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Updated Mon, Apr 05, 2004 - 12:06am ET

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Check out this new round of Tori sightings, including a cool new board game called Booktastic! to an Indie film called "Far Too Gone"

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Keep in mind I only place on The Dent a small selection of sightings out of all the ones I receive, due to space and time constraints...

The Board Game Booktastic!

Audra reports:
I wanted to write and tell you about a product that three friends of mine developed - its a board game about books, authors, publishers, editors, etc called Booktastic!- the first literary game of its kind. Anyway, they snuck in a question about Tori and Neil Gaiman is mentioned as well. Their website, although quite preliminary, is located at:

They had a professional designer work on the artwork. Book collectors and game players work on the game components, and a large game manufacturer is actually making the game. Just thought I'd share since Tori is mentioned...

Remembering the Alamo from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Mikewhy reports
There is an April 4, 2004 article about the Alamo in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper. The article discusses the many ways that the Alamo has become part of pop culture. Tori's b-side Alamo is mnetioned. You can read the entire article at, but here the part that mentions Tori:

"Also, the Mills Brothers did a song called Across the Alley From the Alamo, but the Alamo is only peripheral to that lyric. And Tori Amos has a song called Alamo, which isn't about the Alamo -- and, as is the case with many of Tori's songs, we're really not sure just what the heck it's about. But it's proof that the Alamo truly has crossed over from history to pop-culturedom."

The Indie film "Far Too Gone"

Tanya and bt reports:
There is an Indie film called "Far Too Gone" which featues a guy who "thinks he is Tori Amos". It sounds rather amusing... The press release states:

"You are cordially invited to take a ride on a train-wreck! Join us as we premiere the new delusional and disturbingly shocking psychodrama by director Brian Labrecque and Hollywood-based indie-producer Eric Scott. The film introduces us to Josh Lowell-- Seattle town pillar and transvestite-in-denial. Josh is like every other Tori Amos fan,with one minor exception, he thinks he IS Tori Amos. This minor flaw in his otherwise ethereal existence is the subject of an intrepid team of student filmmakers who follow Josh and his "posse" around town and watch the detritus hit the fan. Be there to say you were one of the first to see "Far Too Gone"! The film was short entirely in Seattle and stars a bunch of people you've never heard of but they're all really funny!

For more info on the film and the screening, go to"

The official premiere screening of 'Far Too Gone' is on April 6, 2004 at 8:00PM at the 911 Media Arts Center in Seattle, WA.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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