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Tales Of A Librarian: The definite track listing!

Updated Sat, Oct 25, 2003 - 1:00am ET

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There has been some confusion about the track listing to the Music CD part of Tori's upcoming Tales Of A Librarian due to the fact that different vendor web sites have been posting different things. The earliest track listing report posted to the Dent came from a source at Warner Music Australia by way of Trent Titmarsh, and was also posted at That track listing is still the definitive one for the music CD part of the new collection. This same track listing has now been posted to the TOAL listings at (Thanks Stefan), (Thanks Samantha), (Thanks Marc Silva) and at (Thanks Peter Starski). You will see a different track listing posted to some of the other vendor web sites, but those are most often a combination of some of the songs from the Music CD along with some of the tracks on the Bonus DVD. Click the details link for a closer look at the CD and DVD track listing and for the reason why some of the track listings posted at some web sites are misleading.

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Here is the definite track listing for the music CD part of Tales Of A Librarian:

  1. Precious Things
  2. Angels
  3. Silent All These Years
  4. Cornflake Girl
  5. Mary
  6. God
  7. Winter
  8. Spark
  9. Way Down
  10. Professional Widow
  11. Mr. Zebra
  12. Crucify
  13. Me and A Gun
  14. Bliss
  15. Playboy Mommy
  16. Baker Baker
  17. Tear in Your Hand
  18. Sweet Dreams
  19. Jackie's Strength
  20. Snow Cherries From France

Here is the track listing for the bonus DVD part of Tales Of A Librarian:

Live Video Tracks
1. Pretty Good Year
2. Northern Lad
3. Honey

Remixed 5.1 Audio Tracks
4. Putting The Damage On
5. Mr. Zebra

6. Extensive Photo Gallery

I did get word from Chris and many other Toriphiles of another common track listing seen at web sites from vendors like Best Buy, Circuit City,, and others. These web sites seem to be copying a track listing that originated from Atlantic's Record's password sensitive business website (You must have a special ID and be in the music business to access that web site). This track listing is misleading because it contains many but not ALL the tracks on the music CD combined with some of the songs/tracks on the bonus DVD. You can see it below and notice how I separate the different parts of this track listings to show where the different tracks come from:

    20 tracks including:
  1. Precious Things
  2. Playboy Mommy
  3. Spark
  4. God
  5. Cornflake Girl
  6. Winter
  7. Baker Baker
  8. Tear In Your Hand
  9. Silent All These Years

    Bonus DVD - Live Video Tracks:
  10. Pretty Good Year
  11. Northern Lad
  12. Honey
  13. God

    Remixed 5.1 Audio tracks on DVD:
  14. Putting The Damage On
  15. Mr. Zebra

    2 new songs on music CD:
  16. Angels
  17. Snow Cherries (They do not have the 'from France' part!)

    2 Re-recorded B-sides from music CD:
  18. Mary
  19. Sweet Dreams

If you look close at this CD listing (thanks Ethan!), you can see how the this CD represents tracks from both the music CD and the DVD. The first 9 songs are a sampling from the music CD. 3 of the next 4 are the live songs on the DVD, then you have the 2 surround sound songs from the DVD, the 2 new songs on the music CD, and the 2 re-recorded b-sides from the music CD. This appears to be an internal kind of CDR that represents both discs and will normally not be available to the public. The only odd thing is placing God in with the live songs on the DVD. Perhaps that one got cut from the DVD? (So far, the info we have says that the only live songs are Pretty Good Year, Northern Lad and Honey.) In any case, if you see this track listing, know that it is not really correct in terms of the music CD alone!

Posted by: Mikewhy

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