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Original Sinsuality Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's April 17, 2005 concert in Grand Prairie/Dallas, TX

Updated Mon, Apr 18, 2005 - 4:07am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Grand Prairie/Dallas, TX concert at the Nokia Theatre. Tori set list included Take To The Sky, Little Amsterdam, Blood Roses, Here. In My Head, Merman, Hey Jupiter and the covers Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode) and By My Side (from Godspell) during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Original Sinsuality Tour Forum. It would be nice to get as many different viewpoints about this show as possible!

More Details

Tori performed in Grand Prairie/Dallas, TX on Sunday, April 17, 2005 at the Nokia Theatre. Tori's special guest was Matt Nathanson and the show started at 8:00PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Marys Of The Sea
Take To The Sky
Little Amsterdam

Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode cover)
By My Side (cover from the musical Godspell)

Blood Roses
Here. In My Head
The Power Of Orange Knickers
Spring Haze
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Silent All These Years

2nd Encore

Sweet The Sting
Hey Jupiter


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Original Sinsuality Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

Tori was in a real Texas inpired, religious mood, as could be seen in her song choices. Her version of Winter was really different and amazing this time, and everyone really loved it. It was so haunting and different and emotional. She mentioned her brother Michael at one point and the fact that he was at the Texas shows during the last tour. Even people who do not get excited about Winter found it touching and powerful tonight.

Before personal Jesus Tori mentioned that she was doing this for 2 boys who asked for it.

There was one different from the written set list. The second encore was supposed to begin with Toast, but Tori performed Sweet The Sting instead. Matt had a bad phone signal and therefore I have no more to report. But it sounded like it was a wonderful show for the Texans!

From Stephen:

Ok Guys Fresh from the show!!

First of all, Matt Nathanson ROCKS!!!

NOw on to tori:

All I have to say is WOW!!! Tori was in a very playful mood tonight. Marys was great as a semi opener behind OS. Winter was one of the major highlights of the show and I think of the tour thus far, of what we have heard of course. The intro and the piano between the versus were acheingly beautiful. It was the best verion of witner i have ever heard, i do think she skipped a verse, but she did an improv about Michael and him bing at the last tour in every texas city.

She seemed to be very emotional in a couple of the songs tonight. Blood Roses was especially powerful, as was Sweet the Sting (at this point i was right up next to the stage, let me tell yalll about some drool, she was basically foaming at the mouth). I yelled We love you tori between teh encores and she put her hands to her heart (died right there). Here in my head and Jupiter made outstandign debuts tonight!! She even flubbed up before Crazy, she started and i guess her mouth got dry, so she started again, but not without some of the crazy tori faces she can make!!

All in all, outstanding show!!!! Personal Jesus rocked and one more note, the audiance was EXTREMELY respectful, unlike previous dallas shows!! everyone waited until the end of beekeeper to rush the stage, and there was no idiot screaming YOUR CLOUD this time!!!

ps hello to raven, paul, patrick, sacre, and everyone else I saw at the show!!!

From jessie:

tori was in great spirits tonight, right off the bat she was very energetic. she was wearing this beautiful white flowy dress that really complemented her hair colour.

she mentioned something about "where's your bible? below your belt" or something like that. (sorry, really tired! haha) and something like "i didnt know i would get so much love from texas! im gettin alot of heat! ...i turned 41, and trust me girls, it just gets better!"

when she started to sing crazy, she messed up on the first note (didnt get enough breath or something) and said "ok! lets try that again!" it was very cute.

winter was breathtaking...alot of improving there with the piano and her brother michael.

there really wasn't too much from TBK this show. it was a pretty varied setlist. take to the sky was so powerful, which made ICICLE even better...she really emphasized on "i could have...i should have..." etc

the crowd was pretty nice. a few people were rude about talking/singing but nothing too bad to interrupt the show.

on blood roses either she messed up, or did it on purpose but she sang "now youve cut out the THROAT from the VOICE of the loon..." and "come on come on" etc was lengthened and emphasized.

personal jesus was amazing! very sexy.

i think tori did some drooling during sweet the sting. haha

personally the highlights for me were icicle, here in my head and blood roses. tori did alot of heavy breathing into the mic during "the beekeeper"

i am so sorry my review is mixed up. i am just so tired and wanted to at least give a quick review for people to read. but all in all, this show was AMAZING and tori as always, gave dallas an wonderful treat.

i just want to say, about the meet and greet- everyone that was there, i wish we would have worn sunblock! haha. i hate to say it but this was like the meet and greet from hell. tori came out a little bit later than usual. the sun was not nice to us =/. but when she finally came out, tori looked beautiful and took alot of time to sign things. it was worth it :)

From Nick and Toph:

[Nick & Toph] First off, we want to say that the best part of the show was definitely Blood Roses because we had made a point of asking for Tori to play it when we saw her at the autographing session at Tower Records in Sunset back in March.

