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Original Sinsuality Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's April 12, 2005 concert in Boston, MA

Updated Wed, Apr 13, 2005 - 2:10am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Boston, MA concert at the Orpheum Theatre. Tori set list included Little Amsterdam, Carbon, Cars and Guitars, Sweet Dreams (Tori's song), Doughnut Song, Ribbons Undone and the covers Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics) and River during Tori's Piano Bar segment of the show. If you were at this concert and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Original Sinsuality Tour Forum. It would be nice to get as many different viewpoints about this show as possible!

More Details

Tori performed in Boston, MA on Tuesday, April 12, 2005 at the Orpheum Theatre. Tori's special guest was Matt Nathanson and the show started at 7:30PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Happy Phantom
Sweet the Sting
Little Amsterdam
Cars and Guitars

Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics cover)
River (Joni Mitchell cover)

Jamaica Inn
Space Dog
Goodbye Pisces
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Sweet Dreams

2nd Encore

Doughnut Song
Ribbons Undone


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Original Sinsuality Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

Tonight's show was really wonderful, and Matt's second favorite show of the tour so far. The sound in this venue, which was quite old, was incredible. Tori's voice is remaining really strong on this tour. It is crystal clear and she is hitting all the high notes.

Sweet Dreams was a huge surprise, and one that really pleased Matt because the Eurythmics are his favorite band. Before the song Tori told the audience that they were going back to the 80's and said something about having big hair back then. During her cover of the Eurythmics Sweet Dreams, during the part of the song that goes, "Hold your head up", Tori added her own lyrics to the song. Please email The Dent if you have an exact transcript of what Tori sang. The lyrics in part sounded something like, "been around the world, I'm an American girl...".

During the "copper to steel" part of Doughnut Song, Tori paused because she forgot the lyrics. She seemed to be waiting for the audience to tell her what the next line was. Several people did, and Tori said something like, "One person please..." which was cute.

Before the final song, Tori said that Tash asked her if she had ever been to Boston before and asked to stay up and watch the show. Tori said no, but promised Tash that she would play Ribbons Undone for her, which she did to close out the show.

Tori's only variance from her written set list was the final encore. She was supposed to play Honey and Horses, and instead played Doughnut Song and Ribbons Undone! Also, Tori played Space Dog differently tonight than in Philly. There she played the entire thing on the piano. In Boston, she began the intro lyrics on the organ, and then played most of the rest of the song on the piano. She ended the song playing BOTH the organ and piano. So it is interesting to see how Tori changes a song around in just one day on tour!

From Natasha:

This is probably the first and last time that I post on the; though a long time follower of Tori and, I am a recovering Tori-addict and proud to post how I was released in a good way from my addiction tonight by tonight's show. I saw Tori for the first time at the Orpheum in June 1994. Tonight she returned with her trademark knickers, although this time they were of pink leather, instead of denim. She had great platforms on and may I say...thank you Tori for transporting me into a time portal back to 1994 while keeping my now, 28 year old self in check.

"Little Amsterdam, " everything rocked tonight and someone even shouted: "This is a ROCK show" or something to that effect and she agreed and then launched into Her cover of "Sweet Dreams," which really rocked my world, one of the best suprises I have had in all my shows.

But one experience I had at the end of the show, just made Tori, TORI for me. She was perfectly expressive, chatty and emotional the whole show. I think I saw tears during the Beekeeper tonight, especially as she said,"Send this to Michael."

I think what really makes this concert for me was "Ribbons Undone." Although my "heart wrenching in my soul-song" for so long has been--"Doughnut Song," which was so wonderfully punctuated by an especially perfect moment where she blanked on my favorite line, which was when she asked for the crowd for the word "COPPER," which we shouted with glee. But it was "Ribbons Undone" tonight, which is so unexpected from me.

