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Original Sinsuality Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's April 25, 2005 concert in Los Angeles, CA

Updated Tue, Apr 26, 2005 - 5:46am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Los Angeles, CA concert at Royce Hall Auditorium (UCLA). Tori set list included Doughnut Song, Barons of Suburbia, Ruby Through The Looking Glass, Toast and the covers Living on a Prayer (Bon Jovi) and All Through the Night (Cyndi Lauper) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Original Sinsuality Tour Forum. It would be nice to get as many different viewpoints about this show as possible!

More Details

Tori performed in Los Angeles, CA on Monday, April 25, 2005 at Royce Hall Auditorium (UCLA). Tori's special guest was Matt Nathanson and the show started at 8:00PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Silent All These Years
Doughnut Song
Yes, Anastasia
Jamaica Inn
Cool on Your Island

Living on a Prayer (Bon Jovi cover)
All Through the Night (Cyndi Lauper cover)

Barons of Suburbia
Take to the Sky
Cloud on My Tongue
Ruby Through The Looking Glass
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Tear in Your Hand

2nd Encore

Sweet The Sting


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Original Sinsuality Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

Tori really gave her all during this final show of the Spring U.S. Original Sinsuality tour! She sang really passionately tonight, and at times was really belting it out. Tori sang her heart out tonight.

The covers were really great. She sang most of All Through The Night in her sweet, soft voice, but at one point for a while switched to her really powerful voice, which was quite the contrast.

After her hello following the second song, Tori mentioned it being the last U.S. show for a while and thanked everyone for seeing her on tour and said that she would miss everyone and if they got bored they could come to Australia to see her. She again made a point to say that she was wearing pants and would NOT be caught down under this time.

Tori made a lot of changes from her written, planned set list. She cut Space Dog from the main set. I think it was to come before or after Take To The Sky. The first encore was supposed to be Tear In Your Hand and Hoochie Woman, and Tori did Tear and Toast instead. Then the second encore was supposed to be Honey and Sweet The Sting, but Tori did Sweet The Sting and Twinkle instead.

This was a great way to end this leg of the tour and one of the best L.A. shows ever!

From Eric:

Wow! What a show! I felt it to be one of the best shows I have seen. She sounded incredible and looked even better. I think she stole Poison Ivy's outfit, but green is certainly her color. She went on promptly at 9p and opened with OriginalSinsuality. Following Silent All These Years she talked about heading to Australia and mentioned that she was ready for the down under and would not be caught with Tori's mighty tessies. Parasol was great, with nice back and forth between the organ and the piano. Then came the first of two highlights of the night, Donut Song. This was one of the best versions of any song I have ever heard her play, not just of this song. She obviously channeled some music god during this song. It sent chills throughout my body. Simply amazing! This was followed by a nice surprise, Yes, Anastasia.

As she opened the piano bar she talked about the requests and that were good...but not good enough. We missed an obvious thing, hair! Here in the land of LA hair is very important. She joked that there was time when a man was judged by the size of his hair. Very funny! She then proceeded to play two great songs sung by some of the biggest hair in the 80's, Livin On a Prayer by Bon Jovi and All Through the Night by Cyndi Lauper. Both great.

Take to the Sky was simply nasty. And nasty in a good way. Oh man! She was rocking my world with that song (and I am gay). Tori, you can sing like that anytime you want!

I did not recognize the song following Cloud on My Tongue, but see that it is Ruby Through the Looking Glass. Still I remain unfamiliar. But following that song, came the second of two highlights: The Beekeeper! I do hope that other versions of this song on the tour were this incredible. If not, you really missed out!

She was definitely on for the show, and the audience reacted to that. I think Matt Nathanson, the opener, really primed us, to be honest. He was great, and really funny. I believe he loosened us up and Tori felt that and gave us a great show. Time for bed, have a 6a flight back to Phoenix tomorrow morning.

From Damon:

If Tori was trying to save up energy for a grand finale, she did not disappoint in this performance. She selected material from "The Beekeeper " and ONLY songs released before 1997. And it must be noted that she seemed to travel back in time on more than one song. "Yes, Anastasia" is where the channeling began and she commanded the Bose with full force, throwing her fire-red mane back and using her body in nearly every phrase. The covers (yes, I asked for Bon Jovi...I am from New Jersey) were unreal - an homage to 80s Los Angeles where "a man's size is measured by (the height of) his hair" as Tori said before launching into a torch-style "Living on a Prayer" (where she digressed and sang about 'Living on these hands'). Her interpretation of Cyndi Lauper's "All Through the Night" was stellar, and about 2/3 of the way through she stopped and said, "Oh fucking hell, with these be sung this way", and launched into her much louder chest voice. "Barons of Suburbia" found Tori possessed again, alternating between piano and B3 (and often using both) concentrating all her face could muster during the chanted "piecing a potion to combat your poison". But the true highlight came during what might be described as the "Ruby Through the Looking Glass Extended Mix", an intense meditation that found Tori always looking up or AWAY from where husband Mark could be found in her sight line. The song was nearly double its original length and found Tori in her most sincere moments asking, 'Doesn't every woman want it all'? The emotional high in the show came early for me during "Cool On Your Island" when the person I went to the show with and I started making puddles of our own (he and I had dubbed it 'our song', and I had also requested it as a cover for piano bar... after all, the band Y Kant Tori Read did it first). "Sweet The Sting" definitely needs to be strongly considered for the next single, and the fact that Tori sings in a higher key than on the album really makes the song shine live.

