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Neil Gaiman article in Entertainment Weekly magazine covers THE SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS; Includes Tori quote

Updated Tue, Sep 30, 2003 - 4:37pm ET

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The October 3, 2003 issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine (#731 with Uma Thurman on cover) includes a 5 page article called "The Best Comic Book Ever Returns," on Neil Gaiman and the newly released THE SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS. The article is written by Scott Brown and mentions Tori and includes a quote from her about Neil.

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Many thanks to Kristopher, Jason Ervin, Alison Stine, CRUDO367 and Nell Coffey. The article in general is a good read, and talks about the newly released THE SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS and Sandman in general. The article features a full-page photo of Gaiman, along with quotes from Neil, Alan Moore, Michael Chabon, and Tori Amos.

The first mention of Tori is when the article is discussing his devotees and reads "Others--like Tori Amos--are content with friendship." Then there is a quote from Tori later on: "But not overly cute, Amos is quick to point out.

'Neil the writer can be a nice guy--but he's quite dangerous,' says the singer, who was one of Gaiman's inspirations for the manic Delirium. 'I think the nice guy is a cover so the writer can be protected from the public, and the public from the writer.'"

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