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Original Sinsuality Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's June 19, 2005 concert in Copenhagen, Denmark

Updated Sun, Jun 19, 2005 - 11:49pm ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Copenhagen, Denmark concert at Falconer Salen. Tori set list included Blood Roses, Martha's Foolish Ginger, Seaside and the covers Father Figure (George Michael) and Nights In White Satin (Moody Blues) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Original Sinsuality Tour Forum. Thanks for sharing your reviews with The Dent.

More Details

Tori performed in Copenhagen, Denmark on Sunday, June 19, 2005 at Falconer Salen. Tori's special guest was Tom McRae and the show started at 8:00PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Richard G. and Eric for calling me with the set list after the show! I would also like to thanks Jenny and Mods Hofman for emailing me the info.

Original Sinsuality
Blood Roses
A Sorta Fairytale
Amber Waves
Martha's Foolish Ginger
Playboy Mommy

Father Figure (George Michael cover)
Nights In White Satin (Moody Blues cover)

Beauty Queen
Mother Revolution
Spring Haze
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Sweet The Sting

2nd Encore

Space Dog
Hey Jupiter


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Original Sinsuality Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Richard G. and Eric:

The official set list had Merman and Silent All These Years listed for the second encore, but Tori changed her mind. Before she played A Sorta Fairytale, she said hello and that she always finds this place magical and that she has good friends in Copenhagen. Before Seaside, she did what sounded like an improv or special introduction which was very interesting and almost a song in itself.

Tori also told the crowd at one point that she had chosen songs tonight for Father's Day. The crowd then let her know that it was not Father's Day in Denmark, although it was in the U.S. and some other places. Tori seemed a little embarrassed about that!

Tori was wearing a yellow and white dress. Richard particularly enjoyed Father Figure, which was brilliant, as well as a really strong Sweet The Sting.

From Robin Thursfield:

Tori's concert in Copenhagen was a great experience for me as I hadn't seen her live since 1998 and my obsession with her has since gotten worse rather than better (or do I mean that the other way around?). I'd decided to go to the meet and greet though I didn't know if there was going to be one. Turns out there was and though I arrived, as I thought, late there was still a 2,5 hour wait in the baking summer sun before she came out. I had never met her before and even though I was rather nervous it all subsided when we spoke, she really is so lovely and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed in her company. She asked if I was from Copenhagen andwhen I told her no and that I had come from Sweden she said she was impressed that I'd made the trek (as if I wouldn't).I mentioned how long it had been for me since I saw her last and that I had been living in Australia for four years and she didn't go there until after I had left which she thought was funny. Then she signed my book ("Piece by Piece"), I got a photo and made my song request and she was off to the next person. She was out for maybe 30 mins. There werenot that many people there, perhaps 20 at the most which was a good thing for us since it meant she could give more time to each of us.

The venue - Falconer Salen - where the concert was moved due to Vega (the original venue) being to small to hold everyone wanting to see her (what did they expect?) was not that great or maybe it was just my mediocreseat off to side though close to the stage. I guess it was ok, I could see Tori well but not the hexagonal screen. The opening act was a pleasant surprise, he has agreat voice and the songs were really good, the audience wasvery appreciative. Tori started at 9 o'clock sharp, rude people in the audince were clapping to try to get her to come out earlier but she really wasn't late.

Original Sinsuality - Really cool, I like this song on the album and it was great live with the improv at the beginning.

Blood Roses - Ok, this is my favourite song of all time by any artist. I listen to it several times a day in different versions. I can't explain what it is that draws me to it, it just touches something deep inside of me, sometimes when I've listened to it I'm almost out of breath. Needless to say this was my request and who knows if it will ever come to another tour so I felt she just HAD to play itor I'd perhapsnever get to hear it live. But she came through and I was in heaven. I wouldn't say that this version beats thelive version on the harpsichord (nothing beats the harpsichord) and the version with the band is also great though different. As far as the Hammond versions go I think this was excellent, it seemed faster than the mp3s I've been listening to.

She said hallo to us and said that she loved being here becauseone of her best friends came from Denmark, someone who wrote amazing fairytales (I assume she meant Hans Christian Andersen). She then played:

A Sorta Fairytale - This was interesting solo, I think some of her songs benefit from being stripped back.

Amber Waves - This was ok but not really a favourite of mine, the bit on the organ sounded cool.

Martha's Foolish Ginger - Once again a song that I don't have a deep relationship with but thosesometimes jump out at you when you hear themlive.

Seaside - I don't think a lot of people in crowd knew this, it started off with abeautiful improv, I don't remember all the words unfortunately but I knew straight away what it was going to turn into.

