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Original Sinsuality Tour: The set list and reviews for Tori's April 3, 2005 concert in Orlando, FL

Updated Mon, Apr 04, 2005 - 3:01am ET

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You can now see the set list and reviews for the Orlando, FL concert at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Theatre. Tori set list included Parasol, Mother, Ribbons Undone, Strange, Not The Red Baron, Never Seen Blue and the covers My Favorite Things and Imagine. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments. You can also post your review of the show on The Dent's Original Sinsuality Tour Forum. It would be nice to get as many different viewpoints about this show as possible!

More Details

Tori performed in Orlando, FL on Sunday, April 3, 2005 at Bob Carr Performing Arts Theatre. Tori's special guest was Matt Nathanson and the show started at 8:00PM.

Set List

Special thanks to Matt Page for calling me with the set list after the show!

Original Sinsuality
Beauty Queen/Horses
Bells For Her
Ribbons Undone

My Favorite Things (Rodgers & Hammerstein / Sound of Music cover)
Imagine (John Lennon cover)

Marys of the Sea
Jackie's Strength
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Not The Red Baron
Famous Blue Raincoat

2nd Encore

Never Seen Blue
Cloud On My Tongue


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. If you were at this show and want to send The Dent a review, please email Mikewhy at with your review or comments.

You can also go to the Original Sinsuality Concert Review Forum and post about your experiences as well, or read additional reviews.

From Matt Page:

Tonight's performance was beautiful. Matt said it was more polished and upbeat than the previous show. Some of the sound problems which were present during the previous show were largely absent from this one. Tori's parent's were in the audience, which makes certain song choices make even more sense, like Jackie's Strength. Tori did tell a little story where she talked about having a few days off, and mentioned she was going to Australia on the tour. She referred to an embarrassing photo of her that was taken there that last time she toured in Australia, but did not want to talk about it now because her mom was in the audience, which was cute. Before Jackie's Strength, she performed a beautiful, roughly two minute long piano interlude which was breathtaking. According to Tori's written set list, she was supposed to perform Josephine before Jackie's Strength, but must have decided to cut it for some reason, perhaps because she was running short on time.

From Danny:

Excellent show. As a side note, The interlude that was played before Jackie's Strength started like Josephine. I didn't see the set list, but I immediately recognized it as Josephine.I guess she decided to play it as a piano solo to intro Jackie's Strength. Parasol was played between the piano and B3. Mother followed by Ribbons undone had a lot of the audience in tears (at least in my section). From what I see, Marys of the Sea will be the segue between the Piano Bar and the second half of the show. Crazy and Strange back to back were awesome. Crazy was solo on the piano and Strange was solo on the Rhodes, as was Bells for Her. My jaw dropped at Never Seen Blue, it was spectacular. Cloud on my Tongue was a great closer. At the end when she's singing "circles and circles and circles again.." at the point that bridge is supposed to end, she sang "I have to stop but I'll keep going" or something to that effect and repeated the bridge, making the end extra long. The two Florida shows have been great, I just wish I could go to more!!

From Nathan:

This is my 3rd Tori concert, and the 2nd time watching her play solo (first time was 2001 SLT in Kissimmee). We were 15 rows back, pretty much dead center (the closest I've been to the stage of all her shows). Tonight was, in a word, spectacular. I wasn't at Clearwater Friday- but I noticed how very different the setlists for the two concerts were. The show was pretty upbeat, with Tori telling some cute stories and smiling a lot. There was a LOT of interaction with her and the audience. She looked absolutely beautiful tonight.

She opened up with a beautiful version of Original Sinsuality, tore into Leather and avery stunning version of Parasol- and didn't slow down all night. She had a varied mix of songs tonight- taking equally from Earthquakes, Pink, Pele, and Scarlet as well as several B-sides. It looks as though the material from Beekeeper is being somewhat restrainedas she played only 5 songs from that album. Very different from the last tour when she was routinely playing 10-12 Scarlet tracks. She didn't play from Venus and Strange Little Girls- however, she did throw the audience for a loop: After Marys of the Sea, Tori began a beautiful 1 1/2-2 min intro which was clearly leading into "Josephine", and then she did an about face and playedJackie's Strength. It surprised a lot of people. It makes sense if time was running short leading to the song being cut- because Tori seemed to start her set late tonight. There was a good half hour wait between Matt Nathanson's set and Tori starting; she didn't begin playing till just after 9. But it was still astrong set lastingjust under 2 hours. She had a good mix of organ and piano- although the piano was definitely used the majority of the show.