Two worthwhile notes regarding the audience: rushing during the performance of "The Beekeeper" is so irreverent. I know it's a rock concert, but you have to think about what Tori must go through when she's gone through an 8 minute sonic journey only to see people creeping around and jumping out of their seats to fill the aisles first. Secondly, how much A.D.D. can an audience have? I couldn't believe how many people were text messaging throughout the ENTIRE show! THINK of what this woman goes through as a composer, as a producer, how she successfully marries art with commerce to give "us" what we want. Tori is up on stage alone, concentrating on one thing: communicating and exchanging with us. We should honor and respect her (or any artist that's giving that much) by doing the same.

From Johnny:

Two weeks ago I was supposed to see Tori in Denver, Seattle and San Francisco. All within the first 20 rows. My mom was suddenly hospitalized. I had to grow up and cancel all those plans. I have seen Tori Amos perform 27 times, starting in 1994. I have NEVER missed a tour leg. I was so sad and depressed over missing Tori I really ached. But mom got better. And Mikewhy posted a thing about last minute tickets in LA. And I got one in the 15th row. Three nights ago.

I know this is supposed to be a review or something, but in the Tori Amos Universe, we really are a community, a family, and I never really got that until tonight. I mean I thought I did, but after talking to a few people about my recent experience, they all seemed to offer me the solace that wasn't coming from anywhere else.

And then there was Tori tonight.

She has built the time machine. Look no further. Tonight's performance was as close as any of us is going to get to going back to that first show (that I ever attended)at Ham Hall at UNLV, when this goddess walks out and starts kicking but all over that big giant piano. ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS. Her voice is perfect, her song selections (aside from eliminating Space Dog and Honey) was very dear, and her piano chops are just stupid good. Plus she KNOWS she's stupid good. She can sit there or stand there doing that stuff that makes Bugs Bunny go ADYADYADYADYA and she can casually cross her legs over or plink her left hand over onto the top keys for that little "aren't I cute AND talented" thingy that makes us all want to give up trying to play piano forever! I have seen many many virtuoso pianists in symphony or at the Hollywood Bowl, and she's still the best.

Space dog was supposed to come between Ruby and Beekeeper for the record, if the setlist the lighting guy generously gave me is accurate.

I could go on and on about Tori's performance, but I'll let others do that part. I'm taking a different tack. I'm going to reiterate the other side of a Tori live experience. I have had the weight of the world foisted upon my shoulders the last two weeks. I have dealt with things that are real. Not what songs I hope she plays, not the torikids pilgramming to the front of the stage, serious life issues. I never thought ANY concert could give me such strength, courage, and resolve. To deal with all the other stuff.

Tori Amos has once again saved my life, and lifted me up from the depths of my despair and reminded me that we are all in this together. She is a very special grrrrrrlllllll. I do love her and her music so very much.

Again thanks to Michael for helping me find a ticket and get whole again. I don't know what I would do without him and The Dent and Tori and you all. Thanks.

From Messina:

Alrighty, I shall "try" to make this short-ish. Ha! Where to start. . . I believe the theme that I latched onto most of all tonight was recognizing and finding inner strength. Maybe I was moved at how strong Tori's performance was tonight; possibly has to do with things that I'm personally going through in life, etc. Anyhow, she was wearing two shades of flowing green, with some sort of small leather and studs piece sorta thing across her chest, along with some great wedge shoes with what looked like an Asian flare to them? I love these dresses because you can really see her strong arm muscles when she's playing both organ and piano.

-Original Sin was haunting as ever.

-SATY was soooo touching. It's not one that normally moves me at live shows (I know, I'm weird) because I've heard it so much it seems, but tonight I was absolutely moved to tears. Breathtaking.

-Parasol was very strong and thick vocally.

-Yay Doughnut Song!! I knew she'd come. (I was hoping!) Lots of wonderful pauses, head jerking and whipping, and arm movments towards and away from the piano tonight.

-There were some beautiful piano improvs for Anastasia as well as great breath control for those eternally long notes! Yay, T!

-Jamaica Inn is great with mixed organ and piano and back and forth. She took a little time between the verses which was nice.

