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The set list and reviews from Tori's March 7th concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City

Updated Sat, Mar 08, 2003 - 5:01am ET

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Sorry for my delay in getting this up. I was having some Internet problems! Tori debuted Father Lucifer tonight, and also did an extremely touching Abraham, Martin, and John. If you were at the second New York City show, please email me with your reviews and/or set list or post your review or comments in the Dent's Concert Reviews forum. (You can post under any name without registering, so it is quick!)

More Details

Tori performed in New York, NY on Friday, March 7, 2003 at Radio City Music Hall. The opening act was Rhett Miller. This was the second of three nights in a row here.

Set List

Many thanks to John who phoned me with the set list after the show.

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Cornflake Girl
Sweet Sangria

Band Leaves

Jackie's Strength
Abraham, Martin, and John

Band returns

Your Cloud
Take To The Sky
Father Lucifer
I Can't See New York

1st Encore

Taxi Ride
Past The Mission

2nd Encore

Hey Jupiter


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. For more reviews, please check out the Dent's Tour Reviews Forum. Please post your own review if you were at this show!

From John:

Tori was visibly crying at the end of Abraham, Martin and John, which was very emotional. Father Lucifer debuted for this tour tonight, and she played it using all three of her instruments, the piano, rhodes and wurlitzer. She sang the "Every day is my wedding day" part. John really enjoyed it, but felt she needed to maybe rehearse it a little more. During the soundcheck earlier in the day, she did Father Lucifer and Professional Widow, which for some reason did not come out during the show.

From MetroJoe82:

Tonight was excellent. Probably not as high energy as last night, but "Abraham martin and John" was amazing. Tori was crying at the end (thanks to a very, very kind person I had front row), it was very emotional.

She was very animated during "Crucify," which was terrific tonight. Most everything was fantastic--"Leather" included.

"Father Lucifer"'s arrival was most welcome and she's revamped it yet again--it was quite nice. I don't agree with those who say she needed to rehearse it more; it sounded great.

She definitely looked at me and smiled during "Past the Mission" when she sang "she said they all think they know him well." I think she recognized me from Albany (maybe, I hope, heh).

All in all, a great show. I'm sad that I can't make tomorrow's show but nothing can top the pure aesthetic experience of tonight (even more exciting than Riverside, I think).

Goodnight everyone. Enjoy tomorrow. I'll be sighing and waiting for the set list to come song by song, lol.

From Erik G.:

Tori was full of energy and the whole band had a great vibe. Tori strutted
around the stage a lot and seemed to be really enjoying herself. She was
also very chatty at the beginning of the show, commenting that she was the
"house band" for Radio City these three nights.

The show was very strong and polished. She played essential songs like
"Crucify" and "Father Crucify", but played a lot of new songs as well. The
crowd seemed to really respond to "Taxi Ride" as it was the first time the
whole place stood up in unison.

Overall, a wonderful evening and a solid performance.

From Brian Tanaka:

This just in...

The citizens of New York City were baffled by the sudden but temporary disappearance of Radio City Music Hall tonight. The mayor and other city officials were relieved to learn at 11:00, when the landmark theatre suddenly re-appeared, that it had simply been "borrowed" by one Ms. Tori Amos who, along with two accomplices, had taken the theatre and all of its occupants to what one participant could only call, in a dreamy blissful voice, "some other magical place".

But seriously, as much as I loved last night's show, tonight's made last night seem like a warm-up.

Tori was just incredible. Right from the beginning she was "on" and in the zone. After the standard Wampum Prayer and ASF, she showed the audience in no uncertain terms that she meant business by way of a stunning Bliss / Crucify one-two punch. Bliss was superb and Crucify was monumental. In fact, of all the Crucify's I've heard this tour, in the new arrangement, I think this was the best.

And from there on Tori kept the focus tight and the energy flowing. She seemed to be in great spirits and really enjoying being "the house band" (she made another reference to that tonight). She really threw herself into the performance physically too, even doing an enthusiastic hair-flinging, head-banging dance during Sweet Sangria.

I think the thing that made tonight special and notable was Tori's singing, and I don't just mean the quality of her voice (which, it should be said, was stunning). I also mean her timing. Her phrasing. The little extra flourishes and sounds. A breathy word here. A note held a little longer with a twist at the end there. All through the evening she just sang every word, every note, right. Better than right. Full of little surprises and extra nuances that, when taken together not only made each song a little richer, but the show overall unified and satisfyingly whole.

