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Tori sightings: VH1, iTunes celebrity playlists, Ben Folds and Robert Plant

Updated Tue, Dec 02, 2003 - 6:14pm ET

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I have added a few new Tori sightings to The Dent. Click the details link to see them. Please keep in mind that I get hundreds of these now and only have time to place a select few on the Dent at any one time. I have to be extremely selective. Please do not be offended if I fail to place your entry on The Dent!.

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Robert Plant article mentions Tori

An article on Robert Plant in the November 7, 2003 edition of The Independent newspaper in London, U.K. has significant Tori content. You can read the entire article online at Thanks to Lucy and Jenn who were the first to inform me about it. This article also appeared in the November 17, 2003 edition of the New Zealand Herald.

Here is the part that includes Tori:
In an upstairs room at The Engineer gastro-pub in north London, Robert Plant is using my Minidisc player while sipping vegetable soup from a cup. He's listening to a message I've conveyed from his rock star pal, Tori Amos, a woman who once confessed that Led Zeppelin I - and Plant's Valhalla wail in particular - was responsible for her sexual awakening.

The message - "Hi, Robert! This is Tori sending you loads of love and a big, big giggle" - is hardly salacious, but it brings a hearty smile to Plant's lined, leonine face. "Ah, yes," he says cryptically. "The lovely Tori. She's quite preoccupied with the gateway to the other side."

VH1 - AIDS: Pop Culture History

Patrick and Josh report:
Just wanted to let you know that Tori's music was on a VH1 special AIDS:Pop Culture History. They used Silent All These Years as backround music for Greg Luganis' story about being silent about his AIDS status after his accident. They played very last verse and then looped the her back for the fade to commercial.

This was broadcast on December 1, 2003 but I am sure they will show it many many more times on VH1 in the U.S.

iTunes Celebrity Playlists

Christy reports:
iTunes has a new feature called Celebrity Playlists, where well known musicians post their mp3 playlists for customers to peruse. In Ben Fold's playlist, he includes Tori's Pretty Good Year and comments: "I was on tour with Tori this year and i never heard her play it once, so i downloaded it backstage so i could hear it." It's also interesting that Tori's songs are in other artists playlists, including Michael Stipe (Winter), and Michelle Branch (a sorta fairytale and '97 Bonnie & Clyde)

Ben Folds

Ben Folds made a comment about Tori fans and touring with Tori during her summer 2003 tour in an article that appeared in the November 7, 2003 edition of The Emory Wheel student newspaper in Atlanta, GA. You can read the full article at Here is the part mentioning Tori's fans:
Throughout the concert, Folds shared personal anecdotes in-between many of the songs, including tales of his interactions performing with stars like Tori Amos, the Indigo Girls and the Dixie Chicks.

Folds said fans of Tori Amos, whom he had recently toured with, might have liked him more if he had come on stage wearing "angel wings and mascara."

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