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The set list and reviews from Tori's February 21st concert in Jacksonville, FL

Updated Sat, Feb 22, 2003 - 6:45am ET

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This was an amazing show, where Tori performed Glory Of The 80's, Liquid Diamonds, Not The Red Baron (solo) and Daniel (solo). If you were at the Jacksonville show, please email me with your reviews and/or set list or post your review or comments in the Dent's Concert Reviews forum. (You can post under any name without registering, so it is quick!) Update: I am now 100% positive about the set list I have posted!

More Details

Tori performed in Jacksonville, FL on Friday, February 21, 2003 at the Moran Theatre. The opening act was Jeffrey Gaines.

Set List

Many thanks to Danica Knox who phone me with the set list after the show. I am now 100% positive about the set list!

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Past The Mission
Cornflake Girl
Mrs. Jesus
Sweet Sangria
Take To The Sky

Band Leaves

Silent All These Years
Not The Red Baron

Band returns

1000 Oceans
Glory Of The 80's
Liquid Diamonds
Caught A Lite Sneeze
I Can't See New York

1st Encore

Black-Dove (January)

2nd Encore



The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. For more reviews, please check out the Dent's Tour Reviews Forum. Please post your own review if you were at this show!

From Danica:

Danica describes this show as "fucking fantastic"! She said Tori was in a great mood and that Glory Of The 80's was great fun and made everyone go crazy. After Past The Mission Tori spoke to the crowd telling them they were leaving Florida and that Tash did not want to go. Then before Mrs. Jesus Tori performed a really good and interesting improv. Danica did not remember much about the improv because she was so much into it, but she seemed to think all the tragedies in today's news headlines may have had something to do with it.

During Crucify Tori added the lyrics, "Crucify this land." During Talula, Tori once again used the lyrics "Somebody tell me who the fucking father is" and also at one point sang, "What you want George is in the blood of Senators."

From Joe Jenkins:

My impressions of the show in Jacksonville:

Wow. Let me tell you about the Moran Theater in Jacksonville. I performed in this theater before but never got to see anything there. The lighting was incredible. The sound was incredible until the end where there was a resonant and continued pop and static during her second encore. It sounded a little like the bass and vocal track inputs were over-driven there at the end, but whatever.

The venue staff did an awesome job taking care of everyone. The crowd was well- behaved and only a few (namely 5 girls about 5 rows from the front and 3 rows in front of me) stood up and started dancing which quite bothered all of us behind them until someone got up and asked them to sit down. And, of course, the few random people who bring in digital cameras had their stuff confiscated.

All in all, it was the best Tori show I have seen yet. I hadn't seen her sine the last tour.

I loved her renditions of "Crucify," "Take to the Sky," and "Talula". ...I'm sure someone will post a set list soon. If you didn't get the chance to make this show in Jax at this theater, pray she comes here again. With only enough seating for 3,000 people, this theater really brought out her sound and real piano genius!

Jeffrey Gaines, IMHO, needs to learn a few more chords, but he's got a decent voice. :-P

Excellent show!

From Zak Champagne:

It was a fantastic show--Daniel was simply amazing.

And Past the Mission was unbelievable.

This was show number 11 for me and my wife--but this time my wife is pregnant and my first child made it to a Tori show in the womb. It was magical

From Macky:

Oh, wow. The Tori concert just...kicked my ass. lol.

So, my friend and I arrive at the Moran Theatre, and we just chill there for a while. About forty minutes later they let us in to go to our seats. We were on the left part of the orchestra rows, I believe...

The opening act, Jeffrey Gaines was pretty damned talented. Really good with his guitar, had a deep voice, kind of raspy.

So, my friend and I brave the bathroom lines during intermission, and then we get back to our seats. I was expecting to have to wait forty minutes like usual, but like, 25 minutes later, the lights went OUT, and you hear Tori's voice singing Wampum Prayer.

So, after that, the big, red curtain DROPS, and I mean it just dropped, lol, and Jon Evans and Matt Chamberlain are revealed. They play out a familiar beat, and Tori comes out in this gorgeous, almost Japanese looking dress. It was a weird shade of pink, kind of purpleish, and black, very strange designs. Well, as most of us already expected, she played A Sorta Fairytale. It was a great opener with the band, very energetic and the lighting was nice. The lighting would blow anyone away.