[Toph] I'd already heard an organ version before, performed earlier on the tour. However, this version of the song was so much more powerful than the previously recorded live version, in my opinion. Her voice was amazingly powerful throughout, especially when, during the last section of the song, she repeated the "now" from the line "Blood roses, blood roses, back on the street now" about four times as many as in the studio version, and "come on, come on" the same. It was a great performance of my favourite song of hers. The theme of the show seemed to be almost anti-religious (or at least was a dig at the south) with songs such as Icicle, Little Amsterdam, and the excellent cover of Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus. As stated earlier, her voice was amazing throughout, as was her level of emotion. I enjoyed her performance of Here. In my head, which was, I think, the first on this tour. A fantastic concert!

[Nick] The other really standout moment of the evening was her performance of Winter, which was the most long, elaborate version of the song I've ever heard. Tori's brother must be uppermost on her mind during this tour, because she made reference to him during Winter in addition to, later, singing the "Take this message to Michael" line from the studio cut of The Beekeeper. Tori's ability to channel such emotion into Winter, a song written fifteen or so years ago, is fascinating; it's as though she brings all of her experiences into each version of the song, so that as she grows older the song becomes more complex and more significant each time it is played. The Beekeeper was also fantastic this evening; she seemed very much in the moment and the momentum of the song was perfect. In the end she repeated "I must see the beekeeper" three times while holding a low note on the organ and it reverberated through the venue eerily. Speaking of the venue, the Nokia theatre was a fairly small venue, so it added a more intimate feel to the concert than some of the larger theatres in which she's performed.

From Jessica:

I just returned from the Dallas show, and what a great show it was. She was wearing a flowing white gown, and it looked from my point of view that it was fringed at the end. Sorry. No info on the shoes. Tori was very passionate tonight, her theme seemed to be about religion and the South.

Started with a beautiful improv into Original Sinsuality. This was very dramatic, with lots of pauses and breathing.

She continued on with Marys of the Sea, and it was fabulous. She plays the organ with piano, switching back and forth between the two.

Take to the Sky was the original length, no covers or Muhammad to go along with it. But it was still just as fabulous played solo as is with the band. She still did the little head bob that she does when she cues Matt and Jon.

She then took a moment to say hi. She made a comment about her feeling very 'warm' here in Texas, which she found unusual because she is the rebellious minister's daughter. Someone mentioned the weather, and she said, "No, it's not the weather, young man." She then went on to say the comment about it only gets better when you get older, mentioning that she is 41.

Which leads us into Icicle, which was wonderful. I was so excited to hear this one, mainly because it was so unexpected. But she was very 'into' the song, dancing around and REALLY playing the piano.

Into Little Amsterdam. She played this between the organ and piano, and was very angry with it. Lots of dark chords. It was great.

An improv into Carbon, which, again, I was so excited to hear. I had heard it online live, but it is so wonderful. She really displays her talent with this song.

When Tori started to sing Crazy, she was off key or missed the note. She giggled, cleared her throat, and said that she felt she was on Saturday Night Live and she messed up, but we should all still hear the tape still playing. It was great and everyone laughed. She did a little warm-up, re-cleared her throat, and continued on.

At the beginning of Tori's Piano Bar, she did mention having a tip jar from Chicago, but that Tash took it, then said that there were some boys here in Texas and that they should be excited to hear Personal Jesus. I'm no Depeche Mode fan, but everyone knows this song and it was passionate. She belted out that tune.

Tori then played By Your Side, which I unfortunately have never heard or recognize, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

Blood Roses was played on the organ and a small tidbit on the piano. I almost fell over when I heard it, as it's one of my favorites. And she, even now, still has that bit of passion when singing it. What a treat!

Here. in my Head was next, and oh, my god. I guess we were all really shocked to hear it, because I've been to a few Texas shows, but she's never showed up. And it was so beautiful. My husband whispered a question to me and I had to hit him, I was so excited to hear this.

