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The set list and reviews from Tori's February 26th concert in Greensboro, NC

Updated Thu, Feb 27, 2003 - 4:01am ET

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Tori's concert tonight included Rattlesnakes, Mary (with the band), Baker Baker (solo), Crazy (solo), Desperado (solo), Honey, Bliss, Siren, God and Putting The Damage On. If you were at the Greensboro show, please email me with your reviews and/or set list or post your review or comments in the Dent's Concert Reviews forum. (You can post under any name without registering, so it is quick!)

More Details

Tori performed in Greensboro, NC on Wednesday, February 26, 2003 at the Greensboro Coliseum. The opening act was Jeffrey Gaines.

Set List

Many thanks to Danica Knox who phone me with the set list after the show.

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Don't Make Me Come To Vegas
Cornflake Girl
Sweet Sangria
"Go to sleep little Tash" improv
Mary (with band)

Band Leaves

Baker Baker

Band returns

I Can't See New York

1st Encore

In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
Little Amsterdam

2nd Encore

Putting The Damage On


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. For more reviews, please check out the Dent's Tour Reviews Forum. Please post your own review if you were at this show!

From Danica:

Danica said the show was fantastic. After Don't Make Me Come To Vegas, Tori told the crowd she had her happy boots on. After Sweet Sangria, Tori peformed a little lullubye for Tash which included the lyrics, "Go to sleep little Tash..." It was rather long and very sweet.

At the start of the Roadside Cafe, Tori once again did an improv about her little sign that descends and lights up. After Crazy, Tori told some kind of weird story that Danica could not tell me the details to. She did mention Billy Graham at one point. Desperado was played tonight as a request.

Tori did this dark, booming intro to I Can't See New York which was interesting. Tori followed her official written set list fairly closely, with the only change being that she substituted Baker Baker for what should have been Mother.

From MrsMalkav:

Oh man. What a show!!!

Tori was wearing a black dress tonight, with a dark brown tight black shirt. different from the quasi-native american garb she wore last night. She wore little sparkly red earings and had a red ribbon? piece of yarn? tied in her hair.

We got there late (again :() and this time weren't let in until after 'A Sorta Fairytale'.

Song highlights:

'Juarez' was a great treat.

In the little talk after 'Don't make me come to Vegas', she mentioned "So I got my happy boots on ... I don't wear them all the time" and introduced the band. Her boots were beige with black floral embroidery(?) up the sides. Very cute :)

'Rattlesnakes' was also good.

During the intro to 'Sweet Sangria', I caught her reapplying lip gloss :) I was wondering last night how she kept her lips so shiny! Hah!

'Goodnight, sweet Tash' had a lot of 'you you you' and went for quite some time. More substantial than any other improv I've heard her do. After she said 'goodnight, sweet Tash', she waved off to stage left. It was quite sweet!

'Mary'!!! Wow!

'Wednesday' - uhm... why were you guys clapping NOT IN RHYTHM?! I mean, if you insist on clapping, please clap IN RHYTHM! *sigh*

As the band left before 'Baker Baker', she started singing "I have a sign, it lights up sometimes." As she sang "it lights up sometimes", the Roadside Cafe sign lit up. Heh. That improv was also quite longish. Were we spoiled or what?!

The intro to 'Crazy' was very nice.

And then Tori talked again! Told a substantial story this time about this "Crazy thing happened ... in my hotel car ..." about the guy that drives this 'hotel car'. She was chatting with him about his moving out of his apartment(?) and he said that she wouldn't believe who had been sitting there before. He said that he kept talking to the guy and he wouldn't say anything. Tori made some comment about loving to gossip ;) So eventually it came out that the person was Billy Graham, and Tori said (roughly) "Well of course he didn't respond! Maybe because he's 80 years old! ... I'm sure he couldn't hear you telling him about how you had moved out of your apartment and were comfortable with your sexuality, Kevin!"

There was then a mini improv "I'm doing a song now for friend Danny" and started into 'Desperado'.

'Honey'! Again wow!

And then the absolute diva of a girl for the night: 'Crucify'


People *STOOD UP* and applauded afterwards, it was that amazing. It was long, intense... The intro was gorgeous. Tori didn't touch the piano for substantial portions of the song. Like in the intro, she didn't play until the "looking for a saviour" part. She was dancing when she wasn't playing and seemed totally into the song. She almost messed up at "kill the bird", and she smiled at Jon. The ending was extended to include "... my hands at your feet ... I have crawled my way back ... never going back".

I cannot even begin to fully put into words how powerful and moving this rendition was. If you happen to come across this song at all on a later date, *get it*. Wow. Reading other reviews of shows with this song did not stress it being so amazing and powerful, so I'm assuming the one tonight was different. The power and intensity... Man. Absolutely moving. My head was totally shaking in disbelief by the end of the song. Wow.

