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The set list and reviews from Tori's February 20th concert in Boca Raton, FL

Updated Fri, Feb 21, 2003 - 4:20am ET

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Tori performed A Case Of You (solo), Mary (with the band), Talula and Spark. If you were at the Boca Raton show, please email me with your reviews and/or set list or post your review or comments in the Dent's Concert Reviews forum. (You can post under any name without registering, so it is quick!)

More Details

Tori performed in Boca Raton, FL on Thursday, February 20, 2003 at the Mizner Park Amphitheater. The opening act was Jeffrey Gaines. This was the first show of the second U.S. leg of Tori's Scarlet's Walk tour.

Set List

Many thanks to Danica Knox who phone me with the set list after the show!

Wampum Prayer
a sorta fairytale
Little Earthquakes
Cornflake Girl
Sweet Sangria
Caught A Lite Sneeze

Band Leaves

Jackies Strength
A Case Of You

Band returns

Your Cloud
Black-Dove (January)
Precious Things
I Can't See New York

1st Encore

Mary (with band)

2nd Encore

Taxi Ride

3rd Encore

Playboy Mommy


The latest reviews are at the bottom of this page. For more reviews, please check out the Dent's Tour Reviews Forum. Please post your own review if you were at this show!

From Danica:

Danica really enjoyed the show tonight. The venue was rather weird and it was outdoors and quite humid there. Danica began her review of the concert by saying that tonight's show was all about the word "fuck"!

During Talula, Tori altered one line and sang, "Somebody tell me who the fuck the father is." After Talula, Tori spoke to the audience saying hello. She also did an improv about the heat and about how she can't have a bad hair day.

Tori has a keyboard now on top of her piano, something she started back during the European tour. She started playing Spark with that keyboard but the sound was off. So Tori stops the song and tells the crowd something like, "Hold on, I have to push a button." But the sound was still off so a tech guy started looking at it. Tori eventually said "Fuck it, Let's do it on the piano", and Tori then did Spark on the piano! Tori later forgot the words to Talula for a while and changed a line of the song to "Trusting my soul to the ice cream 'fuck this'".

The only time Tori strayed from her official written set list was when she did Mary instead of what she planned to do, which was Virginia.

The crowd tonight stood during the entire show, which was less than ideal...

There is new merchandise on this tour! I hope to have a full report later, but for now there is one shirt that says something like, "Start you summer out right, Trim your Bush". :) There is also one tour date on one of the shirts that has not been revealed yet. It is somewhere in Montana after the Rapid City, SD show!

From Dan:

I just got homw from the Tori Concert at Mizner Park. Let me first say that this was by far the BEST concert of hers that I have been to. For the first time, I finally was able to go to the meet and greet before the show. She came out at about 4:00PM. I was able to talk to her and she signed the sleeve of my Little Earthquakes CD. Then I asked if she could play one song for me. I requested A Case of You. And she PLAYED it!!! I was thrilled!! She also did an improv about the heat in South Florida. She said something to the effect of it's good to be in this heat,†I want to take it with me. She introduced the band either before or after the improv, I don't remember.
In Talula, she changed one of the lines. She said, "honey it's in god's hand, can you tell who the fuck the father is." She ended the Second encore with Spark. In the beginning, the keyboard on her piano was messed up. She said she had to press a button. The tech guy comes out, the both fiddle with it, then she says "fuck it, we'll do it on the piano" and continued to do the whole song on the piano. In the second verse of the song, she totally forgot the words. She was singing mostly improv and said Judas and Ice cream assassin and then just said fuck this, and continued with the rest of the song. She also did 3 encores instead of the usual 2. All in all, I was thrilled because she played the song I requested. Spark was also a request. Two others also requested Icicle and Not the Red Baron, but she didn't play those. She had asked me if I was going to any other show, so I told her no. I guess that's why she played my song :)


Here is the set list:

Wampum Prayer (offstage)
A sorta fairytale
Little Earthquakes
Heat Improv
Cornflake Girl
Sweet Sangria
Caught a Lite Sneeze

band leaves... Roadside Cafe comes down...

