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The Tori Amos Tribute Show eBay Auctions have begun!

Updated Mon, May 03, 2004 - 8:53am ET

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Ebay auctions for some of the artwork which was shown at the Tori Amos Tribute Show on April 17, 2004 has now begun online, and will run until the weekend of May 8/9, 2004. Therefore you can donate to a wonderful charity, RAINN, by purchasing some amazing one-of-a-kind Tori related art. Links to these auctions can be found at

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Some of the items they currently have up on Ebay are doll artist Pat Kochie's original bust/head of her Tori Amos doll, "Black Winged Rose". They also have an original watercolor painting by Paulina Stuckey, "The Sultry Librarian," up for auction, as well as several of her beautiful prints. Laurie Paris's vibrant handtouched prismacolor artist's proof print, "Paradise" is also available. There is a wonderful print of Tori, "Yes, Anastasia," by Ken Meyer Jr, as well as an original painting, "Dream Catcher," by Nanci Wilson and David Garcea. There is even an amazing beaded necklace, "Amber Waves," by jewlry artist Eryn Merwart for auction. Fans can also expect to see for auction prints and posters by Bob Masse, David Louie, Ivy Michelle Berg, and Paul Elia, and several other items.
Links to these auctions can be found at

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