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Original Sinsuality Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's April 19, 2005 concert in Denver, CO

Updated Wed, Apr 20, 2005 - 5:03am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Denver, CO concert at the Paramount Theatre. Tori set list included Little Amsterdam, Your Cloud, Space Dog, Carbon, Putting the Damage On and the covers I Ran (A Flock Of Seagulls) and Suzanne (Leonard Cohen) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Original Sinsuality Tour Forum. It would be nice to get as many different viewpoints about this show as possible.

More Details

Tori performed in Denver, CO on Tuesday, April 19, 2005 at the Paramount Theatre. Tori's special guest was Matt Nathanson and the show started at 8:00PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Little Amsterdam
Your Cloud
Jamaica Inn
Father Lucifer
Cool On Your Island

I Ran (A Flock Of Seagulls cover)
Suzanne (Leonard Cohen cover)

The Power Of Orange Knickers
Cloud On My Tongue
Space Dog
The Beekeeper

1st Encore


2nd Encore

Putting The Damage On


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Original Sinsuality Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

Special Comment from Mikewhy: A few days after this show, it was revealed that Tori was suffering from a sore throat during this show, and that is the main reason why the encores were cut short in Denver. I just wanted to mention that since there is a lot of speculation in the reviews below about this, and I wanted to make sure the official reason was out there!

From Matt Page:

Tonight's show was really odd due to the fact that Tori only did one song during each encore. A look at her written set list shows that the first encore was supposed to be Leather and then Toast, and the second encore was supposed to be Tear In Your Hand, and then Putting The Damage On. You can look at the set list and see that she cut Toast and Tear. Matt was not sure why the show was cut short tonight.

The show was good and Tori sounded wonderful. The covers were really great, and Tori did debut Your Cloud tonight. Before Icicle, she did a cute improv that had something to do with Tash picking her daddy before she was actually born. Then before she did the A Flock Of Seagulls cover, she talked about wanting to have big hair in the 80's and loving the hair these guys had, even though the song was horrible, or something like that.

From Kristi:

I love Tori, and I loved this show. However, out of all the times I've seen her, I've never seen such a brief encore, it was a bit disappointing, especially when I read that she was going to play Tear in Your Hand, as this is one of my top ten songs of hers. I was brought to tears with Cloud on Your Tongue and the rest of the set was beautiful as well.

From Blueraincoat:

The concert was great! Tori looked and sounded wonderful. However, I would REALLY like to stress that people should be aware that when you're at an acoustic show, you can hear everything. So, aside from the woman behind us giving her non-toriphile boyfriend comentary on every song and the girl in front screaming randomly/drunkenly throughout the show, I thought it was stunning. I've never heard Cool on Your Island live before, so that was a treat, and I thought she chose the other songs well. I Ran I thought sounded MUCH better when Tori sang it than A Flock of Seagulls, but I could be biased. 2 other highlights were Carbon and Putting the Damage On. It's really hard to say what was the best because I enjoyed it all. I've seen her since the Dew Drop Inn and she sounds great with the band, but nothing compares to just Tori and her piano.

From kelly robinson:

i must make a comment about the denver show. tori seemed pumped and energized for the first set, i cried at cool on your island. but then... nothing...i was there. we were into her. as for why she shortened her list, i must say it had nothing to do with the crowd. I came too far (from tennessee) to be blamed for the c-list set list. she needed to do other things or go else where. i dont know.

From Tracy McDonald:

I have listened to Tori since day 1 and, including last night's show, I have seen her 14 times, 12 of which were in Denver. This show was very disappointing. There was no energy and I don't feel that slowing down songs to an almost unrecognizable pace is the way to pay tribute to the fans that have been following her for more than a decade. It was just a little heartbreaking after so many wonderful shows in the past.

From Jennifer L. Marciniak:

I cannot believe she played Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne." It was the most amazing part of the evening by far. I had requested "Famous Blue Raincoat" for her Piano Bar segment via the "Rock Garden," and was just floored to hear "Suzanne." I loved, loved, loved it. But as it seems, there really was a lack of energy from Tori last night. Her encore's were shortened, and she really did not talk to the audience as much as she hast in the past when I saw her at previous tours in Houston. But it was beautiful and I thought the balcony audience was fantastic. Her choice for an opening act was really great, too.

