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Tori Sightings: Photographer Rankin, Fiona Horne's book, Chicago Sun-Times baby article and makeup pro Jennifer Daranyi

Updated Fri, Sep 24, 2004 - 1:55am ET

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I have added several new Tori Sightings to The Dent.

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Keep in mind I only place on The Dent a small selection of sightings I receive, due to space and time constraints...

Photos of Tori seen in two coffee table books by photographer Rankin

Laura Heywood reports:
I am in the process of shooting a commercial and ad campaign for Dove Shampoo. (For those of you in the US, it will premiere during the Emmys on Sunday 9/18!) Today, we (the 6 girls in the campaign) were photographed by a man named RANKIN -- who has shot some of my favorite photos of Tori!!!

The most widely circulated of his images is, I think, Tori with large black eyes and fangs -- pictured on the cover of the Wild Horses bootleg! He has also shot her dressed in drag (with a tiny little below-the-mouth beard) and with the devil standing over her right shoulder.

When I told him I was a fan of his work via Tori, he started telling me about working with her. What an incredible experience!! ... Told me she loved the idea (his) of the devil in the one photo, and the vampiress image in the other. He was really impressed that I had seen his work -- AND, as a result, he gave me a very generous gift: two coffee table books of his work, both of which include shots of Ms Amos!!

The books are called Celebritation and RankinWorks and both were published in 2000. The links here will take you to the listings for each book, where you can find out more information.

Tori Mention in Witch Fiona Horne's book

Heatherxmen reports:
Just to let you know that the Witch/author Fiona Horne mentions Tori in and on the back cover of the new book she has edited called Pop! Goes The Witch: The Disinformation Guide to 21st Century Witchcraft. This is what Fiona writes:

"Can you imagine Cybil Shepherd, Roseanne, Olympia Dukakis, TORI AMOS, Stevie Nicks, Chrissie Hynde, Sarah McLachlan, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Erica Jong and Camille Paglia standing in a circle together beneath the Full Moon? I can"  

She goes on to say that these are among some of America's most prominent celebrities, authors and performers who have discovered the Goddess. She says that by these performers bringing this ancient wisdom to the attention of the media and the American public.

Tori Amos Mentioned in Baby Article in the Chicago Sun-Times

Dimitrios Alexis reports:
An article appeared in the September 6, 2004 edition of the Chicago Sun-Times called Labor Day? Not for pregnant celebs. You can read the full article at Here is the part of the article that mentions Tori.

When it comes time to deck out a nursery in Los Angeles, there's only one name to call: Wendy Bellissimo. She has decorated for the children of Camryn Manheim, Kelly Ripa, Alex Kingston, Cindy Crawford, Tori Amos and Brooke Shields. An ethereal, personalized mural is de rigueur, as well as custom-embroidered bedding and, perhaps, a Tuscan theme. But if you can't afford Bellissimo -- and trust us, you can't -- you can just visit for a crash course in all the finery available for your baby. How about an Angel Baby Bassinet for $796? Or the Bebe De La Mer Crib for $2,700? Or a Victorian playhouse for $23,000? Do you or do you not love your baby?"

Tori mentioned by makeup pro Jennifer Daranyi

Andrea reports:
Here is a quote taken from the October 2004 issue of Glamour Magazine on page 273:

"working with stars like tori amos, i need stuff that gives great coverage and lasts. 'makeup for ever' face and body liquid makeup ($37, 877-757-5175) never fails me."

--jennifer daranyi, l.a. makeup pro"

Posted by: Mikewhy

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