Ok, I don't remember the exact order after this...but I was shocked when I finally recognized the third song, which I think was It was beautiful. Her voice was nice and clear, and she hit the high notes perfectly.

Then, she played one of the songs I've *always* wanted to hear live...


I loved it. I absolutely loved it. It sounds a bit strange without the accompanying guitar work, but it all worked out. And she did the little 'grrr!' tongue rolling thing after one of the piano solos! Too cute!

At some point she introduced the band, and then she said how Tash (Natashya, her 2 year old daughter) loved Florida and how they'd been there for the past two weeks and how she had said "I'm staying!"...sooo cute. She didn't really speak after that. But she totally made up for it with her songs and her energy on stage.

She did a cute little improv before Mrs. Jesus. It was something like, "One more more thing..."...Not too much to say about that was very sweet though.

Then she played Past the Mission, a song I've heard at every single concert I've been to. She performed this one very well.

A big surprise for me was Glory of the 80's. It surprisingly sounded great live. I was very happy to meet this song.

Again, this isn't in order at all. This is all based on my memory...God help you all.

She played Take to the was nice. I really don't see what all the fuss is about people clapping along with the song...I mean, as long as they keep up with the beat, and don't do it throughout the whole song, I don't see what's so bad about it. But that's just me *shrugs* I guess people have their reasons.

Sweet Sangria and Pancake...both nice treats. :-D

Eventually, they played Wednesday, and as always, they band was very energetic with this one and had a great time.

I seriously was about to die when I heard the intro to Silent All These Years. I never would've thought I'd be so lucky as to hear that one. She was very emotional for that one though, I think she was crying, or was at least choked up..:-/

Then she played Not the Red Baron. That was a shocker for me, honestly. I didn't think I'd ever hear this one either. Very beautiful. Shockingly beautiful.

She played Daniel...I'd never ever heard this one before, so I can't really review it. It was pretty.

So, the band comes back, and Jon has the Upright Bass. So, I'm sitting there, wondering if they're going to play Putting the Damage On or something. Which would've been fine by me, I absolutely adore that song. But, I don't think anything could've prepared me for the piano chords I was about to hear.

The song that got me into this mess, this world of Tori. 1,000 Oceans. I was almost in tears. Almost. lol. Oh man. It was so. fucking. gorgeous. I just can't understand why so many people seem to dislike this song. Maybe I'm just biased. But that song is just so beautiful and deserves so much more respect than I think it gets.

The Roadside Cafe sign was lifted up then, and I don't recall exactly all that she played.

I do know that some other pluses was that she played Caught a Lite Sneeze. She seemed a bit calm with this one, but it kicked ass nonetheless.

So yeah. I was freaking out when I heard the beat for Iieee. I was *so* hoping I would hear that one. AND SHE PLAYED IT! She has this tiny, barely noticeable keyboard on top of the Bosey, and it was this strings thing...but she played the string parts for Iieee, and the most rocking, intense, make-you-want-to-get-up-and-mosh part of the night had to be when she sang the 'Just say yes, you little arsonist' part...I *so* wanted to start a mosh pit or something, lol. The lights went crazy!!!

Somehow, I just can't picture a mosh pit at a Tori concert. So I didn't start one, lol.

Another pleasant surprise was...LIQUID DIAMONDS!!! Very pleased to hear it live.

She played Talula, and it was awesome to hear that one as well. she did the "But tell me who the FUCK the father is?" line again. I think the lighting could've been better on this one, but it was good enough.

I Can't See New York really disturbs me in a beautiful way. It makes me feel like I'm trapped in this cloud of debris, made of human flesh and souls, and parts and chunks of buildings...the lighting just...ugh...makes you really sad, but Tori sings it beautifully.

She played Crucify. This one was cool.

She played Black Dove too. I was disappointed though. In Melbourne, the lighting for this made you feel like you were inside the story, but tonight it lacked something. It probably had a lot to do with the venue lay out...

The final song of the night was a little diddy called Strange. It was such a perfect way to end this night.

You all should see her if she comes anywhere remotely near to where you live. I demand it. lol.

