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The set list and reviews from Tori's March 6th Radio City Music Hall concert in New York City

Updated Fri, Mar 07, 2003 - 4:08am ET

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Tori's show included Honey, Icicle (solo), Landslide (solo), Strange, Spark and Putting The Damage On. If you were at the New York City show, please email me with your reviews and/or set list or post your review or comments in the Dent's Concert Reviews forum. (You can post under any name without registering, so it is quick!)

More Details

Tori performed in New York, NY on Thursday, March 6, 2003 at Radio City Music Hall. The opening act was Rhett Miller. This was the first of three nights in a row here.

Set List

Many thanks to John and Molly who phoned me with the set list after the show.

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Cornflake Girl
Take To The Sky
Black-Dove (January)

Band Leaves


Band returns

Sweet Sangria
Precious Things
I Can't See New York

1st Encore

Taxi Ride
Tear In Your Hand

2nd Encore

Putting The Damage On


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. For more reviews, please check out the Dent's Tour Reviews Forum. Please post your own review if you were at this show!

From John:

John really enjoyed the show tonight. He said that Tori's voice sounded incredible and did not even have a hint of sickness in it. Tonight's Take To The Sky was the best he has heard on the entire tour. During Precious Things, Tori was freaking out, becoming "Demon Tori."

John said the written set list had Jaurez on it instead of Talula. Othewise I think it was the same.

From MetroJoe82:

Tonight's show was a pleasant surprise. I expected that since it was the first of three NYC shows, it would be bland. But boy did she prove me wrong. Everything was fantastic. She really "on" tonight.

First, her voice: incredible. Absolutely perfect.†

Second, the sound: aside from some popping during "Damage," the sound was crystal clear and the piano was LOUD and wonderful--a far cry from the muddled mix I heard in Albany.

"Take to the Sky" was by far the most perfect I've heard on the entire tour. It was powerful and playful at the same time--the bit of the Carole King song at the end was GREAT.

I usually dislike loud crowds but let me tell you, tonight there was nothing better than just watching the audience during "Precious Things." Everyone flipped out--including Tori, which was nice--lots of dancing, and cheering, and screaming, and all in the right places. I know, I know, I hate when people are obnoxious during shows but during "Precious Things" tonight, you could feel the energy and it was electric.

Same goes for "Taxi Ride." I don't think one person around me wasn't swaying or dancing along to this--it made it a truly special moment, IMO (reminded me of the wonderful, harmonious swaying during "Hey Jupiter" during the Lowell show).†

"Winter" and "Icicle" were gorgeous--amazing piano and breathtaking vocals. I predicted "Landslide" for tonight and it did not disappoint. Also, I must note that I think the opening to "Strange" on the wurlitzer might be one of my favorite things on this tour (a small detail, I know, but I just love it so much) and tonight she hummed along to it which made it even better.†

Well I'm off to bed.†

Oh, one more thing: I could be happy listening to nothing more than "Rattlesnakes" with the band over and over and over again... I can't wait for tomorrow.

From Alan:

tori played a great show tonight - she seemed in excellent spirits, gave some new breath to oft-repeated songs, energy bouncing wonderfully off the GIGANTIC audience, the sound was well balanced (bass not deafening, thankfully not as much echo on her voice), and radio city is BEAUTIFUL. a show somewhat similar to albany last friday, but the exceptions made it quite worthwhile! play-by-play:

CAUGHT A LITE SNEEZE. fantastic to hear this one after quite a while.
*thanks us for trudging out in the weather (as if we had another choice?!), talks to us about being the house band for a little while, says she'll be taking requests at the piano bar, introduces the band*
CORNFLAKE GIRL. after all this time the piano solos in this song are just genius.
HONEY. so so nice to hear - a distinctly wistful vocal treatment on this song.
TAKE TO THE SKY. the latest incarnation of this is damn funky. excellent bluesy twist on the vocals, and the piece of "I FEEL THE EARTH MOVE" is fantastic.
BLACK-DOVE (JANUARY). she tears the roof off the house trying to get to Texas!
*band leaves - this roadside cafe set showed her in full form, taking her sweet time with the songs, stretching them out luxuriously, always the best part of the show*

*amazingly cute little improv about SCARY LADIES, ending with a giggle*
WINTER. heartbreaking.
ICICLE. started with a fascinating piano improv, she got really into this one.
LANDSLIDE. never fails to make me cry.
*band returns*

STRANGE. love it.
SPARK. a pleasant surprise.
RATTLESNAKES. mellow and pensive.
PRECIOUS THINGS. as always, full of energy, holy crap was i glad to hear it.
I CAN'T SEE NEW YORK. particularly emotive, the lightning graphic is sort of bizarre but she sang this song with more heart tonight.
IIEEE. again, very glad she's brought this back. she looks like she has great fun twiddling with that sampler!

