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Review of Tori's April 17, 2005 Dallas/Grand Prairie show from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram
April 18, 2005

Updated Wed, Apr 20, 2005 - 4:00am ET

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A review of Tori's April 17, 2005 concert in Dallas/Grand Prairie, TX appeared in the April 18, 2005 edition of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper.

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Thanks to Maria Chomiak for alerting me to this concert review. You can read it at or below. You can read all the Grand Prairie/Dallas reviews here.

Amos excels at element of surprise

By Mark Lowry
Star-Telegram Staff Writer

GRAND PRAIRIE - Diehard Tori Amos fans have been buzzing about the "Tori's Piano Bar" segment of her current Original Sinsuality tour. This section is two cover songs in the middle of her set.

Now, cover songs aren't anything new for the scarlet-tressed singer-songwriter and keyboardist. She has released one full album of covers and often picks them for B-sides.

But this time, her selections are tunes she hasn't previously attempted, and they're different at every concert. And they're fan requests.

At the previous 10 dates on the tour, Tori's Piano Bar selections have included the Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams, Madonna's Like a Prayer and Bruce Springsteen's Streets of Philadelphia. For her show at Grand Prairie's Nokia Theatre, it was Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus and, in an even bigger surprise, By My Side from the musical Godspell.

Thus the excitement of a Tori Amos concert: the element of surprise. Her set lists are wildly different every night. Sunday's concert was heavy on songs from her albums Boys for Pele and her latest effort, The Beekeeper. But all in all, it was fairly representative of her oeuvre.

Later in the tour she'll have a full band. But we got just Tori, with her four keyboards. She mainly stayed at her grand piano, occasionally turning to play her B3 Hammond organ. For Little Amsterdam, she straddled the bench and played both simultaneously. Her performance of Blood Roses was on the organ, giving it an eerie Gothic-cathedral feel as opposed to the medieval harpsichord sound of the original recording. Her outfit, a long, ruffly white gown, added drama to her already personally theatrical show.

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