'Siren'! The intro was pretty to this too. She repeated the 'never was one for a pretty girl' segment over a few times at the end.

It seemed like her intro to 'I can't See New York' was very similar to last night's intro to 'Spring Haze'...

'iieee' - no technical difficulties this time! Great song :)

'Little Amsterdam' :) :)


Too many drunk people wandering up and down constantly throughout the show. A large number of people kept moving around in the pit the whole time. Very distracting.

This very well may have been my favourite show *ever* and it's largely due to the heavy amount of UTP/b-side action, but man. 'Crucify' I think totally sealed it for me. And Tori was so energetic and happy the whole night. Absolutely amazing...!

Despite the sad lack of 'Virginia' ;), the rest of the show made up for it.


From Chris (pinkpeleboy):

The show was fantastic.† The songs were all varied, and Tori was very cute.† She did several dances and talked a few times, once about Billy Graham involving her driver, Kevin, which she thought was quite funny.†

One highlight of the night was "Desperado", which was beautiful.† The only complaint I had of the show was of the Sasquatch-of a woman who sat behind and sang through many of the more popular songs.† So, please, future concert attendees, do not sing along.† If you must, you can lip the words, but please, by no means sing.† People paid to hear Tori, not you.

After she sang the "Go to Sleep lil Tash" she waved offstage, I am guessing to Tash, it was very cute.

All and all i think this year has been an exceptional year for tori.† I feel that "Scarlet's Walk" is one of her best, if not her best album.† I thought tonight was special, and whenever i go see Tori i am reminded how much i love music, and espicially her music, and how she, in a way, has always been there for me. I feel very lucky to be a Tori fan at this time in Tori's career, and I would just like to say again how fantastic the show was tonight, and how Tori really showed it.† Not only did i get lost on "Scarlet's Walk", I got lost in Scarlet's World.†

Thank you, Tori.

From Sammy Banawan:

Hi, Mike. I was at the greensboro show. I'm sure that you'll get plenty of reviews and setlists, so I thought I'd pass along some pictures. They're pretty crappy, but they're better than nothing.

From Lee Chaix:

The concert in Greensboro was fabulous! I was particularly excited because this was my tenth show - finally double digits! And what a treat it was... Jeffrey Gaines opened with many of the same songs from last night, but he also did a brief but solid cover of Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes." He cheated the high notes, but it was still enjoyable.

Tori came on at about 8:30, wearing a tan fitted long sleeved shirt, a black wrap shirt with brown piping over top, jeans, her "happy boots," a silver necklace, red sparkly earrings, and a red ribbon on the right side of her head - too cute, and very different from the prior evening. The set list was:

Wampum Prayer
A Sorta Fairytale
Don?t Make Me Come to Vegas
**happy boots**
Cornflake Girl
Sweet Sangria
**Lullabye improv**

Baker Baker
Honey (with band)

I Can?t See New York

In the Springtime of His Voodoo
Little Amsterdam

Putting the Damage On

Wampum Prayer is the recording, I'm sure. A Sorta Fairytale was great, although STILL I found the bass to be heavy. It was not nearly as bad tonight as in Charlotte, but there were times when it sounded like Tori's voice was reverberating because the bass was so strong.

Juarez was a real treat! Very different from the album and the '99 version, and had a new flavor to it. It opened with an instrumental section that was very pretty, and Tori used lots of hand/arm gestures during the song.

Vegas was awesome - kinda mellow, but a lot of fun. Tori was really enjoying herself - lots of smiles and eye contact.

Tori then chatted with the audience about how she was wearing her "happy boots" tonight. "I don't wear these a lot, but I thought, 'I'm going to wear them for Greensboro.'" :) I couldn't see her boots very well, but they were black and white - maybe cowhide?

Cornflake Girl was very strong, and Tori and the audience got a big kick from her "brrrr" sound after the instrumental break in the middle. Lots of smiles. It will never cease to amaze me how fresh this song always sounds. I'm sure she's performed it hundreds (thousands?) of times, and yet she still makes it fun and exciting.

Rattlesnakes was gorgeous. This is my favorite off SLG, and I was hoping we would get treated to this one. This started the awesome middle section of the show - things really started to take off here!

Sweet Sangria was rockin' as usual. Afterwards, Tori did a gorgeous improv lullabye about Tash, and at one point turned to stage right and waved - perhaps saying goodnight to Tash? Some of the lyrics: she goes to sleep behind the curtain while we work it out in our heads, looking behind the curtain at Tash, at her lovely lashes, while we work it out in our heads. It was breathtaking, and a lovely lead in to...

Mary! Wow, this was a treat. I've never heard Mary live before, and Tori really nailed the "Butterflies don't belong in nets" at the end.

The song really built to that crescendo, and the final "cries your name" was haunting. After this song, Tori called Jon over and they had a chat in the dark before continuing.

Wednesday was fun, although the America wasn't as extended as last night, nor was the bass note.

