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Original Sinsuality Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's April 4, 2005 concert in Atlanta, GA

Updated Tue, Apr 05, 2005 - 2:43am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Atlanta, GA concert at Symphony Hall. Tori set list during this truly amazing show included Blood Roses, Doughnut Song, Carbon, I Don't Like Mondays, Josephine and the covers Rocket Man and Killing Me Softly! If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Original Sinsuality Tour Forum. It would be nice to get as many different viewpoints about this show as possible!

More Details

Tori performed in Atlanta, GA on Monday, April 4, 2005 at Symphony Hall. Tori's special guest was Matt Nathanson and the show started at 8:00PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Blood Roses
Past The Mission
Sleeps With Butterflies
The Power Of Orange Knickers
Doughnut Song

Rocket Man (Elton John cover)
Killing Me Softly (Roberta Flack cover)

Jamaica Inn
I Don't Like Mondays
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Tear In Your Hand

2nd Encore



The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Original Sinsuality Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

Tonight's show was so amazing. It seems that every show on this tour gets better and better! Tori followed her written set list closely, but was supposed to perform Crazy after Landslide but decided to not do so.

There was an annoying woman who was screaming loudly during Landslide. It was really out of control and rude. Tori actually stopped the song and angrily told the shrieking woman that the Motley Crue concert was across the street, which seemed to shut her up, at least for that song.

Tori's performance of The Beekeeper was extra intense tonight. Like she has been doing since the tour started, Tori is heard saying "Send a message to Michael" during the song. Tori really entended the ending of The Beekeeper a long time, holding this low vibrating note for a long time. It was fantastic.

As for tonight's theme, one could call this The show for The South. Tori at one point spoke to the audience and said something about loving being in the South, but they were leaving after tonight's show. She then said something about pie. I am sure others will elaborate on that.

Before performing Elton John's Rocket Man, Tori told the audience this was a request by a gentleman from Atlanta who reminded her of how much her brother Michael loved the song. Her cover of this was stunning.

In summary, this was one of Tori's best shows ever, and this is only the third show of the tour. Where can it go from here?

From Michael:

Just a small note to let you know about tonights show .... the show was beyond words. There were several times that I thought I was in a deep trance. Her performance of Blood Roses was absolutely incredible as well as Carbon. She started playing Past The Mission and I knew that I was in for a treat. She was incredible !!!! She did an awesome job with The Beekeeper and it seemed like she just wanted to keep on and on and on with this song. I am not much of a critic when it comes to Tori for the simple fact that I love everything that she does, no matter what. I do have to say that this show is amongst one of my all time fave's.

From Cyndi S. Crawford:

the Tori show was AWESOME. my friend Joe and I met up.. ate at the pizza place (I had a DELICIOUS calzonie--a small version of a calzone) and then went to Piedmont Park and walked around for a few hours. then we went and got drinks.. and then we went to the venue.

so.. yeah. we went in.. the opening act dude was quite good.. I thought it was cute how he danced and squirmed behind his guitar so much. REALLY cute..

and then Tori took the stage.. it was different--and awesome--how she was waiting and standing when the curtains rose, and then she did her bow thing that she does (so well) and sat at the piano. never seen that approach before, but I do love it..

anyway.. I'll give a song by song blow here.

Original Sinsuality - I thought this was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. she pounded away on the piano probably for a full minute before she started singing. it was so good..

Blood Roses - her tackling this on the B3 Hammond organ was.. different.. I really liked it.. but it was certainly different and felt a liiiiittle bit clunky to me.

Past The Mission - she did this on the organ too. again, felt a little bit clunky, but was awesome all the same.

Sleeps With Butterflies - I was disappointed that she didn't hit that low note with the first "so go on and fly then, boy" part, but overall, let's just say I was extremely satisfied all the same.