I know that this is one of her special skills, but tonight it seemed especially apparent.

The more I followed her singing, the more the comparison with the great jazz musicians like Coltrane, Monk, and Parker came to mind unbidden. Timing. Phrasing. All that music theory stuff that's well above my head, but the technical things that, no matter how much you know about music in your *head*, your *heart* understands perfectly. I know Tori's voice has been described as an instrument unto itself many times before--and with good reason--but tonight the metaphor was all the more apt.

Just as there are no extra words in a great poem, there were few, if any, extra syllables/notes tonight. "Extra" in the sense that they would not move the soul of the performance as a whole forward. Also, I think that this attention to detail reflected how engaged Tori was tonight.

(I'm sure the hardcore jazz folks reading this are eyeing my theory dubiously, but... what the heck; it's just my opinion.)

Pretentious musings aside... the show tonight was also just plain FUN. And bursting with TORI GOODNESS.

Random highlights:

Bliss and Crucify - I've already raved about these two.

Father Lucifer - *Such* a wonderful surprise and it sounded fantastic.

Hotel - Wow.

Jackie's Strength - Exquisite.

Abraham, Martin, and John - Powerful and lovely.

Take to the Sky - The "I feel the earth move" section at the end was extra good tonight.

Jupiter - Another great Jupiter. Tori seems to have gotten over the case of "forgetting jupiter lines" syndrome she had in '01. The "hoo hoo" part of this song is one of the saddest and most beautiful sounds in the world. And it just FILLED that great big beautiful hall.

I could go on an on about each song, but I won't. Suffice it to say that there wasn't a disappointing moment all show long for me. And, as I hinted at above, the flow felt perfect from beginning to end.

I have to say again that the sound at RCMH is great. This was my twelfth show this tour, and I feel that the sound here has been the best so far.

I'd also like to publicly thank Richard for the tickets. Thanks! And I have another thank you for the anonymous person who never showed up to claim the excellent seat up front to which I self-upgraded last night. Thank you, whoever you are.

Can't wait for tomorrow night...

From YKanTfLeaReEd:

tori was really great tonight. she was a little chatty in the begining and made a little joke about how they shouldnt can broadway musicians (they are on strike) but they should can presidents. she then sang a little improv about her daughter, and her wanting to go home, which is far away, but the hotel is near, and new york is ok. she was dressed in this red and teal flowy, sparkly thing...very pretty. also, i dont know if im missing something, or if she always does this but last night and tonight she stopped and did this "brrr" (with a roll of the toung) during cornflake girl, she didnt do at riverside...but its really very cute.

From Kevin:

Tori was very much on tonight. Even if you weren't a fan of all the songs that were played, she did them with such precision and feeling that you were won over.

There was also a brilliance in the song choices, especially since there were great rumblings in NYC today with the UN debating further about the war this afternoon. Jackie's Strength seemed just right and there was an unusual sense of poignancy around God and Father Lucifer. This was my first time hearing Tori with her "house band" as she called them and they were excellent, adding this garage/two step, almost drum and bass sounds to the music. There was certainly a Londonish feel to it, it was great hearing the classics updated in this way, especially after the wonderful job that was done to some of the girls during the SLG tour.

The audience where I was sitting was well behaved, except for two groups of girls who decided to start fighting during Cornflake Girl of all songs...

In any case, with Radio City's Wonderful acoustings and the amazingly strong performance Tori gave, we all certainly wish you were here!

From Dana:

Tonight was truly beautiful to say the least. Not as pumping as yesterday's show- still it was pure bliss! I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

~~Tonight Tori wore a stunning ensemble of gold, red, and green ~ her sleeves were sort of see through- her left was green, right was red. She had a brownish tank underneath. She also wore her hair curly w/ a red ribbon in it.~~


Bliss-- I'm always enthralled to hear this-- lots of energy.

Crucify- she added some words saying "she's in again," "he comes to me," and "I have crawled my way back" -- which she kept repeating.

Tori spoke to the audience for a while saying:

"God I need some lip gloss. How you been? Trouble times/ crazy world- glad we're here together. Miss you so much.
(then referring to the NY musicians on strike) Musicians are in delis. Can you believe no place to go. Were here three days, under contract- quite strict.
(then something about a question) canned music -not a good idea. Canned president- that's a good idea."†

~she then applied her lip gloss, began to dance a little and began Cornflake.

