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Singer-pianist Julia Othmer

Updated Mon, Mar 29, 2004 - 12:47am ET

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An article posted to from the March 26, 2004 Delaware Beachcomber covers singer-pianist Julia Othmer. There is a comparison to Tori in the article, and it is something that the artist comments on.

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You can read the entire article at Here is the part that mentions Tori:

One artist that Othmer has been compared to in several reviews is Tori Amos. While Othmer takes it as a compliment, she doesn't necessarily agree.

"I feel we approach the keyboard in different ways. She has a degree of complexity that I don't feel is in my music," Othmer said. "I'm always curious to hear how other people perceive my music, and who they compare it to. It really depends on the generation of the person who is doing the comparing. When I play in Kansas City, I have an older demographic that'll mention Carole King and James Taylor. I even had someone call me 'the female Bruce Springsteen.' I'm too close to my own music to tell."

Posted by: Mikewhy

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