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Tori's name mentioned several times in a sad article in the LA Weekly
January 9-15, 2004

Updated Thu, Jan 15, 2004 - 6:14pm ET

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An article about the death/murder of a Toriphile named Kelly Bullwinkle in the January 9-15, 2004 issue of LA Weekly mentions Tori several times, including a photo of a memorial built to Kelly which includes the lyrics to 1000 Oceans.

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Thanks to Jay for telling me about this. You can read the entire article at Here is part of the article, including the part that mentions Tori. You should read the entire article though and check out the photos, one of which shows the lyrics to 1000 Oceans on a memorial to Kelly. (The memorial was actually built by one of the people accused of murdering her...)

Two Against One
Teenage love and murder in Redlands, California

by Christine Pelisek

For her senior prom, the most exciting night of her life, Kelly Bullwinkle, just 17 at the time, decided on a knee-length red dress to complement her shoulder-length red hair. Bullwinkle's date was an older woman -- her best friend Kinzie Noordman, then 19. Even in socially conservative Redlands, girls can go with girls to the prom, and when they started kissing each other on the dance floor, that too was all in fun. Still, going to the prom and making out with each other represented a declaration of purpose and independence for Bullwinkle and Noordman, who had both recently been through intense periods of change and struggle for identity. Their appearance together at the prom could have easily been the start of something positive; instead it was the beginning of the end.

Their mutual friend Damien Guerrero was happily taking in the scene with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Elody Romero. They all, it seemed, had a lot to look forward to. Bullwinkle would be graduating from Redlands East Valley High School in two weeks, while Guerrero and Noordman would be starting their second year of college in September.

Then things began to go wrong on that May evening last year. An argument broke out when Bullwinkle and Noordman, who had bragged about being on heroin and coke that evening, wanted Guerrero to do coke with them. Friends say he turned them down because Romero didn't want him to do it. The girls had words. At one point, Romero called Bullwinkle a "poseur." Though emotions ran high, it was not the sort of fight that other prom-goers noticed from more than a few feet away as the DJ rocked the Yorba Linda Community Center. It certainly wasn't enough to inspire suspicion when Bullwinkle suddenly disappeared nearly four months later.

But that argument, according to friends and police reports, was one of a series of spiraling events that climaxed with Guerrero and Noordman luring Bullwinkle to a remote citrus grove and then shooting her twice in the head. Noordman and Guerrero say it was all an accident, but they've been charged with murder, possibly punishable by death. Both Noordman and Guerrero have pleaded not guilty, and a trial awaits. Meanwhile, friends and family members trying to make sense of Bullwinkle's death talk of a love triangle, scorned affections and drug use, but most of all, they speak of their disbelief that a bright young girl should die at such a whim.


It was not altogether surprising that the upbeat, yet slightly naive teen who colored her hair to match that of her idol Tori Amos would be attracted to Noordman and Guerrero, her enigmatic best friends. Noordman was a young activist who founded a gay-and-lesbian club at her high school and was into animal rights. Guerrero was smart and admired by his peers among the town's small goth crowd. Bullwinkle liked to stand out as well, but in subtler ways, like through her eclectic taste in clothing. She also had a slightly antisocial side. In history class, she and her good friend Rachel Schneider would sit under their desks and chat in an attempt to show disdain for the "stupid jocks."


Around the same time, a makeshift memorial was erected by the San Timoteo Canyon train tracks a half-mile from where Bullwinkle's body was found, just two miles from her home. The memorial, built by Noordman, is still standing and is decorated with large painted rocks, flowers and candles. A photo of Bullwinkle, a male friend and Noordman, who has been recently cut out of it, is propped up next to a rock with the lyrics from "1,000 Oceans" by Tori Amos, one of Bullwinkle's favorite songs. Written above the photograph are the words "Sorry I couldn't protect you" and "I would have died 4 you." The message was written "with love by Kinzie Noordman."


This is just part of the article. You must read the entire thing to fully understand this really strange and sad situation...

Posted by: Mikewhy

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