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Various Tori sightings added related to the artists Casey Stratton, Alanis Morissette, Sage Francis, Unto Ashes, Ultra Nate, Bob Geldof, Margaret Cho, Evanescence and Kevin Bacon

Updated Fri, Mar 19, 2004 - 1:11am ET

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I added several Tori "sightings" to the Dent, each one related to another artist of some kind!

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Alanis Morrisette mentions Tori in an interview in Performing Songwriter

Michelle reports:
The March/April 2004 issue of Performing Songwriter magazine (Volume 11, Issue 76) includes an article/interview with Alanis Morrisette where she mentions that she listened to Tori as a teen. You can see part of the article at

Tori's officially connected in the 8 Degrees of Kevin Bacon now

Amy reports:
Tori's officially connected in the 8 Degrees of Kevin Bacon now at

Sage Francis singing Silent All These Years

Haylan (Tree Borne Kettle Girl) reports:
an interesting tori "sighting" took place on Feb 20, 2004 in Austin Tx.  Sage Francis was performing (he is a straight edge hip-hop artist who can be found at and in the middle of his set, he stopped and sang part of Silent All These Years!  He then asked the crowed "Ya'll like a little Tori Amos up in here?" and said "She is a really beautiful person, a really good person. We are cousins you know, very distant cousins. *laughs* and you know what else? I wrote that song!!!! *laughs*" and then continued with his set!  :) 

Ultra Nate and Tori Amos

Micah reports:
In the Bio section of dance artist Ultra Nate's web site, it says she shared the stage at one time with Tori. I never knew that!

Artist Casey Stratton and Tori

Mikewhy reports:
There are several articles online about artist Casey Stratton where either Casey or the reviewer mentions Tori. Look at the links below to see some of them:

The band Unto Ashes and "Beauty Queen"

Michael reports:
I just want to let you know that on February 16th, the band "Unto ashes" will release a new album featuring the song "Beauty queen" by Tori. You can recongize the song from the Cleopatra Records Tori-tribute album, but now this song makes it's final release on an official "Unto ashes" piece. Just have a look:

Bob Geldof interview in 'Classic Rock'

BarbaraKirk reports:
The March 2004 Classic Rock has an interview with Bob Geldof in which he mentions the impact the song 'I Don't Like Mondays' had around the world - and Tori's version.  He says:
'I was watching The West Wing...when somebody told the president there'd been a school shooting and he says 'Christ, I don't like Mondays'.  His aide goes 'What?'  And he says, 'You know, like the record'.  And that record was banned in America!  And then the Tori Amos version comes on.  You kinda go, 'Fuck!''

Margaret Cho talks about Tori Amos

Adrian reports:
i went to Barnes & Nobles today in hopes of finding the new Women Who Rock issue with Tori in it on the stands, but the old Novemeber/December 2003 issue [with Sarah McLachlan on the cover] was still there, so i picked it up and leafed through it and found 2 Tori mentions. I'm not sure this was reported to you, but forgive me if it has:

on page 22 there's a small article covering the new 2004 calendar for RAINN with 2 pictures and the cover of the calendar shown.

then, on page 64 within an interview with Margaret Cho, Cho mentions Bjork being one of her favorite musicians and the interviewer asked her "what about Tori Amos?" this is what Margaret had to say:

"I loooooove Tori Amos! I was friends with Kevyn Aucoin, who was close with Tori, and he told me that the two of them would watch my videotapes, and I couldn't even deal. Here is an example why I love Tori: My friend's daughter is 13, a pianist, and a Tori fan. So [my friend] took her backstage to meet Tori after a concert, and he told Tori that his daughter was a pianist, and do you know what Tori did? She just grabbed this girl's hands and just closed her eyes and held this little girl's hands. Tori said nothing; she just gave her this beautiful gift in silence. Can you imagine how powerful that is for some child who is such a fan? To me, that is such a generous thing for an artist to do, a beautiful gesture."

Evanescence and Rolling Stone Magazine

Ross reports:
In the most recent issue Rolling Stone (April 1, 2004 with Ben Affleck on the cover) there is a Q&A with Amy Lee of Evanescence.  The interviewer asks Lee "What Contemporary female artists do you admire?" And Lee responds "Tori Amos.  Her lyrics are fearless, and she's just an incredible pianist." She then goes on to how Bjork is her idol etc.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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