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Vienna Teng talks about comparisons with Tori Amos in interview posted to The Seattle Times

Updated Sat, Mar 13, 2004 - 7:16am ET

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An article on artist Vienna Teng in The Seattle Times from March 5, 2004 includes a comparison to Tori and Vienna's reaction to that. Vienna recently released her excellent second album called Warm Strangers.

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You can read the entire article at Here is the Tori part of the article/interview:

Tori is one comparison Teng gets often, Sarah McLachlan another. A San Jose Mercury News writer said her music sounds "like a child of Chopin and Sarah McLachlan."

"The comparisons keep coming up, I can't complain," Teng says. "Tori and Sarah comparisons I get a lot, but I think it's fair because I listened to them a lot in college." While she's been lumped in with Dido and Jewel, she politely says, "I do appreciate comparisons to more literate and less pop-oriented singers. ... I'm more flattered to be compared to folk singers than pop singers."

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