Lust- added some lyrics "you are hiding she said to me" "you must be in this, you must be in this"

Sweet sangria-- my fav SW song!

Hotel- I was happy to hear this-- (not as great as wallingford, but i love it live)

Wednesday- towards the end she mixed up (forgot) some lyrics.

Roadside Cafe
she began by singing (i got this as best i could)

"It's time for my little sign. She lights up sometimes if my light man is nice to me. If I remember the words (referring to Wednesday). Time for my little sign, so I had to put her in the car (referring to Tash) at a quater to eight tonight and tells me New York ain't so yummy, Mommy tonight go home. We don't go home it's a a hotel- she corrected me of this info. Home is far away. New York is okay if you take me to see Princess Bell."

Leather- nice soft sound

Jackies strength- beautiful!

Abraham, Martin, and John - she sang this with such feeling, and sadness in her voice.

Band Returns-
Your Cloud-- nice beginner.

Tori then began to dace a bit and went into
Concertina- best I've heard live.

Take to the sky-- really fun! Tori ended by singing ~"I've got the earth under my feet-tumbling down."

Father Lucifer-- finally some Pele! I was soo happy, and surprised to hear this one. Wonderful coordination beginning on the whirley --then on the Rhodes w/ "nothings gonna stop me from floating"-- and bose w/ "every day's my wedding day."

God- very clear. added lyrics "don't come at all"

NY-- truly touching- I guess it's the atmosphere.

iieee-- slamming!!! she began this by laying back on her bench for a while and staring straight up.

1st encore:
Taxi-- I was never to fond of this live, but I'm really beginning to like it.

Past the mission- great w/ the band

2nd encore:
Pancake-- loved it!! lots of energy.
Hey Jupiter--on the Rhodes. Truly beautiful-- great ending.

From Keith:

Tonight's show was great!! For the first time in a couple of years, with the exception of her strange little tour, everything seemed to be in balance. The piano and synths were all crystal clear, Tori's voice was distorted or drown out by the acoustics of the venue, and the band didn't over power her.

She made a really funny comment about the situation with Broadway being on strike, that they would be the "house band" for the next three nights and the best part were her comments about "canned music" and how "we couldn't have that, but wouldn't a canned president be great?" Funny and cute...

highlights from the set list:
Crucify: love how she reinvents this song every time she tours...the improv at the end about "holding her head in her hands" and "crawling her way out" were great. I swear that at one point she said she was gonna burn that cross, but i could have been over excited :-) if anyone can back me up let me know

Lust: what can you really say other than beautiful

Sweet Sangria: has become my favorite song off of Scarlet just because of how it sounds live: it has left me thinking, why does "someone have to lose."

Wednesday: How love love love this song live, she messed up a line and said "seems as if we're circling..cheer up or I'll be leaving" on the second chorus, she gave an audible "WHEW" after she caught herself and a little smile

Abraham, Martin, and John: I mean again, what can you say, if I could have photographed the feeling in the room to share with people I would have, it was touching to see her cry too.

Father Lucifer: one of my favorites from Pele, I think it was great...I would like to know exactly what the NEW improv at the end was...I heard Steve Mcqueen, and find him but the rest was consumed in a whirl of musical echoes.

I Can't See New York: waited to see this performed live and I was not disappointed..very touching.

that's all, the show was great...did anyone else notice the theme though in her choice of songs for tonight..a lot of songs about sacrifice and choice..for her to sing Jackie's Strength and then follow it with Abraham, Martin, and John was perhaps a moment i will never forget.

From ET:

This was my first time seeing Tori live, though I have deeply admired her music for many years.

Her performance was stunning. Just fantastic. I agree with the reviewer who comments on Tori's remarkable vocal technic that raises her voice to the level of a unique, wonderfully expressive, and beautiful instrument. Combined that with her marvelous melodic and compositional skills, and you realize she is not just a songwriting genius, but a performance genius as well.

My only critical comment relates to the sound mix. The bass, especially in the first half of the concert, was mixed way too loud. The bass sounded like an undifferentiated mud ball rolling along, often swallowing the piano into its murky depths. Thank goodness it did not drown out Tori's voice, but what is the point of lugging around a Bosendorfer concert grand if it's sound is lost to the mix?

This improved during the latter part of the concert, and, because the wonderful rainbow-like phrasing of Tori's voice arced over the bass mix clearly and easily, the sound did not detract from the epicenter of the show: Tori's performance.