You see, Tori has been my voice for so many years, because I had so few real supports in life...I think many a Toriphile can relate tothis and that for reason that life events bring along, I found my own voice finally in January, just before TBK. This occurred after many sad mishaps and losses in my life. I, at that point in January, opened my computer and began to rebuild on my songlistin which every song of sorrow was Tori and about to play it, but something indescribable, I guess it is called "growing up" happened to me. At that momentI was called to action to care for many, as I had been called to do in the past, but with just my own, words. Tori was an emotional crutch for me for many years...sure, go ahead and call me codependent, but you do what you have to. Tonight,I was able to hear myself because she was just sheer musical brilliance, not my shoulder to cry on. I realized to not rely on anyone else for reason or inspiration because Tori's guidance had gotten me here, to this email and my growing with her was such a part of my life. "Ribbons Undone" tonight let me realize who I was and it was my time to run--OK scorn me now for that sappy idea.

The best part of the show was at the end when I ran into a woman I met at the recent booksigning in Boston. She had a 5 year old that on the way to school had analyzed Tori's music with her mom. I saw her and waved, met her sweet daughter, and her mom let me know at the M&G her daughter requested "Cars and Guitars." IT was such a sweet rendition of it as well--Tori asking the audience at the beginning to help with the "chu-chu-chu-chu" part. When I found out that was a song for the 5 year old that asked for it just made me realize, speaking from one Toriphile who is set on her own, another Toriphiles life begins--her life growing up to Tori, like I did. Cheers Tori!

From teddy:

i just got home from tori's show in boston and there are not many words that could explain how incredible her show was tonite...i was a bit surprised with some of the song choices as she had played some of them the night before in philly, but since i was not there i was ecstatic that she decided to play them again... i wont do a run down but here were some of the highlights for me...

happy phantom...i absolutely love this song and was so happy she decided to do it again tonight...

sweet the sting into little amsterdam was amazing...tori was so into amsterdam...her playing the organ and the piano at the same time made the song that much more intense...

cars and guitars...what a welcome surprise...definitely one of faves off the beekeeper...

CHINA...i almost fell out of my chair...this song brings back so many wonderful memories of my teenage years with friends in was also kinda weird that she played this tonight because i'd been thinking of the song all day long...i bet it's just my e.s.p....heehee

both sweet dreams were right on point and closing with ribbons undone was marvelous...she played it for tash...she asked her mommy to play it for it her since she wasn't going to be at the show...

anyways, time to dream the night away...hope whoever is going on to detroit enjoys themselves... by the way, matt nathanson was pretty good...he only played for about a half hour but got the audience to do a little sing-along with him...heehee

From Brian Fahey:

Great show tonight! It started off very playfully with Happy Phantom and Sweet the Sting. "The last time I saw you guys I had just turned 40." She joked about growing older and hot flashes. She asked how old the man who had been yelling "I love you Tori" was. When he yelled back "45" she replied with "Fuck off!"

Little Amsterdam was excellent and Crazy was perfectly mellow and beautiful. Before going into Sweet Dreams (the cover of the Eurythmics) she talked about the 80s, and how big her hair was. She seemed to be in a great mood, more talkative then I've seen her recently.

Space Dog worked great on the dueling piano and organ, and China was a suprise and sounded wonderful. She ended the concert with Ribbons Undone, saying that her daughter had asked her to play "her song." "Mummy, have I ever been to Boston before," her daughter had asked her. It was the perfect closer.

Overall an excellent show. The audience was very respectful, and although The Orpheum isn't the best venue the acoustics were fine.

Can't wait for the summer and to hear some of the new tracks with the band!!

From Philippe:

the show tonight was amazing and filled with good surprise Little Amsterdam !! great new mix with the organ....

Sweet the sting is even better when she is solo on the piano.

Crazy sounds so much better live than on the album !

OMG the beekeeper is so hypnotic ! fantastic! high point of the evening. Space dog was different... good different.

Ribbons undone was very emotional, especially after the touching intro story about her daughter....

I Was so happy she sang carbon (one of my faves) and doughnut hole (I was shocked to hear it)...

JAmaica inn and Pisces were ok but faded next to the others.