Cooling - this one.. oh my goodness.. Joe and I were *so* rooting for this one.. well mostly Joe than me, (I wanted Black Dove, or "Paper Lanterns" by Green Day.. didn't get either.) but it came on, and the high notes she hit so perfectly just made my soul quiver (best way I can describe it), and made me literally gasp for air.

The Power Of Orange Knickers - THIS song is catchy as all hell. so I was singing right along with her.. heh heh.. it was great.

Doughnut Song - I was knocked OVER when she started in on this.. I never, in a million years, expected this to come out tonight, but it did, and I was *happyyyy*, whew!

Rocket Man (Elton John cover) - I had no clue what this was until she started saying "Rocket Man" in the words. no. clue. I thought it was beautiful and as far as I could tell, the lyrics were about being away from home.. missing the family.. loving what you do but missing being at home with the people you love.. very sweet, very passionate. I liked it a lot.

Killing Me Softly (Roberta Flack cover) - it took me a good while to get this, but once I did, I was grooving right along with Tori to this. it was so good. of course, tho, that said, I was pretty let down that she didn't tackle "Paper Lanterns". but there's the rest of the tour. she may hit it then.. I hope.

Carbon - at first I was like "this is probably.. Barons of Suburbia.." then she started in on the singing and I'm like.. "nope, wrong song. same rhythm pattern tho."

Jamaica Inn - Joe and I both agreed that while this was beautiful, Ireland probably would have been better.

Landslide - I did not expect this to come flying out either. and some people were screaming so loud in the middle of the song that she stopped and said something about "fucking Motley Crue". I had my bloody hearing aid in and I *still* couldn't understand her.

I Don't Like Mondays - this knocked me for a blow too because I didn't expect it either. she was really pulling surprises on me tonight.. good ones, but surprises all the same, har har. I was NOT disappointed.

The Beekeeper - I noticed she did this in a different key than the album cut.. but that wasn't even much more than a passing thought. the song and the raw emotion she dumped into it nearly made me cry. she was definitely hitting me in some good, good spots in my soul tonight.

1st Encore:

Tear In Your Hand - by this point, I desperately needed to visit the restroom, so my attention was wavering badly, but I did enjoy singing along with her (and a lot of the others in the audience were singing too).

Josephine - yet ANOTHER surprise. I almost forgot my "where's the blurdy bathroom??" worries with this one.

2nd Encore:

Merman - sneaky girl that she is, Tori snuck this one up on me too. beautiful song and definitely very moving.

Twinkle - I found this to be THE perfect closer of the night. absolutely PERFECT..

all in all, I think it'd be safe to call this "my night of happy surprises with Tori". I was NOT let down by this show.

From Thomas Layfield:

The show tonite at Atlanta Symphony Hall was absolutely amazing. Particular favorites were Blood Roses and Twinkle (which made a great closer). The reverberations off the organ were so massive they actually made it a "physical" experience. I thought the show had a nice dynamic with some darker moments tempered with lighter, more optimistic pieces. I won't bother with a song by song review but I though many of Tori's comments were on the mark. She joked with the audience about refusing to play Georgia on My Mind as she tinkered with it in the background...that cracked me up. On a more pissed off note, I was sitting two rows behind the idiot woman who kept screaming at the top of her lungs (3rd row left side of the loge). Needless to say all of the people around her were extremely angry and we finally went to get the usher. During Landslide, Tori's exact comment to this rude numbskull was "The Motley Crue show is across the fucking way!" To which we all cheered and told her to shut the fuck up. Shortly after, she got up to get what I can only assume was her fiftieth drink of the evening and she tripped and fell down the stairs (to which we all applauded again)....karma's a bitch ain't it. Anyways, once she was finally gone the show went great...breathtaking...fantastic.

From Taryn:

I just got home from the Atlanta show and it was one of the most magical nights of my life! I'm sitting there between sets and Tori's bodyguard Smitty comes to my seat to tell me I won the internet upgrade contest & to move down front! He proceeded to escort me to the FRONT ROW where I sat dead CENTER! I cannot begin to express how wonderful of an experience this was for me. This was my 19th Tori show and it was the BEST EVER.