TAXI RIDE. what can i say? i love this song.
TEAR IN YOUR HAND. always good to hear.

TALULA. terrifically funky, matt plays on the rims of his drums a lot. "i don't want to lose her now that i've found her" - gasp - and "does someone know who the fuck our father is," when she curses i clap & can't help it!

all in all a well received and well played show, i have no ticket for tomorrow (though I'm determined to get one) and one for saturday, so you'll be hearing from me again!

From Julie:

Hi! †I have to say, I've been to about five Tori Amos concerts....and this, by far, was the BEST concert ever! She played such great songs -- even Putting the Damage On. †I don't think she played anything from TVAB, but if I'm mistaken, correct me :) †I found as a whole, the audience was very respectful! †Usually I dread the inappropriate screaming etc, but this was a very cool show...except of course for the two girls behind me who TALKED THE WHOLE TIME! †It always seems that the fans can ruin your experience. †But once I tuned them out, it was a very enjoyable experience. †I hope all the future Tori Concerts will be as nice as this one. †Best wishes to everyone, - Julie

From Elizabeth Merrick:

The "Scary Ladies" improv before Winter was so great! She started singing about her sign that lights up, and about meant it was time to see what was in the day, what "she brings," and today it's "scary ladies, mommy, scary ladies mom--and I haven't told her about presidents yet--scary ladies mommy, they're everywhere, even in the bathroom, when will they go? I say 'I don't know, I don't know, but now I'm late for my own show." It was slow and sweet, this sense that Tori felt so sad that Tash was scared, but also this sweetness to it. Sorta like: I wish I could protect her from everything, and I don't know how to, and it's so overwhelming, so I just put one foot in front of the other and do my show.

Also, there was weird static coming out of some of the speakers, it started during "I Can't See New York," (!) and was really distracting. It continued through until the end. The crowd was good for a New York crowd, I have to say; her New York shows are always a little tenser to me than other ones, and that was still true here, but the elegance of Radio City really seemed to help, and the crowd wasn't smokey and rude with cellphones like the crowds at the Beacon in previous years.

Jon and Matt were jamming in a very funked out way at the end, in Talula, this kind of extended boy funky jam intro, with Jon doing a rad and compelling bass solo.And I'm so glad she didn't play Juarez, because the end of the main set was so dark, with "I Can't See New York," and "iieee," and the final "putting the damage on, " we needed some dancing in there!

She danced a lot more than she did when I saw her here and in Philly in the beginning of the tour.

From Brian Tanaka:

If tonight's show was any indication, this is going to be a great three nights. Tori was wonderful and RCMH is a wonderful place to see her: great sound (at least where I was sitting tonight) and great ambience.

Navigating the streets of New York was a bit tricky today and this evening because it snowed pretty much all day. But any amount of slogging through the slippery slush and cold was a small price to pay to see Tori. I believe she even made a comment about appreciating the fact that we had had to cope with the snowy conditions to get there.

No one's mentioned what Tori was wearing yet, and I'm sure someone (anyone?) could do a better job at describing it, but for what it's worth: she was flowing white and silvery glittery Tori tonight.

Tori made a comment, to much cheering, about being the house band for a few nights. She also made reference to the early part of her career by saying that she'd be taking requests at the piano bar. This comment drew some appreciative laughter.

There were many highlights, but the ones that stand out most in my mind, in no particular order, are:

Honey - It was gorgeous.

Winter - Even if perhaps not as intensely emotional as some other versions, this was a beautiful rendition.

Spark - This is only the fourth time this tour Spark has made an appearance. Nice surprise.

Landslide - It's amazing how Tori can put that extra magic into this one that makes it always fresh, affecting, and moving. (At least to me.)

Putting the Damage On - I caught myself thinking at one point, "Hrm... that's odd... This isn't as potent to me as it usually is -- and then I noticed that I had head-to-toe chills! Ha!