The Power of Orange Knickers is my husband's favorite, because it's so catchy. So after I attacked him during Here, I had to giggle because he got his.

Winter was amazing. She did mention Michael during it, as well as Austin, Houston and Dallas. It was great and there were a lot of people with tears in their eyes after this one.

Spring Haze was fabulous and exciting to hear something from Venus.

The Beekeeper was great and she did the lyric of 'take this message to Michael'

Merman was very sweet to hear. Not one of my favorites, but beautiful anyhow.

Silent All These Years was a treat as well. I think we were all excited to hear both Winter and SATY in the same show. She was again very passionate and even more tears at this time.

Sweet the Sting was unbelievable. It sounds completely different solo than on the album, and I hope everyone gets the chance to hear it.

And Hey Jupiter to close.

I left very happy, mainly about the three songs from Pele, and excited about the upcoming tour with the guys. Tori's voice was stellar this evening, hitting all of the notes, with the quaint exception of Crazy, and looked like she felt great. The crowd was calm tonight, letting Tori talk, which hasn't been the case in some of the previous Texas shows I've attended. Although, when Tori makes a dramatic pause during a song, there still are the irritating whoops and hollers. But overall an amazing show and an amazing night.

From Cornflakeguy:

This is an odd review.

I have been a bad Torifan lately. I'm busy, life is hectic, I have no time, etc.

I bought the Beekeeper the day it came out.

I have not heard one single bit of it yet.

So I thought this would be a great exercise. Why not get my first exposure to new Tori songs in a way that few people probably in concert.

I have been to every Tori show in Dallas she has ever done, save for a show I'm sure she did for the Little Earthquakes Tour....I don't know, maybe she didn't come to Dallas then.

But anyway, I have seen all incarnations of the live Tori. My first exposure to Tori Live was her and the piano, like it was in the old days.

As Tori's styles changed so did mine. I enjoyed the albums with more instruments, and later, more musicians in the studio. And on tour, I loved the full band variation. Tori was good before, but at that time she was great. I loved the shows with the full band.

Then last tour she lost lead guitar. Hmmmm...ok. I guess that will be enjoyable. And it was...but not as much as the full band.

And now on the Original Sinsuality tour it was just Tori and the piano. "Neato", I thought, since its been a while since I have seen that variation. Venue and immediate surroundings not being taken into consideration at this point, I have to say that this was not a show for me. Song selection was a big "WTF" for me. Like I have said, I have not heard anything from Beekeeper, so I expected some question marks to appear above my head at times, but I had a permanent question mark above my head for almost the entire night. I didn't know 75% of those songs.

Is that Tori's fault? No, not at all. For the true blue "I know AND love all things Tori" fan, I'd bet this show was a dream. This is the kind of 'deep cuts' show that I'd love for the bands that I AM a die-hard true blue fan of todo, so I can appreciate the appeal. But alas, tonight's Dallas show was not quite tailor made for me. She did what, 3 singles? Personal Jesus was fun. I was hoping for Purple Rain. Or hell, Rattlesnakes at this point.

Now the venue and immediate surroundings I spoke of earlier. Nokia Live is the best concert venue in Dallas, if not in Texas, if not in the 5 state southwest area.

My immediate surroundings? Oh. My. God. Right in front ofme, these two people were mugging down THE ENTIRE SHOW. When they weren't getting up to get another drink, or go potty, they were on top of each other. I love to kiss my girlfriend, but I don't pay $55 and pay $12 parking to do it in a theater of 2000 people when Tori is on stage.

And the coming and going. Wow. I think I had to stand up to let someone by 10 times. At least. At one point I told the guy directly behind me "Sorry dude, I seem to be on the crazy row." I have been to many concerts in my life, and tonight's crowd was the most kinetic bunch ever. Up and down, up and down. I have NEVER witnessed anything like that before tonight.

And the screaming during songs. You know, this may not be an issue at say, a Motley Crue concert, because its so loud you can't hear the people 10 rows up from you screaming along with the songs, or screaming "Yeah!", or simply screaming "Woooooooo". But here's a hint kids, you CAN hear it at a Tori show, especially during the more quiet, dynamic songs, which incidentally seem to be the songs you want to scream at the most.

The girl next to me whipped out her cell phone and text messaged this during Blood Roses: "God I can't believe she's doing this song. Isn't it 10 years old?" What a genius. Then she text messaged: "We'll be there in a minute". And then her and her buddy left, never to come back. See "Up and down, up and down."