~Original Sinsuality-Great

~Blood Roses-She did an intro to this so I didn't know what it was immediately. When I figured it out, I couldn't believe it! I just said yesterday I really wanted to hear it, it's been a long time.

~Past the Mission-Great solo. Gave me chills.

~Sleep With Butterflies- AMAZING. I knew this one hadn't been played yet so I was keeping an eye out for her, hoping she would come tonight!

~Cooling. Oh.My.God. I cried when I heard the opening notes. I love this song so much. It's very special to me and I was REALLY HOPING to hear it tonight! It was more beautiful than ever.

~The Power of Orange Knickers- WONDERFUL! Really loved it solo! She sung her heart out on this one. I was really hoping to hear this one too! Orange lights during this song too!

~ROCKET MAN! I had actually requested this song! She said that some guy requested it though so I guess I wasn't the only one. I can't even describe how amazing this was. I LOVE this song VERY MUCH and it was SO special to get to hear Tori do it! I knew how special and sacred this was and I relished every second of it! I couldn't BELIEVE the luck I was having tonight!

~Killing Me Softly-Wow. Wonderful job! Felt really lucky to hear this one too.

~Carbon. All those shows and I'd never seen Carbon. I was SO hoping she'd do this one too! It was more beautiful than I'd imagined it would be. She looked RIGHT at me a few times during this one.

~Jamaica Inn-Georgous. Played on both organ and piano. She mainly used the piano for the chorus and the organ for everything else. It sounded very different from the album version. It was great.

~Landslide! Another jaw-dropper! I've been lucky enough to see Landslide a few times before but never like this! I had also wished for her to play this one but I really didn't think it would happen! Yeah, some dumb drunk lady started really screeching during this one. It was a horrible sound, we thought something was being slaughtered back there. It was so bad that Tori stopped and pretty much yelled, "The Motley Crue show is across the fucking way!"It was HILAROUS! The audience was in an uproar for afew moments after that. I was crying I was laughing so hard. The idiot finally shut up and Tori started up again like nothing happened. It was the most beautiful version of Landslide I've EVER heard. I cried, of course.

~I Don't Like Mondays. I've never heard this one before either! I've been listening to it lately and I had a feeling she might play it. I also don't like Mondays but this has been definitely the best Monday of my life so I may have to change my mind about that! It was beautiful and touching.

~The Beekeeper. Only song played on the bigger organ. I was hoping it wasn't The Beekeeper since I knew that was the last song! It was georgous. I was close enough to see the tears building in her eyes at the end of the song, then she ran off stage.

~Tear In Your Hand. Another one of my all-time FAVORITES I'd really hoped to hear tonight! I LOVE this song, I've loved it for YEARS. It's very special and meaningful to me. To get to hear Tori do it solo, and see it from that close up...I just can't describe it. Beyond words. I cried.

~Josephine. I knew she started to do this one the previous night and didn't at the last minute. I'm glad. It was brilliant.

~Merman. NEVER seen it either! I know how rare this is so it was extra special. I love this song. It was unbelievable live & solo.

~Twinkle. This isn't usually one of my favorites but I had a feeling it was coming. I actually thought she'd started to play it earlier but then she played something else. I think part of the reason is it's so short! But this time it really hit me. I'm not kidding,she looked DIRECTLY into my eyes and sang, "But I know a girl twice as hard." I know it's silly but I really felt like she was singing this for me. I can be a pretty hard bitch if you piss me off!

I'm also pleased to add that besides the one drunk dumbass, the Atlanta crowd was impressively quiet and respective like I've NEVER seen. No one was singing along or talking and I didn't hear a single cell phone ring! Of course for once I was in the front so if people were getting up &down a lot, I wouldn't have noticed or cared.