Jackie's Strength
A Case of You
band comes back...
Your Cloud

Roadside Cafe goes up...

Black-Dove (January)
Precious Things
I Can't See New York
i i e e e

First Encore

Mary (with the band)

Second Encore

Taxi Ride

Third Encore

Playboy Mommy

From Repotsearch:

Well, Danica summed it up pretty well. The interesting thing about this venue was that it faces a promenade of shops ( if thats the correct terminology) which allowed anyone around the area to hear the show. We were lucky to hear Tori doing her soundcheck. She did Talula, Spark, and Iieee. I may have missed one or two more but those were definite. She ended the soundcheck at around 6:30 pm.

I can definitely agree with everyone about the situation with the crowd standing up, but I happen to be one of the several people that were standing up during the show. Now, I didn't choose to do this. I had an official front row center ticket and was literally forced to stand up to prevent the ones who rushed the stage, invading my space, to block my view. As it is, front row as I have now come to find out is not the best view for a show. I hadn't done this then my experience would have been completely ruined. Even when I tired to find a way back down to my seat it was impossible.I can say that this goes for several others in the first row who I knew were in the same predicament and who I was there with So when addressing this issue please refer to those who rushed the front with no consideration for those who were at their designated seats. I am sorry that due to several morons I was forced to ruin someone's experience.††††

From Janna Edwards:

First off, I would like to say that the sound tonight was very good and I was very impressed with the setlist. Tori played a lot of songs I was pleasantly surprised to hear.

But, I must complain about the crowd.

People who did not even have TICKETS to the show managed to sneak in and rush up to the front row. (my friend informed me of this; some of them were her friends and she was really mad!) The crowd stood the entire time, obstructing my view from the fourth row. I had the best seats I have ever had for a Tori show, and I could not see ANYTHING the entire time. I ended up sitting for most of the show, since it was the more comfortable way to see nothing.

There were a lot of rude, drunk people as well.†I had cigarette smoke in my face constantly and left the show with burning nasal passages.

My friend tried to get the security guards to make people sit down (or go back to their seats), and they were all ready to begin doing so when the guy in charge told them it was okay for people to be rushing the stage. I talked to Joel after the show, and he told me that there's nothing they can do to stop people unless they stop the show.

I hate to say it, but if Tori had asked people to sit down, they would have done it.

This was the best sounding concert of hers I have attended, however, I wish I could have seen it.

From Glenn Mueller:

Greetings from a fellow Toriphile! Though I am a frequent visitor to your site, I probably have never e-mailed you before. I've posted a few times -- after some of the other South Florida shows.

I can't sleep -- I'm still in Tori Land! Anyway, since I had a bout with insomnia, here is my stream of consciousness review of the concert.

Yes, Mizner Park is a strange venue. First of all, Mizner Park resembles Main Street in Disney World. It contains apartments, offices, shops and restaurants. At the very end of the complex is an art museum and an outdoor amphitheater. Originally, the amphitheater hosted free classical concerts. In recent months, they remodeled it -- and turned it into a commercial concert venue.

Not that I'm complaining! Mizner Park is about 10 minutes from my apartment. The fact that Tori has now played there makes it†hallowed ground†for me. Anyway, if the Mizner Park Amphitheater was not an outdoor venue, Tori would have blown the roof off the place tonight. It was an inspired concert, and Tori looked as radiant as ever.

Yes, it was a little bit humid, as you said (this is South Florida, after all). However, it ended up being a clear night, and you could see the stars and a bright full moon.

(You are correct. A good portion of the audience did stand for the entire show, which was less than ideal. That is about the only bad thing I can say about the concert tonight. Perhaps the outdoor venue gave it the feel of an outdoor music festival.)

During the opening act, I spotted Tori peeking over an upper-level bacony near the stage. (Yes, it is an outdoor venue but there are balconies. What can I say? It is an ecclectic place.) She was holding her daughter in her arms.

