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Updated Wed, Jul 13, 2005 - 1:07am ET

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As I reported a while back, Tori was a guest programmer on the Australian music TV show RAGE on Saturday night, June 25, 2005 at Midnight on the ABC network. Tori recorded this back in May 2005 while she was touring in Austraiia. You can now read a transcript of Tori's comments from this show on The Dent!

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The transcript of Tori's comments are below. Thanks to orfeo (Trevor) and Sarah for both sending me the transcript which they carefully wrote out.

For those unfamilar with the program, Rage broadcast for five hours, and included about 30-40 video choices interspersed with comments from the guest programmer (Tori in this case), followed by all of the guest programmer's videos. You can still watch a video clip from this show at You can also view the playlist for the show.

Transcript of Tori's Comments

Before opening credits

Hey there, I'm Tori Amos and I'm your hostess tonight, on Rage of course.

These are videos that I've selected by artists that, um, have really made me appreciate the songs more because of the videos, and I hope you enjoy this evening as much as I enjoyed selecting them.

Before Coffee & TV - Blur

Well, Coffee & TV - Blur. How funny, um, watching this little milk carton. God, didn't we all fall in love with those milk cartons? And this romance became so, um, emblazoned across my heart, where anytime now I look at a milk carton I think, (puts hands up to face) "Oh dear, where's it's love?" and um...

I know that's a bit twisted, but that is what can happen when you have a director who is able to use technology in a way that stirs emotions. Because a lot of times technology leaves me completely, um, limp, but in this case it didn't.

Before Spitting in the Wind - Badly Drawn Boy

I guess I was one of those people that would have Dynasty taped so that I could watch it. I mean, I've erased that from my memory, but I think that I was one of those people that would kind of sneak in on my girlfriends who would watch. And we were all working of course when Dynasty would be on, and yet to see Joan Collins be evil was just - you couldn't miss that. It was important to our week.

Therefore seeing her very recently in this, um... manifestation was um, it was a... it was a joy for me to see her still out there doing it, however it is she does it. I don't care which doctor she sees I think she should keep seeing them because I think it's fantastic. I adore this video.

Before Mr. Writer - Stereophonics

This is the video where I really began to I think get Stereophonics. I liked their music, but I was really able to, um, hear them in a different way by seeing, which is unusual for me because I always hear first and then look later. That's just my orientation. In this case I was able to see, um, and then everything made sense to me musically. So Mr. Writer, um, had a huge effect on me.

Before Take On Me - A-Ha

When this video premiered it was just something that I remeber talking about. And I know it was the 80s and I know I was in L.A., but we could talk in L.A. in the 80s, not just put hairspray in our hair. That wasa priority - probably the most important thing of our lives was hairspray. The white can 'Aquanet' was very good at making you... (motions upwards with hands to illustrate a super-large hairdo)

And so we would walk around running into the tops of doors, um, talking about the A-Ha video and that these people could come alive.

This is when I think videos... yeah, let's face it, were more important than the records themselves. And that's a lot for me to say because I've always felt that it shouldn't be that way. But this was a time when it was that way... and when video stations played videos. Heh, imagine that!

Before It's Oh So Quiet - Bjork

The reason I love this video is because I think it captured the personality of this very special person, who is Bjork. And, um, having had a giggle with her in my life, I just felt that this video really represents, um, a side to her that is very special.

Before Weapon of Choice - Fatboy Slim

When you talk about this next video by Fatboy Slim, you really have to talk about Christopher Walken. I mean, who knew that that guy could dance or move like that? I certainly didn't, and for an older guy I think he's really sexy. And I'm not attracted to older men, or younger men for that matter just usually men my age. Not that you need to know any of this information!

But I thought that, um, he was really quite cute in this and he moved really well, and I like a good dancer. So Weapon of Choice is my choice.

Before Everything Is Everything - Lauryn Hill

When one talks about Lauryn Hill and her just, deliciousness, um, one has to also talk about the director of this video, who is Sanji. I had the privilege of working with him (note: Sanji directed the video for A Sorta Fairytale) and he is a magical creature (Tori says 'magical creature' in an exaggerated English accent), very clever lad. And I think that this is one of those marriages of director and artist that just works - a kismet. And it's one of my favourites of all time.

Before Father Figure - George Michael

Okay, how sexy is this video, Father Figure by George Michael? Um, I remember seeing it for the first time and I was.. I was, uh, arrested in my chair, just watching. And I think it's really quite something when a performer...because I've never been attracted to George Michael - (laughing) good for, huh, lucky for me! - um, ah, as a woman who, who likes... let's face it, um, I'm drawn to men that are very, I think... um, that desire women.

So for me to be drawn to this, I think it's fantastic on his part that he was able to achieve this. And it's one of the best videos, I think, of that time.

Before Mosh - Eminem

Clearly I am a woman who is very much about, ah, equality in the workplace... and the bedroom... and the church, anywhere really for that matter. So, to choose Eminem as my next, um, choice might make some people raise eyebrows. But I think that this is one of the most important videos made when it comes to the subject of America, and being American, and part Native American. It's a subject that, um, needs to not be forgotten. So Mosh is a video that I think, really in ten years time will be talked about - chronicling part of America's history as far as the election.

Before The Streets of Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen

I think it's a reflection on an artist when this artist is willing to change the audio of their record in order to make their video make sense. I mean, that's a huge step to do that. It's my understanding that Bruce Springsteen, um, worked with his vocal track again so that it would be believable when he's walking and you hear his breathing.

Naturally when you're doing lip synch, which 95 percent of all videos are, you lip synch to your track. And it's tricky to lip synch because... well it is, trust me (little laugh). And that's why you see so many videos where it doesn't synch up. Also, you can be synching up very well but in the editing they don't get it right. Therefore all your practising in the mirror is for nought because some editor is falling asleep and screwing up your synching and you wanna really murder them (small laugh).

But in this case, Bruce Springsteen walking down the street, um, making this so real that every time I see it, I get little goosebumps down my arms, and I think it's stunning.


To break up the stretches of songs between these longer segments (there are no ad breaks on the show), sometimes there would be a small segment of Tori saying hello. There werea few differentversions of this:

"Hey there, I'm Tori Amos and you are watching Rage."

"Hey, I'm Tori Amos and you are watching Rage with me."

"Hey, I'm Tori Amos and you're watching Rage."

One time, though, they showed one where Tori is gazing a little too intently into the camera and says:

"Hey, you're watching Rage here with Tori Amos. (Very long pause, then turns away from the camera) That was crap. HA! Can we do that again?!"

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