All in all, one of the best nights of my life, no doubt. I still feel like I should pinch myself to make sure it really happened! I'm going to be feeling high off this for a while! Don't think I don't appreciate how lucky I got. I am grateful with my whole heart for my fantastic, unforgettable night! Hope everyone else enjoyed the show as much as I did!

From Clay Mitchell:

Upon the opening of the curtain, Tori is positioned standing in front of the Bose, head bowed. She is radiant, dressed in a flowy white dress, with just a touch of light, creamy yellow added in as accent, but in the lighting, it mainly looked all white. Absolutely angelic, as though she had descended from the heavens.The tone for theoverall show seemed to be quite a mixture, but I would have to classify it as moving & moody. Being on the front row, and feeling the intensity and pureness of Tori's eyes looking out at me directly at times, just made the show that much more special. It felt as though at times she was transposing into verse the pure essence of what she read in my eyes as her own burned into my soul. Quite a riveting moment, and I'm sure other front row goers can relate just as well. The highlights for me from the show were Cooling, Carbon, and the cover songs. Cooling was unexpected, and I've always wanted to hear it live. It simply moved me to tears. Carbon was a treat and one of my favorites from Scarlet's Walk. As far as the cover songs go, very impressive. Again, highly unexpected, original, and moving. Landslide, which was played after "Tori's Piano Bar" had officially ended, was very special and a joy to hear for the first time. As Matt Page and others already reported, The Beekeeper to finish out the set was immensely intense. You can tell the song truly moves Tori in its own way, especially with her message to her brother imbedded in the middle of the song. Being able to see Tori so close and so real, certainly allows you to feel how much she loves her fans and truly absorbs every ounce out of appreciating every minute she's able to perform and be on tour. A remarkable experience for me, and my best friend Jeff, who traveled all the way from Houston to see this show with me. A special thanks to RAINN, Tori, and her management for the opportunity of a lifetime!

From toriMODE/ Ron:

"Killing Me Softly With Mustard-Seed Kisses"

On Sunday afternoon Bradley, Holly, and I headed for Atlanta. We got to our hotel at around 5 p.m. We freshened up and went to eat at Houlihan's. Had the worst service, but the food was decent. Bradley and I got a little tipsy while there. I had some chocolate martini's, and he had his extra dirty with extra olives. After we ate we took our stroll back down Peachtree Street down to our hotel room at the Residence Inn Marriott. I looked up part of the Orlando's set list, and wasn't very impressed with it compared to the opening night in Clearwater. But I was glad to see that she had played Leather, so hopefully Tori wouldn't play it in Atlanta. Slept about 8 hours and then woke up. Bradley and I went to get coffee and ended up at Dunkin Donuts. There's foreshadowing happening here. We came back to the room after that and checked out. We spent all day in Atlanta shopping at Lenox Mall and Phipp's Plaza, and then onto Little Five Points. I bought the Boys for Pele album on vinyl at one of the stores at Little Five Points. We killed time until it was time to meet up at the Old Spaghetti Factory. We got there first and I got a table for ten. Shortly after we got sat, a group of people came over to the table that I instantly recognized--Seth, Liz, Megan, and Chris. It was great finally meeting them in person. Seth said that Stu would be joining us later on. We ordered drinks, salad, soup, etc. Had some nice Tori conversation, and then we ate, and Stu finally arrived, and we caught up with him, and after we left, we took a couple group pictures, and then parted ways. Stu rode with me and my bunch over to the Woodruff Arts Center/ Symphony Hall. We got parked, and changed clothes in Bradley's Sequoia since our extended check-out at the hotel didn't pan out as it was supposed to. I called my bestfriend Kelly and she was already inside the venue sitting down in her seat. We got inside, and bought programs/posters/t-shirts, and then I got a couple of waters, and I sat down next to Kelly right before Matt Nathanson finished his last song of his 20-minute session. I hate that I missed most of his performance, but I was the for Tori first and foremost. Showed Kelly the program, and I really thought they did an excellent job on it. Tori has never looked better than the photographs in the program. I introduced Bradley (my boyfriend) to Kelly, since they had never met. I saw Luke in the row behind us and Kelly and I waved back to him. Before the show started, I saw Dor out front and we talked briefly. I did see Evan/AolHater and I believe Brad/No Angel Came in the venue's lobby. Other than that I didn't see much of anyone that I recognized until after the show ended. The show started promptly at 9 p.m.