From Andre Somma:

I was at the Boca show last night. We made it in time for the opening act, Jeffery Gaines. He was OK, a lot of the songs sounded alike and I can tell that not everyone was into him. Everyone was really anxious to see Tori, I'm sure. I was trying to figure out why Jeffery's name sounded familiar to me until he played "In You Eyes" by Peter Gabriel. I then remembered that cover song being played on the radio a few years ago. After he was done, Tori started at around 9 PM, I believe; and played until 11-11:15. This included three encores. She was as wonderful as ever; and it was really nice to see her getting back to focusing on the piano. Song selection was quite diverse and gave the whole show quite an eclectic feel to me. The weather was just beautiful, and the crowd for the most part was very pleasant. Tori wasn't too talkative this time but did chat a little. She mentioned that she was doing a lot of shows this time and asked us to come see her again if weren't doing anything. She also had a little problem at the beginning of "Spark", she seemed to have pressed the wrong button on the synthesizer and had to stop the song, asked for some help, then decided to "Fuck It" and play it on the piano. She also commented about the weather via serenade.

The night seemed to be a "family affair" for Tori. My seats were located right next to the sound board, so I was able to look over and watch Tori's husband, Mark, do his thing. He did an excellent job, as the sound was perfect. I was also just a few rows behind Tori's Parents. I wasn't able to say hello because I was not able to get to their section, but I noticed a few people had introduced themselves and said hello. It was really nice to see that they still come to Tori's shows. I am sorry that I wasn't able to supply the song list to you right now, my intensions were to ask Mark for his copy of the set list, but the guy a couple seats next to me had the same idea and beat me to it. Oh Well. Over all, it was a wonderful night. Tori and the guys put on a great show and I am happy that I was able to see them again.

From Sommer aka Liquidiamondz:

The whole demeanor of the show was calmer than any other Tori show I have seen. The amphitheater provided a very intimate date with our piano goddess. The smell of sage let you know it was Scarlet behind that immense Red and black velvet curtin. Before it dropped you heard the wumpum prayer spiraling out with the sage smoke. A beautiful Tori came dancing out in a black and silver dress and took her stage. She then played the following set list the best I could keep track, A Sorta Fairytale, Little Earthquakes, a little improv about how nice the balmy weather was on her hair, and she was going to take it with her, Corn Flake Girl, Lust,sangria,Caught a Light Sneeze, Wednesday, Tallulah, Josephine A case of you, Your cloud, Concertina, Sugar, Black Dove, Precious Things, I Can't See New York, IEEEEEE, Crucify, Mary, Spark and I had to go I was too hot from non-stop dancing, Very fun show, Well worth the 3 1/2 hour drive from Tampa.

From Amanda Bosky:

Hey, everybody did a good job with a set list and reviews. And I don't need to go into details about how annoying it was that everyone stood. The only thing more annoying was trying to listen to Tori talk between songs and have it drowned out by people shouting "SIT DOWN!" The crowd pretty much ruined "Lust" by shouting "SIT DOWN!" the whole time. Word to the wise: yes, it's stupidly annoying that people rushed the stage and stood the whole time but people aren't going to sit down unless they want to. You can either decide to enjoy the show in spite of idiots or you can yell at people to sit down and drown out Tori yourself. *sigh*

Just a little FYI about the venue and about the bizarre little city that is Boca Raton. Did everybody notice that the amphitheatre was called The Count de Hoernle Amphitheatre? The Count and Countess de Hoernle are this old couple who live in the area and they *bought* the title of Count and Countess from some teeny little country in Europe. Ever since they bought the title they have plastered their name on everything they can, including a building at the local community college.

And I hoped everyone enjoyed the amphitheatre's color scheme--they decorated in the "code colors" of Boca Raton, peach and seafoam green. In certain areas of Boca, businesses are required to decorate their exteriors in those colors. They even made McDonalds decorate in peach and seafoam green.

