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The set list and reviews from Tori's March 12th concert in Grand Rapids, MI

Updated Thu, Mar 13, 2003 - 3:49am ET

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Tori's incredible set list included Strange Little Girl (for the first time on this tour!), Liquid Diamonds, Carbon (solo), Here. In My Head (solo), Riot Poof (for only the second time on this tour) and Rattlesnakes. If you were at the Grand Rapids show, please email me with your reviews and/or set list or post your review or comments in the Dent's Concert Reviews forum. (You can post under any name without registering, so it is quick!)

More Details

Tori performed in Grand Rapids, MI on Wednesday, March 12, 2003 at Devos Hall. The opening act was Rhett Miller.

Set List

Many thanks to John and Matt Page who phoned me with the set list after the show.

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Strange Little Girl
Cornflake Girl
Liquid Diamonds
Sweet Sangria

Band Leaves

Here. In My Head

Band returns

Caught A Lite Sneeze
Amber Waves
Take To The Sky
I Can't See New York

1st Encore

Riot Poof

2nd Encore

Taxi Ride
Putting The Damage On


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. For more reviews, please check out the Dent's Tour Reviews Forum. Please post your own review if you were at this show!

From John and Matt Page:

People were completely freaking out over the set list tonight! I think some people will find that tonight's show was their favorite on the tour so far. John and Matt had a ton of good things to say about the show. Carbon had an amazing 4-minute long into tonight which led some people in the audience to think that Tori was going to play a new song. The set list included a lot of 'Girl" songs, with Cornflake Girl, Strange Little Girl and Girl. Tori really was intense and freaked out during Take To The Sky. The show was simply amazing and there were no mistakes at all. Tori debuted Strange Little Girl for the first time on the Scarlet's Walk tour, and also did an amazing version of Riot Poof. (This marks only the second time that she has done Riot Poof this tour.) This sounds like it was a memorable show with an amazing set list.

From Andrea Fleuren:

The concert tonight was amazing. Tori was incredible - full of energy and playful.†She was dressed appropriately for the weather - a†flowing overshirt†that was decorated with snowflakes. She was also wearing these cool pink heels that she sang about†in an improv. She mentioned something about having to†abide by a†March 17 deadline but she bought these shoes†in†New†York and sometimes you just have to do what you need to do. Something to that effect. †I was surprised to hear Strange Little Girls, I hadn't expected it at all! She also sang an improv before Horses that wasn't Beauty Queen related. She kept repeating the phrase "true Mother" Wednesday was fantastic. It's one of my favorite songs on Scarlet and she did a wonderful job. The Take to the Sky with improv at the end was amazing. It hasn't ever been my favorite song but this rendition blew me away. The crowd was going wild. There were a few technical glitches - they left the Roadside Cafe sign hanging too long and it was in front of Matt. But nothing diminished the energy and excellence of tonight's performance. I had a great view - fifth row center and I was able to see all of Tori's cute facial expression and gestures. Especially when she lifted her shoes up for everyone to see. I've seen Tori in concert four times now and this performance tops them all!

From ally:

tonight's show was simply amazing! tori was very "on" tonight and really conversed none with the audience. before she introduced the band she sung a beautiful improv about her pink shoes and how the UN put a deadline for march 17th, but her deadline was when she put her shoes on. this included her throwing her feet up on the bosey.

before carbon she sang for so long, i wasn't sure if it was a new song or not, and i couldn't make out the words very well, something about being free or feeling? i don't know, but it was so amazingly touching. during take to the sky she seemed to just JAM with the band -- i wish this would have gone on much longer, all three on stage were just grooving together and she sang "i feel the earth move under my feet" -- the carol king song -- and then returned for the end.

i've seen a lot of tori shows, and this by far has been one of the best.

From ChiaotzuFreak:

Great setlist, great improvs, great crowd, great venue... all around awesome show!! Though it doesn't *quite* compare to Cleveland on the first leg for me, this show was almost as good. Highlights included: Strange Little Girl, which I was NOT AT ALL expecting! I started freaking out as soon as she started up on the Wurly... it sounded almost identical to the album version, and it was just mad fun. Her "Pink Leather Shoes" improv was adorable. Leather was adorable as well -- I've seen this live (too) many times, but she really took it to town this time around. Take to the Sky got really intense during the "I feel the earth move" part... the crowd went bonkers for it!! Riot Poof was fantastic, and I couldn't stop grinning when she started up Rattlesnakes (one of my personal favorites). If only the weather were better, it would have been a perfect night!

From Laura at the Dew Drop Inn:

The Grand Rapids show was simply amazing!