All I can do is try to find time to listen to the Beekeeper, and hope that the next tour has drums and a lead guitar.

From Amanda:

Tori didn't let us good ol' Texans down. She was very intense, spirited, and it showed. I have read reviews from other shows where the audience got the impression that Tori was rushing through the songs. Well, not here. Not tonight. Tori hung onto every note, and lengthened almost every song so that every gorgeous, brilliant moment was cherished. She was divine. I won't do a play by play, so I'll give my personal highlights.

Original Sinsuality: One of my faves off of TBK, and I began to cry after she repeated that famous line twice. This song may be the opener, but she holds her place in these concerts.

Take To The Sky: Tori played with this song, improvising quite a bit. It was hard for me to understand what she was saying, so maybe someone else can clarify it. Brilliant!

Personal Jesus: Heaven. Absolute, fun, spicy Heaven. She said a couple boys came from Chicago, and then she got quiet, as to allow them to make themselves known. One of them yelled out (to the effect of) asking Tori where her Bible was. She replied by saying it was below his belt, babe. She then said this was personally for them. Hot damn this song was sexy!

*Note: I was completely clueless as to what the second cover was until I checked The Dent. But it was beautiful nonetheless.

Blood Roses: I wanted to hear this song and I did. First time, and I loved every second.

Here. In My Head: Shocked. I kinda gathered that the fresh, or not-so-die-hard fans didn't know this girl. I never thought I'd see it live. And it was perfect.

Winter: As Matt Page told Mike, this song was so extragavant and intense. Very moving, very different, very magical. She did indeed involve her brother, Michael, into this song. Tonight, this one was for him.

Sweet The Sting: Way more effective live and solo. Hasn't been my favorite off the album, but live and solo rocked my world. Tori used her feminine power during this song, and she was on fire!

I couldn't be happier with this concert. I had been at the venue since 10 am. until 12 pm., so it was an adventure to say the least. First M&G, got great pictures of Tori, as well as, getting my Under The Pink Pink Vinyl signed. Also, my 13 yr. old nephew got his Spark Single signed. Fantastic day. Thanks to all the nice people I met. You were delicious.

From Alicia:

The show was amazing!! I really must sister and I lucked out. We were in the back, row CCC. As Tori began to play the Piano Bar segment, some friends managed to get us all the way up to Row P and I was able to rush the stage during the encores. This was my eighth show and this is the closest I have ever been. It was incredible. She was funny and witty and was absolutely hilarious when her voice cracked at the beginning of Crazy; making a comment of feeling like she were on Saturday Night Live. She was so chatty tonight. I had been wondering if she would be in a good mood considering she had just came in from Chicago. She gave off the most incredible vibes throughout the show. The audience was great and very polite! I remember last year someone yelled out "Play Your Cloud" while Tori was trying to tell a story, which really is so rude, but I didn't hear anyone yell out any songs.

The first half of the show was really beautiful and I really loved the set list. This show had a very nostalgic feel to it. Each song brought back so many feelings and memories of growing up as a Tori fan. I have heard Take to the Sky several times live and I never grow tired of it. I love when she bangs her piano. Icicle was gorgeous!! Little Amsterdam has always been a favorite of mine and was a treat last night. I have always loved the album version of Carbon, the solo version was breathtaking. The covers were great. I managed to get closer during this part and the sound was clearer. In the back her voice seemed to echo. When she played Here. In My Head I floated out of my body. This was the highlight of my evening. Winter was emotional and beautiful. I really enjoyed the solo versions of The Power of Orange Knickers, The Beekeeper and Sweet the Sting. I was really happy when she chose Merman over Toast because I had never seen it live before. And of course, Hey Jupiter has always been a great choice for the finale. It was beautiful and gave me the greatest adrenaline rush. Tori's performance was exquisite. I really hope she comes back to Texas on her last leg of the tour (with her band).

From Raven Oak:

Original Sinsuality--Tori did a long intro to this and started. It was a nice opener.

Marys Of The Sea--When she played this one, I could have died. She started strong and ended strong. It was great.

Take To The Sky--She stretched this one out a bit with the "Take to, take to..." and almost seemed to be considering either being a broken record or doing the "I Feel the Earth Move under My Feet" bit, but didn't.

She then took a moment to say hi. She made a comment her feeling 'warm' here in Texas, which she found unusual because she is a "rebellious minister's daughter." Someone yelled out about the weather, and she said, "No, it's not the weather, young man." She then went on to say the comment about it only gets better when you get older and that she is 41.