The ROADSIDE CAFE began with the improv about "I have a sign, it lights up sometimes" and included lyrics about distant memories. Very pretty.

Baker Baker was the emotional highpoint of the night. Very moving, and you could hear a pin drop. Tori was so expressive - gentle and powerful all at the same time.

Crazy began with an extended intro that was beautiful. I'd say it lasted at least a minute or so before she started singing. It almost reminded me of Here. In my head in a way - anyway, it was neat to hear it without the band - I came away with a different understanding of the song after hearing it solo.

Tori chatted with the audience about the strange conversation she had with her bus driver, Kevin. Apparently, Kevin just moved in with his brother, "yada yada," and told Tori about how Billy Graham was the last person to sit where she was, but when he talked to Billy, Billy didn't respond. Kevin was afraid Billy Graham didn't like him, to which Tori replied, "He's old! He probably didn't hear you! He's like 80 years old. I'm sure he's very happy you moved in with your brother and are secure in your sexuality." At which the crowd laughed, and Tori said, "Okay, what am I doing?" More laugh laugh. "Okay, I'm going to play this for Danny." And she launched into...

Desperado - what an awesome cover! Beautiful, and I loved the way she ended it. A nice surprise.

Honey with the band was great. Jon played the upright bass with both the bow and finger plucking. The finger plucking caused a lot of heavy bass resonance and distortion, but the bow was a nice touch.

Crucify is a brand new song, it really is. The verses are much slower and drawn out, with lots of intermittant vocals and hand gestures. The chorus and bridge are pretty much the same, but it added a whole new dimension to the song. It was a nice update to an old warhorse.

The high energy song tonight was definitely Bliss! The verses built to a terrific crescendo with the chorus and bridge, and the band was rockin' out at the "four-horse engine" section. It was so much fun - the whole audience was seat-dancing (you know - heads bobbing, arms moving, etc.).

Siren was lovely, and again, a nice surprise. It sounds so beautiful on the piano, and the drums are perfect. She repeated "Never was one for a prissy girl" several times at the end.

God and NY were as high-powered and moving, respectively, as last night. Iieee was terrific - the band really got into the "just say yes" part - awesome! It was nice to hear this tonight since it didn't work out last night. :)

First encore was all Boys for Pele. Voodoo was great, but maybe I'm a purist - I like it on the piano along better. Little Amsterdam was
terrific - that song really grows on you the more you hear it, especially live.

Second encore was a little lower energy - I think Tori was getting tired. Talula was as awesome as ever, and Putting the Damage On was gorgeous. I tend to forget about that song, but it stood out tonight.

Again, people rushed the front at the encores and everyone stood up. I really hate this, but oh well. For the most part, the crowd was great, although a lot of people were drinking, and in my row, people kept getting up to get more alcohol. It was really distracting, and then they started to get chatty. I'm all for imbibing, but at a Tori show? Give me a break.

Anyway, I left a happy woman. This show was completely different from the Charlotte show. Charlotte was softer, gentler, sweeter - almost nostalgic, with a lot of emotional highlights. Tonight was more fun, energetic, power-packed. From about Rattlesnakes through Siren, I was in pure heaven, and it ranks right up there with one of the best Tori shows I've ever been to (Raleigh 98 is still the winner).

I hope everyone made it home okay. A mini ice-storm hit during the show, and we all ventured to the parking lot only to find ice all over our cars. What normally would have been a 45 minute drive home took almost twice as long because of traffic getting out of the coliseum, icy roads and bridges, and accidents. But you know what - the treacherous drive was worth it for Tori. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

From Leigh Peele:

I have been to see 4 Tori concerts previous to this one. By far this blew all of them away. Maybe this could be due to that fact that I was able to see her face and expressions this time but I think there is more to it than that. The remember ever song above thats on the set list.

The show really started to get going for me after "Cornflake Girl" kicked in. Her energy really started to rise. Then when her sweet short lullaby to her daughter came it felt so personable. There was something about being home at this show. It felt incredibly intimte.

Her performance of "Crazy" was perfect to the tee during the Roadside Cafe'. Followed by a funny story about a chat with a man that included Billy Graham and sexuality:).

The show continued with "Crucify" done very different than previously heard with strong bass caring the main tune. The biggest surprise of the night song wise was "Siren"! To the best of my knowledge this song is rarely played and is one of my favs so a big treat.

The highlight of my night and I think the best song of the show was "I Can't See New York" The lighting made it a story that put you right in the song. The vocals were haunting and perfect in every way. By far the most touching performance of a song by her yet in my opinion. She felt that song with every part of her.

The encores were a big Boys for Pele tribute. Perfect way to end the show in my view. In particular "Taulua" brought out the woman in me.

I would also like to give strong note to the drummer Chamberlain who did and amazing job. As well as the audience for I thought they were the best behaved I have ever experienced. Overall this show gets a 10! It was perfect in my eyes.

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