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Original Sinsuality Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's June 8, 2005 concert in Newcastle, U.K.

Updated Wed, Jun 08, 2005 - 7:40pm ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Newcastle, U.K. concert at Newcastle City Hall. Tori set list included Doughnut Song, Here. In My Head, Martha's Foolish Ginger and the covers Fog On The Tyne (Lindisfarne) and Wrapped Around Your Finger (Police) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Original Sinsuality Tour Forum. Thanks for sharing your reviews with The Dent.

More Details

Tori performed in Newcastle, U.K. on Wednesday, June 8, 2005 at Newcastle City Hall. Tori's special guest was Tom McRae and the show started at 7:30PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page and Richard G. for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Space Dog
Doughnut Song
Here. In My Head
Barons Of Suburbia

Fog On The Tyne (Lindisfarne cover)
Wrapped Around Your Finger (Police cover)

Martha's Foolish Ginger
Amber Waves
Goodbye Pisces
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Not The Read Baron

2nd Encore

Baker Baker


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Original Sinsuality Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page and Richard G.:

Tori's second encore was supposed to be A Sorta Fairytale and Pretty Good Year, but she only performed Baker Baker for the second encore. Tori did go to her Rhodes at first at the start of the second encore, but it did not work. This led to Tori doing a little improv where her words included "Don't give up on your man, don't give up on your milkshake..."

Tori sounded amazing, and Matt and Richard both really enjoyed Barons Of Suburbia and Here. In My Head. The covers made sense, because the band Lindisfarne and Sting are both from the area.

From Greg Jamieson:

This year I managed to get to two shows, the Manchester show and my home town (at last she returned!) Newcastle upon Tyne, it was 1998 when Tori was here last. It's strange the differences there can be between two shows, for example tonight as there was no curtain in front of the stage you saw everyone running around making final changes and sound checks, you even saw Dunc (at least I think it was him) splashing his oils around the Piano, where at Manchester you couldn't see anything for the curtain.

As for the set list, I couldn't ask for better, I'm not always a fan of the Solo tours, (I'm too desperate to hear Datura live!), it started as normal with Original Sinsuality, then straight into Space Dog, then a fave of mine Doughnut Song, which brought tears to my eyes. I think Barons of Suburbia was next (I've forgotten already!) then Rattlesnakes. During the 'Piano Bar' Tori sang a local song called 'Fog on the Tyne' (the Tyne being the river which runs through Newcastle).

The second half of the show included China, Amber Waves and Martha's Foolish Ginger, all great songs, The Beekeeper is haunting but great with the Organ. The encore songs included Leather, Not the Red Baron an Improv and Baker Baker.

I had a great night, and I'm sad it's over!

From Michael:

Hi, just got back from the show.

The Piano bar section was a story about 'Newcastle Brown Ale', and how mad it sends you - Mark drinks it and does strange things, ok so long as it's with her.

'The Fog On The Tyne ' - hopefully in reference to the 1971 Lindisfarne song, not the Gazza release 'Wrapped Around Your Finger - Police

electric piano not working for the second encore, so a little story about male impotence and then an improv about making milkshakes ..' you got ice-cream, you got milk, so shake em/it baby, shake it, shake it, shake it. '

From Suzanne:

Where to start! What a gig, what a day wow wow wow wow

Meet and greet

I took the afternoon off work to go, I was excited if not a little guilt. nt on the way to the meet and greet, Andrew, who posts on the @forumz, texted to me to see where I was. We arranged a place to meet up. It was cool having someone to hang out with. We got to the stage door of the City Hall, and there was about 8 people already there, so not too many yipeee. We sat and talked for a bit, with the staff of the city hall amused with us sitting on the pavement. Smitty was wandering around checking out stuff as was Mark in shorts

After an hour the barricades got set up, and it was really surreal but 5 mins later a van pulled up and the door opened. And Tori was in there! I was totally shaking wow wow any way she got and started doing her thang, signing and chatting. It was so laid back, there must have been about 20 of us, so no rushing everyone was gonna get something. She got to me and I was totally shaking. I gave her a letter from a friend in Greece and got something sign for him too, gave her some more Hello Kitty stickers which make her happy  I got her sign my crucified box set "To Foo" got a photo too which is lovely. She moved away, and someone asked her what covers she was gonna do. She said "I don't know what I am gonna do tonight" I mentioned Ant and Dec, which I think confused her ha ha then I seriously mentioned Prefab Sprout and she said "Are they from round here"

