. I'd be ornery if I had to be at the amphitheatre from eight am to past midnight, too. Finally, at around 5:30-6, Tori went back to her dressing room and then we saw a Whole Foods van carrying massive amounts of food and Fiji Water towards the food tables.

And of course, the concert was extremely well done. Many of the fans casually commented how Tori's recent performances put you in a relaxing sort of trance. Her setlists flow beautifully but none of the songs blend into one another. It's quite remarkable.

From Andre:

I hate the fact that I am going to write this kind of review, and I am sure that anyone who reads this will think I am crazy. I am a huge Tori fan, and I've sent shining reviews of her shows before, but this time I have to be honest. I was at the West Palm Beach, FL show last night and even though Tori played beautifully, I felt that this was my least favorite out of the many Tori shows I've seen over the years. I think this show would be much better suited to a much smaller, indoor and air conditioned venue. I've seen Tori shows here in West Palm Beach at the Kravis center and I think this would have a more enjoyable experience there as it was a much lower key show than the past. The main thing was that it was a really muggy and humid night, so being outside in the heat was really uncomfortable, even though Tori commented that she wanted it hotter. The fact that Tori was alone this time seemed to really slow down the pacing of the songs and her set list selection made it a really mellow show. I would have loved a more upbeat set list to really get the audience into the show, the heat and the slow pacing made the songs feel like they were going on forever. I was not really thrilled with the set list but that is just my personal taste. My observations proved to me that a lot of the audience wasn't really captivated as there were tons of people getting up to get drinks, or for whatever reason, during every song and others even left before the final encore. I also felt that this wasn't the best stage setting, with all of the great art and themeing with the Beekeeper album and the amazing website themeing I expected something more coherent to that, but all they had was a cartoonish looking tree of life with the snake and apple and a small octagon screen that showed random images of fire and water and shapes. I never felt that the screen images added to the songs at all, and almost just looked like a screen saver. The spotlights which had the bees and butterflies and insect silhouettes was only used once that I noticed and it was very quickly. All in all, I was really happy that I was able to see the show since I wasn't able to go till the last minute when a friend gave me free tickets, but by far this was my least favorite experience. It just kills me to feel that way, but thats the truth.

From Monica Cady:

I have seen Tori Amos 10 times, and last night was one, if notTHE most ON she has ever been! Maybe it was the fact that my seats were kick-ass incredible, or just that she was moved by the South Florida heat. The set list had an aquatic element (hence our proximity to the sea -- "Pandora's Aquarium," "Liquid Diamonds," "Amber Waves," "Marys of the Sea," "Seaside," "Cool On Your Island," "Jamaica Inn" -- you get the idea) and included more Beekeeper selections than the first leg of the tour. She covered "Common People," something she says she has never sung -- not even in the shower. That wasa treat!

My friends and I actually rushed the stage at the end (never done that before, but it was well worth it!).We were RIGHT at the stage front-and-center! Amaaaaaazing! You could see the spit flying fromTori's lips. Nice! She's a surreal machine.

(Note from Mikewhy: While rushing the stage is legal at most shows during the encore, I feel it is only proper if you do not rudely cut in front of others. I have been up front when people rush the stage and have been pushed aside and almost hurt from people jockeying for position. So if you rush the stage, please keep the consideration of others in mind. I am not saying that Monica did anything wrong, but felt compelled to write this since she did mention rushing the stage...)

From Judi G:

I was hoping something special would happen to me this tour so I decided to go to the meet & greet in WPB and it went so fabulously that I think if I went to another one it'd ruin the perfect experience I had. Everyone there got face time with Ms. Amos and more importantly, we were all respectful of Tori and each other.