There's a red drape that lifts up, and Tori's rigth there standing right in front of the Bosendorfer, and before you know it, she's already starting into the first song.

ORIGINAL SINSUALITY--Can't say how much that I adore this little song. She makes the song longer and reiterates the Yaldaboath pieces, which transcends me to another world. That part is seriously one of my all-time favorite vocal deliveries from Tori. I squeezed Kelly's left leg as she was doing that middle section. Just so perfectly dark and magical.

BLOOD ROSES--So there was a contract that Tori signed at a book-signing a month or so ago, and tonight this song came out. I don't think many people recognized the song until Tori started singing, but I was paying close attention, and could hear Blood Roses before I was sure it was in fact that song. The performance sounded really great on the organ and piano. Wasn't as angst-driven as I like the song to be, but still so powerful. I so wanted to sing really loudly along with Tori, but I refrained. Definitely a highlight of the show. The 2nd time I've heard it performed. First time being in Atlanta '99.

PAST THE MISSION--One of my distant friends that I remember from the Under the Pink days. My favorite version is from the StrangeLittleTour, but this was played so well. The organ really complimented this song tremendously. Very close to the album version, just with a little difference in overall sound.

SLEEPS WITH BUTTERFLIES--So I started wondering if Tori was ever going to perform this song on the Original Sinsuality Tour, and then Tori starts into this nice elegant introduction to a song, and it turns out to be SWB! Just so you know, this song has MATURED so much since the times she has performed it on television. The song has been played out, but hearing it in Atlanta was really an awesome thing to witness. So intricate with many added piano parts within the song. I thought it was fitting that she play this with my boyfriend there. I feel that it's our song, however cheesie that may sound.

COOLING--I asked Bradley's sister Holly, on the way to Atlanta, what she wanted to hear most at the concert, and she said her all-time favorite Tori song was "Cooling," so I was just so satisfied for her that Tori performed it. It was beautiful as always.

THE POWER OF ORANGE KNICKERS--It was bound to happen. Had vibes since the BKPR dvd came out, that I was destined to hear this song played Live. Bradley says it's so much better LIVE, than on the album. And it truly is. It becomes a living and breathing creature when played, and the piano playing was just so great during this song. Probably one of my favorites from lastnight.

Sidenote--I made the connection after "Cooling" and "The Power of Orange Knickers" was played that these both involved kisses. Is your place in heaven worth giving up these kisses...these kisses, and then in Knickers--or this secret kiss, am I alone in this kiss? These two songs seemed to fit very well together, and it was a sign that this show was mostly going to involved RELATIONSHIPS, which is what the album The Beekeeper is supposed to be centered around.

DOUGHNUT SONG--The relationship theme was re-enforced, when this beauty was played. Tori does such a heart-aching performance of this song. My first time hearing it was at the Atlanta Lottapiano's show. The experience was diminished by people kicking beer bottles and dancing in the aisles during it at Chastain Amphitheater. So having a chance to hear this song, in the environment it was meant for, meant so much to me. Watching Tori perform it, placed me back in the days of sitting on my bed in my college dorm depressed out of my mind after my first break up from my first major relationship. Doughnut Song is still poignant as ever, and if you remember, I had an omen it would come out (see Dunkin Donuts)! You can tell me it's not over (the song) and I really wish it wasn't!

