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"Silent All These Years" heard on the U.S. TV show Father of the Pride

Updated Wed, Oct 13, 2004 - 11:24pm ET

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Tori Amos and her song Silent All These Years were mentioned/heard on the NBC TV show Father of the Pride on Tuesday, October 12, 2004. Click the link for all the details! Thanks to the many people who told me about this sighting, including Colin who was first.

More Details

Colin reports:

FYI, Tori was mentioned on NBC's Father of the Pride tonight. The son lion was singing Silent All These Years in the bathrub b/c he was depressed. His grandfather hears him and asks, "Are we still pretending he's not gay?"

Jason Cottrell reports:
Tori was mentioned on NBC's Father of the Pride. Hunter, the little boy lion, was in the tub depressed and singing Silent All These Years. The older sister came out and said that Hunter is depressed and singing Tori Amos again. It was quite a cute scene.

jess (watercolorstain) reports:
on tonight's episode (oct. 12th) of the new nbc animated show about a pride of lions called "father of the pride," hunter (the son) is in the bathtub singing "silent all these years!"  it was cute!

Amy reports;
Just wanted to let you know that Tori was mentioned in "Father of the Pride" animated series (the episode was called ?Possession?). "Silent All These Years" is playing while the son is in the bathtub singing along. The sister says something to the effect of "Mom, Hunter's in the bath lip synching to Tori Amos again" then there are multiple jokes about it being depressed girlie music. It was good for a laugh at my house!

Eric reports;
Last night on NBC's "Father of the Pride" the dreamworks sitcom about Siegfried & Roy?s animals, the little lion cub, Hunter, was depressed and singing "Silent All These Years" in the bathtub. His older sister, Sierra, complained that Hunter was singing Tori Amos again. I found it amusing.

Mike Gray reports;
If you haven't seen it, Season 1, Episode 6 of "Father Of The Pride" (the new animated comedy series) mentioned Tori... as in

"Hunter's in the bathtub lip-syncing Tori Amos again."

"Oh, he must be depressed."

You then see Hunter in the bath-tub singing along to the "It's been here" bit of "Silent All These Years" (which is playing in the background!)

It's pretty amusing.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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