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7 new Tori Sightings added to The Dent (Feb 2)

Updated Thu, Feb 03, 2005 - 3:43am ET

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I have added 7 new Tori sightings to The Dent. They involve Charlotte Martin, jewelry designer Lara Bohinc, christians who don't listen to Tori, Gothic Beauty Magazine, Jay Bennett (of Wilco), the Tsunami Relief Concert, and singer Jen Rathbun.

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Keep in mind I only place on The Dent a small selection of sightings I receive, due to space and time constraints...

Charlotte Martin's "On Your Shore"

Jon reports:
I was reading the little booklet to Charlotte Martin's album On Your Shore and in the liner notes where the thank you's appear, she simply mentions "Tori Amos."

Note from Mikewhy: I just recently saw Charlotte in concert in Louisville, KY and got her album On Your Shore and I think she is a brilliant artist!

Lara Bohinc and fashion jewelry

Charlie Poole reports:
Lara Bohinc is one of the new, rising, big stars of the fashion jewelry world. I went to her site to see her new collections and in her profile section there is a listing of the famous who wear her creations. Listed there is one "Tory Amos." How to lose customers -- misspell their name. :-) If you want to check it out for yourself here is the link but consider yourself warned that the site contains nudity.

christians don't listen to Tori Amos!

Jaime Pollack reports:
I am not sure if anyone has seen this but I just bought a book called "Girl Culture" by Lauren Greenfield. It is a photo-journalistic type book about women and their stories. There was one 18 year old from Chattanooga and she describes herself as " I am a Christian. I just the epitome of the Southern Girl. I wear khakis and black pants. I don't listen to Tori Amos. "

I thought it was funny that she had to make it a point to mention that she doesn't listen to Tori Amos. If she doesn't listen to her, how does she know not to listen to her?

Gothic Beauty Magazine

Ashley Kelley reports:
I work at Hot Topic and we carry the magazine "Gothic Beauty". There is about a 2-3 page interview with Neil Gaiman in the newest issue (Issue #15 Winter 2004), and yes, Neil mentions Tori. It's pretty much the normal stuff about her and Delirium.

Jay Bennett (of Wilco) covered Pretty Good Year

NeilQuinn reports:
Jay Bennett (of Wilco) covered Pretty Good Year on his October 2004 album, The Beloved Enemy.

Tsunami Relief Concert

Frank and Matthew reports:
In the programme to the Tsunami Relief Concert on Saturday the 22nd of January in Cardiff there was an honourable mention of Tori and her work for RAINN. There was also a
nice picture!

Jen Rathbun article in the Houston Chronicle

Melissa Galan reports:
A January 26, 2005 article in the Houston Chronicle about singer Jen Rathbun and her second album Coffee, Chocolate & Men mentions Tori and includes a quote from the singer about Tori. You can read the entire article at but here is the part about Tori:
Coffee, Chocolate & Men marks a sharp departure from Rathbun's first album, 2003's Beautiful Day. That collection highlights Rathbun's unique vocal style and thoughtful piano playing. It also plays like a direct descendant of Tori Amos' early work.

"I love Tori Amos -- love her, love her," Rathbun says. "When she came out in '91 with her Little Earthquakes album, that opened me up. I wrote a bunch of girl-angst songs and played them around. They spoke to some people, but most people had no idea what I was singing about."

Posted by: Mikewhy

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