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Remembering EWF Becky

Updated Sat, Feb 14, 2004 - 3:43pm ET

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Kerri emailed me and told me about the recent death of a Toriphile named Becky, who lost her battle with anorexia last weekend. Our thoughts are with Becky and her family. I have posted Kerri's email about this on The Dent.

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My name is Kerri (you may remember me, we've spoken at some of the ATL and Nashville shows) anyway I was writing to let you know of the passing of a fellow EWF. Becky lost her battle with anorexia this past weekend, she had been in mental recovery for years but due to many years of very severe anorexia her body couldn't recover. I've known her for about 7 years and throughout that time she battled to stay alive and endured many painful procedures as the result of her feeding tube (which was surgically implanted) getting infected. The thing that made her angry was having to miss Tori's last Atlanta concert because the tube got infected again and she was in the hospital. Becky was given 7-10 years to live, and she made it 8. She and her doctor's knew that the totally liquid diet wouldn't be able to sustain her for a normal life span. It pissed her off so much that she had done all the recovery work for the mental aspect, but due to the physical damage she couldn't physically eat. She fought to educate others of the damage this disease can do and to try and help those who were just developing eating disorders.

If you wouldn't mind if you could post this on the dent I would appreciate it. I know there are a lot of other EWF's that suffer from this and I want them to know what can happen. I too suffer from an ED, and everyday it's a fight to be healthy, but I will fight harder so that Becky's death won't be in vain. My dream is to see these diseases wiped from our society that no other girls will have to endure this hell of self torment.

thanks for your time,
Kerri Godwin

Posted by: Mikewhy

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