From Christopher Woodrell:

I was at the first two shows at Radio City. Unfortunately I can't go tonight because I am in a show of my own (dance with LIVE musicians--see below). I will write about the second since it is fresh and hopefully at some point I will get around to writing about the first too.

Very impressive show. I had orchestra seats for the second night and binoculars, so it was almost like being in the front row (although fyi the orchestra section of Radio City is like the size of a football field).

Wampum Prayer- I think the consensus is that it's recorded. Gets everyone in the mood.

A Sorta Fairytale- She seems to be much more into this one on this leg of the tour. They are doing nice things with her echo. They turn it on for the chorus and then really turn it up for the ride along side section and new Mexico verse.

Bliss- Very powerful start. I don't even think the notes had faded from Fairytale before Jon hit this really loud bass note to start this one. WAY better than when she did it on the venus tour. Lots of echo on the verses.

Crucify- So amazing this tour. I feel like she should put it in a more prominent position in the set. Maybe when she gets tired of iieee she'll start closing the set with this one. It had to have been over 10 minutes long. At the very end (after "I swear that I have crawled my way back") she sang "never going back again to crucify MY LAND." It was quite powerful. A number of people around me jumped onto their feet to cheer at the end of this one.

She said hello to us and started talking a bit about the dispute on broadway with the musicians union over recorded music for broadway shows. Tori asked if all the musicians were working in delis now and someone shouted "We're glad you're here with us!" and she once again pointed out that they are the radio city house band for now "We can't play after 6, they yank us off at 11". She seemed to regret complaining about it because she quickly added something about how they were glad to be there. She said she didn't know about canned music, but she likes the idea of a canned president. (me too) Then she introduced the others and went into

Cornflake Girl- Same place in the set as the first night. Does she really like playing this song fourth for some reason? Not to be overly analytical but I remember the 99 tour having a very standard set of God, two songs, Cornflake Girl, Bliss? Maybe she likes having it right in the middle of the first half of the set. Regardless, it was great. My seat was house right, so I couldn't see her hands tonite. I seem to remember her getting very into the piano bit before the golden gun bit "huh!" I was kind of hoping she'd sing something like "You think you know so much George".

Lust- First slow one of the night. I like this one. Here the echo was on a lot again.

Sweet Sangria- "our fading flame" (I think) Is that why she is always pairing this one with lust? It never occurred to me until last night.

Hotel- WOW! A highlight for me. She sounded great. Operatic even. It was nice to have this one early in the show.

Wednesday- I think this is so funny. It's like a little Vaudeville interlude. She chuckled a bit in the end of the second verse. I think she saw some people near the front doing a swooping Eagle-land dance.

BTW, here's my idea for an Eagle theme set: In the Springtime of His Voodoo-Wednesday-Desperado. I was just in a deli and they were playing the Eagles song with the Winslow, AZ part and thought of that. Aren't I clever?

The little sign improv was a little hard to follow tonite. Some of the parts were, My little sign lights up sometimes if my light-man is nice. Something about how it's time for her to remember her words. And then something about how her daughter wants to go home, but home is far far away and they just stay in hotels. And that New York is okay as long as she takes her to see Princess Belle. (?)

Leather- Maybe one of these days we'll get the Leather house-mix. Or maybe she'll keep playing it the old-fashioned way?.

hoping for Lovesong?

Jackie's Strength- Oh well, probably more politically relevant. A nice performance. First time I'd heard it since 98 with the band. This was a lot more emotional.

Abraham, Martin, and John- This had a thundery intro with something about how the day had come. It was so emotional and powerful. It was so quiet in the hall--it was like she was doing Me and a Gun.

Your Cloud- Very pretty?I was hoping for something like Horses. Or maybe Horses.

Concertina- Saw that one coming! When I tour with a rock band and Tori's rep, I'll probably play this pair a little less. The intro to this was quite long while Tori danced around and Jon wowed everyone with his playing. Lots of emphasis on "We could all get away to cheer for her?".

Take to the Sky- This little number is a show-stopper! Another long, amazing song. I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumbling down!

Father Lucifer- Didn't recognize the beginning but when she started playing the Whurlitzer and singing "you?" it sounded familiar. So I loved this version. Finally she revamped this one in a way that I really really like. I do! The funky 99 one was cool, but this was like my favorite parts of all of them. So it was verses on the Whurlitzer, chorus on the Rhodes (is that what it is still?), and bridges on the piano (she did the every day is my wedding day in the middle and then she ended with what I think were the vocals over it on the album). The transitions did seem a bit choppy, but hey.

