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Reminder: Little Blue World Fanzine photo contest ends October 1, 2005

Updated Thu, Sep 08, 2005 - 10:20am ET

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Have you taken a great picture of Tori? The fanzine is holding a photo contest with great prizes, including signed Beekeeper memorabilia! The contest will end on October 1, 2005, and there's still plenty of time to take pictures of Tori while she's on the road this summer. Please visit for more details about the contest and the fanzine.

LBW is currently publishing their Summer 2005 issue, and here is some of what will be included:

  • Cover section: Tori on Tour! Fan reviews from this year's world tour, plus stats on all the covers from Tori's Piano Bar and helpful hints about taking great photos at concerts.
  • Reading The Stars For Tori: LBW's resident astrology expert casts Tori's personal chart.
  • Peeping at Tom: An interview with Tom McRae on tour with Tori in Europe.
  • LBW's review of the Ditty Bops, opening for Tori in the U.S. this summer.
  • Plus regular features like News, Ask the Expert, Tori Story, and more!

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