Playboy Mommy - Kind of surprised she played thisbut I think there was talk of this at the meet and greet, so she may have done it because it got requested. It was very nice to hear it, it's so sad and so beautiful, it was the only song played on the Fender-Rhodes.

Before Piano Bar she asked for the sign to be turned on and said: "Today's Father's Day, right?" "No" from the crowd. Tori: "Yeah?" Crowd: "No" "Yeah?" "NO!" and so on. Tori clearly thought that it was Father's Day and I don't know if there werepeople in the audience that agreed with her because it took a while before the misunderstanding was sorted out and Tori realized she had made a mistake. She just laughed it off (as did we) and said she'd planned the covers around that fact and she may as well not have bothered.

Father Figure (obviously) - I have to confess, not being a GM fan, that I didn't know this song when I read that she'd been playing it but I recognized itwhen she played itand I thought hers was a really nice version.

Nights in White Satin (or "Knights" as the setlist I got from the crewwould have it) - I think this was another request, to my knowledge I had never heard itbefore in any version.

Beauty Queen/Horses - Very nice, I especially liked BQ, it was quite different with lots of pounding on the keys in the lower register.

Mother Revolution - I really like this live much better than on the album, I've been listening to an mp3 of this and it's fast becoming a favourite.

Winter - Huge roar from the crowd. I think because we haven't been spoilt rotten with Tori concerts here in Scandinavia a lot of people were aching to hear some of the older stuff simply because they've never heard these songs liveeven once whereas fans in other parts that have been to several shows on all the tours may have heard Winter ad nauseam. It was really beautiful of course.

Spring Haze - After Pele TVAB is my favourite album so it was a treat to hear this one, again I really liked the bit on the organ.

The Beekeeper - Played on the chord organ and, I think,no different from the other shows. For the first time I listened properly to the lyrics to thisand with what I'd read about it in "Piece by Piece" it really dawned on me what this song is about, when she sang : "But don't be confused, one day I'll be coming for you" it sent chills down my spine.

Icicle - Fun to hear and a good encore song. Scandinavians are by no means prude but maybe we're a bit buttoned down becausethere wasno yelling as youwould expect at the racy bits, perhaps it's just that we're so liberated and relaxed about these matters that we don't see anything unusual about a woman singing to 2000 people about masturbation.

Sweet the Sting - Another song that's excellent solo, I think without the choir and the band, when you hear its most basic structure it sounds much more like aTori song.

Space Dog - The setlist had Merman and Silent All These Years as 2nd encore but luckily I'm very skilled at thought projection and had been transmitting Hey Jupiter with all my might at her. I also had Space Dog floating around at the back of myhead but didn't think this would be an encore. I was so extremely pleased when she played both. Space Dog had a different improv from themp3 I'd heard, it wasn't obvious what song it was going to be.

Hey Jupiter - With this my night was complete. This is one of those songs that I've come toreally loveby hearing live versions of it.Itworks really well on the organ and as far as I'm concernedit was the perfect closer.

I'm not sure if the sound was outstanding (especially not compared to other shows as this is the only one I've been to) but it was good andTori looked very pretty in her white, fluffy dress. After Hey Jupiter she gave the audience a quick wave and was gone.

From Ingeborg Karen:

I was at the Copenhagen show and it was an incredible beautiful night! When Tori played "A sorta fairytale" I really felt like she was letting us into her fairytale. All the songs had this kinda soft powerful magic to them. This was definitely different from the London show that I went to earlier this month. It was a different theme. At the beginning of the show Tori mentioned, that one of her best friends is from Copenhagen, and that she had some requests from this person, that she would try to fit into the show, and then she introduces "fairytale" as the first of these requests. I can't help but wonder if this special friend of hers is the reason the night turned out to be so magical. I really loved the live version of "winter", something that I didn't dare hope for. "Seaside" I thought was really powerful and "beauty Queen/ Horses" as well. This show really opened my eyes for "martha's foolish ginger" and "mother revolution" from the new album. Many of the songs had special intros, that almost sounded like whole new songs.The atmosphere in the venue was great, and people didn't leave their seat till in the end of the show. The light on stage really worked this time, but the sound was not the best for the first two songs, which was really a shame. Before she played "father figure", Tori mentioned, that all the songs was build up around a father theme, because she thought, that it was fathers day in Denmark. Obviously there were many foreigners in the crowd, cause when Tori asked, if it wasn't fathers day, some shouted "yes", but in Denmark fathers day was last Sunday. Because of all the confusion Tori laughed and said: "What is it? Is it yes or no - I can't understand you people!" She did seem a little embarrassed, and pretended to bang her head down in the piano, but then she said to the guys, that they should consider themselves lucky. It looked like Tori really enjoyed playing the covers. I read a review in the paper today, which rated the show with 5 out of 6 stars. Truly it was a fantastic night!