-Cool on Your Island was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Playing it on the Rhodes is perfect. Before the covers, she was saying something like she got a lot of requests and some were good, some came close, but not quite good enough. There were a lot of "awwws." She then went on to say "I'm talking about hair." At this point I wasn't sure if she meant the musical Hair? I'm a dork. Anyways, she said "I know some of you might be too young to remember but, have you guessed it yet? No? Do you realize where you're sitting?" And something about men walking around with big hair and their big hair determining the size of their "manhood." And she did this cute arm movement way above the top of her head signifying big hairsprayed hair. It's not all exact, but you get the jist, right?

-Living on a Prayer will now be thought of as a really beautiful melody to me. I remember singing along to it (a stolen tape from my mother) as a little girl on my crap toy tape player. She slowed it down a little which made the song really lush. It's cute watching her fiddle with her lyrics sheets tucked away in the piano strings. Also speaking of childhood for me:

-All Through the Night. It's funny that I hoped for Time After Time, but it's probably too overdone, so this was such a neat surprise!! The opening arpeggios on the piano sounded so familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it, and then bam, the openeing words. It all made sense. She then fumbled the words towards the end! It was so great how she paused and said something like "damn, aren't those lyrics a pain"? (something like that) and then "Let's try that again" and then began to sing in her chest voice very securely through the chorus to the end. She would not be defeated.

-Barons of Suburbia started on the organ. I thought it was going to be Space Dog for some reason, but she switched to the piano on the opening words and it was a lovely shock for me.

-Take to the Sky was fun with all the crowd participation clapping. "Why don't you take it boy" was so sexxxy! The way she sang it and the way she grabbed the mic between her two "v"ed fingers and ran them up and down...Ahhh! Lot's of extensions and improvs in all the right places.

-Cloud on my Tongue was just perfect. Lots of lovely piano diddys. She didn't start off with the "hees" over the first piano opening, but it was in there for the next piano break between verses.

-Space Dog was supposed to be next according to a set list I saw, but I think with all the extras and improvs, her internal show clock was ticking. . . skipped! It's funny because I kept thinking throughout the show that she'd play it and took it for granted that she would and look what happened. :)

-Ruby happened. Boy did she ever. So magical and unexpected. Pretty much like the recording but maybe the intro was longer? The "waterfall" section was just amazing. She kind of does the voice flip thing like she does on Cars and Guitars on the "you" of "you could almost drown." Her low vocal range is so rich. Also some nice pauses before "smoke to cry." Wonderful long notes on "cry." Yummy.

-Beekeeper came too soon darn it! It's that bittersweet ending. Again, great breath control for long notes. I like that she switches between vibration lengths when she's playing her organs. It's a really neat effect to go from straight tones to vibrating tones in the same song. Very heartfelt performance. People rushed before the song was over, of course, but she kept the mood strong to the last note, especially with the low pedal towards the end.

-Tear was fun and nostalgic, or however you spell it, for me. I was kind of distracted at this point trying to see around some people, but it sounded solid.

-Toast was a nice way to say goodbye as well.

-Sweet the Sting was fun, jazzy, and sexy. I loved her opening "yeh-yeh-yeh-yeh-yeh-yeh-yeh yeh-sex-y-sex-y sex-y-sex-y." Very cute.

-Twinkle was warm and fuzzy. It reminded me of an old friend of mine that passed recently, probably twinkling away in the skies.

Lots of hip swaying, hair flipping, and drooling this evening. I wonder what it is that she takes to make her salivate like that? I saw something fall out of her mouth towards the end of a song and then when the song was over during the blackout, she put another piece of whatever it was in her mouth again for the rest of the show. Hmm..

Very fulfilling show on many levels. I am now ready to go out and face the world again.

P.S. Matt was so cute and funny. What a great way to start off a wonderful evening.

From Nichole:

I just got back from the Tori show at the Royce hall in L.A. It is going on 3:00am but I have sooo much adrenaline from this show! I have only seen Tori perform previously with her band and to get to see her solo was simply the most amazing experience!!!! She opened with original sensuality and looked so incredibly beautiful! She was wearing a stunning grean dress and we were so close that I had the opportunity to see her shoes, adorable pink heels with white polka dots! (yes, this would only work for Tori) I am convinced she is the most beautiful woman alive! For me, every song was amazing but here are the special highlights:

Yes Anastasia, I am in love with this new version how she starts off with the end. Her voice was so pure. I really really liked the way she did parasol, switching back and forth from organ to piano. My FAVORITE (I THINK) was TAKE TO THE SKY, she was encouraging everyone to clap while she would tap on the piano. ( I REALLY wished more people would have clapped!) My sister and I were the only 2 clapping at times in our row. To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the energy level of the audience! I mean, Tori's whole performance was simply astonishing and whats up with all the text messaging? Oh, well. Anyways, like I said Take to the Sky was AWESOME! I know San Francisco got to hear purple people but now I'm not so jealous!!! Before she played the Bee Keeper she played Ruby through the looking glass and it was the most beautiful version I've ever heard! My mission is to find this extended live version on the web! I cried and cried and cried. These lyrics just touched me soo much! Then she played the BEE KEEPER and it was absolutely incredible! I already knew I would cry during this one but I can't explain the shivers down my spine for 8 minutes, was it? It was just incredible....the encores were amazing! I had told me sister, I know she's going to play sweet the sting and she did! I was dancing, the guy next to me was dancing, people were tapping (finally, some energy hereJ I LOVE that song!! And it all ended with twinkle! I think I cried during that, too, actually. Very touching song. Oh, I almost forgot! The covers were great, she started the cindy lauper song really soft and ended it in this deep sexy voice, said something about. How can you sing it this way, with these lyrics!? Everybody loved that part! She is so sexy! During the end of the show, a sweet girl told me the meet and greet had already been done in the afternoon, before the show, and we had planned on going really early but got horrible lost in those L.A streets! So, I was a little disappointed my sister and I had missed that, BUT, after the concert we along with say 30 or so other people waited by her tour bus, hoping for a wave from her. After an hour the group of 30 diminished to maybe 10-15. Those people were all huddled together but my sister and I were off to the side with two friends, thinking we probably wouldn't get to see her. I mean, it had been an hour. But no way were we leaving.

Suddenly she came out, walked to her tour bus, she looked so cute in jeans, a tank top, her hair was pulled up in a scrunchie. She waved to that larger group, but the most amazing thing, she turned to us, in our little group, (we were seriously 10-15 feet from her and blew us 4 a kiss) My eyes actually locked with hers, it was dreamlike, I can't really describe it right now. Sorry...still in shock I guess. Then she got on the tour bus and left. This whole experience was amazing. I met some lovely people and Matt Page, were you in row D? I think my sister and I sat next to youJ Anyways, it was awesome, I would encourage anyone to see her solo. I hope she continues solo at the end of this summer, with Matt stating he won't be touring with her. Don't get me wrong, I have seen her with the band twice and that was spectacular,too, but this was just incredible!

From Danny Quevedo:

Oh my Lord!!! I have to admit, for this tour, out of the 3 shows I saw live, this has to be, by far, the best setlist ever! I have attended ALL of the LA shows since, wow, can't remember, but I think last night's show was awsome, comparing the previous ones.

Call me cry baby, but I enjoyed this show to the max. I went with my friend Mario, and he loved this show, he was also in tears. It was the most amazing experience, since he is not a real Tori fan, this was barely his 2nd concert, and after the show he says "this is more than what I bargained for". I thought is was sooooo cool!

I loved her cover of "All through the night" (Cindy Lauper), it was amazingly powerful (after coersing, of course, she was all sweet at first, then said "fuckin' hell, those lyrics these sweet?" Then really poured her heart out! It was unbelievable, amazing, powerful. What a way to end a tour, what a way!

Can't wait for her to come around again. Well, all I have to say is that enjoyed 3 shows, 3 diferent cities, and I was able to see her differently 3 times. Off to work now (have to pay off the credit cards I used to travel hehehehehe) but I will end with this: THANK YOU, TORI, FOR YOUR MUSIC, YOUR SHOWS, YOUR SONGS, YOUR LOVE FOR YOUR FANS, YOU ROCK!!!

From Bernard Gibbes:

All I can say is, I want my evening back.

I feel as though Tori spent the whole show practicing goofy ways of playing her and other people's songs. It was as if her energy levels were fluctuating during each offering without ever reaching normal levels.

Only playing a few songs from the first three albums and nothing from her next three studio albums is a joke.

If I want to hear someone playing tunes at a piano bar in a way that suggests 'the sudience probably aren't listening anyway' I'll go to a cheap piano bar in a big city, not a Tori Amos concert.

This show was a shadow of the splendour she unleashed on us on her last three tours. A big let-down. What a waste of what could have been a fine evening of wonderful Tori tunes.

From danni p.:

I just want to elaborate on what everyone has said already. Tori looked gorgeous -- her flowing green dress really complimented her super-long vibrant red curls. She's never looked better!

There did seem to be an edge to the show. I thought that she was noticeably angry at some points, which is why she went into her chest voice a few times during the show. Before she introduced the cover songs for the night, people started screaming requests at her. After one request (which I didn't understand), she said "Fuck that!" And then when she talked about the songs she chose, ("You sent in some good requests, but not good enough. Don't you know that LA is the capital of hairspray!"), she also put her hands up to motion big 80s hair. She said "the next song will bring you back in time, but it's all about the hair."

She also said, "Thanks for making this a great tour. I've loved every hour of it...well, ok...not EVERY hour of it." And then she made yet another reference to the below the belt photo of her in Australia and said something about being prepared this time. She showed us her black thigh-high stockings and immediately launched into another song.

I thought that Cool On Your Island was the best version I've heard, and that Barons can indeed rock even without the band. But the only time that I ever saw her really smile was during Sweet the Sting, which she did right after everyone had rushed the stage. Maybe she needed to see people right in front of her to get her happy groove back...