"Yeah from Consett" (which I think puzzled her:
And she moved on ha ha

Meet and greet over. Loads of time spare, so I put my photos in to get developed and went for a drink with the EWF, it was cool and went too quick My photos came out very nice. Gig time


I had got upgraded so I was very excited. I got front row but the stage is very tall so my view wasn't great  the lead up was great you got to see the people getting the piano ready and taping words. Its seemed to take aeons but the lights went off and there she was, she looked funky in (what a remember) rolled up jeans and floaty red top

Nice and strong, I like, can't stop thinking about Eddie Izzard though

I heard this at wolves, and loved hearing it again

She said Hello, and said it was ages since playing here."Welcome back" we shouted back. She mentioned the bridges and the Newcastle brown ale and how we misbehave drinking that stuff. "I've seen it" It was all over the TV that day about our drunken antics I am sure she was referring to. She talked about her husbvand drinks the stuff too and lucky for him he goes back to her at the end of the night or he'd be in trouble.

Started with a lovely intro I couldn't guess it, but "Had me a trick" I screamed for joy. The end was beautiful, "you can tell me it's over...come in Houston " I turned to my husband and said "That was awesome"

A girl had requested so I was thrilled. Amazing, I did shed a tear during this..

These opening songs were honestly so good. Barons was fantastic, the organ and her voice at the end "SHE HAS RISEN!! I am pretty sure demonic Tori nearly came out at the end

I knew after a strong start I knew she'd have to slow it down. Rattlesnakes is nice, I loved the propeller project onto the wall and how she looked at the people in the balcony

Another request, so pleased, this was nice..


I was getting excited. she mentioned ok ok, so Tori's piano bar is now in session. That was funny. She talked about the Newcastle brown ale and how we misbehave drinking that stuff. "I know" It was all over the TV that day about our drunken antics I am sure she was referring to. She talked about her husband drinks the stuff too and lucky for him he goes back to her at the end of the night or he'd be in trouble.

She said I don't have a Geordie accent for this one so don't laugh. We all shouted WAHEY HOWAY at her ha ha ha

She started to play a lovely long intro... Then stopped

She started

Sitting in a sleazy snack-bar sucking sickly sausage
Slipping down slowly, slipping down sideways,
think I'll sign off the dole - 'cause

Well, I knew what that was straight away! The Fog on the Tyne by Lindasfare a very famous North East Band I was amazed! I screamed. The lyrics was quite a tongue twister but wonderful she only made one mistake which is brilliant for Tori who sometimes forget her own songs

Could a Copper catch a crooked coffin-maker,
Could a Copper comprehend
That a crooked coffin-maker's just an undertaker
Who undertakes to be your friend, and

Tell it to tomorrow, today will take its time,
To tell you what tonight will bring.
Presently we'll have a pint or two together
everybody do their thing.

We can swing together,
We can have a wee-wee,
We can have a wet on the wall
If someone slips a whisper
That it's simple, sister,
Slap them down and slap it on their smalls, 'cause

The crowd loved, I laughed at wee-wee, she motioned for us to sing along. This was the highlight EVER

WRAPPED AROUND "A local boy - not my style" Lovely, pretty she should do Shape of my heart

Martha's Foolish Ginger
Second time I heard this live, I really like this.

Amber Waves
I was reluctant for this one I rolled my eyes but I enjoyed this. She speeded it up. "You gave it up" Very funky

Goodbye Pisces

Interlinked and enjoyable

The Beekeeper
I love this live; some people hate it. I reckon that it's pretty emotional for her to sing this one, I love how she draws Michael out.  lots of people moving here to getting ready for the encore

ENCORE Leather
Ok not people's favourite but when you 5ft away from her, it freaking scary and quite angry. I swear that she was looking right at me at the end, because I turned to the guy next me and we laughed at how intense that was, cos we'd felt her gaze.