From Rikke:

I've been a fan of Tori for some time now. Started with Tales of a Librarian and then bought all her cd's soon after, as I was completely amazed at her voice and skills with a piano. So of course it is a must to go see Tori when she comes here. Also a really nice surprise that she was only on pianos, which meant a nice return to her simple style (as in the Little Earthquakes, Under the Pink years). Very good. I must admit I was worried about seeing her live, since these songs means a lot to me now.
But my high expectations wasn't turned down. The concert I saw and heard was amazing and Tori was great. The way she played and sang was great, I couldn't help being amazed.

Original Sinsuality
At first she played this song. I found it a bit slow in the beginning, but I guess it's a good way to create a certain excitement in the audience. Tori's voice was really good in this song. Contrary to the very 'heavy' music, her voice was light and a good mix.

Blood Roses
A nice choice of song after Original Sinsuality. The audience was very happy about it. Really amazing to hear how her voice can go from very silent and quite to high and deep. Again she's really got a way with pianos.

A Sorta Fairytale
Tori talked a bit before this song. Mentioned that it had been awhile since she'd been here and that she was happy to finally be back since this was one of her favorite places.
The song was fantastic. Maybe I'm a bit partial here since this is one of my personal favorites, but she was really good at this one. This song and performance also touched me very deeply.

Amber Waves
Right after she played another song from Scarlet's Walk. This fitted very well after A Sorta Fairytale, since the sound of the songs are very alike. I found that this song was better live than on cd. The way Tori sang it and had changed the pace a little was really good.

Martha's Foolish Ginger
As it was one of the songs from the new album it seemed that this was greeted with less enthusiasm than the previous songs. Either way I found that it was a very beautiful job she did. On this song I also found Tori's voice particularly good and suiting.

It was obvious from the start that this is one of Tori's less known songs (as in, it's not on any of the original cd's). But this didn't matter, it was refreshing that Tori didn't just stick to the more 'safe' songs and played a wider variety of her songs (it should also be noticed that she actually played at least one song from each album except for Strange Little Girls).
Very beautiful performance and very touching. Tori's voice is amazing at making you feel the song. And when you look at her playing it's amazing how she's really living the songs.

Playboy Mommy
Tori had four pianos with her on stage and for this song she used a different one than for the previous songs. This was a very beautiful song, a little slower than the album version though.

Father Figure (George Michael cover)
Nights In White Satin (Moody Blues cover)
This was in Tori's Piano Bar and before she played she talked a bit. Explained the concept and noted that in the old days people used to give her a dollar after she'd played, but since 'they aren't worth dick anymore then there's no problem'. She also asked if it was father's day here. The audience told her 'no'. Made her a bit embarrased, I guess, since she had prepared the songs for that.
Both was good performances, though Father Figure was exceptional. Really good.

Beauty Queen
Tori quickly goes from silent to very loud. Serious to more light. Also she was good at the piano at this one. I like the way this one sounded live. Found it better than the cd version.

Mother Revolution
Also one of her new songs and Tori was really living the songs now. This song was sung with spirit and a will I found amazing. The cd version is a bit slow, but this one was really powerful and Tori was wonderful on stage.

The audience applauded for this song after Tori had played the first three notes, I think. This was definetely one of the most popular songs (maybe because it's from Little Earthquakes). Really a beautiful and touching performance. Amazing how Tori can play only a few notes and you know exactly which song. Her voice was very moving and I think everyone in the audience was touched.

Spring Haze
Here it was Tori's voice that made the song work. I found this song to be a bit slow and drawn out, but the way she sings make it all better.

The Beekeeper
The title song for her new cd and a song she played in the same 'tune' and mood as Original Sinsuality. But this make a good frame around the entire concert. It was a nice way to end the 'official' part of the concert.

After applauding for awhile Tori came onto stage again and played this song. Also very beautiful both on piano and her voice.

Sweet The Sting
I was a bit surprised that she decided to play this song and the majority of the audience was a bit disapponted, I think. Though Tori surprised with a really strong and good version of it. Better than the cd version and more moving than I thought this song could ever be.

Space Dog
The second encore was not a disappointment though. She started out with Space Dog, also a personal favorite so forgive me if I'm partial. She started this song with a little improv I think, definetely not how Space Dog usually starts. But when she played the first notes of the song everyone knew what it was. And the performance was really good. The way she managed to keep the basic rhythm that isn't made on the piano origainally. Really good.

Hey Jupiter
She finished off with this one. A very sad song and she performed it beautifully. I personally was very touched and when it ended and the lights were turned on I felt really weird. The song was so touching. Amazing.