God- She looked up a lot with a sort of glare during this song. The lights were very cool on "when the wind blows". They aimed these blue lights high up into the theater and Tori looked up too.

I Can't See New York-wow.

iieee- loved it. ( I have to speed this nanosecond by nanosecond review up a bit)

Taxi Ride-Everyone seemed to like this a lot. Lots of dancing and swaying.

Past the Mission


Hey Jupiter

yay, yay, and yay!

From Cornflakegirl566:

Well Friday night was my fourth Tori show..and it was nothing less than spectacular..I've previously seen her at Madison Square Garden(Choirgirl Hotel tour), Jones Beach(5 1/2 weeks tour) and the Beacon Theater(Strange Little Tour)....The venue being Radio City, the set list, and the musical equilibrium Tori, Jon and Matt seem to have achieved truly takes your breath away....

Wampum Prayer/A Sorta Fairytale: simply a great song..that somehow is even more fresh live than it already is on cd....


Crucify:If memory serves me correctly, I've heard this at all 4 shows I've been to..The song, although it seems cliche to say, it sounds totally different each time I hear it...a concert staple of sorts..that truly can be labeled classic tori...

Cornflakegirl:a great showcase for the fabulous Ms.Amos.....never becomes tiresome to hear..purrr...hehe

Lust:not a personal favorite of mine..beautiful nonetheless

Sweet Sangria:Balmy day, sweet sangria..made me not want to be in New York right now..=)

Hotel:a pleasant surprise..a show is never quite the same without a song or two from choirgirl

Wednesday: I've read many review on how much fun this song is to hear live and it the lights in the dad was like what the hell? really just seems to stand out in the tori catalogue...

Roadside Cafe:
Leather: this song seems to like to follow me at Tori shows..I would have loved to hear something different but thats ditty..that the crowd definitely seemed to enjoy an awful lot...

Jackies Strength:A song she seems to choose to play in New York..and thats fine with me...but the solo set highlight was...

Abraham,Martin and John: heartbreaking...absolutely heartbreaking..anyone know who did the original? My Dad was humming it..but he couldn't think of the original artist for the life of me...Another example of Tori making a cover her own....

Your Cloud: the lights..the lyrics...touches a really deep place for me....absolutely stunning....

Concertina: a perfect choice to follow your Cloud....has a mystical, dreamy feel to it for me..definitely not a disappointment...

Take to the Sky:one of my absolute favorite Tori songs...what a great anthem! I finally earned the opportunity to hear it live...

Father Lucifer: absolutely captivating..definitely a rare..Pele least on this tour so far...

These four songs were the highlight of the show for me..just loved the selection of these 4 together..=)

God: classic classic classic! reinvented once again!

I Can't See NY:something about the clouds..and Tori's voice...takes the listener onto a completely new spiritual plane live..not boring at all....

lieee:you have to love how many of tori amos's songs...reach a rocking climax..or at least live anyway...

Taxi Ride: Another one of my favs from SW...

Past the Mission: a song that usually doesn't speak to me all that much....well done live though

Pancake: Another rockin SW girl....

Hey Jupiter: a great leave the show..not being able to forget why..Ms. Amos is such a great artist..=)

From Tom:

A bit late on the review but just got back from New York yesterday, and now have a chance to catch up with everything.

Had front row seats Friday and never was so close to Tori. This was a Christmas gift from my daughter who always goes out of her way to please her father. Wow, did she. Limo ride to the Big Apple, (we live in South Jersey), weekend at the Marriott Hotel and those wonderful seats. Thanks Julie.

Tori was better that ever. I have seen her perform 3 previous times, but tonight she was never better. We saw her in November in Camden, and only because I love hearing Tori so much did I enjoy that show, but in New York, Radio City, I can only say it was electric.

Can't wait till the next time she's on the east coast, will be back, see, even married guys that are almost 60 (like myself) love the wonderful excitement of a person like Tori.