"Tori's Piano Bar " is lit up on the hexagram overhead screen over the Bosendorfer, and this is where the surprises come out. Tori again mentioned the request on the website, and before starting into the first cover, she said that a guy from Atlanta requested this song. That she had a lot of weird songs requested and some of them were really bad.

ROCKETMAN--I recognized having heard this before, but for the life of me couldn't remember which one it was. Bradley thought he knew what it was, and thought it was "Daniel" and then Tori started into the lyrics, and we knew for sure it was "Rocketman." I'm not a big fan of Elton John, and really surprised to hear this since she just did Candle in the Wind at the first show of the OST @ Clearwater. Great performance nonetheless. She seemed to omit lines from it, and filled it with piano playing instead, but I'm not positive about that.

Before going into the next song she mentioned her brother Michael, and how he loved the following song, and she talked about beer spilling in bars, and requests at the bars she use to play at in Georgetown/D.C.

KILLING ME SOFTLY--Loved hearing this one so much. I remember listening to a really bad mp3 of this song years ago from a performance in 1994, so hearing this gem and rareity played Live, really was a huge unexpected treat. The vocal delivery was more subdued than I would have liked, but it was still gorgeous. Definitely another highlight of the show for me.

CARBON--I think at this point in the show, I was kind of out of it, and saturated by all the songs already played, so when she started performing "Carbon," I was just dumbfounded. I think and go back in past tour catalogue of shows I've been to, and come to the conclusion I had never heard this Live. Carbon grew on me later on after Scarlet's Walk was released, and I recognized its brilliance. I was very happy to hear it, and Tori performed it very well. Kelly said this was probably her favorite moment of the show.

JAMAICA INN--On the hexagram, you see blue water that looked like the reflections coming from the bottom of a swimming pool. So we have the water theme. When Tori performed parts of the song on the organ, it was really too loud, and my ears were very sensitive to it, but I love the alternating of Organ and Bosie. The sexiest thing is TRUST.

LANDSLIDE--So starting with Jamaica Inn, and into this song, I'm getting the color BROWN in my mind. Having heard this song a few times already, I wasn't really excited about hearing it Live again, but b/c my boyfriend Bradley loves Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks, I was really hoping she would do this one, and she did, so it really brought the show to a content level for me. As others have already said, some obnoxious person was screaming OUT OF CONTROL during it. I thought it was funny, but it really did ruin it enough that Tori had to stop during the beginning and telling the annoying screamer that it wasn't a Motley Crue show, or something to that effect, and said "fuck" a couple of times. I love to hear Tori cuss, always makes me laugh, and the rest of the audience as well. Tori knows how to control the situation!

I DON'T LIKE MONDAYS--A continuating of the BROWN-ness of the sequence of song. Not a favorite Strange Little Girl song. She played this one last time I saw her solo in Atlanta during the StrangeLittleTour. Her playing on the Rhodes during this really made the song come alive. Tori's voice took on the resonance of a little girl, and the keyboard playing sounded like a toy piano. The ending effect was perfect for the song.

THE BEEKEEPER--I listened to an mp3 of this song from the Clearwater show, so I knew what to somewhat expect from this song Live. This is my favorite track on the BKPR album, but the beginning....ok well...ALL of the song is really drawn out, but it's a nice time to sit back and really let the atmospheric landscape of the song to draw you in and take you to another world. The ending's sound was different from the mp3. A very dark, almost wall-shaking bass portion was added, and it really made you feel dark throughout. The hexagram showed what looked like fire billowing under a ceiling, circled by a cell. Not sure what they ended with that. Maybe a light at the end of a tunnel. Tomorrow Somewhere.

First Encore

TEAR IN YOUR HAND--Yawn. I'm really tired of hearing this song Live. Almost as bad as Leather (which as you notice wasn't played...thank God and his big fat cigar!!!) Tori did some cute hand waves during the time to wave goodbye parts. Pretty much your standard version.

