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A review of Tori's June 5, 2005 Manchester U.K. show from the Manchester Evening News
June 6, 2005

Updated Wed, Jun 08, 2005 - 2:21am ET

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The June 6, 2005 edition of the Manchester Evening News includes a review of Tori's June 5, 2005 show in Manchester, U.K.

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Tori Amos @ Apollo

Iain Hepburn
Tori Amos

If you're going to be half an hour late in starting your set, you'd better have a good reason. Learning a new song just about qualifies. Learning Don't Look Back in Anger so you can provide the Apollo audience with something decidedly Mancunian definitely does.

It was perhaps only a token gesture, but in the steaming hot surroundings of the Apollo it was more than appreciated.

Tori Amos, the little woman with the big voice and the ability to play the piano sidesaddle, has a loyal and devoted fanbase anyway, and she could have played the old Fruit and Fibre ad theme and still lapped up rapturous applause, so kudos to her for trying something a bit different.

Elsewhere, the set ran the full length of her impressive career, drawing from as far back as Leather and the divine Winter from Little Earthquakes, all the way to the title track from new album The Beekeeper.

The obvious crowd pleasers were missing - instead this was almost a fanboy track listing, choosing the less obvious, more interesting songs from her lengthy back catalogue for the sake of originality. Even the familiar was heavily reworked and remodelled.

Touring with just herself and her pianos - four, at last count - rather than the ensemble band of her last couple of tours, Tori's taken her distinctive sound back to its roots.

And it sounded all the more impressive for it.

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