In short, I was extremely satisfied with this show and tori hasn't lost it at all, like some claim. Her new songs were stealing the show and this shows she still has it in her!

From Chuck Frye:

Kind of a return to the Tori of old on her latest Boston appearance as she seemed a little more chatty and animated than in her past couple of tours. Acknowledging the yells of patrons, talking with several people up front, soliciting help on a song temporarily forgotten ... it was nice to have the interactive Tori back.

Setting a great mood with set openers "Sinsuality," "Happy Phantom," and "Sweet the Sting," Tori mused about turning 40-years old. Paraphrasing, she said that she had to deal with hot flashes but other parts of her got hot, too! That seemed to open the door to a physically entrancing evening. Working the piano with an abundance of hand gestures new and old, Tori also was enthralling when playing both piano and organ simultaneously in what looked like impossible positions for a body to assume (like playing the high notes of the organ and piano at the same time while also singling, wow!). Everything was done flawlessly.

Playing a very well-balanced set, highlights included the Piano Bar segment with a Torified version of Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)," three songs from "Little Earthquakes" led by a provocative "Leather," and beautiful performances of "Ribbons Undone" and "Jamaica Inn." The sound was pristine (it helped sitting right next to the sound board) and the sellout crowd was equal parts supportive and attentive.

A great environment for a Tori Amos concert both in audience and auditorium, an artist in prime form, and a set list that took advantage of everything. Definitely one of the best Tori shows I've ever seen.

By the way, who was that man standing on the far right side of the stage staring at Tori most of the night?

Read a press review of this show from The Boston Globe.

From Jim Semp:

Tori exorcised all demons tonite... it was apparent from the moment Tori took the stage in the precocious jumpsuit that we were going to be in for a wild ride... and ride we did: she knocked our socks off... from her take off on Genesis in the opener to a fantasmic Phantom to Pele's Little Amsterdam to a tour debut of Cars and Guitars to the marriage-angst songs Carbon and Crazy to an awesomely emotive Cooling to a heartfelt and interpreted China to a newly-improvised evolving version of Space Dog with the organ to a precision Beekeeper to a surprise Doughnut Song and a closer for her daughter in Ribbons. We got it all!!! Thanks Tori... for being you!! We love you!!! See you this summer with the band!!

(Yes, I was the guy at the back row of the first orch. section, right center, row RR, who was holding up my cell phone, so that a friend back home who couldn't come, could hear some of the concert!)

From Kat Waters

This was my sixth concert and as usual, an overall incredible experience. For one, I finally got to meet Tori, but this is for reviews of shows so I'll stick to that.

I thought Tori looked and acted absolutely adorable for the show. She seemed upbeat and more than a little libidinous at time, as well as amusing -- talking about how women have "something to look forward to" in their thirties/forties sexually, and about getting high and such.

As for the songs:

Original Sinsuality -- I like this song a lot, although I wouldn't say I loved it. However, it was done excellently live, so I really enjoyed it and it had a definite sensuality to it.

Blood Roses -- I actually dislike this song, but it's not something I've heard live before so hearing something new was a treat.

Sweet The Sting -- It's one of the songs I like from TBK so I was glad to hear it, even if I personally may have chosen a different song. However, like Original
Sinsuality, she did a beautiful -- and sexy -- job live.

Icicle -- I've never heard this song live, so it was awesome to hear it this time -- and again, sexy!

Take To The Sky -- I think I've heard this at every show I've seen, but I never tire of it. It gets the audience involved and it's an upbeat song and one I really like, and as usual it was lovely live.

Toast -- Given its emotionality, I and others were surprised to hear this song. It was an emotional experience.

Bells For Her -- I really like this song a lot, so was glad to hear it live; it sounds so different live, and it's a refreshing change.

Growin' Up (Bruce Springsteen cover) -- I thought she did a fine job, but I'm unfamiliar with the original.

Vincent (Starry Starry Night) - (Don McLean cover) -- I think it was better than the original, personally.

