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Updated Sat, Jan 22, 2005 - 11:37pm ET

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I have added 7 new Tori sightings to The Dent. They involve Ryan Sudick, Matt Chamberlain and William Shatner, Ryan Beck and the Orchesis Dance Company, Q Magazine, CNN and Condoleeza Rice, Aussie singer Delta Goodrem, and Christopher O'Riley.

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Keep in mind I only place on The Dent a small selection of sightings I receive, due to space and time constraints...

Interview with Ryan Sudick at

Mikewhy reports:
At, you can find an interesting January 7, 2005 interview with Ryan Sudick. Ryan is a musician and a dedicated volunteer who has helped RAINN and other wonderful organizations. He talks about how Tori has been a strong inspirational force in his life. Read the entire article if you can. Here is the part of the interview where Ryan mentions Tori:
Q: It seems as though Tori Amos serves as a strong inspirational force in your life. How has she helped you reconnect with your passion to create music?

A: Tori Amos was introduced to me by my dad. He used to go to the library and pick-up tapes of random artists. He is a big music junky who enjoys listening to just about anything, but has a passion for female artists. I remember listening to "Little Earthquakes" and being so in awe of her - she brought back the piano into mainstream music. Forget synthesizers - nothing is better than acoustic. Also, I discovered her when I was at a crossroads with my music - I was on the verge of quitting. I guess it was "if Tori Amos can do it, so can I." She showed the other side of the piano. Granted, there were many more before her - Billy Joel, Elton John - but with Tori, she raised the bar. I challenge anyone to find a modern day piano player with better technique than she has on "Under the Pink."

Tori's drummer Matt Chamberlain drumming on William Shatner's album 'Has Been'

Jennifer Emmons reports:
Jennifer tells me that Matt Chamberlain plays drums on the latest album (October 2004) by William Shatner called Has Been. (Yes, this is Captain Kirk!) You can see a listing for this album at

Ryan Beck and the Orchesis Dance Company

Mikewhy reports:
A January 3, 2005 news release was posted at Cal Poly News, the online newspaper for California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. The news release was about Orchesis Dance Company's "Echoes and Accents", which was to be presented in Cal Poly's Spanos Theatre in January & February, 2005. Here is a description of one of the dance pieces to be presented:
SLO choreographer Ryan Beck joins Orchesis to present the lyrical piece "Those Little Things," performed to music by Tori Amos. Beck has danced with the Irish company Celtic Fusion and has performed in Disney stage shows and commercials, including Tarzan, Toy Story 2 and Disney Afternoon.

20 Things you need to know about Rock'n'Roll & Animals from Q Magazine

joseto reports:
The February 2005 issue of Q Magazine in the U.K. includes an article called '"20 Things you need to know about Rock'n'Roll & Animals". The number 4 item was what you see below.

4. "He was four days old, and scared and hungry. He just fell righ in on there." - Tori Amos on breastfeeding a piglet for 1996's Boys For Pele album artwork.

CNN and Condoleeza Rice

Raven Rogers reports:
This Morning (January 19, 2005) I was watching CNN and they were showing a clip of Condoleeza Rice walking through the crowd of her Secretary of State Confirmation Hearing and they were playing Tori's 'Sweet Dreams'. I thought that was neat that CNN would *know* that that song was related to Bush Sr. and his son...

Aussie singer Delta Goodrem

Samantha Malagré reports:
Not sure if this is interesting to your readers, but recently I was watching Top of the Pops and they had Australian Singer Delta Goodrem on. Delta, also plays the piano, and they asked her who she would like to swap identities with - her answer was Tori Amos. "Tori Amos so I could play the piano like her, that'd be great. That'd be good fun." I also found the transcript from this interview here.

Christopher O'Riley, pianist and host of NPR's "From The Top"

juliet stephens reports:
As you've mentioned before on the ent, "from the top" host Christopher O'Riley often plays covers of tori songs and piano pieces by other musicians. Tonight on the show (December 17, 2004) he played his own version of "Mother".

Posted by: Mikewhy

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