This isn't really show related but I thought people who were visiting the area would like to add to their already bizarre impression of the strangeness that is Boca Raton. :)

From Pandochild:

hi mike! I drove to the boca raton show with my friend mandy and it definitly turned out to be a great experience. it was an outside show which I never had the pleasure of experiencing. Tori was very fun! saying stuff like she loves the heat and she would be doing alot of shows so if you guys can make it COME! hehe and when starting spark she was like hang on I need to push A button. she also danced around at beginning of songs several times. I preferd the setlist for this show more then the first 3 of the first leg and thought it was a wonderful show altho no LIQUID DIAMONDS={
you already know the setlist so I'll just track the songs that moved me the most!
I just love this song!
before this I had heard all the songs before so when she played this one I was like thank god! this is one of my fav songs on scarlets walk and it was beautifully played altho some guy was kissing all over this girl and talking while she played it!
yay!!!!! also one of my faves and Tori didn't do this the last times I saw her so I was a hopeing!
very very nice!
good but better in tampa!
this has never been a fave but I love pele and I really liked this version it ROCKED!
very pretty
couple this I wanted to comment on meet and greets after the show now?
also I read on here that Tori didn't want anyone standing up right away well eveyone was! but I guess it's diff for outside shows!
so there you have it Tori rocked is boca!

From Natasha:

First of all- I arrived in Mizner Park around 6:15, and since it was an outdoor venue, you could hear and see (if you peeked between the gates) Tori performing soundcheck! She was wearing jeans and a white shirt, and had her hair pulled up in bun. She was singing a sorta fairytale at that point. I had to go park my car then, so I missed a few songs. All in all, I heard her do (not in chornological order) A Sorta Fairytale, Spark, Talula, and Cornflake Girl. She wasn't done with soundcheck til around 7! Her performance started at 9:00

Being South Florida, it was a very humid and balmy night, but it didn't affect Tori's voice at all. During the entire performance, she she seemed to be really relishing it. From time to time, she would turn to the crowd and give one her classic cheshire grins. She said how much she loved the warm weather- then stopped herself from saying more and turned it into a little improv. The crowd stood, which I think is awful, but it was a wonderful show, none the less. After the show, I saw Tori's parents talking to someone in the sound booth (probably Mark Hawley).

From Victoria Martinez:

Meet & Greet
This was my first M&G experience and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. I have heard of so many "horror" stories that at first I was a little afraid to go. All the EWF's were very polite and everything was very calm and orderly. My only main complain was that the barricades were set up way too early. They set them in an upside down "U" format so everyone was cramming to try to get closer to the front. We were left like this for an hour and half! So it was very crowded and hot! Tori arrived at about 4:15pm and she looked beautiful. She signed a lot of items and took her time going down the line. Dan was next to me-- he requested "A Case of You" and I requested "Spark", Tori amazingly played both songs!! It was really incredible. Btw, I'm trying to locate Victoria Diane's mom. She was at the meet and greet next to us and we were going to trade some pics (if you read this, my email is Thank you!

The Show
The show in Boca was simply amazing! This was the best sounding concert I have ever attended. Everything was just perfect! Tori was not too talkative and that may have been due to the humidity (or the incredibly rude fans). She did have a really funny comment that has not been posted. She promoted the tour by telling people to come to other shows if they were free and then said something like "It's great having so many people here tonight, especially in a place with so many Right-Wing Christians". The crowd erupted with laughter and she went into the next song. The big highlights for me were: iieee, Precious Things, Concertina, and of course, Spark (that song meant the world to me). The show was just perfect and I loved that Choirgirl had such a presence. Taxi Ride was also very impressive (Tori hit those high notes beautifully) and it was also great to hear Sweet Sangria (one of my favorites in the album).

From Anja Schulz:

I have to comment on the review of Tori's Boca Raton concert from the Palm Beach Post which has been posted on The Dent.

The author writes Tori began the concert singing Wampum Prayer from behind the stage.
I know many fans have been wondering and discussing whether it is live or recorded and just in case some still wonder....We know by now that it is by all means†recorded. I've checked the Frankfurt reviews but obviously nobody told the story...Just before the show in Frankfurt, Germany, started we heard Wampum Prayer being played and then it stopped just seconds later....I guess somebody pushed the button too soon :-)) It's not that important but a very funny detail I think.

Read a review from the Palm Beach Post

Posted by: Mikewhy

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