Parasol -- This is the first song from TBK that really grabbed me emotionally, and it was AMAZING live. Watching her switch from instrument to instrument and tone to tone was stunning.

Seaside -- I'm actually not that familiar with this song, but most Tori songs are lovely live.

Happy Phantom -- I ADORED hearing this.She was so cute during it, crossing one leg over the other several times and being generally bouncy.

Jamaica Inn -- I LOVE this song, so I was extremely thrilled to hear it live.

Yes, Anastasia -- This is another song I only enjoy live. It was really funny when, while singing "high, high, high" she sang "i wanna be high, high, high".

The Beekeeper -- Everyone rushed the stage at that point. Truth be told I'm not a big fan of the song, but it was truly exquisitive live.

1st Encore

Winter - I never tire of this song, and the added part about Michael made it even more emotional.

Cooling -- Another song I only truly like live, and it was a perfect followup to Winter.

2nd Encore

The Power Of Orange Knickers -- I hated this song until I heard it live. She did an amazing job with it live.

Putting The Damage On -- I LOVE this song, and was completely thrilled when she closed with it. Plus it was cute when she was singing about fooling around with her husband, and said "well, fuck".

Overall, I thinkit wasa great experience.

From Amber Brown:

This was my third show of Tori's (previously went to Under the Pink show in Dallas and From the Choir Girl Hotel in Austin) and the first time I got to go back stage and meet the Lady herself!!!!! She was so incredibly friendly, surprising small considering the power of her voice and about a thousand times more beautiful in person! She was happy to sign two of my albums (I brought TBK and Little Earthquakes), she then took a pic with me! Super highlight of my life! This show was much more mellow than the last show I went to (Choir Girl Tour - which was a lot of her more "up" music was a energetic blast!) But this show was incredibly powerful, as she played a lot of her older albums and a good mix of her new. I was surprised it was just her on stage - but that didn't take from the music at all. It's amazing when she plays 2 pianos/organs at the same time! To answer above, These Dreams cover I think she sang "not a good time to be an American girl from the land of the free. You don't really believe what I think you believe...." I am still looking for it on google. It rocked! I am hoping it will end up a B song on one of her Maxi-Singles.

From chromesthesia:

There is something special and intimate about a Tori Amos solo concert. I don't know what it is, perhaps it's because it's just Tori, her piano, organs and keyboard and the audience.

She did what she does best; interacts with the crowd whle singing beautiful and soulful music.

Highlights included her singing Carbon, totally moving and gorgeous, her version of Sweet Dreams was so much better than Marilyn Manson's version, with her own lyrics added in.

Tori Amos also did an excellent cover of River by Joni Mitchell. She's one of the few people in the world who can cover Joni Mitchell correctly.

Crazy was excellent and delicious.

And, she started off with Original Sinsuality, which is one of my favourite songs on the album!

Might I also take the moment to give props to her Borsendorfer piano? I love that thing. The trembles are chilling, cold and ice-like and the bass, velvety, sexy and soothing.

But, the best song of the night I thought was Beekeeper. Gorgeous, enthralling version of that song with the ring of fire spinning on the large beecell above the stage and the fire patterns as she sang the sad and poignant lyrics of that song.

Seeing Tori Amos is worth every cent. Something that every Tori fan should do at least once in their lives. This was my 2 1/5 Tori concert, and probably my favourite because it was solo.

Also, much props to having the concert right near South Station so I could see 99.95% of the show!

From Pam:

It's taken me a few days to come down from my high, but here is another review for the Tori masses. Our seats were fine, I've had better and worse in that venue, so I was cool. The girl next to me was at her first show, so I struck up a convo with her between Matt and Tori to pass the time. She was there with a friend but they had to get seats seperately in order to get tickets at all. It was only about 20-30 minutes until Tori came out, which rocked, cause I didn't want to wait that long.

