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The movie "Mayor Of Sunset Strip" is released nationally this Spring in the U.S.

Updated Thu, Mar 18, 2004 - 5:37pm ET

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The film "Mayor Of Sunset Strip" is a documentary about LA scenemaker and DJ Rodney Bingenheimer. It contains some brief Tori footage. (Tori was interviewed for the film, but they do not show any of the interview.) Justin, Jenn, and Jessica Ritchie tell me that the film will be released nationally in the U.S. this Spring 2004. Some say the release date will be March 26, 2004, while others say it will only open in L.A. and New York City on March 26 and will open elsewhere on April 9, 2004. I have no idea how many places will show this film or how easy it will be to find once it is out there. The Tori content is very minor, but I heard the documentary overall is well made. You can read more about "Mayor Of Sunset Strip" here.

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