JOSEPHINE--Ms. Thang was supposed to be played at the previous show in Orlando, but wasn't, so hearing it in Atlanta was sort of expected. She finally penetrated the barrier and made her presence known (Crazy did not). Josephine made me content once again after a strong beginning to the show, a somewhat brown three section part, and then now we have a strong ending to the night's performances. This song is so beautiful. I could never get tired of hearing it Live. This was my 2nd time hearing it; first time being at the Birmingham 2003 show.

Second Encore

MERMAN--I already was brought back to the Birmingham 2003 show with the previous song, but then hearing "Merman" again really made me go back to that time. Again, just like the Bham performance, Tori seemed to mess it up. She repeated the "go to bed" part a few times. She seemed lost, but recovered nicely. Wasn't as emotional for me this time around, but gladly welcomed.

TWINKLE--Having bought the Boys for Pele vinyl, it made sense that a selection from the album would close this song. I had never saw this live, so I felt like I was in for a treat. Beautiful ending to a great show. On the way home I saw the stars twinkling in the night's sky.

Overall, a great show--my tenth, but not my favorite. I would probably rank it somewhere in the middle in the shows I've seen. The show seemed shorter than what I was expecting. Part of this is due to Crazy being taken out from the setlist.

After the show, I met Jill from Belgium, Dana, and socialized a bit with some other friends. I'm already ready for the Summer Band tour!

From tracy scott:

my review is a little different from what everyone else has been saying... i found this to be the rudest audience ever. it may have something to do with the fact that i had balcony seats (for the first time), and i guess people didn't feel like they had to be on their best behavior. the ladies next to me insisted on being the "wooo!" girls and singing along with every song, even when i asked them politely to quit because it was bothering me. i think they sang and talked louder after that. and the lady screaming during landslide did NOT stop screaming after tori cussed at her. she kept screaming, and i heard other people screaming as well. i thought it was kind of funny that she played i don't like mondays after all of that... she really did look deflated at the end when she sang "i wanna shoot the whole day down". i wonder if she cut one of the songs because the audience was getting to her as well... the set list was great, but my whole experience was ruined thanks to the lack of respect from other audience members. and on a kind of funny note, i was one of the people who requested georgia on my mind (i don't live in georgia, so i guess i don't realize how sick of it people can get). i was kind of embarassed when she ridiculed my choice, but at least she acknowledged it! haha!

From Josh:

This is technically my third solo show that i've seen, and it impressed me the most out of all of them. I found it kinda odd that the doors only opened around 30 minutes before the show started. tori's merchandise for this tour is really cute - i ended up buying a poster, the tourbook, a shirt with a picture of her face with an apple over her eye, a shirt that says "the power of orange knickers" on the front, and on the back has her caricature wearing...well, orange knickers, and another shirt that says "cars and guitars" on the front.

i was on row L, which was actually a lot closer to the stage than i had anticipated. the opening act was really good - it was cute to watch his body move around while he played the guitar. after he went off we waited about another ten minutes, and then the lights dimmed and the curtain rose.

the stage was set up like so: to my left, there was the rhodes and the hammond facing each other, and to my right there was ANOTHER hammond and, of course, the bosey, facing each other as well. tori was standing to right of the bosey, next to a screen that was hanging from the ceiling - she was wearing a long white was very harrowing. she did her bow, and bounced over to the piano.

[original sinsuality]
this began with a long piano intro, but i knew what the song would be anyhow. i never got into it much on the album, but the live version is extremely powerful...towards the end she was just wailing.

[blood roses]
this had a long intro as well - it was played on the hammond. i had no clue what it was (i was thinking maybe Professional Widow?) but as soon as she started to sing my jaw literally dropped. it was a very powerful performance. i also noticed that she fucked up a line in the song, and said this instead: "you cut out the throat from the flute of the loon"

[past the mission]
she did an improv before this, singing "i'd be willing/i'm willing" to do various things, and then went into "past the mission". at the chorus she switched over from the piano to the organ, and i think she messed up, because she paused, looked confused, stuck out her tongue, and then started over again. it was really cute.

