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Photos and a transcript from Tori's appearance on the Australian TV show Sunrise

Updated Tue, May 10, 2005 - 2:02am ET

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On Monday morning, May 9, 2005, Tori appeared on the Australian TV show Sunrise on Channel Seven. Click for a few photos from her appearance on that show and a complete transcript! Tori played Sleeps With Butterflies on the TV show, and you can watch a video of Tori performing this at

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Thanks to Samantha for the photos and transcript you see below. Thanks also to Kirily for also sending me photos and Sammie Swindall and Faye Coker for also sending transcripts to the Dent. Thanks to Sue Chamber and Heather Mayes (lilfaerie) for first telling me about the video clip online or the show in general.

Photos from the show

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Interview transcript

Tori played Sleeps with Butterflies, then sat down for the interview.

WOMAN-- Thank you, that was so beautiful.

TORI-- Oh hi.

WOMAN-- Good morning to you, welcome. How are you?

TORI-- I'm really well, thank you.

MAN-- It's been ten years.

TORI-- Yeah i know,I can't believe it.

WOMAN-- Now tell us about The Beekeeper, your eighth album. Tell us about it.

TORI-- Well, I was in Cornwall, England, looking over to that place called America, and it's something where, when you're in Cornwall I think you're able to see things that maybe you're not willing to see when you're in inside the states. And I write a lot about the American experience; my mother's people are Native American, so it's my vortex, it's my place. And yet it's been disturbing, certain things.

MAN-- Tori, you've always kept good relationships with your fans, you have meet & greet sessions at your concerts. That's been important to you, hasn't it?

TORI-- Oh yeah, because that's where it's at. Y'know, it's funny, I was backstage at the Grammy's years ago thinking oh wow, this is going to be like musicians and college-- I never went to college-- so I was thinking it's going to be the greatest party and you're going to hang out with the coolest people. WRONG! They're not, I mean y'know, some of them are great, but the point is you can really lose sight of where the interesting people are. And so I get a sense of the conversation-- how can you have a conversation with an audience if you don't know who they are?

WOMAN-- Absolutely, well we loving having our audience and they're all glued to the window, it was so great to have you. Thank you for joining us.

TORI- Thank you.

WOMAN-- All the best with the new album, and of course the tour and we've got all the details on our website ( for people that want to come and visit you and have a look at the in-store appearences. And of course anyone that does rock up has a chance to score some front-row tickets for Tori Amos' concerts. So thank you for joining us, we enjoyed it all.

TORI-- Thank you.

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