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The next North Texas ToriFest is July 23-24, 2005 in Denton, TX!

Updated Sat, Jul 02, 2005 - 10:35am ET

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The following comes from Raven, organizer of the North Texas ToriFest:

The next North Texas ToriFest is Saturday-Sunday, July 23-24, 2005 in Denton, TX (just North of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX). We have people drive from all over Texas for the fests. We have a lot of fun--listening to music, boots, watching videos, playing tori board games, singing, eating, and just chillin'. While some groups have been known to do odd things like drink Tori's backwash, we're not obsessive. We're just Ears with Feet. To see pictures and get all the info, just go to Click on the 101 icon to get into the site and look around. RSVP if you are interested in coming. See you there!

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Posted by: Mikewhy

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