From Lucas:

Tori Amos played a great show last night. The songs were great, and I love seeing the Magdalene/Virgin Mary effect of the organs and pianos. 'Cool On Your Island' and all the songs from Under The Pink were especially great, and I was holding my breath for 'Jamaica Inn'. I thought it was a great show, from a wonderful performer whom I adore, and always will.

As far as why the setlist was cut short, here's my personal take. If Tori had a bad day or equipment problems, she is obviously more than welcome to cut it short and I don't mind. However, from my vantage point in the midsection, it certainly seemed like it had a lot more to do with the two drunks in front stage left that were escorted out in the middle of 'The Beekeeper' and then someone attempting to get way too close to the stage in her first encore. Let's have a little respect, shall we?

Thanks, as always, to Tori, who does pay attention to her audience and what their energyis like, and always puts the interest of dedicated fans first. But she also needs to think of herself, her safety, and herpersonal choiceson where the show should go. All in all, a fabulous performance, if marred by the few members of the audience who were not into the show.

From Stewart Winograd:

I guess I'm not on the same page as most Toriphiles. I loved the Denver concert. I've seen six and this was my favorite. The crowd was great, at rapt attention in the quiet parts, appreciative. I thought Tori had much more energy than in Atlanta (the other OS concert I've seen). I Ran was fun just because it was there. Suzanne was beautiful. I love UTP and haven't heard that much of it live so it was a treat for me to hear Icicle, Cloud on my Tongue and Space Dog the same night. I agree that Cloud on my Tongue could have been faster. Father Lucifer was at a great tempo, though! Little Amsterdam and Cool on Your Island were both great and not run of the mill concert fare.

Tori did kind of run out of energy near the end. My attention wandered in Carbon and The Beekeeper. Loved Putting the Damage On, though. It felt like closure to me.

I read on another board somebody was so unhappy that she didn't do two sets of two encores that they were going to miss her Red Rocks show (the only reference I've seen to such a show -- details, anybody?) "Good, I can have your ticket" was my reaction.

From Jordy Keith:

The concert in Denver was good, although shorter than others. I did notice that the opening act's set was extremely short(20-25 min), and that Tori came out prompty at the past she usually comes out at maybe time constraints on the venue or something had to do with the set list being short. This had NOTHING to do with a bad audience, etc. Tori was in great spirits, and after the final song mouthed 'I love you" to everyone.

Original Sinsuality

Little Amsterdam-played on the piano & organ...jazzed it up a bit, very nice version


Your Cloud--during the last chorus she spaced and sang, "Where you end, where (pointing at audience) begin" and then looked at the audience and made the "Oh my God I really screwed that up" face...very cute

Jamaica Inn

Father Lucifer (changed lyrics to "He says I run from him and then I laugh and then I run) Also she sang the frist verse twice before going in to the chorus and then 2nd verse

Cool On Your Island - audience loved! Played on the organ over on the left side of the stage. Great performance

I Ran (A Flock Of Seagulls cover) - before this, she pulled out 2 pages of cheat sheets and explained how "this could turn out crap" and said for some reason she's recently been obsessed with the 80's. She told a story about growing up and loving guys with big hair, because she wanted big hair "..So if you had big hair, you had a chance with me" accompanied with devlish smile.

Suzanne (Leonard Cohen cover)

The Power Of Orange Knickers
Cloud On My Tongue

Space Dog - started by playing the organ and singing the background lyrics to the last section of the song before returning to piano for the beginning of the song.

The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Leather - she invited the audience to sing along by cupping her hand around her ear and enouraging us with arm motions, something I've never seen her do before.