All in all a great show. I'm excited to see what develops during the next two shows.

From Dana:

All in all- an amazing show-- lots of wonderful energy.
Tori is always speaking about magical creatures & that's what she was tonight.
I'm so looking forward to the next 2 shows!

sneeze-- melodic-- very nice! (my best friend frannie predicted this one)
pancake-- I love this one live! Tori began this one by standing up and doing a really sexy dance & got really freaky w/ her microphone.

Tori chatted~
"we're like a house band for the next two days"
then began to introduce the band "these are 2 of my favorite people Jon Evan and Matt Chamberlain"

honey- w/ the band, beautiful!
Take to the sky- just gorgeous -- best I've ever heard live.
Black dove-- a pleasant surprise. ~during the last chorus Tori holds her tummy.
Wednesday-lots of fun.

Roadside cafe-
Tori began by singing (I tried to get most of this)
" I have a little sign & he lights up sometimes. Think about the day, things she has to say. Scary line the name of the day to day. Haven't introduced her to the president ~ even in my name, even in your girls. Scary lady's now we can make them go. I don't know, but I'm late for my own show."

landslide-- a pleasant surprise. Beautiful!

Strange- another amazing song live * blue and red lights during this*
Spark- the biggest surprise-- loved it!
Sweet sangria- my fav SW song-- so I loved it!
Rattlesnakes-- I was waiting for this one, but I prefer it solo on the bose.
Precious Things--the soul-quake happened here~ energy is the key word. Loved it!!!
NY-- there is point in the chorus where Tori is on the Rhodes & bose & just stares straight up-- Tori seemed to be really in touch w/ this one ~intense.
iieee--loved it!
Tear in your hand-- just beautiful!
Talula- very pretty.
Putting the Damage on -- a definite highlight-- a perfect ending to a magical night.

From Jennifer Berman:

I was at the NY show last was amazing, one of the best I've seen. I'm running off to work now, but I see no one posted much about the improv. So:

Scary Ladies sounded like a conversation between Tori and Tash.

She sang a few times what sounded like, "Why are there so many scary ladies in the world?"

The song ended with the lines:

"How do we make them go away?"
"I don't know, but I'm late for my own show." and then a little laugh

Also, I don't know if she's been doing this on the tour regularly, but towards the end of Take to the Sky, she added the lines and melody from a Carole King song. She sang, "I feel the Earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumbling down." All in all it was a great show!

From Eric Souliere:

Pretty much everything has been said, but I want to add my thoughts as well. It was a fantastic show, I was actually expecting it to be bland because its the first of three shows in the same venue and thats just how it usually goes. But I agree when people say she was "really on." This was my 7th Tori show and maybe one of the best I've seen.

First thing I noticed, she looked beautiful. She was wearing a mirrorball-esque glittery silver gown with a white shawl. The highlights for me:

Black-Dove (January) - really really good. Lots of energy. I really wanted to hear this one.

The improv before Winter was great. At the end, she giggled a little then went into Winter which was beautiful. I remember someone predicting she would play Winter and Icicle because of the snow storm outside, so when she started Icicle, I thought it was funny. Landslide was pretty good too.

It was nice to hear Spark but the "How many fates..." part was a lot weaker than usual. Still nice to hear though.

Precious Things - there are no words to describe this. A truly amazing performance. The lighting was incredible, Tori was completely into it, and so was the audience. Like someone else said, I usually get annoyed by overly-enthusiastic and obnoxious audience members, but the audience's reaction to the energy in this song just added to the experience. By far the best part of the show, for me.

Iieee was really good as well, but for some reason I don't think it doesn't have that show-stopping quality that other set closers have had.

Those were the highlights for me. Overall, a very solid and enjoyable show. Looking forward to tonight and tomorrow!

From Claudia G:

Tori walked out with an exiciting spirit ready to "preach" and "heal". I loved the way she swiveled her hips back and forth grooving to her tunes! She thanked us all for coming out to see her in the crappy weather and blew a kiss.

She has such healing power with her music! Tori did it to me once again she filled that spiritual healing I was needing. This was my birthday present by my friends, it will be a hard gift to top!! Now, about that opening act? That guy was such a clown! Rhett Miller or something! RIDICULOUS and I wasnt impressed with him AT ALL.