From Natasha:

Ok, I'm going to make this short because I just got home to Clearwater. I got to the Moran theatre in Jacksonville around 8:30, thinking I had 30 minutes 'til show time, but she came on ten minutes later, which left everyone scrambling to their seats and some had to wait out in the lobby for 4 songs, before people were let in. The venue is gorgeous, and the acoustics were great. This was a much better show, compared with Boca, because the crowd was on their best behaviour tonight. (although I didn't see Tori parents tonight, like I did at Boca)

Tori was glowing and very much in her element. She looked genuinely happy, and it showed in her performance. The only time she spoke was after the first or second song, and she said they'd been in Florida for a few weeks and were leaving tonight, and Tash didn't want to go. For her solo "Roadside Cafe" she performed Silent All These Years, which blew me away. Then, Not the Red Baron, and then Daniel, which was gorgeous. She did an improv intro to Mrs. Jesus, but the words escape me at this moment. For Talula, as in Boca she sang the line "Somebody tell me who the fuck this father is"

For the encores, many , including myself went up to the front aisle near the stage. Crucify was so beautiful, i had tears in my eyes. This was my tenth Tori show, and all in all, it was stunning.

From Mike Taylor:

I have seen Tori in concert several times and found her stage voice only improving with age. However, while sitting in the center of the theatre, just in front of the soundboard, I found the bass playing more of a constant rumble rather than any distinguishing note or tone. The drummer played well and the bass player may have been playing his heart out but his sound was nothing but a bunch of mush. The sound board staff should have corrected the mixing problem, but didn't. Also the last couple of songs were played with blown speakers that were suspended on the left side of the stage virtually ruining the last two songs (which may have been the reason the third encore was not performed). Having seen Tori's (same set) concert in Seattle, last fall, she only performed two encores this time while three were performed in Seattle. It was a bit disappointing that she only talked to the audience once at the beginning to say "tonite we leave this magical state having spent the last three weeks here". In Seattle, she engaged the audience much more often.

Overall, it was the weakest of her concerts in terms of personality, but her voice and word for word, note for note, rendition of her best songs, were performed well. I hope the next time I see her in concert, she connects with the audience more. Tori fan since 1992,

From Julie Howe:

The show was phenomenal! She wore a beautiful, purple, flowing thing with high boots. In true Tori fashion, he body language only heightend the emotion exuded by her voice. She was sexy, brilliant, wise, and adorable all at the same time. Unfortuantely in the eleven years I have been following her, I have never been privileged to see her. Her encore of Crucify was unique and uplifting. Her band was amazing as well.

I only wish she had more time to tell us about herself. You know we are all just praying she will speak. Not the Red Baron was a treat. I missed Hey Jupiter and†hoped for Here in My Head but to no avail. My only criticism was that it was too short. She cleverly ended with Strange. (You already know that.)

Jeffrey Gaines was impressive.

From Car27511:

I also went to both the Boca and Jacksonville shows, but have an obviously
different opinion about them than most of the reviews I've read... The
setlist and performance in Boca was incredible... Maybe it was something in
the air that kept everyone on their feet, but all in all, it seemed as if
everyone was greatly enjoying themselves- be it dancing or just standing...
For all of you angry fans about the Boca show, remember that you are not the
only Tori fan... i, one of many that i know of, loved seeing everyone "off
their asses" on Thursday night... Jacksonville was nice, however the bass
was too heavy at times... it drowned out her voice, which kinda got me a
little annoyed... The Jacksonville setlist didnt stand out too much in my
opinion, but Juarez, Silent All These Years (especially beautiful last
night), and the amazing version of Crucify for a second night, were certainly
the highlights for me... In the end, all I'm saying is to remember that fans
are fans... we are all there essentially for the same reason- to witness the
miracles of such a magical musician, that is TORI AMOS....

From Amber:

Last night, a friend of mine, Katie contacted me and told me that she had tickets to go see Tori, and the other person that was going to go with her had cancelled. I was invited to go see Tori Amos in an hour. Up til then, I had never really listened to her, except for when I was Katie's house, where all she listened to was Tori. I jumped at the chance to go spend time with a friend that I hadn't seen lately, and went to the concert.

If Jeffrey Gaines was any indication to how Tori was going to be, he rocked, and Tori blew me away.... Now, with little else to say except "wow," I am a Tori fan, and have since added many of her songs to my computer.

The show was amazing, and even though someone said that she needed a new lighting director, I thought the lights adequately represented the moods conveyed. I love the sound that she has and the show has to have been my all time favourite show. The only 2 songs that I had heard previous to the show were "Cornflake Girl" and "Crucify," and hearing them live added to the atmosphere. I loved the show!

