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Updated Tue, Feb 15, 2005 - 3:28am ET

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The latest Tori Amos news from The Dent is now something you can subscribe to using your LiveJournal account, or any program or service that lets you subscribe to an RSS news feed. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based format for distributing Web content. If you are not familar with it, you can find out all about it at What is means is you can add The Dent to your friends list on LiveJournal and get the updates shortly after they appear. You can also use any RSS reader to see the latest Tori news items! Click the details link to find out specifically how to do this. There are some limitations as well that you should read. The main thing is the fact that if you subscribe to The Dent feed using LiveJournal, the feed is usually only refreshed once an hour. If you want to know the latest Tori news immediately, it is still best to check But this gives you another tool and may help prevent you from missing something on days when you are too busy to check this web site.

More Details

To add the Dent news feed to your friends list on LiveJournal, go to:

and follow the directions from there to add it to your friends list. (You of course have to have a LiveJournal to do this!) The name of the feed is thedent.

If you are using any kind of an RSS news reader, point it to this URL:

The news feed consist of a Title, a Link to the full story on, and then a Summary of the news story itself. The summary displays a significant portion of the news item, but may not show it all. To see the full story, click the link to go to Also, the news feed summary is simply text. HTML formatting (such as links) will not show up in the feed. Such formatting/links can only be seen when you click to see the full story on The Dent. But there is often more than enough in the news feed to inform you about what is happening.

The LiveJournal feed is updated the same instant that The Dent is. However, if you subscribe to The Dent feed using LiveJournal, the feed is usually only refreshed once an hour there.

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