For this show, I noticed the lighting was a little more subdued and sparse. It went well with the minimally set stage (2 organs, keyboard, and Bosey) and the easy going song styles played.

I like how, just in 2001, she is mixing up her material- playing a lot of the older songs which are heard less frequently ("Mother", "Red Baron") as well as bringing in more B-sides. I loved "Tori's Piano Bar", and she performed a grand version of "Favorite Things". "Imagine" was also very pretty- played in a somewhat relaxed, very intimate tone, almost like we were at her house for a dinner party, and she's entertaining us.

I'm looking forward to seeing her again when she brings Jon and Matt on tour for the 2nd run of Original Sinsuality. For now, those of you who have tickets toone or more of theremaining 12 shows, prepare yourself to be awed all over. Tori hasn't lost a bit of edge, she's in top vocal form, and she can still kick more ass with a piano and organ than any lip-synching pop diva, or rock band out there. A toast to Tori- our queen beekeeper. We love you.

From Kristy:

The setlist tonight was absolutely incredible! I did notice things weren't as dark asFriday night, but Tori still showed just as much passion tonight as she did in Clearwater. Mother was absolutely gorgeous, and Crazy stole the show for me. Also, Never Seen Blue made an appearance which was fantastic! Tori also played different songs from the Beekeeper tonight than she did on Friday. It was really nice to hear some more of the new stuff. Strange was gorgeous on the Rhodes. Also, before Tori started playing Jackie's Strength, she was definitely playing Josephine. She turned Josephine into an extended, and gorgeous intro and thenwent straight from Josephine into Jackie's Strength. It was really beautiful. And of course, Cloud on My Tongue was a wonderful closer for the show. My Favorite Things and Imagine were both really interesting choices for tonight. They both were done beautifully.

Tori was talkative again tonight and told the audience that they were happy to be in Orlando and that if anyone was bored anytime soon they were going to be touring for awhile. Then she encouraged everyone to come on out to see them again. She then told everyone she was going to Australia, and that the last time she was in Australia she had forgotten to put on her underwear before a show because it was so hot outside and a photographer took a dirty picture of her and titled it Tori Amos Down Under. Everyone laughed pretty hard. She warnedall us girls to make sure we arealways wearing our underwear, even if it is the summer and it's hot. She even said the guys tend to forget too, and pointed back at the sound booth and said "Husband, I knowyou do." It was really cute.

Also, before Tori'sPiano Bar segment she had mentioned that Duncan (her chef) had made her some lemonade form her mother and father's lemon tree.The bottle that it was in had some sort of animal print on it and she told everyone that it just lookedlike that so thatwe would think it was coolwhen in reality it was just a plain bottle. She then turned it around and showed everyone the plain side of the label.She then said "See, it's boring" and then made some reference like it looked like she had been to the doctor or something. She told the audience to pretend to raise their glass for the Piano Bar segment,and she mentioned she has now received over 6,000 requests on the website. Then everyone started yelling requests at the same time and shetold the audience to email her instead. It was funny.

Overall, the show was absolutely incredible! I didn't notice any sound problems inClearwater like someone had mentioned before, buttheall the instruments and Tori sounded amazing. Iknow I say this every time I go to one of her concerts, but shereally does get better and better each time. Sadly, this tour is it for me, but for the rest of you who have yet to all are in for something really, really special. I hope you enjoy it like I did!

From Pandochild:

Another great show! I did like Clearwater better but this was a great show. Mother was stunning of course! I was just so glad to hear again. I only heard it once before. I also Loved Cloud and of course not the red baron! Parasol was also good to hear. I didn't catch everything she said tonight but I know she said something funny about walmart! I took someone tonight that had never seen her before much less really heard any of her music! he loved the show and liked my Favorite things. which was also very good. I wish these moments lasted forever.

From Amber:

Tori never ceases to intrigue me. I was transfixed by her beautiful voice and demeanor. Her intense fiery red hair, flowing white top, sparkly bracelets and sexy platform shoes added such a "sinsuality" to her performance. I was mesmerized by her movement on the piano bench. OH, the way she holds her leg back as she plays, makes me lose my breath every time.

Leather is so damn hot and as the second song of the set, it fired us all up just perfectly. Just before the concert started I met an awesome fellow Toriphile and we discussed our favorite songs, old and new. Mine are "Mother" and "Ribbons Undone", I knew they were related somehow and when she did them back to back it secured my belief. I felt so emotional and even teary eyed during those two. I had been hoping to hear my old favorite live in the 2 shows I've been to, and finally to her it with my new favorite made it so worth the wait.