[sleeps with butterflies]
i honestly didn't expect her to play's not necessarily one of my favourites, but she did rather well with it tonight. i noticed imagery from the video was projected onto the screen above her.

this was a big surprise for everyone, i think. very good performance, but still no "brambles."

[the power of orange knickers]
i was hoping she would play this - at the end she started shaking her head spastically like she used to. she really got into this one.

[doughnut song]
i wasn't expecting this was very good. i got chills all-throughout the song.

now she had a chat with us. she was talking about hearing from us "on that internet" and talked about how there were "some good choices...there's CRAP ones too." she said she couldn't believe how many people requested "Georgia on my Mind" and began playing a few bars of it, all-the-while saying it would be ridiculous for her to play that song here. she played a few more seconds and said "okay, done with that." by this time the "Tori's Piano Bar" sign lit up. she talked about not smoking ("...cigarettes"), but i don't really remember why. she mentioned a guy from atlanta had requested this song, and she didn't know whether or not he was there. she said this song reminded her of her brother, sitting there with his beer, saying "Tori Ellen, play my know, the song for me." and she said "Yes, i know, Michael" and went straight into

[rocket man]
i was absolutely stunned. i had NEVER heard her play this live, and i thought it was absolutely amazing.

[killing me softly]
here again, i was even more stunned when she started playing this. i think she's played this, like, twice EVER, so i felt very privelaged that i was getting to hear her sing it.

this was very good...very solemn, and i must say i like the album version a little bit better.

[jamaica inn]
i didn't recognize this at all. it sounded like she was playing an entirely different song, although what it was doesn't come to me. it was still good, nonetheless, and i'm very happy she played it.

when this started, i whispered "oh my god." a few seconds into the song, someone up in the balcony (i think) began screaming uncontrollably. and this wasn't just was howling. a couple of lines in, tori stops, whips towards the audience, and said "Okay, the fucking Motley Crue show is across the way!" and stuck her middle finger up. Not three seconds later - began playing again. it was amazing.

[i don't like mondays]
this was very good - i recognized it immediately. i noticed she was keeping her voice in a VERY low tone during this song.

[the beekeeper]
i didn't recognize it at first, but i figured it would probably be "The Beekeeper", which kinda bummed me out because i knew it was the end of the main set. it was very good, and at one point she stopped the song, changed the key, began playing a very low note, and continued on. afterward she quickly ran off the stage.

[tear in your hand]
she came back out, and started playing this. at one point she said "c'mon, i need a little help from you guys." she was swaying back and forth - it was so cute. after the second "time to wave goodbye" line, she grinned and whispered "hey".

not bad, not bad - i prefer the band version, and i felt this was a little out of place in an encore. after the song, she stayed on the stage a little longer, waving goodbye, so i wondered if she was only going to do one encore.

great, great live song - and the last piano note at the end of the song was hit PERFECTLY, just like on the record - it was great. i could hear sniffles all around me.

now it was my turn to cry. the song was a little longer, and there was kind of a piano solo after the first verse. at the end, she whispered "we're all" and continued with "so...hard." it was beautiful.

all in all, it was a very good solo show, but i'm looking forward to her coming back with the band quite immensely. i had such an amazing time.

From Stewart Winograd:

I agree with Tracy Scott. That screaming woman didn't stop just because Tori asked her, and for the rest of Landslide whenever it got to a quiet part you could see Tori warily eyeing the balcony waiting for another outburst. When she started I Don't Like Mondays there was another yelp and Tori just shook her head. What a professional she is to have played so well for the rest of us after that!

I have seen five concerts. This wasn't my favorite show because she only did one of my top 20 or so favorite songs (The Doughnut Song), but that's part of what's so wonderful about her shows -- it's not the same damn set list every night, so you never know.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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