I was so happy with the setlist. I got to hear a lot of different things from the last show I'd been to. Happy Phantom was my first pleasant surprise. There were times during the show when I knew the song, and knew the album, but couldn't think of the song's name (which just goes to show I am an embarassment to Tori-philes everywhere and must study harder). For at least three of the songs she played both her piano and the organ simultaneously. One hand pounded the upper range on the Bosen and then the other pounded the upper range on the organ, stretching her completely out since they were on opposite ends. And, she pedalled both instruments and managed to nail every song in the process. I was in total awe and the people around me were saying things like "unbelieveable."

I knew she was playing Sweet the Sting as soon as she started to talk because she was doing the same intro as she had the first time she'd performed it. It was funny when she told this older guy who was yelling at her to Fuck Off. I really liked the song, the album version is great, but having it with just piano totally gives it a different and very cool feel. She slowed it down a bit and I think that was the trick. Tori's Piano Bar was good, I loved Sweet Dreams, and I was so wrapped up in the second cover. I had no idea what the song was until I checked the set list later, but she sucked me right in and I could feel every word.

At first I was a little sad that she was playing Cars and Guitars. But again, it was totally different from the album. She had the audience sing the "chu chu chu" part. And she just sang it so well that it made me forget I didn't like the song much in the first place. Tells ya what kind of artist she is. I think she played a great selection of songs in comparison to the other shows on the tour that I'd looked at. Jamaica Inn, Space Dog, Goodbye Pisces, and China definitely helped seal the show for me. I suddently didn't care as much that she hadn't played Martha's Foolish Ginger or Toast. When it came time for the Beekeeper I was on the edge of my seat. I spent most of the show leaning forward, drinking up every note as she gave it to me. I couldn't tell whether or not anyone came up to the stage for it. I had a clear view of her all night, which rocked. No one ever got up and left near me or anything. Despite what other people have posted about how the Beekeeper isn't a good choice without her band, I think it makes it better. It was prayerful and melodic, ghostly and serene. One of the reviewers on the dent had a pretty good seat and said she thought Tori might have cried during the song.

The encores could not have been better. I heard Leather at the last show, but loved that I got to hear it again. She just fucking rocks that song. And I was so happy that she played Sweet Dreams. The first time I'd heard it was on a single for another song of hers. I just love the words and how she translates it through the music and her guestures as she plays. "Lizards and snakes running through my body, funny how they all have my face" was awesome with inflection she gave her voice and her arms gesticulating about. I didn't recognize Doughnut Song for what it was, other than knowing I knew it, and it was so pretty and sad.

I had no idea what the last song was going to be, but I definitely had hopes. If you'd read the first review, you'd have seen that the last 2 songs I got weren't the original plan. It was supposed to be Horses and Honey. That would have been fine with me too, because those songs rock. However, she started to talk about Tash. And that got my little antennae up fast. "Mummy, have I ever been to Boston before?" is what she asked her before the show. (Looks like living in England is giving Tash an accent.) Tash asked her if she could stay up and watch the show. Tori said no, she couldn't, so Tash asked her to play her song for her. As soon as she said those words, I practically burst into flames. The piano started and Ribbons Undone began. It was better than I could even begin to think she'd play it. I began to cry as soon as she hit the chorus. The best part of the song was that after the second verse, she played the chorus AGAIN!!!! When she did that I was in heaven. Tears flowing down my cheeks and grinning like an idiot. She ended the song quietly, whispering the final "ribbons undone" in a tone of voice that almost makes me think she had a few tears as well. It brought down the house and totally brought the show full circle.

The thing I liked about the show was that everyone sat through the whole thing. You didn't worry about people standing up in front of you and stuff. I think everyone was just mesmerized in their seats. The only cheering was in the beginning of a song when you heard what she was about to play, and at the end after she'd sung the shit out of it. She got a standing ovation at the end and flitted away, in my mind back into the reddish-pink lily she came out of that night.

From Debbie:

Sweet the Sting- the "sexy sexy" improv, was just i think this song is just great live

Little Amsterdam- i asked tori to play barons of suburbia at the meet and greet. she pretty much flat out said no "it's really tricky." so i asked her if i could have a second choice...she said yes and i just heard "little amsterdam" fall out of my mouth. she promised me she would play one or the other because it was my last show on the tour. i thought it was amazing on the organ and piano, but no one else seemed to care.