2nd Encore

Putting The Damage On

I don't remember which song she told her story after near the beginning of the show, but it was something like this: "So it was in this spot, this very spot (pointing at stage) where we were when....what was it Husband? 2 weeks? 2 weeks before Tash. And she was saying that she was choosing a mommy and daddy and she was a twinkle in the sky and she gave him a kiss. (Starts playing and singing cabaret style) She gave him a kiss....she gave him a kiss. 'And I was thinking about it riiiiiight heeeere (imitating Tash).'" It was a very cute story.

From Linda:

hey mike, this is linda...aka jens mom... i do hope that you enjoyed the chicago show... i must comment on the denver reviews. first of all, I was fortunate enough to be at both of the fla shows and all i can say is INCREDIBLE !!! i have separate, different viewpoints on both of the shows than i have read on here from others, i dont know if its the age or the mom thing but i must tell you that these were 2 unbelievable,memory in the making shows that had so much meaning, yes the clearwater show was a night of death BUT a beautiful night of comfort and closure should have been felt by all that were fortunate to be in attendance!! she needed this evening for herself in my opinion, it was like she needed us, for just that one evening or maybe i should say that we should all be so grateful that she shared herself ..nothing less than her entire soul, with us, on that very evening, the set list was not only incredible but she performed with such intensity and emotion that i cant even begin to tell you. that, along with the choices of musical equipment that she chose for each song were at times haunting, though soothing and comforting.(how we all know that tori can play the same song 5 times each one having a separate identity and sounding like nothing weve ever heard before kinda deal ) well this was definately the evening... even with the sound problems encountered.. then onto orlando, all i can say is that i left there feeling like ive had it all... this was truely a night of ... fun... sex... all in one incredible evening, which showed me that she had indeed found her closure and moved on... the only disappointment was in myself, for not going to atlanta... so then, craig wolf and i won the rainn auction for the detroit show... as ashamed as i am to say this, i left needing a tori fix.... i was just in the mood for a radical show ,i wanted a pink floyd and zeppelin evening ..the cornflake dance and a radical waitress, but instead we got a very special set list filled with beauty , graceful elegance and a very comforting mom / family contentment type evening....talking with tori that afternoon she said that she and tash had been there in detroit for 2 days, tash had been sick but was starting to get my point in all this is that we are all so used to tori giving n giving to us and everyone needing her ,that i think we need to look at just what this woman is now again giving to us...she is sharing herself with us so entirely...and we still want more?! there had to be a reason for her cutting the encores (time ? commitments ? personal ? ) instead of criticising and expressing disapointment and or taking it personaly i think we should hope that everything is ok in her world and be thankful for what she gives to us so unconditionaly... everyone constantly is telling her that they love her ..(even in the middle of just about every song as weve all witnessed ).is it love that they give back to her ? i dont think so....just my opinion. ps my only other regret was not going on to the chicago show. and i know im going to kick myself but i absolutly can not do the cali shows either so i just have to look forward to the summer tour and shed a silent tear for myself on what im missing out on with each show this wonderful woman is about to unveil ...

From Katie:

I was at the Denver show, and wanted to share some insight as to why the show may have been cut short. I was at the m/g, and Tori did not come out until 5pm. According to the "Times for Things" schedule that was posted on the backstage door, Tori was supposed to start her soundcheck at 5pm. While I will share that the m/g was rather small, I think about 30 people, almost everyone there wanted a picture, a photograph, and to have a conversation with her. Nobody seemed to realize that time may be an issue for her, the majority of the crowd wanted all 3 things from her, not just one or 2. Tori was trying to get done as quickly as possible, but Tori is gracious and I think since it was so small she tried to meet w/ everyone out there. Also, during previous m/g's we weren't allowed to move to make room for those in the back to come up, and I don't know if this has been happening at other shows, but the crowd shifted a lot to allow those in the back to come up front which of course caused further delay. The m/g was about 20-30 minutes long. The schedule also said that Tori was supposed to take the stage at 845pm. I know that these schedules are not "set in stone", but Tori didn't go on until 905 or 910, so needless to say cutting 2 songs from the encore saved her about 15 minutes for the time she was late.Mypoint being accordingto the schedule, Tori was about 20-30 minutes late taking the stage. Most concerts are not on time, but it wasn't like she was 5-10 minutes know?