I told her my name and she found the Red Baron reference immediately (which made me infinitely happy.) I requested Pretty Good Year and she asked me how many shows I'd be attending. I told her just tonight and Tampa so she wrote down "WPB or Tampa." I also got a photo and an autograph and was able to chat with her for a bit. After she finished talking to the next person I quietly asked her what the chances of hearing Baker Baker were and she said something like "we'll see what she's doing tonight." I was told later that she soundchecked it and of course, I nearly died when she actually played it!!

At the meet and greet she asked a fan what he'd like to hear. He said "something to make everyone happy" and she was like "oh, like ode to the banana king!" She also told us we'd have a debut tonight. It ended up being Pandora's Aquarium which, coincidentally, was requested at the M&G. Shortly before the it ended, she was talking to people she seemed to know and told them she'd play the song near the end. They seemed distraught, and Tori was so serious I can't pinpoint which song it was with any certainty. (Toast maybe?)

As far as the show is concerned, Cool on Your Island, Spring Haze, Pandora's Aquarium and Baker Baker were my highlights. As everyone mentioned previously, the crowd was a bit unruly. People were constantly chattering and seemed more interested in getting drinks than hearing her perform. Then half the venue decided to rush the stage, which was pretty pointless since it was really high. Everyone ended up being packed into a tiny space that couldn't have been comfortable considering the heat.

I faced a lot of obstacles at this show: heat, sun, rain, humidity, and rude people. Despite them, it was worth it for the once in a lifetime experience.

From Kristy:

Wow, it's so fabulous to have Tori back! I am never disappointed with any of her shows. I thought the setlist was really fantastic tonight. Some highlights for me were Blood Roses, Liquid Diamonds, Cool on Your Island, Common People, Thank You, Amber Waves, Pandora's Aquarium, Seaside, Baker Baker and Tear in Your Hand. Toast was also a really nice closing song. All the songs were fantastic, but those stuck out the most to me. I must say I had never heard Blood Roses livebefore tonight and it was an incredible thing to witness. Tori really, really got into this one and pulled out the scary faces and everything. Totally AMAZING!

During the piano bar Tori mentioned that Floridians weren't too bad at picking out cover songs for her. She told the audience that she would tell us if our requests sucked, but they didn't. She went on to say that if our requests did suck, it wouldn't mean she didn't like would just mean that we had crap taste in music, but not to worry because we all did a good job. Everyone laughed and thought that was funny. She also told the audience that she loves Florida and that she loves being in the heat. The covers were really great tonight. Common People was really playful and the audience screamed a lot during the line "I want to sleep with common people." Tori was really having fun with it. Thank You was really fabulous too. That was definitely a nice surprise.

My only one complaint the whole night was not the heat, but the fact that the audience was so horrible. I don't know what happened. All night long there were people constantly getting up. I guess everyone was hot and needed a drink or something, but I found it was really distracting and totally rude to Tori and the people that were trying to watch the show. I was really upset by that because I have never been to a Tori concert were people acted this way. It was a shame too because Tori was so energetic and really sounded wonderful tonight. You couldn't have asked for a better show, except for the fact that people were constantly up and down all night. It was just insane to me. Why come to concert if you're going to get up and walk around all night? Just because it's outside doesn't mean that everyone can do whatever the hell they want.For future shows, everyone please remember to be respectful to Tori as well as those around you. Oh well, it's is really hot down here so maybe it was the Florida heat that got to everyone. Thank God Tori made up for it with anincredible show! Thanks for a fantastic and fun show Tori!

From Jen:

The WPB show was my very first Tori concert. I am a relatively new fan since I have only really understood and felt her music more in the last two years than ever before. I was very excited about the concert, it was a gift to myself for my birthday (august 9th). I had read comments that other fans had made about their past concert experiences and I was so full of expectation that I thought I was going to burst with anticipation when I arrived at the venue. I was standing alone for a few minutes before a friendly young woman approached me and asked if I would like to look at her Tori picture album. Shortly afterwards three other fans started talking with me and one of them had been to several concerts but the other two were about to experience their first as well. I was surprised that there wasn't more people gathered at the entrance but I chalked it up to it being a Wednesday, people had to leave work, drive in traffic etc. I personally left work two hours early to have time to make the drive. Had I known that Tori made an effort to greet her fans early before the show I would have been there much earlier and I regret that I missed that opportunity.