This was my 2nd show in 2 weeks. We had 4th row center tickets, so we had an excellent view, and the acoustics were near-perfect . Tori and the band appeared to be in a very good and energetic mood; the musicianship and singing were top-notch. But what made the show truly outstanding was the set list; I saw her show in Syracuse (which I described as rockin') and found the Grand Rapids show to be much more varied in terms of the types of songs played. Personal highlights (and I've edited myself here since the whole show was outstanding!) ---

- a sorta fairytale - I just love this song, especially live.
- Strange Little Girl - An unexpected song! Loved it.
- Cornflake Girl - Can never grow tired of this!
- Horses - Instead of Beauty Queen, Tori performed a little improv before Horses, with the gist about not taking care of "our Mother" which, given her metaphor to America being "our true mother" and her anti-war view gave the lyrics of Horses a really unique interpretation (e.g., army keep perfectly stilll; make mother well; etc.). I found this to be a very emotional and amazing song live. The percussion was super (tympani drumsticks were used).
- Carbon - One of my favorites from SW; definitely an unexpected treat! There was a short improve before the song (but I have no recollection of the gist!)
- Here. In My Head - Wow! Beautiful!
- Strange - Another SW surprise!
- Caught A Lite Sneeze - Fantastic; the percussion was stellar.
- Amber Waves - I quite like this song on the CD and really liked it live!
- Take To The Sky - This was probably the highlight; I absolutely loved the "I feel the earth move" improv at the end; the crowd was electric!
- I Can't See New York - VERY intense; beautiful.
- Rattlesnakes - I love this song and thought it was a real treat live.
- Taxi Ride - What a great song.

I don't think she spoke to the audience, but did sing a little "hello Grand Rapids" improv and sang something about her new shoes (and put up her legs to show us pink heels!), the US's deadline and sang something about "a woman's got deadlines, too."

We also quite enjoyed Rhett Miller; we thought he was a lot of fun and had a great voice.

My friend and I drove from Canada to Grand Rapids (about 5 hours) to attend the meet & greet, so we disappointed that the meet & greet was cancelled. But we enjoyed meeting other fans and sharing the concert experience. This was a really terrific show and was thoroughly enjoyed!

From Chris Kadlec:

I thought that the concert was very much mixed for me. As far as Tori, she really blew some people away. The set list was fabulous and in†Take To The Sky, she†was excellent!!! I adored her way of putting her shoes up in the air! She was wicked cute throughout of the whole concert - certainly a spectacle for any big fan to see!! And her pink leather shoes improv -- if she was making that all up as she was going along... WOW! I didn't get to see any of her other shows on this tour and it was my first show, so I had no expectations to start out with really, except that Tori was there! Although I loved Tori and the chance to see her from the 6th row, I was annoyed that no cameras were allowed. I've always heard Tori was great with those sort of things, so I guess I did expect them to be allowed - the ticket only said "No Video No Audio"... but I know some got their cameras in luckily! I guess I had a bad seat, however close (and I won't complain about that!), but I was seated near a security guard, and sometimes more than one, both of them talking over a few songs (and I don't mean†they were trying to be quiet; they were talking†OVER the music)†and having absolutely no respect for the fans - they obviously weren't among her fans. Along with that, (again, likely just a bad seat on my part), the guards' way of looking right at people and staring them down as if they were breaking some rules really made me a lot more tense than I ever imagined a Tori concert could be. I wanted to write down which songs she was playing and this guard was eyeing me as if I was preparing a bomb or something! I know a few people such as myself were there earlier than anyone around... but Tori never came out or anything, and then we had to watch people who had won a contest from a local station, i-96 (a station I barely even receive at my house, and everyone I've talked to said they have NEVER heard a Tori song on that station before), and they†gathered their contest winners right in front of us and led them in to see Tori as all of us who had been there in the freezing cold, wind, and snow waiting for a chance at... something... were just passed on by. That hurt; just knowing she was maybe 20 feet from us!!!! The light show in DeVos was really great (despite there being occassions I was blinded by lights aimed right at my face :) -- bad luck!!!). So if there are any complaints, it was all on the venue and certainly not on Tori. Tori was fantastic, but I'll never again go to see her in West Michigan. On her next tour, whenever it may be, I'll keep in mind that I'll get my tickets for Chicago instead. Overall, my day could've been so much better, but I was plagued with rude security guards, weather (don't even get me started on that!!! haha), and a whole swath of other things. Venue: 3/10. Tori: 9/10.

From Merry:

I was at the Tori show last night and it was awesome!!! I was very impressed with the songs she played. The lighting and effects really added to the ambiance of the show. This was by far the best show I have ever seen Tori put on.

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