I know I personally heard many of those complaining about the cut in songs were at the m/g. When she is late, everyone else is late. With the contracts involved w/ the venue, the employees of the venue, the local security...I am sure contracts and possible unions may be involved in determining how long people can work, ect. And maybe if Tori and her teamare responsible for keeping those employees past contracted hours, maybe she is responsible financially?? There could have been any number of factors, that's true. Tori was in a great mood at the m/g, and she did half the show w/o the projector.

I just think that before people go around and bad mouth Tori, or whatever, they should be aware of this information to....that sometimes it may not be her but the fans as well...

From Stacy:

I was at the Denver show last night and I was reading some of the replies by people about cutting the set list short. The only thing I noticed, since I rushed and was down at the front, was that her bodyguard kept motioning to someone in the front of the crowd on the right side. He kept motioning for them to leave and was "shooing" them away with his hands. Shortly after that Tori left the stage and then came back and only did one more encore. Maybe there was a security threat? Dont know....Just wanted to share my observations.

From Ryan Scheck:

Here's a short review. The concert was actually one of the best I've heard in a while. It just ended a little flat. There wasn't the rousing Tori towards the end, that I'm used to seeing. The concert was more subdued than normal but we had a great time. I just wish people wouldn't stand up and block everyone behind them. I was very impressed by the L. Cohen cover and was happy to hear Spacedog.

From Sean:

Just putting my 2 cents worth in here as to all of the negative commentary people have left about her cutting the show short on the encores. As others have pointed out Tori is unique in that she gives and gives and gives and that is why her fans are so devoted and faithful. To experience such a direct connection to such an incredible amazing force is a blessing we should all be grateful we have the chance to witness, so even if it was a few songs short and people have their own ideas about what a Tori show should or shouldn't be - I myself was absolutely thrilled to death that she chose to stray from the beaten path. To hear Cool On Your Island was absolutely transcendent and her version of I Ran was flat out amazing....especially in the way that she chose to phrase "I couldn't get away" almost had a haunted quality to it. So all I can ask of all these people is stop complaining about the me me me syndrome you are all suffering from and remember that Tori was once a twinkle in the sky and each chance we have to "pick out her cloud" is a treasure.

From Spec:

Hi, I thought I'd share a little more about what happened at the Denver show, and maybe shed some light on why the encores were really short.

First off, the meet and greet was amazing. Everyone involved was courteous, kind, and over all extremely pleasant. I have never even heard of such an uneventful and nice meet and greet. No rudeness, or ego ickiness, nothing. People were actually concerned about making sure that EWF who had never met her, got a chance. When Tori came out she was able to get to pretty much everyone that wanted to talk to her, and didn't seem rushed at all. In fact she was down right chatty talking about how nice she thought the Paramount was and the energy she felt there. It was a late M&G, but she seemed to take her time, and was very calm, happy, beautiful, and just wonderful through the whole thing. A huge shout out to everyone that was there.

Anyway, our seats were maybe 8 rows back on the right side of the theater, right in the aisle. There was a couple a few rows in front of us that were very excited to be there, and very very drunk. When Tori came out that couple stood up, and were promptly yelled at to sit down. The girl turned around all confused like and was saying "'s Tori, stand UP!". She was obviously clueless about the request to sit during the shows. They sat down and stood up maybe four or five times in OS alone, with people constantly telling them to sit down. The guy seemed to get annoyed, and was maybe trying to assert his right to do what he wanted in his seat, but it wasn't welcome. I was upgraded right about then, so I didn't see the rest, but my friend who stayed there said that the security dude asked them to sit down a bunch of times, but everytime he turned away they stood up again. They got asked to leave somewhere near the beginning of The Beekeeper, to the applause of the people around them.

