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Complete transcript and screen shots from Tori's December 9, 2003 appearance on The Sharon Osbourne Show
December 9, 2003

Updated Wed, Dec 31, 2003 - 9:59am ET

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imageUpdate: I just added a complete transcript from Tori's appearance on this show courtesy of Jessica Hartke.
Tori taped for The Sharon Osbourne Show on Thursday, December 4, 2003 and the episode was shown in the U.S. on Tuesday, December 9, 2003. Tori performed Crucify and talked with Sharon for about 5 minutes. Click the details link for a complete transcript of the interview with Sharon, some screen shots, and details about the taping.

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The Sharon Osbourne Show is syndicated, which means it was broadcast on various stations across the U.S.

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Interview Transcript

Thanks to Jessica Hartke for sending me this complete transcript of Tori's interview with Sharon!

Sharon Osbourne: Performing the song Crucify from her new Greatest Hits CD, Tales of a Librarian, please welcome the fabulous Tori Amos.

[Tori performs Crucify.]


Sharon: Thank you. We'll be right back for a little chat with Tori. Don't go away.

[Commercial break.]

Sharon: Hey there. We're back with the amazing Tori Amos.


Sharon: We're busy chatting away; we don't know that there's a camera there, we're too busy chatting. Alright, how long have you been playing the piano, Tori.

Tori: Well, my mom said since I was 2 1/2.

Sharon: And you just have a natural ear for it; you weren't taught?

Tori: I was taught later, and they thought that I got the wrong end of the stick, but I was okay with that.

Sharon: *laughs* What does that mean?

Tori: Well, they thought that I should want to be a concert pianist, but I wanted to...I loved contemporary music at the time, in the late 60's. And they said this Beatles thing was just of the moment and in 30 years if it were still around then I would have been right. *turns to audience & smiles* But they kicked me out before then, but I was right!


Sharon: *laughs* You definitely were right. Definitely. Your daughter, she's 3, right?

Tori: Yes.

Sharon: Does she play the piano?

Tori: Well, tricky. She wanted to learn, and I couldn't find a teacher that would teach a child so young. We're in Cornwall, in England. And we're in the middle, we're in the country; we're not in London, so it's not as open-minded. And so she was pestering me and pestering me, and so, I got a hat and a little outfit and became Mrs. Paris. (Sharon laughs.) So I teach her as Mrs. Paris how to play; she has a lesson once a week.

Sharon: And she likes Mrs. Paris?

Tori: She likes Mrs. Paris. It's tricky, though; she said to Mrs. Paris the other day, 'Mrs. Paris, I want you to teach my mummy how to play the piano!'

[Everyone laughs.]

Sharon: Now, does she ever call you Mrs. Paris when you don't have the outfit on?

Tori: Never. (Sharon: Just for that one hour...) ...No, no, no. *nods* That's it.

Sharon: And is she doing good?

Tori: She's doing well, we're- She sings everything. In the morning she'll say, *spreads arms out and sings* 'Graaapes for meeee the princeeesss.' You know, she'll, you know, one of the crew gals, she [Tash] said to me the other day, she loves all the crew and sh-

Sharon: 'Cause she's on tour with you now?

Tori: She's on the promotional tour, but she's been on tour with us since she was born. So one of the crew gals, you know, was having a late night with the boys. And Tash the other day goes to me, *puts her foot up on the little table in front of the sofa* 'Mommy, look how my sock is *hung over*. And I said, *folds her arms and looks stern* 'Yes?' And she said, 'Like mmm mmm on the crew.' And I went, *gives another look*. And she said, 'And Daddy was a bit hung over too, Mommy. Like my sock.'

[Audience laughs.]

Sharon: *laughs* So she's quick.

Tori: She's quick.

Sharon: Quick.

Tori: Yeah.

Sharon: Does she have an English accent?

Tori: O yeah.

Sharon: She does.

Tori: But she can do a good American fake.

Sharon: Do you miss America, 'cause you live in- *addresses audience* And where Tori lives in England, it's very picturesque, it's very very old. It's very old English, like it was, like in the 40's, that's how it is. But you've got 4 houses there, right?

Tori: um, 3.

Sharon: 3 houses. 'Cause we've got a picture, which is this house? -hold on. [The pictures of Tori's house are displayed on the screen.] That's beautiful.

Tori: That's Ireland. And that's the Georgian from 1735. I like renovating things; that's sort of my passion.

Sharon: It's beautiful.