Icicle--This song had the LONGEST intro I've ever heard. She really played with the piano, and several times in between singing she added more piano. She was so harsh with the "I could have, I should have..." part and almost seemed to spit it out.

Little Amsterdam--She played the organ a lot with the piano for this one, especially the "playing that organ must count for something" line. ;)

Carbon--She had a longer intro to this as well and this song was beautiful! In the intro to it, she sang something like: "Your mind...Sometimes I miss you

Crazy--When Tori started this, she was WAY off the first pitch. She stopped immediately and said, "Woah! That was way off! Let's try that again." She hummed some notes and then said, "See, I feel like we're on Saturday Night Live and this is the point where the tape should come on and play." She cleared her throat loudly and then she went into a much better Crazy.

At one point, she talked to the audience about Tash stealing her tip jar and some guy in the 300's section yelled out, "Where's your Bible?"

She answered, "Probably below your belt! But honey, I have something especially and just for you. Just you wait."

Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode cover)--And after that comment, she launched into this. Wow!!

By Your Side (cover from the musical Godspell)--She immediately went into this song. I had no idea what it was but it was interesting.

Blood Roses--She really got into this a bit with the repeating of lines.

Here. In My Head--This was a very nice surprise! J Very beautiful.

The Power Of Orange Knickers--This song was nice and almost just like the album.

Winter--Tori started off okay but started to lose it (emotionally). She didn't do second verse and just played piano with her eyes closed. She took a while to approach the bridge due to improv about Michael being with her last tour at the Texas shows. She sang something like:

You were here, you were here
Last time, you were here...
Last time, my brother,
In Austin, Houston, Dallas
You were here with me
With me here...

When she was finishing Winter, you could visibly see she was upset.

Spring Haze--This was nice to hear as well.

The Beekeeper--This seemed a little more powerful after Winter. She also sang the "Give this message to Michael" line and played lots of angry dark chords on the organ during this.

/1st Encore/

Merman--This was awesome to hear live. It was very fragile sounding.
Silent All These Years--This was pretty standard but nice nonetheless.

/2nd Encore/
Sweet The Sting--Tori was supposed to play Toast here, but I'm theorizing that after Winter, it just was too much. She played this instead. She made a comment about "Girls it gets better, I know!"

Hey Jupiter--She played this on the organ and did the Dakota version, complete with "I go from day to day..."

This was one of the best concerts I've seen and so far, only ties with Dallas '96 for best (and that's because NO ONE can beat a harpsichord!)

From Mechan1calAn1mal:

The other reviews are accurate so I'll just give my own view on the show. First of all, I want to thank ALL of you Toriphiles I met at the Meet & Greet. We went through HELL together but we all made it pleasant for each other. Shout-outs to Angel, Ravenoak, Jessie, Stephen, David (his boyfriend and sister), Heather, Cassie, and all the other sweeties that I met. I'm sorry if I forgot your name. Just cuss me out on one of the forums ok? lol. A special special thank you goes out to Maria. She was the very first one there at around 7:00 in the morning and was put in charge by the security. She did an excellent job at being sure things ran smoothly. Unfortunately, personnel decided they were going to be difficult and defied what they had instructed her to do. It was a pleasure to meet you all and I look forward to being in touch.

At the Meet & Greet, Tori FINALLY came out. She came out at 5:30. She came around to where I was, (behind Stephen and another girl). I had her sign a photo for someone behind me. She asked me if this was my first show and it was! I wonder how she would know that! I told her how "Icicle" helped me through a hard time in my life. She said something back but I couldn't hear because everyone got loud. I was amazed she signed my friend Cassie's guitar!

Also, a very very special thank you to Mrs. Ravenoak. The meet & eat was a lot of fun (I couldn't finish my quesadillas!) You must have great organizational skills to put this together. That's a God-given talent this day and age.

As for the show, Matt Nathanson was very good. He has a very nice voice and his guitar sounded really good. A nice clear sound. He's also sexy. tehe.