From Marie:

If you wouldn't mind posting this, I'd be grateful. I see that another Los Angeles audience member beat me to it but am happy to know that my girlfriend and I aren't the only ones frustrated with people that rush the stage. We've been to many many Tori concerts, we recognize the people that are there over and over just like we are, and that's a wonderful thing. But last night I realized that I have begun to recognize the same people over and over again that RUIN the show for me each time, and that turns my stomach.

To be enjoying myself so much and sitting there just listening to the music, watching Tori sing and sway and channel the girls and falling into that bliss that comes from her performance and then all of a sudden be distracted by the same idiots rushing up into the aisles, guards jumping in front of me to stop those same idiots from running right up to the stage......the whispers, the laughing, ruining Beekeeper (which is INCREDIBLE to witness Tori do)....all so that the second she finishes they can then scratch and crawl and push over MY expensive seat and block the best part of the entire show. It not only distracts, irritates, and infuriates ALL of us who've paid (sometimes up to $1000 for front row seating), it distracts Tori. Every single time. Every single concert. Always the same result.....bliss turned to rage at the idiots that have all of a sudden got ME jumping up and standing to fight for a glimpse of the woman I've waited to see for so long. It's not fair to us who've gone through the proper channels to enjoy her up close, nor is it right to cheapen her performance like that.

From greykatanas:

Having been to three shows--Dallas, San Francisco and Los Angeles--during the current tour, I can say that of the three, there is no question that Los Angeles was the most powerful show I've seen on this tour. While Dallas was phenomenal, especially given "Winter" and her honoring my request for "Blood Roses" at that venue, the setlist for the Los Angeles show was just amazing--it was varied emotionally to showcase both "sides" of Tori's music: the rock-out hair-tossing frenzy of songs like "Take to the Sky" and "Barons of Suburbia" and the lugubrious channeling of the powerful emotions of "The Beekeeper," "Twinkle" or Tear in Your Hand." And with each, Tori was on fire: during "Parasol" she switched back and forth between organ and piano, her voice a throaty cry on that wonderful opening "When I come to terms with this" line; "Yes, Anastasia" was fantastic (even if she didn't do the high notes at the end) and even "Jamaica Inn," a song that on the album I think is a little staid, was absolutely phenomenal when performed on both Hammond and Bosey. My seats were fantastic, too--I could see her facial expressions clearly and the muscles in her arms tense when she was pounding the piano on "Barons" and "Sweet the Sting" (which opened up with a long "Sexy sexy sexy sexy" before she launched into the opening lines, and having heard this three times, this version was clearly the best).

If I were going to pick a highlight, it would be very difficult. The ending of "Barons," with her straddling the bench between instruments and throwing her head back exultantly after the last "SHE IS RISEN!" was definitely a fantastic moment, but then her two covers where phenomenal, especially her belting out the final lines of the Cyndi Lauper song at the top of her lungs. Those two songs were done in a fashion I had only heard on bootlegs from the late 90s or on "Professional Widow" off of the Hey Jupiter EP. This was the best "The Beekeeper" of them all--while each time has sent chills through me, she had the most passion and the most precision of any of the versions I've heard. "Twinkle" was, for me, a treat, as it and "Doughnut Song" are two of my favorites off of Boys for Pele. Each was fantastic. That's about all I have to say without launching into a song-by-song recitation, which would be boring. All in all, this was the best Tori show I have ever seen, period--made even better by the fact that it was at the beautiful Royce Hall on my very own campus, UCLA. I'm honored that Tori performed at our hall. A wonderful, wonderful show.

From Natalie (aka: grlzone1) :

Thank you so much for everything you do with the dent! There are no words to express how much it means to me.

I was at the LA show last night and what a treat! I'd just like to add some small comments.

Doughnut Song was so beautiful and at the end, "You'll never gain weight from a doughnut hole" she held up her hand with the "okay" sign meant to be a hole. I'm surprised I saw it through the tears.

Yes, Anastasia was very powerful. I had never seen this classic live and it was amazing!

All Through the Night was great! I couldn't even tell that she'd messed up the lyrics but all of a sudden she stopped and said something to the effect of "Oh, fucking hell! These lyrics are tricky!" Definitely not verbatim but it wasn't that she didn't like the lyrics. I think she just messed them up a little. Not that anyone noticed but she did. Then she proceeded to belt them out! It was a great way to end the song! Everyone loved it!

Barons of Suburbia was amazing! She did a little salute when she sang, "You could maybe turn this white light into navy before you leave". And like everyone has said, she rocks this one like nothing else at the end. I was very moved at the end when she sang, "She is risen...She is risen boys!". It really hit home one of The Beekeeper's themes of the women's voice needing to be heard. She is risen, boys!

I thought I was over Take to the Sky until she started it and I guess I'm not. Great song for a concert!

RUBY!!!! Need I say more? Gorgeous intro. She changed it a little bit and repeated some of the lines. I was hoping to hear either this or Apollo's Frock. This and Doughnut made the night very special for me.

