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Keep ladytorilen's friend Mike in your thoughts in the months ahead

Updated Sun, Apr 04, 2004 - 12:11am ET

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Toriphile ladytorilen asks that all Tori fans keep her friend Mike in their thoughts in the months ahead as he undergoes a very dangerous and complicated brain surgery.

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The following is from ladytorilen:

I'm writing with a very sad request.  My friend Mike, a great guy who is a casual Tori fan (I know, there's not many of those), underwent surgery for a brain aneurysm twelve years ago at the age of seventeen.  His skull was cut and removed, surgery was done on major vessels, the skull was sewn back and he spent a long time recovering.  Now, at the age of twenty-nine, Mike's problem vessels have once again become a problem, worse than before.  He is scheduled to have another major surgery within the next four months, with a surgeon over 300 miles away from his hometown.  This time, however, the doctors fear that they may not be able to do surgery the way it was done before, they may need to go in through his stomach to reach the carotid arteries in his neck in order to reach the problem vessels in his brain.  Because this technique is much more complicated, the surgeon believes that the chance of Mike having a stroke on the operating table is high.  So if all you Tori fans can find it in your hearts to say a prayer for my friend, I would really appreciate it...we're all really scared right now.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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