Next, the curtains are pulled and Tori is standing there in a GORGEOUS, white dress (from what I saw at least and I was on the 5th row). Also, the lighting was awesome and I liked the hexagonal-shaped screen above the piano. Tori was in tip-top form tonight. She was energetic and she LIVED these songs. It seems like there was a theme of death and seasons changing through the show. She went from sexy and funky to somber.I like how "Spring Haze" came after "Winter". Oh, and how emotional was WINTER?! The lighting during "Winter" was absolutely perfect. When she improved about her brother and sang "I always wanted you to be proud of me", you can tell she was crying. I don't like to see her cry because then I'll start crying. lol

I thought it was cute how she said Tash had stolen her tip jar but that it doesn't stop Tori's Piano Bar. That was cute. Many great quotes from Tori tonight! "I never thought I'd get so much love in Texas". "Where's my Bible? Below your belt." "I've got something personalized for you." (before she played Personal Jesus). "I feel like I'm on Saturday Night Live. This is where the tapes are supposed to roll." (an obvious reference to Ashlee Simpson when Tori messed up at the beginning of "Crazy")

All in all, it was an amazing show. Again, much thanks goes out to all of you I met and bonded with this weekend. Hugs and kisses to you all.

From TxBear1971:

The show in Nokia was absolutely phenomenal. Winter and Crazy had me sobbing profusely. The Beekeeper and Silent All These Years were stunning!

BTW - I was the guy that hollered out about the bible. Only I didn't ask her where her bible's at. I said "no bible's here Tori." Tis ok she misunderstood me - at least I got a response from her.

Last night was one night I will not forget! Rock on my little angel.

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From Jennifer:

I know this is delayed, but Tori wore Victorian shoes. White, of course. She also wore white bloomers. Also, when she was feeling feisty, she would cross her left leg, showing almost a full leg of skin. I don't think I've seen her look more gorgeous at any show, and my 1st was the 2nd tour. Anyway, just thought I'd throw that tid bit into the mix!

From Maria:

This has to be one of the best shows I've seen! Tori definitely had a theme in Texas; and it was Religion! I'm sure it had something to do with the concert before when she made the comment about Texans placing bibles in her tip jar instead of dollar bills -- Icicle, Little Amsterdam,Personal Jesus, Blood Roses, Merman. Texas, in her view, is probably one of the most conservative, bible waving, damn-the-sinner state. And the Toriphiles reap the benefits of her beliefs with the fantastic show she put on for us! Tori was in a great mood tonight. She said the usual, "Hey, guys, how's it going?" And said she felt so much love in Texas. Then she went on about the warmth and the whole it's not the weather thing. She was funny, playful and emotional. We saw it all! During "Winter", she seemed to get very emotional, and she appeared to be almost in a trance when she started talking about her brother here with her in Texas. When she mentioned he was with her in Austin, Houston, Dallas, people started clapping and yelling at the word "Dallas". I thought maybe it would have been more respectful and appropriate to not cheer the hometown, and allow her to express her message in the song. But, people get excited when someone mentions the hometown. I doubt it mattered to her, however, because at that point, she was in her own world, revealing her soul to us. She sang Winter so beautifully with so much emotion and passion. I, as I'm sure a lot of people in the crowd, was in tears by the end of the song. Blood Roses sounded so haunting and gothic. It's like being in church and hearing her version of a Sunday hymn. When she played SATY, the crowd roared. On another note, I'd like to thank all the Toriphiles who cooperated with the number system at the M&G. It really worked out well for everyone who showed up early enough to get an autograph or a picture with Tori. I read about the M&G in Chicago, and I didn't want a repeat -- especially if I've been waiting since 6:30 a.m. I must say, I don't think I'll coordinate another M&G because it can get a little overwhelming when the numbers reach 131! I mentioned to Tori that I organized the M&G, and she said, "Thank you, thank you very much, I really really appreciate it. Now, I need you and your husband to stay right here and make sure nobody moves." Wow! Cool! I also asked her about Tash and she said she was having a fun time on the tour. She signed my book and I told her I had a middle name I hated and she laughed about ugly middle names our parents name us and she said, "Oh, but it's okay now, right?" The crowd was great considering we were dehydrated and cramped. People pressed in a little, but that always happens. I noticed her instructing Smitty (security) a couple of times about crowd control. I think he's still learning the ropes because as we all very well know, Joel put everyone in their place right from the start. She also mentioned something about just having her hair done and the outdoor heat. Again, I'd like to thank everyone for cooperating. Things were starting to break up for a few seconds there when people started charging the barricades, but we manage to keep it civil. Before she left, I started singing the first two lines of Little Amsterdam, and she looked at me and winked. When she played LA at the concert, there was this n-n-n-n-n-n-n sound and everyone yelled. You just HAD to be there! I can't wait for the tour with the band!

Posted by: Mikewhy

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