From Mrice78:

in my opinion, this one was the best. father lucifer was amazing, as was the whole set list. i love the fact that her songs are always evolving. there is this whole part about steve mcqueen worked into the song. (after the show, i caught a glimse of a paper that must have been taped to the piano so she'd remember it) it was quite nice. i loved crucify, this version is so intimate, i cry every time. although hotel was never my favorite from choirgirl, i was blown away and loving every minute of it. take to the sky was fabulous, another example of how songs are constantly evolving. i love the part where she says, "why do you, you take it, take it, take it boys." and the i feel the earth move under my feet part was amazing too. cool how she worked it into the song. i guess venus is my favorite cd, so the fact that she played 3 songs from it was awsome. bliss was the best, so dark starting out. pancake is my current favorite, so i loved hearing that. and she couldn't have picked a better closing song. hey jupiter was perfect.

From datura56:

I was at friday's show and there is only one word to desribe it AMAZING! Not only was it my first Tori concert but my first concert ever and it was well worth the wait. You hear her on records and you know she's talented and brilliant but when you see her live it is undeniable. Abraham, Martin, and John almost had me in tears and I could hardly stay in my seat during iiiee but the highlight was definitely Pick Out Your Cloud my favorite song off SW. I can't wait to see her again.

From lou fauxbel:

I attended the meet and greet Saturday, so I'll just say a bit about that first. I met people from all over, a nice guy from Puerto Rico and one from Japan (New Yorkers were the minority). Courtney was greeting everyone as they arrived with tropical life savers. She also handed my pic to Tori for signing so I am very grateful to this fine example of an EWF. My favorite story: a nice young lady gave Tori a "wheels on the bus" game for Tash. She was close to Tori at the show later and yelled "wheels on the bus" to get her attention. Tori went into the wheels on the bus improv. When Tori arrived she was wearing a cute hat with matching scarf. She signed a bunch of stuff, got into some serious and fun conversations, took some pics and was off. By then a huge crowd had gathered around to see what was going on.

I won't say anything about the opening act other than Howie is missed.

I was surprised at how plain the inside of Radio city music hall is. It is acoustically engineered and the sound was excellent. Tori came out wearing one of her dress/shirts. This one had some cool designs in colors of yellow, green, gray and it had a sheer orange sleeve on one side and green on the other. It sparkled but not as much as Tori. She was in a happy- lively mood, smiling more than I've ever seen with so much energy. Her hair was fairly straight with some waves and a purple ribbon.

Some of my favorite moments:

The echo effects on Bliss

Crucify: "never going back" with wide open eyes, very powerful

She talked about replacing Broadway musicians with canned music being a bad idea, a canned president would be a good idea. Tori has become an activist. (see the new bush shirt at just for fun link)

The fast switch from wurly to piano on sweet sangria

The shadow effects of drums and bass player on hotel and of course "give me more" super highs

Her big smiles during the sign song mentioning "if the light man is nice my sign will light up"

"Stay with you" in my cloud is so lovely and the coarse vocals on the horizontal line part.

Take to the sky n I'm still not sure if the sound is from her smacking the piano with that big ring or if it's Matt. "I feel the earth moveO"reminds of the more eccentric Tori of days passed.

Replacing the "seagull guitar" with her "woo hoo"

During New York the girl on the side of me starts bawling. I feel she must have lost a loved one. Having visited the tower site today, I am also moved to tears.

Ieee brings me back to the cathedral we visited. During a shadow effect of Tori, the mike on the wurly is projected in the background as a cross. Very Strange!

Tori stands playing Taxi ride as does the crowd the rest of the show. I love "I'm glad you're on my side"
Past the Mission- "somewhere I know she knows" looking out with mysterious eyes

A very long "eye" in Pancake

The best ever Hey Jupiter with the hoo hoo part filling the hall so beutifully

As I walked out with a natural high, I couldn't help think "she can't beat this one". Maybe I shall keep it as my last. Not!!!

Some not so great pics from the greet, show and just for fun:

From Courtney:

I was lucky enough to attend all three shows (which, kinda happened purely by luck. We were supposed to go see RENT on saturday, but with all the striking musicians, it freed up some time for more Tori). All of the shows were amazing, and the people were great. I am actually emailing you because I managed to scribble down the improvs from fri. and sat. nights and thought you might be interested.

Friday was cute tooi:

It's time for my little sign
she lights up sometimes
-------------------------------- these are the lines I missed
if I remember my words
It's time for my little sign
so i had to put her in the car
at a quarter to 8 tonight
New York aint so *yummy* (? It's hard to read my own writing)
Mom tonight come home
This isn't home
it's a hotel
She corrects me of this information as well
Home is far away
New York is okay
If you take me to see princess Belle

Read a review of the March 7th New York concert from the Columbia Daily Spectator

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