From Susanne aka EponaGlim:

The show last night was amazing! The energy in Radio City was fantastic, from the start everyone seemed ready for a good show. Tori looked stunning in a silver sparkling dress with white sheer material flowing down her arms - very appropriate for the setting! They played a few songs and she thanked everyone for coming out in the bad weather (it had snowed 1-2 inches yesterday) and she said that they were going to be the house band for the next several days.

During one of the songs (and right now I really can't remember which) she went into I Feel the Earth Move by Carol King. She just did the chorus - it was pretty cool. Landslide solo was another highlight along with Winter leading into Icicle, Precious Things, Putting the Damage On, Black Dove and Strange. Pancake (which is one of my favs. from Scarlet) sounded a bit off. I'm not musically inclined, but something just wasn't right.

It was a wonderful night and she truly shined at her Radio City premiere!

I forgot to mention Rhett Miller in my first email. I'd never heard any of his songs before and I was very impressed. His energy was fantastic (although I did feel bad for that poor guitar - he does give it a beating). His songs seemed to be well written at first listen, though I think they would have been more interesting with a band. I liked Howie Day, but thought the only remarkable thing about his performance was the "layering" he did with the pedals. Rhett put himself completely out there and did a fantastic job! Rufus Wainwright is still my favorite opener of late, but I'll be buying Rhett's album.

From Jean:

in reading the other reviews, i have to agree--take to the sky was @ THE most intense and incredible energy level that i've ever witnessed.

it is one of my most favorite songs, and i was delighted to hear it again. i didn't think it would be as good after hearing it last november at riverside church--but i was proved wrong!

after last nights show i decided that every concert ever should be in a venue with the sound quality of radio city. her voice was sweet perfection, and i felt so privledged to be going back there tonite and tomorrow!! =) =) =)

one comment....on reading the is it that people are obnoxious at shows? is this because they move and dance with the music? how does one expect to sit still--ESPECIALLY during precious things? i hope to see more people moving tonight! don't be afraid to let it out, and express how you feel as you listen--watching someone dance and smile should make others smile as well--not take their attention off of the show. who has the time to take their eyes off of our beautiful goddess and be annoyed with those in the audience who are clearly having the time of their lives? its so ridiculous to let that bother you. if it does, the problem is with YOU, not those dancing. YOu should try moving your ass a little. lighten up!!!!

Note From Mikewhy: The rule is simple... if you are dancing in a way that disturbs the people around you to an unreasonable degree, you are in the wrong. For instance if people are sitting and you are standing and dancing.. that is rude. If you are dancing in your chair in such a way that you do not block someone's view, that is fine. It is a simple rule really... respect others around you. While some dance and move, others prefer to sit and watch. There is nothing wrong with either as long as no one is disrespected. People pay a lot of money for these concert tickets and they have a right to see and hear the show. If your actions impede that, they are wrong. If they do not, then they are fine.

other than that little bug, I had the most amazing night. see you there tonight!

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From Herby Beam:

I have to say this is my second Tori Amos show. The last one I saw was at the Beacon Theatre last year when she was promotion SLG. The show at Radio City didn't even compare. Although Tori is powerful and enchanting alone at her piano, her band adds colours and sounds she just couldn't do by herself. She played every song I had hoped she would with the exception of Virginia. But to hear Talula live with her new, funky twist was just icing on the cake. I had ass seats in the Third Mezzanine. We got up there and the ushers made us wait. She contacted another usher and said "we have two more." I was thinking "joy - drama" Alas, she handed my boyfriend and I two tickets in Row PP down in the Orchestra section. Probably about 25 rows from the stage. Beats sitting on the third floor! It was truly a magical evening with wonderful surprises. Here's my comments:

Wampum Prayer - she sung this offstage like she did with '97 Bonnie and Clyde on her last tour. The band started up and went into;
A Sorta Fairy Tale - where she made her elegant entrace as usual.
Caught A Light Sneeze - followed. Wow. Whatta great performance that was!
Pancake - sorry to say, was a little flat! :(
Cornflake Girl was absolutely on point. She made some serious lovin with that piano. Great solos and really long version.
Honey - never was a big fan of this song - I'm sure I'll get flack for that.
Take To The Sky - THIS was a real high point. I had never heard such a beat driven, Boesendorfer slapping performance - excellent!!!!!
Wednesday - added in the mix very nicely to break up the NYC tension
Winter - never thought I'd hear this live; one of my favorite songs. She did an amazing job telling the story.
Icicle - another great moment. Great song and even greater performance.
Landslide - felt more like a mudslide - that was my cue for pee pee break
Strange - I liked that song on the CD but hearing it live was kind of depressing. We, as NY'ers, have enough with higher rents, subway fares and terrorist attacks. Wasn't feelin' it.
Spark - a very nice surprise. She brought my mood back up with that one.
Sweet Sangria sounds better on the album also. It lacks something without electronic processing.
Rattlesnakes - great song. I'm surprised she didn't play more from SLG
Precious Things - WHAT a SHOW STOPPER. She brought down the house with this one. There were even two drunk white girls in the Orchestra section that everyone seemed to enjoy watching, wishing they had the nerve to stand up and "feel the word!"
I Can't See New York - great song - really didn't think she'd play it; would've opted for Virginia.
Iieee - also very surprising. Excellent performance.
Taxi Ride/Tear In Your Hand - They felt like encores.
Talula - as I said before left me breathless. I've had that version in my head since I left.
Putting the Damage On - great show closer.

Thanks for reading it :)

From Kate:

This show was my third Tori show. I saw her on the 98 Plugged tour in Binghamton, NY and then one other time this tour in Camden, NJ.

The show at Radio City was by far the best. The sound quality surprised me. I thought it would be like the other shows (overhwleming bass and drums), but apparently Radio City Music Hall has some magic. The venue was absolutely perfect for Tori Amos.

HER VOICE was clear, strong, emotional, and she was doing the higher notes much more than she did in Camden. I was sitting in the front row of the 2nd mezzanine and brought binoculars so I could see her facial expressions. She was definitely enjoying performing for us. During Winter she made my eyes water a tad because not only does that song have a special place in my heart (as i am sure it does for most fans) but I could see in her eyes how it made her feel and then at the end of lines her voice would turn to a whispery thing. Ahh, I don't know- it was just awesome.

The Piano sounded excellent and she was playing hard.†
I was very glad to be able to hear her so well.

When she introduced the band she first said
Thank you for coming here despite this weather MUAH*†
It was cute
I actually noticed a lot of empty seats from where I was.

Tori danced all sexy and made certain hand motions during the songs such as placing her hand over her heart, or the motions suggesting a baby in the tummy, or slightly sexual things. During Icicle- at the "getting off" part she moved in seductive ways. I love it :-) Whoo! She also kicked her leg up a lot which made her flowy shawl thing fall around her in a magically delicate way.

As with all the other reviews: Precious Things evoked intense energy levels and people were freaking out. But it was a beautiful thing. I looked down on the crowd and I wondered how it must feel to be able to unite people like Tori does. It was just a happy scene. Not to mention how it sounded and felt and looked. She pounded out the notes and did that thing with her face where she shakes cause she is so into it.

I couldn't have asked for a better audience. I think there was maybe one slightly obnoxious screamer in the 2nd Mezzanine... but her excitement was funny soo yeah hehe.

The person I went with said I was "glowing" by the end of the show and that's because it was amazing. It was a high energy, upbeat performance and better than what any fan could have hoped for.

From Freddie F.:

Was my first concert ever (sad I know) and it happened to also be my girlfriend's first as well. She played Winter which is my GF's favorite and Spark which was the song that got me into Tori's universe. She didn't really talk to the crowd much other than to thank us for treaching through the weather (it snowed earlier in the day) and that "I guess we're the house band for the next 3 days" and something else about Saturday taking requests (if this is so, I'm going again *lol*). Overall sounded great except for the 2 encores as her mic was 'popping' alot and got annoying when it came to the quiet songs (PTDO and TIYH). I want to go back Satuday if there are tickets available =)

From AlienGrrl13:

Tori was absolutely amazing and seemed really into the show. She was wearing a long glittery silver top with sheer white sleeves, jeans, and black boots (well, they looked black). She looked stunning.

The show opened with "Wampum Prayer", which I'm pretty positive is a recording.

Ok, and now for some highlights from the show :)

"A Sorta Fairytale" was beatiful and began with this unusual dark/eerie intro. The lighting was brilliant for the song and definitley gave it the effect it needed.

"Caught A Lite Sneeze"!!! I was shocked to hear this so early in the set...

"Pancake"- AMAZING! She went back to her "piano-humping" antics on this song. She even danced for the majority of the intro!

