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Updated Wed, Jul 07, 2004 - 10:40pm ET

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I have added several new sightings to the Dent having to do with Suzanne Vega, Margaret Cho, Charlotte Martin, Anne Hathaway and the 2003 book "Rock and Pop Timeline: How Music Changed the World Through Four Decades".

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Keep in mind I only place on The Dent a small selection of sightings I receive, due to space and time constraints...

Suzanne Vega mentions Tori in an interview with the Manchester Evening News

Mikewhy reports:
An interview with Suzanne Vega appeared in the Manchester Evening News on July 1, 2004. You can find the entire interview at Here is the part where she mentions Tori:

"I guess some women songwriters are way more personal, like Tori Amos. She has these very intimate details. Even if you meet her, she'll come over and tell you about a tragedy or something. And it kind of takes you back. But that's the way she is, whereas I'm much more reserved."

Margaret Cho remembers Kevyn Aucoin in her blog and mentions Tori

Fourseraphs reports:
I found a brief, but VERY touching mention of Tori while reading comedienne Margaret Cho's blog.  In an entry written on April 28, 2004, Margaret was remembering a nameless friend, who, from what was written in the entry, sounded very much like Kevyn Aucoin (Margaret mentioned in an earlier blog entry that during her first meeting with Kevyn, Kevyn mentioned he and Tori watched Margaret's concert DVDs together).  Here is the link to Margaret's latest entry about Kevyn.

Tori has several entries in the book "Rock and Pop Timeline: How Music Changed the World Through Four Decades"

Lotus reports:
A book called Rock and Pop Timeline: How Music Changed the World Through Four Decades, published by Thunder Bay Press in 2003 and written by Johnny Black, Hugh Gregory, Andy Basire, includes 4 different Tori references. You can see them summarized below. You can purchase this book from

  • Page 139 mentions the competition that a 13-year old Myra Ellen Amos won with "More than Just a Friend", and the $100 prize that followed from it.
  • Page 243 makes note of Tori's first tour, starting at the Bottom Line in New York City.
  • Page 256 includes a profile of Tori, complete with a luscious color photo. It reads:

    ME AND A PIANO: Feb 7: TORI AMOS releases her second album, Under the Pink. A week later, it will be Number One in the UK - though it only peaks at Number 12 in her home country. After her unsuccessful glam-pop-rock band album, Y KANT TORI READ, Tori went solo in 1991, and moved to the UK, where she recorded the EP Me and a Gun. The title referred to an incident in which she was raped at gunpoint after a gig in Los Angeles, California. Amos' emotional directness is finely showcased on her 1991 debut album Little Earthquakes, though her rockier side and accomplished piano playing are better displayed on occasional cover versions, like Nirvana's 'Smells like Teen Spirit,' Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love,' and the Stones' 'Angie.' Her quirky individuality resonates with the UK audiences on the Top Five hit 'Cornflake Girl.'
  • Page 258 notes Tori's Visionary Award from the DC Rape Crisis Centre, and her status as the 1st artist to recieve this honor.

Charlotte Martin talks about being compared to Tori

Molly Knight reports:
I decided to try and interview Charlotte Martin ( She obliged, and I finally posted the interview on my site at I ask her directly about how she handles comparisons to Tori Amos, and what touring with Howie Day was like. She's going to be on the "Chicks with Attitude" Tour with Liz Phair this summer, so i think people might find this interview relevant and informative.

Actress Anne Hathaway talks about Little Earthquakes in Blender Magazine

Isismoongoddess and Mandy Hester report:
On page 157 of the June/July 2004 issue of Blender magazine, you will find a photo of actress Anne Hathaway under the title, 'I Love This CD'. There is a small blurb where Anne says the following about Little Earthquakes, "My little brother gave it to me. I was really drawn to the song, 'Silent All These Years.'  I knew that it was about me."

Posted by: Mikewhy

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