Beekeeper was so beautiful and moving for me. Many people have been saying that it's very long and tedious for them but it wasn't for me. This is a classic that I feel very blessed to have heard live because after this tour I don't think she'll play it very often.

Tear In Your Hand was wonderful to hear. This song is classic Tori.

Toast was a treat. I guess she was supposed to play Hoochie Woman but I enjoyed Toast a great deal. It was beautiful and appropriate for the last show of this leg of the tour.

Sweet the Sting was great live. She really loves playing this song and it shows.

Twinkle was the last song. I don't like the album version, it's too slow. This is the first time I'd heard it live and it was beautiful. I have to say that I would've loved hearing Honey (originally on the setlist) instead, but I can't complain after such a great show!

Overall, she was very playful and feeling good tonight. I was so impressed with her ability to play the organ and piano at the same time, many times not looking at the piano at all. Yes, the organ slows things down a bit but not in a bad way. It's great to see her work another instrument so well and she didn't over do it with the organ.

I'm looking forward to hearing about the upcoming shows from Down Under!

From James:

The lights dimmed. The crowd went wild. The curtain rose, and there was Tori standing there in the fog and light -- in a beautiful emerald green frock, long flowing red-haired mane. She was delicious. She was moving. The crowd cried, and sang a long. I sat there - dead center, row 2. 10 feet away from the queen. All these years of being Tori's fan, led up to this one incredible night. Highlights were Cool on Your Island, The Beekeeper, Take To the Sky, Living on A Prayer, and All Through the Night. Tori was in great spirits and she let us know how much she loves us, many times. It was really remarkable.

From Frederick:

I was very fortunate to see this show. I was able to purchase my tickets through Ticket Masteron Friday the 22nd for her show on Monday, April25th...A birthday gift for my sister. TENTH ROW CENTER!I know her show sold out on the first day of sale, but lucky me, someonegave up theirseats and my sisterhad a magical birthday.

Tori Amos was beautiful and her voice was very delicate and powerful. She goes back and forth from piano to organ pulling out the orchestra from within. This is one lady who does not need a band. Seeing Tori solo is a MUST for any fan. The music done solo becomes so rich and personal. The versions played feel as if they're being played just for you. Plus, all of her shows get a personal set list; Just for your city. If you worry about what she will play a wonder if she'll leave off that one song you think you MUST hear, DON'T. She makes every song unique and magical.

The only problem with seeing a show so accustically wonderlful, is that you'll desire to have these versions on CD. She gave so much life to a song from her "Y Can't Tori Read" album. Her rendition of Cool on Your Island is so beautiful and haunting; I'm just yearning to have it. I could tell the crowd loved it as well.Tori, please put that on CD for your fans. WE LOVE THAT RENDITION.

My sister and Ialso had the Pleasure of meeting Tori at her Los Angeles, Tower Recordssigning. She was very kind and warm. She did not rushme and she listened to everything I had to say. She politely responded and gave me a hug.Tori signed my poster, " To Frederick, The Sexiest Thing is Trust. Love, Tori Amos."

Tori is Beautiful and Amazing.

From JESSIE (AKA DaturaRabbit):

Attending the show at UCLA was one of the best last minute choices I think I ever made. When I heard that a small batch of tickets were being released for the show, I was skeptical that I could get in, but I lined up early, and as one of the handful of people in the front, I think I got a set of the best seats in the house! It was a fantastic experience all day, as I got a chance to make friends with a group of Ears With Feet, Lea, Sal and Charles, and we hung out through the day, sharing stories, and laughs, and generally having a good time. So much so, that when we got tickets, we tried to get them in a set of 4, but would up getting 2 and 2. Charles and I wound up sitting in the orchestra, kind of all the way down the side (next to the theatre wall, but in like the 12th row or so, and our view was AMAZING! nothing in the way, and only a slight obstruction so she kinda disappeared for 2 songs, but man, it was sooooo worth the wait!! Matt Nathanson was a great opener for Tori, and he played with a combination of passion and humor and yearning that made me really want to see more of him. He was excited to have us all there, and thanked Tori for the opportunity, and us for always being such a great audience to him.

After reviewing the setlist, I realized that since I had just been newly single with some relationship problems rearing their ugly heads, she obviously knew I was coming and rolled out all the great "bad relationship" and "hope will come" songs....

Onto the setlist!

The curtain rose on a red haired goddess swathed in an emerald green gown, and fabulous shoes (naturally!) and she welcomed us with her traditional bow, and went into a gorgeous intro leaning into:

ORIGINAL SINSUALITY: Beautiful opener, and such emotion and power, grace and passion....

SILENT ALL THESE YEARS: One of my all time faves, and I must say, the evolution of this song with her, and for me, has become something of a victory inside me. She delivered well on this.