So like I said, I got upgraded and spent the rest of the show front row. From that vantage point Tori seemed really REALLY into the show. She was emotional during Your Cloud, and I swear she looked like she was crying during Cloud on my Tongue. She kinda paused during Icicle when 5 or 6 people behind me in the second row just got up and mass exited. She really didn't look very happily at them. They were gone for a while, like maybe through the piano bar, and all came back with full beers. Again distracting and rude. I thought that except for the mass exodus she was in a very good mood during, talking to us about the Tash thing as has been mentioned before, and almost practicing I Ran before launching into it. I thought she was having fun with the whole thing.

People did start to rush the stage during The Beekeeper instead of waiting, and they were one by one taken back to their seats. Tori seemed to get irritated at this, and my impression was that she kept repeating verses of the song til everyone was seated.

I got up and went straight to the stage when the song was done, and was nearly crushed by one of the girls from the second row that had left for what seemed like half the show. She was trying to elbow her way into the stage, and was pushing between me and another guy (Matt?), and squashing me thoroughly. As Tori came onto the stage, the girl was almost laying on top of me trying to reach out to Tori, who looked at me kinda funny and almost concerned like. Then the girl threw her weight to the left, and elbowed the guy next to me in the chest and half way knocked him down in order to be fully against the stage. Tori saw and frowned. She went straight to the piano and played Leather, but kept looking at the guy like trying to see if he was ok. She seemed really flustered at this point, and left the stage after leather. When she came back at she started towards the guy, maybe me, but I think the guy, and looked like she was going to hug someone, and the bruiser chic started flapping her arms around and reaching WAY out onto the stage as Tori came nearer and howling. Tori stopped coming forward, frowned, backed up and went straight to the piano and did Damage. All through this song her body guard was flashing his flashlight at a girl at the other end of the stage who had her cell phone out, and shaking his head no. Again Tori looked really unhappy and flustered as all the flash light stuff was going on, she finished her song and didn't come anywhere near the edge of the stage, and did her bow thing, (kinda farther away than normal) and left.

It is my opinion that it was the actions of people rushing the stage early, and the violence of the howling chic elbowing her way to the stage that pissed Tori off and that's why she cut the set short. I really think that the whole event ruined the encores for everyone.

From Destiny:

Denver was my very first tori show, but even though it was my first, i knew something wasn't right. first of all, it seemed that there were a lot of people there just for something to do, and weren't true tori fans. most of them were wasted, and the venue was like 100 degrees. they had no ventilation (?) or air conditioning, so it was like a sauna. Matt nathanson came out, and rocked the crowd hard!! he was great! i felt that he really got the crowd going, and i was very excited for tori to come out. when she came out, everyone went nuts. she opened with original sinsuality, and then played little Amsterdam and icicle. the crowd went wild for all 3 of those songs, but it seemed like every song after that, the crowd got less and less excited. by the end of the show, the crowd was hardly responsive and a lot of people were just acting belligerent. i honestly believe that's why tori cut the show short. she had a terrible crowd, and she was trying so hard to make it an unbelievable show. tori did an AWESOME, AWESOME JOB, and she deserved a WAY better crowd than what she got. i feel terrible for her!!

From Dallas:

I thought the show was incredibly tight and flat out amazing. This was my third Tori show, and my first time seeing her solo. I was very psyched considering she played "Little Amsterdam" and "Cool On Your Island" - 2 songs that me and my friends jam out to on the porch with an acoustic guitar often. The sound was crystal clear but I admit the crowd was a bit lame. I was 2nd row and the couple next to me had the nerve to just up and leave during "Cool On Your Island" which I thought was ridiculous. As one of the prior reviews also said, "Cloud On My Tongue" almost brought me to tears did "Your Cloud"...

The organ and Bosendorfer combo was a breathtaking addition to many of the songs. Tori sounded and looked like she was really into the sound she was getting at the Paramount.

I have to admit i think the stage rushes during any Tori show just kills the mood be it a band or solo show. There were plenty of fans at this show who didn't see anything wrong with pushing through people in a rude manner to get to the front. Overall the show was amazing and it made me love the songs on "The Beekeeper" that much more!

I can't wait for the band tour if and when it happens this summer!

P.S. Matt Nathanson kicked the show off great. His song about Detroit was one of the best songs i've heard in a while.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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