From Randomlyodd:

ok, i have been a tori fan for eight years now but i have never been to any of her concerts. anyway so i get there around 4 and it is a gorgeous day and i go to stand in the crowd for the meet and greet. tori came out around 5:30. i saw her walk down to the front of the crowd then i couldn't see her at all and i couldn't get up front at all either. there was liek thirty poeple there if that and i was upset that i couldn't get up front to say hi. (i wish people would get their turn and then roate back giving us a chance but they didn't)but i passed my songbook up and she signed it. i almost started crying but i didn't.
my seat was in the balcony center and i was so sacred i be to far to hear or see so i brought binoculars. well it was a small intimate theater , i was as centered as u could be and i could see pretty well without the specks. but with them she was right there!!!i felt liek i was front row and the only person there. it was an amazing experiance for me, tori is my favorite artist and that night she became a real person. the bass was a little overpowering at times and soemtimes the spotlights in the back went on so bright u couldn't see tori or the band. but other then that it was a spectacular show. a sorta fairytale was played really well and i couldn't belive i was seeing tori live. not a tape but live! juarez was sooo good. i freaked when she played cornflake girl. i was so happy she played take to the sky and wednesday. she seemed liek she was having alot of fun, leaning back and swaying on her bench. a couple times she would stand and watch john or matt and kinda sway with the music and that was neat. it was so amazing when she did her impression of tash sayign she didn't want to go she was staying. i will have to say the audience was polite and kept their screamign during songs down and i didn't have anyone singing along next to me which was great. iieee was also a great song that stuck out in my memory. when she left i prayed she would do encores and she did two of them which was so nice of her. all in all it was an amazing night, beautiful day, a spectacular show and now i can say i saw tori!and she is really real!!

From Pandochild:

I got to the show around 8 and it started quite early 830! you already have a full setlist! and I don't even wanna comment on the whole show! just that it was wonderful and she did Liquid diamonds! everyone was well behaved tonight~! just couldent belive people started talking when she did liquid people in front of me that is! I liked boca better because better setlist and the mood was a lil diff. but Tori was still great! songs like pancake,talula,liquid and sweet sangria were wonderful to hear taxi ride would have been nice again={ but I always thought she should save strange for the end and she did=} well I loved this leg of the tour and await for the next chance I get to see her! ok take care.

From Annamarie Davis:

Until thsi concert I was yet another "Tori-Virgin", having never seen her live. This time I got the chance to not only see her but also meet her at the meet-&-greet, which was in and of itself a wonderful expierience! This concert was beautiful, and it was so sureal and moving all at the same time! I have been a fan for going on 13 years now, and she truly is a "performer" in every respect of the word. She loves her fans, and that emotion carries over from the meet-&-greets to her stage show. Her energy is uplifting, her music is soulful and profound, and every bit of the majik she creates touches every fiber in me when I hear her. What a Phenomanal Woman!

From Kelly Cannon:

Hi there! I was at the Jacksonville show on 2/21/03 and it was a great show, but not as good as others I've seen in the past. I still like the days when it was just her and the piano!

Being from Jacksonville, I have to comment on my "fellow Jacksonville-ians"that night. I'm a little peeved about some of the fans there; I sat about 5 rows from the back, bottom floor, center. Throughout the entire show, there was a consistent stream of people walking around and about, getting up and down for drinks, etc. throughout the entire show. Call me anal, but that was such a disturbance! Also, the girls dancing down front--the Tori show is not a freakin' dance club, okay???!!! Ahhh!

I just wish I was further down front, where the "well behaved" audience sat! I'm sure it was a little more "magical" down there.

The other thing (and then I promise I'll stop) was the girl in the back who kept screaming out during "Silent All these Years". Okay, this is not a song to "scream along to", know what I mean???!!!

I'm so glad that she played "Daniel" during the solo. It was absolutely beautiful and I believe everyone really enjoyed it. It was such a special treat!

I was also so thrilled for her to end the show with "Strange"; it was awesome. I wanted to hear "Precious" but it didn't hapen that night.

Like the other fan comments, I just wish she would talk to us more! She only said the 1 thing about "Tash not wanting to leave" and that was it!!!! Ilove to hear her speak and I was disappointed that she didn't talk more!

All in all, it was an okay show for me. Not the best I've seen.........but I still cherish any Tori show.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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