"Take To The Sky"- I heard this on the SLG tour, but I felt that this version was much more powerful. She seemed to really enjoy the audience participation (clapping) and even hit the side of her Bose a few times. The Carol King break in the song was a perfect touch to the b-side classic.

"Black-Dove (January)"- I had been hoping that she'd play this! The lighting was spectacular (the verse had a dim yellowish glow and the chorus was very bright with lots of whites and blues)

"Sign imrov"- This was extremely funny... very cute!

"Winter"-!!!!! I LOVE this song! She sounded very emotional towards the end and it brought tears to my eyes (but then again this song always makes me cry!)

"Icicle"- GORGEOUS! classic Tori! As with "Winter", I'm assuming she performed this because of the weather (It had snowed ealier in the day).

"Spark"- WOW!!! This was a nice surprise since she's only performed this 3 other times on the tour!

"Precious Things"- People were going crazy and "seat dancing" like maniacs! It was GREAT! Tori was so fierce and energetic on this song... this was probably the most powerful out of all the songs she played!

"I Can't See New York"- Stunning! The lighting was amazing... it looked like smoke was slowly creeping it's way onto the stage. I was in the Orchestra (15th row) so I couldn't see it that well, but I'm sure the people in the balconies got a nice treat :)

"Tear In Your Hand"- Another classic Tori moment! During the part where she sings "Time to wave goodbye now" she actually waved to the audience... it was very cute.

"Talula"- People really got into this one! You couldnt help but dance!

"Putting The Damage On"- beautiful!... what more can I say :)

My one complaint is... PLEASE don't talk while Tori is performing!!!! This is extremely rude to Tori and her fans!

Anyways, and now for all of you who want to know what merchandise is out there!... Well, most of the T-shirts also come in baby-doll versions (they are all between $35-$50), there are two jackets (one is gray, the other white, each are $60), there is a wife-beater tank top which says "Piano Love" and comes in either black or white ($35), there is a red and black hat (I don't remember the price), there are postcards ($10 each), there is a beautiful poster of Tori ($10), and there is a necklace (I think it's $15). The tour guide is extremely beautiful and costs $20.

From Kristen Beer:

Only a week has past and it still feels like forever ago that I saw her! Well this was time number 6 and I have to say this is one of the best performances I've seen her do in years. Of course nothing beats the first at the Theatre at MSG in 1997, her Dew Drop Inn Tour. Perhaps it is the atmosphere and the sound that always indulges the question, "Has there ever been any performance that wasn't brilliant coming from Tori?". I was at the Tweeter in November and the ambiance and acoustics were shite compared to the concert at Radio City, although she did play Joni Mitchell's River which made my year! And onto NYC - I was in the mezzanine and happy to be because you can see everything and one around you from up there. Seeing her strut out in her sparkles was exhilarating. First of all I have to say HOORAY for Spark, Honey, and Precious Things...three of my favs.(sorry that she's hung Jupiter up on the coat hook for now). Second, I was surprised that she didn't announce Matt Chamberlain as the 'creature who hits things'. And third, I was disappointed that she didn't talk to us more. Usually when she sends the band away, she has a private little session with us and gives a bit of Tori Time. Oh well. I am in love with the idea that she's at Radio City because its gorgeous architecture is fitting for such an embracing performance. The March 6th show was acceptable because I think the fans got the point that this was and always is a sit down session and showed Ms. Amos the respect that she deserves as such an astounding and affectionate artist. She loves you to listen. To sit on the edge of your red velvet worn seat and breathe in and out. Slip outside yourself into her vulnerable and intoxicating words. She sabotages her exposure with raw sexuality and intimidating, luxuriant fury, embodying it all with startling honesty. It's just too bad that the sound system ( speakers crackling ) had to ruin that. This was a trite on the agitating side. Started about half way through and continued to the end. Either way, her voice was electrifying. So clear and penetratingly beautiful. She always sounds like a new woman to me every time we meet for a brief spell about once a year. And I miss her when she goes away. But I prefer her to be ready to put out a new album without pressure from those bugs! I love Scarlet's Walk. Every time I hear Wednesday, I feel like the Muppets are gonna come out and dance. And Taxi Ride is just so soothing and refreshing to the ear. SO 'encore' to the gracefully aging albums. Tori achieves more elegance throughout the years. And she will always and forever be my favorite fancy of the stage!

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