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Updated February 13, 2002

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Josh Clayton-Felt was the opening act for Tori during part of the 1996 Dew Drop Inn tour. Josh died of cancer on January 19, 2000 when he was only 32. Here is an email about this that Jill posted to the Dent forum:

    "Wednesday morning, Jan. 19, 2000, our very dear friend Josh Clayton passed on. Josh was diagnosed with cancer in December. The cancer was aggressive and spread rather quickly. Josh was surrounded by loved ones throughout the ordeal. The prayers and good wishes of you his friends and his fans, and you have to know how important you all are to him, they were conveyed to him these past few weeks. And they meant so very much."

You can still read messages of support and condloences at the Official Josh Clayton web site. You can also see a photo I snapped of Josh Clayton in 1996 on the Dent. I vividly remember taking another photo of him with my friend Stacey Russell, who asked me to take the photo before the Bloomington, IN show on September 19, 1996. They have both passed away now, way too young. Life is so precious....and so fragile.

2002 Update: Josh finished an album of new material before he passed away, and on February 12, 2002, that album was released. It is called "Spirit Touches Ground". You can find out more about the album here at

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