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Keep Joshua in your thoughts as he battles cancer

Updated Mon, May 03, 2004 - 8:51am ET

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Toriphile Brian Yandle informs me that his friend Joshua has been diagnosed with cancer and is going through a difficult time. He askes that you keep his friend in your thoughts and/or prayers as he fights this disease.

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The following comes from Brian Yandle:

as a huge fan of tori amos & your website, i'm asking a pretty huge favor. please help if at all possible. i have a friend who also loves tori as much as i do & he's been diagnosed with cancer. i've been worried for almost two months now as he has gone through chemo, surgery, & losing his hair. several times now, he has returned to the hospital for treatments or simply because he suffers from the aftermath of the chemo itself. although i've always played tori amos almost religiously, i play her music now around the clock for comfort & have even taken some of my tori boots or mp3s to the hospital for him to enjoy also. would you be willing to ask other toriphiles to keep my friend joshua in their thoughts, prayers, or concerns? this would so mean much to me. i have known him for over twelve years & seeing him go through so much has deeply saddened. as always, thank you for a wonderful site & thank you for listening.

your friend in tori,

brian r yandle

Posted by: Mikewhy

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