From Benjamin Holmsteen:

Tori mentioned that she has always found this place (Denmark) magical and one of her very best friends is from here - one who has given her fantastic friendship, and I believe she was refferring to the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, because she ended by saying "- this is the country which creates fairy tales." Moreover, the year 2005 is "Hans Christian Andersen-year" - He was born 200 years ago in 1805. I read on the Dent, that the day before the Copenhagen concert she sang "Inchworm" from the biopic "Hans Christian Anderson" in London. Tori continued playing A Sorta Fairytale.

There was a song - maybe the one before Seaside - where Tori held her throat and sang about choking...(?) I'll get some details soon.

Yes, Tori seemed a bit embarrassed about the fact that it was not Father's Day in Denmark. She looked at her sheet and said; "But I designed all the songs after that..." Anyway, she proceeded with Father Figure. (Father's- and Mother's Days are really not a big deal in Denmark. It's just something created by companies who want to sell merchandise...)

Tori had one Bosendorfer and three organs on stage. The low tones of the Bsendorfer sounded more like a deep electric bass, than a piano.

After the encores Tori jumped up and down in a funny girlish manner waving her hands to the audience. Wonderful she was.

From Kathrine:

This was my third time seeing Tori (Manchester and London UK on the SLG tour being the other two) and I was completely blown away. I knew what to expect, I've adored her for years and years, but I have to admit that she exceeded my expectations (how is that possible!!??). She floated onstage in what I believe is the same white floaty dress she's worn before on the tour - I've seen photos from one of the Sydney shows. Gorgeous. She started off with Original Sinsuality, as is customary, and it was beautiful live, although the sound hadn't really been adjusted yet and there was a lot of reverb. I was surprised and delighted to hear her go into Blood Roses (played mostly on the organ... I think....the one paired with the piano.) As she started playing, and well into BR, the stage was dark, with a single light from above on her. She would close her eyes and tilt her head up, inviting a spiritual ambience and keeping within the religious/pagan theme that runs through her work. She looked so beautiful, and I couldn't help being struck by her long flowing red locks and the resemblance to the Magdalene. After BR she spoke a bit about how she was happy to be here, and how one of her best friends was from Denmark and that she was cooking up a little surprise for later. The she went into A Sorta Fairytale, saying it was for a place that believed in fairytales. Amber waves was also lovely, and the northern lights lyrics seemed to fit well with the ambience of the lights on the stage and the fact that she was in Scandinavia (enforced later by Winter and Icicle). After it came Martha's Foolish Ginger, also lovely, and then she did a long intro to Seaside which had lyrics along the lines of "you hear her calling from the sea, she is calling" and so on, and also had a line "she is choking" where she did a choking movement with both hands around her neck. Seaside, which is one of my favorites, was just so beautiful. Bubbles were projected onto the hexagonal screen and the stage was bathed in blues and whites and greens. She moved to the organ/keyboard (I am never 100% sure of the names of them) on the far left of the stage and played a very very moving Playboy Mommy. Again, one of my favorites, I was so happy she played it! She then moved back to the Grand for Tori's Piano Bar, and said she'd been told it was Father's Day here. She said something along the lines of "It's not father's day in Australia, so if you forgot to call your folks in Australia today you're ok. Everywhere else you're fucked." There was some confusion and eventually the audience made it clear that it wasn't Father's Day here, and she seemed a bit embarrassed and said she's planned it all out for us. She went along with Father Figure and Nights in White Satin anyway. I had hoped we'd get something new, but I won't complain. Beauty Queen and Horses were next, nice to hear an old one in there, with a little grit, followed by Mother Revolution. I have been trying really hard to remember if she did her other improv/intro to MR and I think she did. I can't remember it that well, but it was something about tanks, I remember thinking it was a very powerful introduction. Winter was the song that the most people recognized and responded too, and it was heartbreaking as usual. Spring Haze was probably more obscure to most people, but I really enjoyed it. Beekeeper always breaks my heart (and is my favorite song off the album), and played on the organ it becomes like a prayer or a hymn, which just adds to its potency. The first encore consisted of Icicle and Sweet the Sting, which lost a bit of its groovyness halfway through. That would be my only criticism of the night. Second encore was Space Dog and Jupiter, both perfect. Her voice seemed to get richer and richer all night. She was perfectly on pitch and every breath sounded perfect. When I saw her in England 3 years ago she had the flu and her voice was not nearly as strong, so this show moved me so completely. Every song was brilliantly nuanced and played with the usual Tori passion - most of them significantly longer than the album versions. I left in a daze, and was awed by her power and beauty and talent. I had wished she'd play Barons of Suburbia, but again, I won't complain because it was just brilliant! I have seen the Queen Bee and worshipped at her alter.

Read a press review of this concert from the Danish music magazine Gaffa

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