With Strange, I felt electrified, I love that song! I was surprised to hear "A few of My Favorite Things", but delighted none the less.

We were all trying to figure out what took so ling for Tori's leg of the show to begin, we were in intermission for 45 minutes after Mat. He, by the way, was awesome, and HOT HOT! I was sorry not to be able to pick up one of his CD's. His engagement of the audience was a trip and so much fun!

How I fell in love her. 13 years ago, my first boyfriend made me a cassette tape compilation with Winter and Silent All These Years, and he hand wrote the words to Tear In Your Hand. Even though I grew out of my love for him, my love for Tori has only grown since then.

Thanks, Mike, for the opportunity to tell others my thoughts about the show!

From Jonathan:

April 3 in Orlando was my first Tori Amos concert...yes, yes, I know... It was breathtaking. Her voice was without flaw. Like a serpent in the room seducing everyone at once. Her command of her instruments is effortless and organic. The show was all together exhilarating, haunting and inspiring. Leather, Marys of the Sea, Strange and The Beekeeper were the highlights for me. Beekeeper was utterly entrancing under honeygold lights.

From Repotsearch:

Tori's performance tonight was perfect. It was definitely more polished than the previous night. She also seemed to be more energetic and talkative. I hope the she continues with the trend of having themes whether obvious or not. Tonight's was defintely "Family Theme" with the references to Tash and Mom in "Ribbons Undone", "Mother", and "Jackie's Strength," as well as her mention of her mom during the Australia story.

I believe that no one has made any comments about Tori's new security guard Smitty. Looks like someone did a great job in training him. I think Tori may have even had a few words with him warning and prepping him about the fans' behaviour. He was very polite and nice with us all during the M&G in Clearwater. He said that he was told that we all knew the drill and pretty much left it up to us. During the first encore in Clearwater, he encouraged those in the front row to come to the front of the stage even before anyone attempted to rush the stage as had been done during previous tours. I think that this encouragement may be of a disadvantage to everyone because it leaves an open door to unruly fans.

WhatI noticed tonight was that before Tori had even finished The Beekeeper people were standing up and leaving their seats and before she could finish that last notes of TBK everyone had already rushed the stage.What was disappointing was that after the main set, the audience remained standing up making it very difficult to enjoy the encores. I would recommend to every one that if they do not make it to the stage, that they please remain seated until the ending of the show. This is not the band tour! Save that for the summer!

From Monica:

Tori looked like a shimmery princess wearing all white - especially when the spotlight was shinning down on her. This may be the first time I have seen her when she didn't play "Precious Things" or "Professional Widow" - which was fine, but surprising. After Tori said her mother was in the audience, it seemed more clear that a lot of the songs selected may have been for that reason - "Ribbons Undone," "Mother," "The Beekeeper," "Marys of the Sea." It made it quite touching. She seemed to be in a playful mood. I agree with what the other posts have said that it was also a big surprise that there were not many selections from the Beekeeper, even the latest single. However, it was an incredible show - especially for anyone who has been a longtime Tori fan. I was especially thrilled that she played the Leonard Cohen cover, since I requested that one! It was a show that felt more like a review of Tori's entire career, rather than any of the previous that promoted specfic albums -- totally incredible!

From Ariel:

Amazing show. Great setlist. So glad that Parasol, Horses, and Jackie's Strength were part of the show. Imagine gave me absolute chills. Ended up getting upgraded from the 12th row to front row. That alone was worth the drive. This was my first time seeing Tori solo. Definitely an experience like no other! The other times I've seen her she's had her band along. Thanks again Tori for the amazing experience. Looking forward to the summer tour!

From Natasha:

Orlando was a stellar show and a vast improvement from the Clearwater show. This show was more polished and left you wanting more!! She deviated from her usualtour costume of dress over capri pants, by wearing a filmy top and little white capri pants with fishnet stockings and wedge sandals. Her motions seemed more fluid without the dress hampering her.

She said her mother was in the audience and a pattern of mother/daughter relationships was evident in the set list including: Mother, Ribbons Undone & Jackie's Strength.

She talked about being toured around Orlando by some people and seemed to allude to meeting some of the actors at Disney who play fairy tale characters.

When it came to Tori's Piano Bar, she had the audience hold up their imaginary martini glasses and said her mom was a teetotaler and that she'd have lemonade. Then she started talking about the lemonade Duncan made her and showed it to us.

The songs were amazing tonight. A spectacular show!

Posted by: Mikewhy

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