Tori: So I find things that might be needing some love and care. And I get them, and it takes me years and years and years and years.

Sharon: But it's worth it when it's done, isn't it? It's the best.

Tori: I think so.

Sharon: So all right, your album. Let's get down to business.

Tori: Yes, yes.

Sharon: Fabulous.

Tori: Thank you.

Sharon: And you're going to tour with it?

Tori: No, no. O no.

Sharon: No?

Tori: No, we just finished the tour. And I miss it. *gestures to audience / us* I miss it all the time. But-


Sharon: We miss you.

Tori: *laughs* Sometimes I'll go over and play the piano; you know, you close the door and you're on your own. And I know Tash is at ballet class. And you're there and normally it would be the time that we'd be sound-checking. And it's part of your life when you're been performing since you were little. I'm sure that Ozzy goes through this, too; there's just this wonderful love affair that you have with the music.

Sharon: That's exactly it, because I say to Ozzy, 'When are you going to stop touring, when are you going to stop touring?' and he said, 'You're asking me that; if somebody said to me, and I had a great girlfriend, "When are you going to finish with her, when are you going to finish with her?" Why should I finish with her when I love her?'

Tori: Right. Right.

Sharon: That's the same thing.

Tori: Yeah.

Sharon: But we've got you, we might not be able to see you so much touring, but we've still got you here, Tori. *picks up album to display for audience & camera* Tales of a Librarian. Get it, 'cause it's in stores now. And thank you, Tori.


At this point you can no longer hear their dialogue, but you can see Tori saying, 'I'll see you sometime; if you're ever...' while patting Sharon's hand, and Sharon responds, 'Yeah!'


From Matt Page (who called me after the show taping with this report!)

After singing Crucify, Tori talked with Sharon for about 5 minutes about many things. She talked about taking on a different personality when she gives her daughter Tash piano lessons. She mentioned having three homes, and they actually shows photos of one of Tori's homes in Ireland that she is currently renovating. She also talked about how she renovated a barn in Cornwall to create her current recording studio. She mentioned that her latest concert tour was over, and that there are times of the day when she misses it.

From Audrea (thegirlcomeundone):

Wanted to email you this little bit about Tori's appearance on the Sharon Osbourne show, after catching it on tv twice today to add a little to the one comment you already have about the show.

Tori played Crucify solo (very much like on the Strange Little Tour and with all the framed tv screens going up the stairs behind her showing the cover of Tales of a Librarian) then talked to Sharon about Mrs. Amos saying Tori has been playing piano since she was two and a half and how she received 'formal' training later on, but that those trainers thought she had gotten "the short end of the stick" b/c she loved the contemporary music of the late 60's and didn't want to be a classical pianist. She said she was happy with that though. She said she was right all along, if only they wouldn't have kicked her out before she could sort of say 'I told you so!'

Then they talked about Natashya and how Tori couldn't find anyone in Cornwall to teach piano to her b/c she's so young and they live so far from everything. So Tori has come up with this alter-ego, "Miss Paris," by using a certain hat and a "little outfit" for an hour a day, "Miss Paris" teaches Tash the piano. Tori said "No, no, no" when Sharon asked if Tash ever calls her "Miss Paris" after the hour is over. Tori said it was funny b/c Tash said "Miss Paris, I want you to teach my mummy to play the piano!"

They talked about Tori's home renovations and showed pictures of two of her three houses, one in Ireland and one either in Georgia or in a Georgian style.

Tori got a little sentimental when asked about touring, saying there are times of the day when she's 'all alone and [she] closes the door and plays the piano and [she] knows Tash is at ballet and [she] misses touring b/c it's about the time they would normally be running through soundcheck.' She also said she knew Ozzy must go through the same thing, missing touring when he's taking a break.

Sharon plugged Tales of a Librarian saying we won't be seeing much of Tori anytime soon but we will definitely all enjoy the latest album. The show went to a commercial while Tori and Sharon kept talking to each other and it looked like Tori said "I'll be seeing you soon, if you're ever in Cornwall..."

From Stacy Kendall:

Tori on The Sharon Osbourne show was so cool. I was afraid we weren't going to get in and plus with not knowing which taping she was doing, heartbeats were racing.

It was so close and intimate and The story about Mrs. Paris (tori's alter ego) was so cute and endearing. All of usewf who got to see this performance were sooo lucky in my opinion. I mean, she was so close and it was like our own private little performance. CRUCIFY was so beautiful, she did such a lovely job.

Posted by: Mikewhy

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