She greeted us, and said that she was very happy with the tour so far and that she would miss us and if we were ever bored that we knew where to find her, and that she would not get caught "down under" again, and raised her dress to reveal a pair of black lycra shorts that came to mid thigh (and she's got some nice legs! Go Tori!) and she went into

PARASOL: I half expected to fall out crying with this one, I have been feeling it much too deeply, but I found, again, strength in this. The lights arranged, and lit us for some parts in the beginning, and I returned her arm salute bow that she gives to us pre show, and it's funny, cause I think she noticed, because her eyes really never left where I was sitting, and it was even more comforting than before. She truly got into all the girls tonight, and this was one of many songs she seemed to add a little more motion and sound to tonight.

DOUGHNUT SONG: WOW!!! All one can say, the next duo of songs were one of a kind performances. With "Doughnut" she stretched notes on "Pale" over at least 4 or 5 measures, so they just blended like was the finest I think she had ever done it. Included were a longer (I think ) versions of the bridge, and "you can tell me" sections.

YES, ANASTASIA: Yes Tori!!! This version must be the best that has ever been done, with such passion and emotion. The truly unique thing is that she worked in "Tubular Bells" through the beginning and bridge of the song, allowing it to really flesh out into something truly special. I'm guessing she felt the love in the room.

JAMAICA INN: Another fantastic one off "Beekeeper" that has been a favorite of mine these days. Back and forth from the Hammond to the Bosey, and it was devine. Her delivery felt reassuring to me for some reason. Sent shivers up my spine.

COOL ON YOUR ISLAND: Not particularly one of my all time faves, but I like it. Tonight, there was such a great version, and I found myself reflecting on both my life and the love that has recently left a void in my heart, and how I have to be better, and be stronger. Tears crept down my eyes, and I connected a little better tongiht to "Island"

The usual idiots screamed out requests for songs she didn't feel like playing, (and at the wrong time, good one kids.) to which she said "Fuck That!, That's not good enough...etc." and reminded us that L.A. was the land of big hair, and she would play accordingly. "I'm going to take you back to a time when a man was a man by the size of his hair.."

LIVIN' ON A PRAYER: Why I though this was a song from the Who's "Tommy" I have no and my sisters used to listen to Bon Jovi when we were younger and this brought back so many happy memories of that. Bravo to her choice on it...and to:

ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT: My favorite Cyndi Lauper song. I almost cried again, and her cooing and wanting vocals were perfect on the song, then she fucked up before the end..."Well Fucking Hell! That's a complicated lyric thing isn't it, oh well, let's try it again" and she BELTED out in her strongest voice the ending. It was AMAZING to hear the contrast and I cheered my head off when she was done.

BARONS OF SUBURBIA: I giggled and hoped Lea was enjoying this, cause I know she really wanted to hear this girl. In fact, it had been stuck in my head alllll dayyy. I was in heaven to hear it. Amazing. No other words really, and I think this will become a staple. It kinda captures the passion and wildness I've known and loved in her earlier work, especially in the end. She went WILD on "She has Risen!!" and everyone felt that one!

TAKE TO THE SKY: This has shown up practically everytime I go to see her, and everytime, I feel like running up and hugging this song. Very much loved by me and I kept smiling and bopping along to it.

CLOUD ON MY TONGUE: Another major favorite of mine, actually has taken a long time to grow on me, but has now become a seated top 20 of all time Tori song. It was crystal clear and razor sharp.

RUBY THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS: I about had a heart attack when I heard this one, as it is truly one of her lost treasures. Coming from someone who has been there and seen that, it really took a lot out of me to watch this FLAWLESS execution of the song. SPACE DOG was originally to follow this, but was cut from the main set.

THE BEEKEEPER: Haunting and heartbreaking, this is truly one of her best. Even though I couldn't really see her at this point (Damn obstructed stage)it was fantastic nevertheless.

TEAR IN YOUR HAND: Such a great song. Again, I've been listening to and living this one, so I was thrilled to hear it again.

TOAST: I was slightly disappointed to hear that "Hoochie Woman" was supposed to be here tonight, but I truly believe that she felt it was such a treat to be here with us tonight, giving her such love, that "Toast" needed to come and thank us. With the rolling clouds on the screen above, it felt very freeing.

SWEET THE STING: Again, "Honey" would have been cool to hear, but her delivery on "Sweet" was even better. She really freed the sexual and sensual on this one. Everyone was swaying and moving and I thought that even I was going to jump on a table and do a dance soon if there had been one around.

TWINKLE: My niece loves this one and I hugged myself thinking of her, and it was just a PERFECT closer for what was a sweet show. Ironically...but sweet and beautiful....I was in bliss....

She was playful and tarty, sweet and comforting. She flicked her hair and drooled and swayed. She snarled and cooed and belted and whispered her words. I have never been so honored to be a part of an audience in my life!! Love ya Tori, and can't wait for the summer Tour.