Cars and Guitars- the 5 year old girl who requested this was soo cute. i was glad when tori played this for her and even though i like it the least on the album it was still better live. in the words of someone i met at the soundcheck "i'm going to hire five year olds to make my song requests"

Sweet Dreams and River- both covers were awesome. during sweet dreams tori gave us the finger when singing her own lyrics (something about land of the free). river is my favorite joni mitchell song and i have never heard tori do it before so it was a special treat for me.

Jamaica Inn- you how you can hear a song on the new album and its blah and you here is live then it is amazing. not jamaica inn. it is sooo boring no matter how you slice it. the keyboard work though on the song is stellar.

Space Dog- so good. i loved the beginning and end on the organ.

China- i'm sorry, i would never request it for fear of being beheaded, but i love this song. she could sing it every show as far as i'm concerned

The Beekeeper- tori was visably crying during this version. less polished, more raw and haunting

Doughnut Song- i love this song, although i was hoping for something different (like honey on the setlist). i was really over the song when tori forgot the words to "copper to steel" although it was funny

Ribbons Undone- i am the crappy person who was like "oh tori not again" after her telling her cute "tash tash" story, but i was pleasantly surprised because she repeated the bridge and the chorus and was obviously very into it.

overall a great show. tori had said at the meet and greet that she was late because she was doing something for the "telly," so maybe there will be a tv interview soon. tori also soundchecked garlands and money by pink floyd so detroit might get those tonight.

From Lou:

Wow,wow,wow,wow,wow, unbelievable! This show was awesome. From the powerful intro to Original Sinsuality to the beutiful final, I was enchanted by Tori Amos. The sound was excellent and there were no technical problems. Tori's voice was amazing hitting the high notes especially on Cars and Guitars and a woo-hooing part on Ribbons Undone. I smiled through much of the show, it was Fun-tastic!

She wore a black silk shirt covered by a knitted, black and white striped dress with red and white flowers at the top. Nice! Tori wore some white pants with black lined nylons and a pair of high heel sandals. Her hair is getting long (half way down the back) and at times seemed to glow like gold. She wore a black choker and had a silver braided wristband on the right hand.

Tori was in a playful mood, talking and joking. She mentioned something happening when she turned 40. Don't give up, along with the hot flashes, something good happens. A guy yelled I love you. She asked "how old are you?". He replied 49 and she exclaimed "fuck off". Outrageous! She mentioned Tash asked her if she had ever been to Boston and could mummy play her song here. Sweet!

During the doughnut song she stopped and turned to the audience with a crazed and puzzled look. Pepople started shouting the line and she demanded "just one person". At the end of this song, she repeated a line "you can tell me its over" a number of times. Neat!

Often she would sit somewhat facing the audience with her legs crossed. At times Tori played the Hammond while reaching back to play the piano and sing at the same time. Remarkable!

Tori displayed alot of energy, pounding the piano especially on space Dog. It rocked! She also went into the Shroeder, head down, wild playing on both piano and hammond on many songs. The beginning to Jamaica Inn sounds almost like bagpipes. Tremendous! During Cooling she looked out to the audience often. The big screen shimmered with blue waves. Cool! Tori did a little sexy, sexy intro to Sweet the Sing and she really moved around on it. Lovely! She was lit up in red for China and it got me tearry-eyed. Tori played much of Pisces with her eyes closed. It was punctuated by emerald green lighting. The piano bar songs were terrific! I could go on and on, but...

This was one of my faves of all time.
Met some nice people at the M&G. Tori signed a print by Paulina Stuckey (Toriluna)which she really liked. I didn't expect to talk with her and spassed out. If anyone got a pic with Tori & me (tall guy, blue fleece coat and short hair), I'd love to get a print. Enjoy the rest of the shows!

Posted by: Mikewhy

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