Wonderful, pretty sad and gorgeous

She went across the electric piano. We saw waiting and shouted requested at her which she did not entertain. Still nothing happened... backstage crew came. "We got no power" so Tori launched into an improv about men's organ not working

Milkshake (kindly transcribed by Whirlitup)

you can't give up on your roll's(?)
you can't give on up on your milkshake
your can't give up on your man
oh you can't oh you can

you cant give up on ur your rolls(?)
you cant give up on ur keyborard
you can't give up on your man so
that's okay I'll go to my old girl

(she walks to her piano)

you can't give up on your man
you can't give up on your keyboards
you can give up on almost anything
but not your baby

and when you think it's all gone
and when you think it's a maybe
just try a different song a different day

and you can't give on up on your milkshake
when it's all over
can't give up when your (?) is in the freezer

you can't give up on your man
you can't give up on your soul now
you can't forget there's something inside, inside

you can't forget on your nights
still there's an answer
it maybe not be the clock
but it is ticking this time
it is ticking

so you can't give up on yourself
you can't give up on a milkshake
even when the waitress tells you she can't make one
like she told me today

i said sweet oh do you have icecream
sweet oh do you have milk
sweetheart you have you
just shake it baby
yeah shake it baby

'cause you can't give up on your milkshake
you can't give up on your man
cause that thing on your nightstand
it is ticking

Wonderful again, a really great song to end. Tori was got emotional at "ran from him in all kinds of ways" awwwww

Then she said goodbye and was gone. Wow. (I think I've overused it now!) People started wanting the set list. I thought about it and decided to go and meet my husband. I barged past Smitty (oops) who was there to sort out the setlist carnage ha ha ha. I turned to my husband who had.. wait for it,, got the set list from the sound guy who had apparently nearly fell off his seat giving it to my husband He he he. She was supposed to play ASF and PGY, which was gutting cos I love PGY but chuffed I got a setlist he he he

Last night was great gig, a strong set list and looking at in comparison to Wolves I did get a lot of repeats which I didn't mind at all. Her voice was very strong even though she seemed to be sucking sweets and was drinking a hot drink during the encore. I did hear a demonic Tori nearly sneak out too. A night I will never forget! Cheers Tori

From Jo Potts:

I had been really excited about this concert: for the first time, I've been to more than one Amos concert on a tour! I had been to Sunday's gig at Manchester and was really looking forward to hearing some new songs and particularly more numbers from 'The Beekeeper'. And I wasn't disappointed! Even better, with the exception of 'The Beekeeper' itself, she picked completely different songs! 'Martha's Foolish Ginger' was fabulous, a favourite of mine anyway, I loved the Tori 'Look' when she got to 'Visions of my passions/They Keep me awake' ; 'Parasol' was haunting - very moving and the shifts between piano, organ and both at once( just 'cos Tori can!) were stunning and made absolute sense when actually able to see the music being performed; Barons of Suburbia' was wonderful with Tori's flawless build up of anger to the 'I'm piecing a potion to combat your poison' ringing again and again in our eyes until we finally got the 'She is risen Boys/ I said . . .' It was so exciting to hear these girls brought to life and I love, love, love this tour with just Tori and her piano. Much as I love the songs with the production and band, the girl and her piano is my favourite thing; Goodbye to Pisces was wonderful too and again it's great to really heat the piano notes and the little inter-melodies going on.

I have to say, for me, the set list was near perfect I got 'Doughnut Hole' (had to stop myself from yelling when I realised) and I loved the improv 'It's over when you say it's over' (don't know if that's quite right!)

The Piano Bar was a hoot tonight with 'Fog on the Tyne', stories about drinking Newcastle Ale etc and, speaking of covers, she did 'Rattlesnakes' I loved the Lloyd Cole version, but I love the sinister edge Tori gives it with the organ and the jaunty rhythm of the original being slowed right down with lots of Tori drawl and snarl.

And what a finale, the second encore had us crying (with laughter) as a bemused Tori discovered there was no power to the organ 'The girl needs some fire!' she drawled to a delighted audience (cue cheers) and then (stroking the keys) 'Hey boys, now I know what it's like to be you! (cue even more cheers) and cue a Tori ditty for Newcastle about not giving up on your man or your organ', 'I'll just go the old girl instead'and off she went to the bose! Priceless. And then just when I thought it couldn't be more perfect, she played 'Baker Baker'.

What a wonderful night and I still can't believe there were only three songs from the Manchester concert played tonight; I was treated to a whole host of new girls from the Tori catalogue!

From Robert:

The story is very simple. I was at the front of the stage at Newcastle during the encore, everyone was shouting, I shouted "Milkshake", and I guess Tori liked that the best...

At the Nottingham Meet and Greet, the next day, after I thanked her for "Northern Lad" and we talked for a minute. I then said "so, Milkshake."

"I thought that was you!" she said, a playful smirk on her face.

"Too much Newcastle Brown!" I replied cheekily, referring to a story she'd told before "Doughnut Song."

And she said "no, no. It was a huge hit among the crew. One of the best shout outs we've gotten."

And that was it...

Posted by: Mikewhy

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