From upsidedownguy:

Arrived at the venue at 11:30 am and already was about 30 people there. I brought my tori license plate to be signed "tori ams"  which I had been dragging around the country for years and years hoping to get singed. We brought it took New York in Feb for the Ann Powers interview at the Y, but alas Joel had stated Tori was tired and would not be sigining anything after. So she came out, said hello and got into the truck. But i digress, at any event...........
Royce Hall is a great venue ( very small). The meet and greet was very calm and collected ( which is a  refreshingly pleasant experience) compared to Oakland 2001  , Columbus 2003, and Los Angeles 1996. Everyone sat under trees until  they lined us up  via number and they set up the baracades. I was # 35 and as usual got somehow pushed to the back. So basically, I was 6 rows of people back. I got some good shots even though the sun was in our face. I wanted to ask people to pass my  license plate up to be signed. However, I did see there were some girls who "needed" to speak to tori,,, many tears were shed as tori spoke to each one as an old friend. I felt in my heart, I needed to let the girls talk to tori and get some empowerment from her words. Hopefully the license plate will be signed someday,
The show was great, surprises were of course...

 "Ruby, through the looking glass" which was excellent.
"Yes, Anastasia" was powerful

The piano bar section  was cute,.,,, doing Bon Jovi "living on a prayer" and the beautiful Cyndi Lauper "All through the night" which she messed up  stating   " hell   that is tough" ( describing the frustration of hitting a note ). Overall, a good show.

There was no meet and greet after the show,, tori simply came out waved and jumped into the bus.

By the way,,,, the guy i was standing next to after the  show ( tori sang happy bday to you in Dallas) Email me,,, as i have a photo surprise for you . See you all at the next tour.

From stephanie schulte:

Hey, we were at the Tori show last night in Los Angeles. Royce Hall. We were in the center balcony section, which had a great view of the stage. The acoustics were a little funky, but who cares. She was really amazing. Her voice was sooo strong and she sang on key for the most part. Passion and vibrant and deep and delicious.

I was really anxious all day because of my previous experience seeing her perform. It was in June 1996 in San Diego. I had the most intense energetic/emotional "wave" that washed over me. Totally unexpected. My boyfriend (now husband) took me and I have to admit I was not a "fan". I was only familiar with her MTV and radio hits. So, needless to say, I was overwhelmed and unsure what was happening to me. So now almost 10 years later and Tori c.d.s in constant rotation, I had a built in expectation. Well, I was not dissapointed. I was sooooo stoked that she played a lot of her older songs and the Beekeeper songs are phenomenal. I knew all the words and sang my heart out. I do believe she channels her music and the muses where all around her last night. She was wearing this fabulous green chiffony billowy dress and her hair was long with big curls.

Oh, we named our daughter Talula. She's almost 5. Rather, our daughter chose Talula before she entered our lives. And we unknowingly were married on the same day as Tori and "Husband"

What a wonderfully inspiring evening.

From buzz:

Tori was *****ing amazing!

First I would like to agree with everyone who was annoyed by bozos using there cell-phones, screaming. Screaming and cheering is great. But seriously, some loser started to shriek in the Silent all these years; and since the royce hall was a smaller venue. I was so happy to be as close and able to see tori's hands playing the piano. It was beautiful. but anyways, in a small place hearing these morons screaming was really a distraction. Also when Tori was singing The beekeeper, some bozo yelled, very rudely, and she was still singing, and we could see all these rude losers, running and flocking to the stage. I remember seeing that Tori's people asked to the last note until you rushed the stage. Oh well what can I say people are rude and thoughtless and don't care about the artist and her craft and respect, nor the people sitting in the front.

Anyways enough with the negativity.

Tori sounded so wonderful, and she played beautifully. There were many songs I would have died to hear, but, that's life.

One note i would like to mention that i didn't see anyone else mention, in between songs, when Tori began to play a little of "Tubular Bells" . When I heard it, I was like "No Shit"" the exorcist is one of my favorite movies of all time. so that moment to me was freaking awesome! another standout moment was the kick ass "She has risen" on the cd, it is amazing, live it was unbelievable!

She did lots of songs from the beekeeper.

My final thoughts of the show is TORI AMOS RULZ!!!

Read a review of this show from The Orange County Register.

From Ray:

The L.A. show was pure magic. Tori was in top shape for every single song she performed. All the reviews that come before mine have already expressed the amazing magical energy that Tori so graciously blessed us with. Personal highlights for me were; 'Barons of Saburbia', 'Doughnut Song', and 'The Beekeeper'. I feel that the sheer beauty of 'The Beekeeper' is underappreciated. If it weren't the audience would not try to rush the stage during the performance of 'the beekeeper'. Frankly I am enraged by the distraction that comes from those members of the audience that rush the stage for the encores. I don't care if they prefer to stand while Tori performs but I do mind terribly when they make their way to the stage before 'the beekeeper' has ended. Personally I feel a lot of dislike towards those members of the audience that engage in this, because they are causing a distraction that interrupts the magical beauty of Tori's performance. How dare they interrupt Tori!

You can read a review of this concert in Spanish at

You can read a review of this concert from the Gay & Lesbian Times.

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