Once the fans were granted entry into the venue it wasn't long before the Verizon company was trying to draw attention to itself. They had a contest on Tori trivia and one of the fans I had been hanging out with out at the front gate won two VIP tickets! His purchased ticket happened to be better located than the VIP tickets so he didn't really want them. I asked him what he would do with them and he said he probably sell them. I was hoping to get one so that I could be muchhhh closer to the stage than where I ended up...I was closer to the grass than the stage unfortunately. I'm not sure what he did with those tickets but I hope that whoever ended up close to the stage enjoyed the show more than I did.

I thought that the showed seemed some kind of rushed and I couldn't understand what Tori was saying the few times that she actually stopped to speak instead of sing. I was too far away to be able to see any expressions on her face and really be captivated by her performance. I loved the music, she sounded amazing and eventhough I wasn't familiar with all the songs the ones I did know blew me god..Liquid Diamonds!!!! I sat on the edge of my seat during that entire song and that was the most involved I felt during the show. I'm not sure how her other performances have been but I felt as though she really only seriously captivated those closer to the stage in the lower 1-3 sections. She may have glanced over the entire crowd a few times but nothing to an extent where I felt she knew I was there, if that makes sense. Instead of those weird graphics on the honeycomb shaped screen above the stage they might have been better off projecting Tori's performance.

The fans around me were horrible. I got hit in the back of the head three times by the same person as they kept getting up to go smoke or get something to drink. I had to swivel in my seat countless amounts of times to let people in my row exit the aisle. I was COMPLETELY thrown that people were getting up during the performance!!! I also thought it was some kind of rude that people took photos even after they were told by the event staff that Tori requested that NO PHOTOS be taken during the show. I felt kind of sorry for Tori in that aspect, she's trying to perform and pour pieces of herself out to us in her music and she only asks that we dont take photos and of course some people just ignored her request.

If I ever get the chance to see her again I will only go on the condition that I get a closer seat up where the true hard core Tori fans are located. I want to be surrounded by people who wouldn't dare move from their seats in fear that they would miss an amazing moment, as I felt during this show.

As for the opening acts... The Like was really really good! They looked like they were about 12 years old but they rocked it out. Someone already mentioned the drummer in their post but I'll mention her again, she was nearly headbanging while playing. It was very cool to see an all girl band and I wish them a lot of success. Now to the Ditty Bops, to keep it simple I will only say they were terrible and they couldn't end fast enough.

Thanks for giving me the chance to comment on the show.

From Lady Luci:

This show was pretty amazing. I was completely blown away with Blood Roses! She was on fire with that little number. She talked to the audience a little bit, but I would have loved to hear her say more, even though the Lizard Lady comment, and our taste in cover songs were nice tasty tid bits. My only qualm was that I had to miss one of her songs, Cool On Your Island. I had to use the bathroom so badly, I felt I was about to explode...I do feel bad for getting up to the people I had to jump over, but I waited for a break between songs when the light went out, and fortunately, she was switching instruments, which bought me a few seconds. I think I may have stepped on a few toes shrouded in the dark floor, I'm really sorry! But you know, at least I only did this once. There were the same people, especially in my row, constantly getting up and leaving, then coming back, for what, I don't know. This audience was horrible! There were people around me that kept talking, and when others asked them to be quiet, they would for five seconds, then start talking again. Honestly, if people really need to talk, they don't have to go to a Tori concert. Specifically, there were two girls one seat apart from my friend that were guilty of this, in section 02, row L. If either of you are reading this, keep it in mind for the next concert you attend. Aside from that, Tori was on tonite! I look forward to seeing her for more shows to come.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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